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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    More genealogy spoliers: depends on your definition of combat. Definitely not an overall victory though.
  2. Holy war banner

    Yeah suprised at no Thoron, didn't even think of the lack of Thoron+ users. So Arlen is that character's name now, good to know. Somewhat related does anyone know if the Japanese names of the first downloable chapter in 12 and chapter 1-3 in FEH have a possible connection like the one I see in english? Just been floating in the back of my mind for a while now.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Wow I actually have a choice for once on the having a unit (5*) front. And they pretty much match with who I'd debate between anyway. Hmm. Fae was one of my first 5 stars and lazer beam firing ball of fluff is a concept I like, young Tiki is pretty much original manakete and has older Tiki to shore up not playing her orginal games and Ninian who is well Ninian, dancing Ice dragon is awesome and I've actually played her game. Think I'm leaning towards Ninian but I'll have to wait till my advisor (aka younger sister) arrvies to consult on any lasting decisions. Or I could go with my favourite manakete with some workaround for how she dosen't exist in the game.
  4. Possible Staff User Attack Methods?

    Let's just let them counter normally, heal the enemy to death! Nah. I kinda like the heroes thing though I believe that wasn't inherent (only 50 sp mind) so maybe a learned skill or an equivalent? (Could keep early game "normal" and let natural healers have a distinct advantage) The counter normally thing did give me the fun thought of them countering by healing themselves. (Normal values not reduced or anything)
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    True, but I think the tome's connection to life draining (thus the name) remains and I think it's a stronger connection than others. (ie Sol and it's variants) Let's leave the vampireness to the life stealing tome dosen't have the same ring to it though.
  6. FE16 "leaks"

    I thought it was the whole sex demon (Or whatever) thing. I don't necessarily think that has to be the case but I think that's pretty understandable to cringe at.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    Man I always focus on the language and the like with these sort of things just wish it was more conclusive. So stuff like a return to THE three types of magic, saying they're like laguz with no mention of other shifters, and other possible term flubs (pair up, weapon triangle) raise major red flags to me but that's why you say you have "sources". Still sounds more like someone with a certain perspective appealing to the same perspective than relaying the information though their filter though.
  8. Jedi's proper thoughts on FE:W

    Okay? Fredrick isn't a general or baron in the class sense. (And FE4 has alot of Factors that limit that, need for pursuit and movement, powerful options like holy weapons) Also it's had the same effect past 4. (Tellius changed the activation rate to Skill% but then I think Tibarn appreciated that and Levels got more varied around then) Just seems a little odd to me is all.
  9. Weapon Type Limits

    I think it's tied up in how they handle classes and other factors but generally 2 and at most 3 is the way I think they've been going for quite a while. (More 3s seems achievable, any more would probably need change in other areas)
  10. 2 Major classes are absent for the 1st time

    Hey no love for Bow Cavs? As far as I know they have just as much history in the series as Lance Cavs (without the same intertwine with swords they have) they're just not as consistent (in name, concept, being a base class of promotion ect) or "iconic" about it.
  11. Focus: Dauntless Crimeans

    I'm 95% sure it's actually a B slot skill. (Think the explanation I heard is that it moves her not other units like tana's which made be think it was C at first too)
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Pretty much, though I believe a couple of the variant AoE specials weren't on playable units till a bit later. Hardly the same thing though and I'd say they were most likely in the game already.
  13. Focus: Dauntless Crimeans

    A bit confused on if we are agreeing that the mt is on track or not. (For reference I wasn't going by braves I was going on that both are the effect(s) on top of base sliver) Mainly just want to know I'm not totally off base. But yeah It is pretty odd. As a side note I could see them intentionally laying off on an added effect for dire thunder for portrayal reasons but who really knows.
  14. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I understand and yeah there's merit there but if we don't know we're getting a hypothetical different version I don't think judging a unit as if we are is quite fair. But just as a judgement. Comparisons, what ifs, thinking she's more RD, ect. No prob. (I do get a bit carried away overstuff like units and the like being decried as ridiculous or automatically bad because it didn't fit one way of doing it. I apologize if I came off too angry or something. Now I need to distance myself a bit from a hypothetical Micaiah as a heroes unit and the baggage she carries for me.)