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  1. General "mass killings" thread

    I'm seriously fuming..why would people kill others? It doesn't do any good, the family and friends of the victims end up depressed, and you'll probably end up dead in the end. The murderers need a nice, long look in the mirror and think to themselves, "what's the point?". These people need medical assistance, they can still save themselves and many other lives.
  2. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    I know I'll sound like a broken record saying this but I'm with @EricaofRenais on this one. I really don't see the problem with F!Byleth's design, it fits the setting and it looks aesthetically pleasing. But on the other hand, the news we received thus far looks good, this is going well so far. Hopefully TH will end up being a good game.
  3. Katana ZERO

    It is indeed an amazing game so far! I got the game yesterday and I already spent a considerable amount of time in it! Definitely one of the year's best.
  4. Favorite Rendition of the Fire Emblem Theme?

    *sigh* what a time to be alive....
  5. Hi, Bloom here

    @Von IthipathachaiAh, you beat me to the punch. Welcome! Hope you enjoy Blazing Blade! It is truly an amazing game!
  6. First word comes to mind

    Love Don't ask me why
  7. Rate the Video Game Character Above

    Certainly an interesting character..but I haven't beaten the game yet, so this rating might change 8.5/10 My boy Makalov
  8. Rate The Person Above

    You seem like a nice lady! 9/10
  9. Graduating High School and Life's Milestones

    Congratulations friend, I also received my diploma two years ago. It was quite the experience! Hopefully you do well in college!
  10. Weirdest/Oddest Experience in your Entire Life?

    Out of all the songs why that one? The mind can be a strange place sometimes...can't blame it though, the YMCA is a banger.
  11. Title is self-explanatory, whats your weirdest/oddest experience? Make sure the experience is SFW though, don't want this tread to turn into a mess.. I swear if this is in the wrong category I'm gonna have a f*cking fit...
  12. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Simple, she's a forgettable character Why does Marcia and Makalov have pink hair? It's clearly the hair color they had since birth..right? This has been bothering me for 9 years now please help me.
  13. Explain your avatar

    I chose Makalov because people in my friend group think I'm similar to him personality wise. (And I also was known for making a Makalov wig and cosplaying as him, that's the reasoning behind my rank title) RANK TITLE: I think I'll look great with Makalov's pink hair (I'm too lazy to screencap it)
  14. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    An Endless Amount What's your thoughts on Article 13? (Hopefully this isn't that sensitive of a subject)
  15. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Probably..but maybe they just want to observe..find out why the shite pile smells the way it smells.. If you had to wear Makalov's hair out in public, would you do it?