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  1. Why was Dorcas a meme?

    Dorkass? That guy failed miserably...
  2. Why was Dorcas a meme?

  3. Favorite RPG?

    I'm sorry if this topic was done to death, I ran out of ideas..
  4. Apparently Crash Team Racing is getting Remastered..

    What's your thoughts? Are you excited? I certainly am.
  5. Crash Team Racing

    Yes! Finally! A game I'm actually hyped for!
  6. Favorite "marathon-length" video game

    I would say Persona 4 Golden as well. Game's great.
  7. What are you planning to do this Christmas?

    My parents aren't doing anything special. I guess were just opening gifts.
  8. Hey all

    You like Hector? Sorry, I had too. Welcome to the forum btw! Hope you enjoy it!
  9. By the Hand of Mila - Feedback Wanted (SoV, SPOILERS)

    Damn..what a read...That was a great cutscene in SoV..and you made it way better. I don't think I can give you any feedback, you did it really well. Am I giving you too much praise? Is this annoying? Sorry if it is. Good Job FP. :3
  10. What Serenes Forest theme do you use/like the most?

    Night Forest. But I will change themes soon.
  11. Hows Valkyria Chronicles 4?

    You dont need to know what happened in the previous games to enjoy this one.
  12. Who would win in a fight? Robin or Corrin?

    Who would win? Corrin or Robin? Take the weapons they have into consideration.. They are maxed out in stats
  13. What makes a unit good in your opinion?

    Of course they need good stats, but they need a good backstory and personality to be good.
  14. What FE chapter made you suffer the longest? Personally, it was the chapter when they introduced the ballista in FE7. I dont know why I was stuck on it though... OH WAIT I KNOW WHY!!! ITS BECAUSE THE BALLISTA IS BULLLLLSSSSSHHHIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!! but seriously...the ballista is annoying af. It too me to my wit's end but after 1 hour of pure torture I realized that I just have to wait for the enemies to rush me than I can just demolish them...I was able to kill the Ballista Douche shortly after.
  15. Worst FE crossover?

    With other series. For example..Elder Scrolls and FE.