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  1. Yeah been meaning to ask about the non red dark magic users in the OP. Though I don't really care about Ashnard that much and the mages being that colour while having dark magic themed personals is technically possible I suppose but I don't really see it. (Nergal could use Anima and Lyon has injoke potential since I'm pretty sure he used thunder in the class rolecall)
  2. Why Ice Dragon in particular? Or was the 'guys' referring to Ice dragon being multiple people? Actually that makes more sense than somethings that come up here.
  3. Well that seems... logical. But jokingly here, I'd say they'd actually be a perversion of the true version but then they wouldn't be there to draw on for heroes so that must be it. ^^ Ooohh! Mechanically plausible staff user! Muhahahahahaha!
  4. Or a mercy ability is somehow inherently implemented into the whole thine, that'd be fun. ... What?
  5. That sounds about right, though there are a couple other possibilities for axe armours like Murdock and Xavier (though bow armours are in shorter supply) but they don't really scream 3 stars to me. (Though a few of the mounted possibilities didn't either) Not sure who else. (I guess Danann is somewhat significant but I'd say he's redundant, though Brian I think is more interesting if we were still on the mounted thing. Harold as a reskin joke? Was he known for that?)
  6. They could start putting in (less set) child units to get Kjelle or they could force Amelia into the role. Not the most elegant solutions but could possibly be preferable to many. Heck I'd almost prefer they add an empty suit of armour to get it up to 4. (The gender of the person who may or may not be inside that armour be darned)
  7. ^^ I think Pokemon rounds down in this case and considering it's actually a 65 bp move I decided on focusing on just the move boosted by the opponent holding an item. But yeah just something I noticed and decided to make a possibly (just possibly mind) over thought joke on.
  8. Wow just wow, not sure when I'll be able to recover from this V-create to my 5x weak to fire ultraballs... ... when does knock off ever have 95 power!? This Wailord sized Pokémon error has eternally ruined this fire emblem heroes thread for me! What did the number 97 ever do to you!? ^ Nice! I'm guessing (well possibly remembering) Sharena has already risen?
  9. Tbh as awesome a concept as armoured mages are, I think alot of the relevant Jugdrali barons could rather easily go with other movement types. On sword fliers I don't think they need/will go off book for weapon type in this case, still would be nice if they went with units who could/would go swords in the future of course . On mages while yeah not all games have tomes as separate types there is still potential basis in those games, in Selena's case I'd put her down as blue without taking into account other contexts. (With the units already in the game while a couple seem arbitrary I don't think they removed any previous leanings, Nino's Elfire seems like it's more of a default of the source game than bolting to them and myself) And of couse my general wonderings on where and what these stranger things that happened are.
  10. Well Hinata is from the game where the alternate to swordmaster has more defence rather than less. (Well mercenary/hero had 1 more base def in thracia but I don't think that was really utilized.) I think that's a good bet for what they were going for. (Oni access I think runs a fowl of chicken or the egg syndrome) But he still was a thing regardless. Oh and I wouldn't be confident on non robust hp as an general statement.
  11. Okay, now I'm definitely not sure game you were playing. Unless I'm missing something in how weight works (going by the calculation page on the main site) the only Myrm who can possibly be weighed down by any sword but the aforementioned 20 wt sword is your vaunted Edward.
  12. Just adding to #3. As far as I can tell it's actually impossible for any of the Female myrms to use Alondite and be weighed down. (Female physical units gain + 3 str on promotion to 3rd tier, and they have 17 and 18 strength. And Female swordmasters don't get an SS rank like their male counterparts, Don't know why though.) The males (aka edward) is at least possible though likely requires conscious use of arms scrolls to not be a incredibly unlikely event. Just a random edition, I'm pretty much raising my hands and scratching my head at this point in the thread. ^Yeah no, mechanical impossibility for the girls and super unlikely for Zihark. (Also Bexp may not be in regards to Edward but in regards to the other Myrms, specifically that a weaker str growth dosen't really matter if Bexp raises that weaker stat since the other ones are capped.)
  13. ^ 1, Vantage originally worked as it does now. 2 Why presume skills just being connected to class or working anything like the last two class skill systems anyway (or focusing on these skills specifically for that matter) especially if you go with no reclassing (Assuming that is what you mean by no 2nd seals) 3 Tellius is what gave us 1/2 Astra, pretty much all mastery skills were given damage boosts in RD.
  14. While yeah I think most characters in FE could work, the examples given in Hyrule Warriors seem to me to be more looking at it from different angles then them making something out of very little/nothing. The inspiration was always there to be found imo, they just needed to turn it into actual combat ability. With FE the vast majority have some degree of combat skill to draw on but I think there's not much to go on beyond their FE class with some characters like there is with the Hyrule Warriors cast. I mean sure they could be functional but other characters would have more to draw on.
  15. Fred!! Best, Best idea of all time! (Though is this a typo and you meant Finn?) Though on Fred I think a solid connection to an element is a pretty good place to start design/moveset wise which Fred does have going for him. (Imo anyway)