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  1. You mention the stuff with Agustria but not the nation conquered that pretty much (as I remember it anyway) led to said stuff? (Not saying you needed to account for every conquest/war, just this example that to me is related pretty directly and seems to be described as such)
  2. It was most likely a special attack that your reffering too and I would hestiate to call it an actual lance. Seems more like some sort of energy/light/force (naga powers? Just the different game?) that he uses as a spear. There's a move that looks lance inspired in his combo too but dosen't look like he switches to an actual lance. (But the trailer goes pretty quick so something could have pretty easily slipped under my nose) So nk it dosen't really look like a weapon swtich mode/mechanic at all. (He follows up the "light" spear with the falchion boosted with similar whatever) Seems like just drawing off stuff in awakening for his moveset while sticking with Falchion.
  3. Well yeah I pretty much agreed with you on the holy weapons (and stuff like judge) afterwards. The game I'm playing is FE8 for the stronger tome I was looking at. (Płus the stuff on addtions to strength/magic and forging, In 13 a Hector's axe is can reach 15+5+2 from what I remember.)
  4. Well firstly every FE4 holy weapon beats that (and others might as well), additions to strength increase the defacto power as does forging, and the power of said axe varies between versions. As for Minerva "just to say a few" plus I don't think any of the mentioned ones involve remakes giving them access to said axes. Edit. While yeah Holy weapons are pretty special, but It's still untrue even if you take away the purposely OP like the Judge attacks. There's quite a few and I'm even looking at one in the game I'm playing right now. (The 20 wt kinda makes it impractical but still) Oh and what did Aran ever do to you guys? (Probably the same to whoever I might of missed)
  5. As I said earlier that's more a matter of scale and scope, the general idea is what is being brought up. If it still ends up violating your suspension of disbelief that's fine but the general idea still remains and increased or decreased scale/scope is pretty common here and elsewhere.
  6. Watching a good performance of something can give some sense of invigoration. (This part is pretty much what was said previously) Everything beyond that is just a matter of scale. And well differences in scale aren't exactly uncommon, or to put it another way how combat works dosen't make a lot of sense either.
  7. I'm not jumping on them just yet for the swords on the new characters, multiple movesets/weapons I think makes a decent amount of sense (though not an expert in thevwarrior side) in that case, and I don't really care that much about the PR angle here. What type of list of we talking about? I'd be pretty interested in just a simple list of people you'd like, but any thing additional would elevate it greatly in my eyes.
  8. Just that I think the amount of dancers with weapons vs not weapons I think is a bit exaggerated at times in regards to not weapons. I wasn't questioning her combat prowess more wondering if you were comparing it at all and I wasn't sure about her combat prowess to make a guess (Her games are not in my wheelhouse)
  9. Compared to the time I had writing them and getting them looking satisfactory to me? Maybe, I don't think I tried saying them all the way though.
  10. Well if we do that there are other things we might have to also do, to start removing a dragony/demony wing shouldn't be too hard with the manaketes, but who has a sword with bandages(or whatever) we can remove? Not the most well versed (not unversed though) in this so sorry for any errors
  11. It's located on the great Justinthebackstoryandprobablywasn'tnamedinuniverse continent. Secondonetothewestoftelliustillthiergoddesstookcrymeariverliterallybutwentatadoverboard is just to the east. They are beautiful if obscure places.
  12. The focus argument also dosen't just apply to the story part of story. How the story is set up can leak into gameplay in some ways. Plus even if we ignore story I for one think the background elements are important even if we overlook them because backgrounds I think focus is a factor for that sort of stuff too. The main thing on that front is of course the literal background, aka the maps.
  13. Is anyone arguing that a story with characters outside those 3 games is impossible? I thought it wss just that there are possible story reasons and just because it is conceivable for the story to be good otherwise dosen't actually invalidate the reasoning and I don't think it should.
  14. Batta Glass, Wow I feel no guilt whatsoever in saying that the concept is leagues above this thread. Who does this thread think it is? What chance could it have to stand up to Batta Glass the Beast, his Sword-Axe play is peerless!
  15. Do you mean combat performance/portrayal or numbers, because the latter I think is an exaggeration.