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  1. Which games? Zelda isn't exactly handled the same way in regards to cast and there's stuff like link between worlds (as it relates to the previous game with a link pun title) and what is considered a main game by the creators/excutives,ect. (Not saying they shouldn't be considered as such, just that I can't really think of fire emblem equivalents) Not saying I'm against alternate costumes, but I think it's quite possible to make those units (and other potential scenarios) unique. (But yeah if they aren't in the game marth could possibly represent them, there could be stuff in the moveset that excludes them) I'll let better qualified/more comfortable posters handle the stuff related to the part I omitted.
  2. Really? Sure meta wise 5* +weapons are what matters but design wise probably not as much. Plus ranged weapons are weaker anyway, assault is on paper as powerful as a + wolf spell.
  3. What Arthur is great at rng activation, he even makes it easier for the enemy to activate theirs.
  4. Astram isn't in the game yet, pretty simple. (I guess you could make a case for Marth as well but he has Falchion and that was just the first game. ) To my knowledge they haven't just been giving out the regalia at random they're following the games and who is associated with said weapons in them.
  5. Why light magic for half of that lidt? And there not going to put every unit in and some of those are pretty redundant. And Lucius is the only one in game so far who can't use anima and who isn't heavily associated with and have a signature tome. Yes there're possibilities to be had but there just that, and they are capable of looking at the whole of who they plan on bringing in and what they want to do with characters.
  6. Hawkeye, not needing armour because of low defence, huh? 1 I don't think he's really that big of a glass cannon. (and he has his own sprite so the class matters less) 2 He's wearing freaking armour, quite a bit in volume and general heaviness/quality (how many full gauntlets like his are there in the series anyway?) It just dosen't cover his chest/thighs, ect.
  7. Blues? We're still on that as well? (I'm guessing it's the light magic= blue thing, There are obvious red and greens in there) It was a decent guess of how the game would go at the time, but I don't think it really holds up anymore. (Light magic being a base line magic has been slipping as the game goes on and we've got light based greens who don't have an elemental connection to the colour they got like Linde did.)
  8. Well to be fair, what you describe at the end isn't universal across all games. Of course weapons never breaking at all, eating food to heal wounds instantly (being just as or more effective than the medicine) and using magic rings to increase strength (and sometimes magic) is hardly more realistic. Heck magic rings should cover it.
  9. Generic outside the series? Yeah maybe, sure. Contained in the context of the series? Yeah not really, to my knowledge they're pretty unique beyond being a hat for mages. I'd say Generic is the similar hoods/hats that we had (well I can't account for thracia. and I guess the saga games outside the series) in varying degrees for the 22 years before hand.
  10. Those are the only answers, really? Anyway was trying to say I don't understand the scope and it being a dealbreaker in it's own (yeah sucking and performance can be a dealbreaker but then is staffs really the point then, staffs could of and might become OP as could other weapons/roles, isthe reason Xavier shouldn't use bows is because of Mehbecca?) not that I didn't understand it bieng an issue at all.
  11. Oh sure I know the stuff , dosen't mean I'll get it. Good or bad Performance isn't a reason that stands on it's own for me, and not everything about a unit is going to get represented in a game like this.
  12. Yeah sure, but I said it's not necessarily out of nowhere. (now out of some pit of semi solid weirdness sure. unless it really was a misconception/change on what classes Faye had access too which so far I think is a possibility) With a game like fire emblem there is often reasons to find below the surface. I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever quite get why Lucius and Lachesis are put as the prime example of this sort of thing, mechanically they have a better ground than Raven and recent Ceada. (Personally I like going back to the roots though, and I'm glad to have the concept of axe heroes represented, Raven being very low on the list of who I would go with be darned) Is healing (and not solely as such, attacking is represented) really that big of a deal breaker for people?
  13. On Faye using a bow, yeah it's weird but Faye is a villager (and seems to be part of her core concept) so I wouldn't rule out a relatively recent change in echoes or some form of reference. It's not necessarily completely out of nowhere and ignoring the source material is what I'm saying. (Stuff like the original game's villager class having archer access/being just the male version , and not using villagers as an infinite level and class change system for all units is where I'm drawing my thoughts from)
  14. Minerva would most likely have been my second choice (definitely will switch to her if it follows estimated results,) but yeah Minerva is the one she said she'll choose now, Minerva was her first 5* too. And hey if I went the war agasint Camilla angle nothing wrong with fighting in both fronts.
  15. Decided to go with Cordelia. I think my sister is likely to go Minerva. (And that's initially, the other two she mentioned interest in most likely aren't going to make it to the next round) I just need to get off my butt and find/get her 4 more friends, I've been procrastinating on that.