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  1. I never really post here anymore, but eh, why not?
  2. Just how powerful is Ryoma?

    I'm inclined to say the single best SM in the franchise.
  3. Roy and Sigurd coming to Fire Emblem fates????

    It would be kickass if we did! Sigurd is my favorite lord, and I got a Roy Amiibo not too long ago, so hey, I'd be game.
  4. Question about Powersaves.

    I tried it out, and it didn't work. There were no saves available...
  5. Question about Powersaves.

    Really!? Awesome, thanks!
  6. Question about Powersaves.

    I lost my Omega Ruby version, but have a save backed up on my Powersaves. Is it possible to load up one of my previous files on a new cartridge?
  7. I can certainly say their NOT GOOD for kids.
  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Animefan8451


      Thanks, and sorry for the late reply. DX

  9. Happy 19th birthday!

    1. Animefan8451


      Thanks, and sorry for the late reply. DX

  10. The Pokemon Creator Thread

    Edit: Never mind, I learned how to use Pokegen/Poke edit myself. I wasn't able to get the Celebi, though, because the PID was a HUGE pain in the ass. Oh well. Unless someone else wants to gen it for me. :P
  11. Games you hate but most people like

    Stupid list incoming. Persona 4: I don't hate it, it's just overrated as fuck. There are WAY better SMT games. Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep: Many people call this one of the best in the series, I personally call it the worst. Pokemon G/S/C/HG/SS: I don't see the appeal. (Most of) The other games did it better. Fire Emblem 8: Boring as hell. Super Mario Sunshine: This game was a bane to my childhood. Other games: Final Fantasy 10, Call of Duty, Fire Emblem Awakening, Sonic Adventure 2, and potentially others.
  12. Games you like but most people hate

    Shadow Dragon: Mediocre, but still more enjoyable then a lot of the other titles. Tales of Legendia: One of my personal favorites. Flawed? Yes. Worst in the series? Not by a LONG shot. Phantasia GBA says hi... Shadow the hedgehog: How is this worse than 06, exactly?