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  1. I'm 95% sure it's actually a B slot skill. (Think the explanation I heard is that it moves her not other units like tana's which made be think it was C at first too)
  2. Pretty much, though I believe a couple of the variant AoE specials weren't on playable units till a bit later. Hardly the same thing though and I'd say they were most likely in the game already.
  3. A bit confused on if we are agreeing that the mt is on track or not. (For reference I wasn't going by braves I was going on that both are the effect(s) on top of base sliver) Mainly just want to know I'm not totally off base. But yeah It is pretty odd. As a side note I could see them intentionally laying off on an added effect for dire thunder for portrayal reasons but who really knows.
  4. I understand and yeah there's merit there but if we don't know we're getting a hypothetical different version I don't think judging a unit as if we are is quite fair. But just as a judgement. Comparisons, what ifs, thinking she's more RD, ect. No prob. (I do get a bit carried away overstuff like units and the like being decried as ridiculous or automatically bad because it didn't fit one way of doing it. I apologize if I came off too angry or something. Now I need to distance myself a bit from a hypothetical Micaiah as a heroes unit and the baggage she carries for me.)
  5. Well afaik it follows the line of what to expect with a legendary brave sword but with an added effect (that happens to lower it's downside.) On the one hand brave is pretty much an effect in and of itself so stat +3 and main effect seems in line with CYL. On the other hand I'll never claim to know their intentions and I can see reasons and precedents to effectively add an extra effect onto dire thunder. But I don't really know how strong a +3 stat or brave effect is relative to others nor have knowledge of the meta game so I'll leave that side to those better suited
  6. Almost like they're drawing from Radiant Dawn for inspiration or something. While I haven't played PoR I definitely think what your saying about PoR is quite logical and understandable (I don't think the in game performance is the only thing to draw on for heroes units so I more compare stats, like that's a damn sweet mag growth she has and heroes has no str/mag split) but I don't see an issue with drawing from RD. (and still wondering if a different version is anything more than a hypothetical) Is it a perfect situation? Well no but I don't think it has to be nor should a perfect world infringe on the one we have.
  7. An initiation skill ala deathblow and Amti for Elincia makes sense to me. (the exact choice of pure atk does have a bit of gameplay in it to me but that's more that swiftsparrow is a bit much) And I have a question, what RD version? Yes she has the appearance of PoR that dosen't mean she can't draw on RD now instead of forcing expectations on (afaik) some hypothetical. (And while she gets mercy in RD I don't see it as mutually exclusive with death blow or offence)
  8. Yes he has/had (there are two Robins to take seperate roles) the potential for it, but it dosen't follow that he must of been. It's that F Robin works as a GHB not that she and/or her counterpart absolutely had to be a GHB.
  9. While yeah rocks and the like are definitely interesting I don't think they're really judged on the same scale of interestingness as characters in a video game. (Now how much interest you get out of different scales....)
  10. I misread this as a Sothe pun at first. (Tellius dagger reps go! Plus sages with daggers will make everybody happy) Also aren't all swords just metal sticks when it comes right down to it man?
  11. Technically I think you can weasel your way out of the exact words you used. (Reffering to the last kidnapping with regards to Seliph but one of the possible earlier ones with Julia) But time travel is a good option, great for getting ideas for magical schools.
  12. He'd have more of a case if he actually won the fight though. And regardless a single Ni that get's charged up takes him down like a castle built in a swamp plus the holy hand grenade of antioch charges at the rate you could cut a tree down with a herring, I think the top tier reaches of Tim, the French units and that furry fellow from Caerbannog are pretty safe. That said I do think he's still very good and he'll be even better once they release fruit-breaker, (I've heard they're going to release a training vid and everything) only thing he'd have to fear then is pointed sticks.
  13. Well considering I'm pretty sure that that skill's heroes effect is completely theoretical (and that I don't think the exact effect is obvious) I'm going to have to say it depends entirely on what you'd think Nihil would even do. Though we do have evidence to what it most likely can't be I believe. (GHB units you fight have all their playable skills right?)
  14. Wouldn't that make some sense with her backstory?