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  1. I think Halloween Myrrh needs it less. With her breath, she can make a good Player Phase unit, which gives her a lot more options for an A skill (she makes the best use of Armoured Blow of any unit).
  2. The State of Heroes

    @Mau The number of 5-exclusives is another reason to have more banners running. I don't think it being bloated is much of a problem though, since they only account for 3% of your summons. I agree that trimming the 3-4 pool (all of the launch 3-4s in particular)would be a good QOL change, nobody would whale for those units anyway. re: armours and arena, they're not a problem at all. Fighting them is easy because you can always outrun them, predict how they move and manipulate their AI. I personally find ranged units, especially cavalry, and dancers to be a lot more annoying since they can outrun you and move in unpredictable ways. You definitely don't need armours to be competitive: I have one crown, and I got that when I had no merged armours at all. With equal investment, the different between a core of three armours and three infantry mages is 8 points per match, 40 overall. That's likely to be a difference of one tier at the most.
  3. I would promote the netural only if you plan to give her a different axe. Since her axe has a brave effect, I think +atk -def would be the best of those three, even if the bane isn't ideal. Yeah, you can book every copy that doesn't have the IVs you want.
  4. If you plan to give everyone one Tactic skill, because they can't buff themselves, it's best to give them the Tactic they don't need. For example, Caeda would want Def Tactic.
  5. No, but I am in favour of more banners and more choice. The more options one has, the better one can decide what one really wants. Less banners and less choice is also never better. So you could get one of A1 and B1, and one of A2 and B2. Two heroes in all. But you can't get unit A2 and B2, so again, you're getting two heroes in total. It doesn't matter how the schedule is, you can only get a certain number of focus units per month. If you want more than that, you have to buy orbs. I just noticed the Priest made a thread for this discussion, so I'll leave it at this for now.
  6. But if you can't get her at all, isn't that better than missing out on her because there are too many banners you want to summon on? So, if unit A comes in January, and unit B comes in February, you can get both. If unit A came in February instead, what changes? The orbs you would have spent in January on unit A, you wouldn't spend at all. You'd have enough of a stockpile to get both units in February. Granted, if unit A and unit B both come in January, you'd only be able to get one. But you could then save in February. Then, for example, if unit C and unit D both came in March, you could get both. If you had both A and B, you wouldn't have saved any orbs and so would have to choose between C and D. Assuming your luck isn't affected by the schedule, you would spend more orbs to get both Olivia and the Halloween units. Those orbs have to come from somewhere.
  7. Wouldn't it be better if they never reran PA? That way, you wouldn't have a choice about whether to try for Olivia and you could put more orbs into other banners you're interested in.
  8. If they halved the number of banners while keeping the orb income the same, you'd still be getting the same amount of 5-star characters, but you'd have less choice as to what 5-star characters you can get. That's a net negative imo.
  9. Any enemy who engages you on EP will be Threatened on the subsequent PP. Admittedly, it's situational. Tana. With her weapon, they buff each other.
  10. I would upgrade Darting Stance (for a fast EP unit that wouldn't use Quick Riposte) Brash Assault (for a Desperation user) Hardy Bearing (for an anti-Vantage unit) any +Atk or +Spd seals If you don't have a good idea of what you'd use the upgraded seal for, don't upgrade it.
  11. I don't know what the build is exactly, but for your Soren example, as long as you talk about what skills to give him or his teammates to make him as fast as possible it should be fine.
  12. The first thing I recommend is to pull more Shanna. I think Threaten skills are better on tanks than nukes like Sothe. I would use his default Spur Atk/Spd and Wings of Mercy, if you have it. When Corrin is in Desperation range, he can then warp to her and boost her offence. Fjorm is a tank, so she would rather have Swap or Reposition so that she could better shield Sothe or Corrin. Not that Draw Back is a bad assist. I like your idea with Ophelia, I'm jealous that I was too worried about Silas to pull for her. I think it would be ideal to have a green mage as well as a red mage. If you double up on colours, it's better to have one ranged and one melee like your other team has. Sanaki wants a flier teammate because of her tome. Unless you have Pale Flower , I would replace her with a green mage such as Pious Mage Celica wants a speed-boosting A skill to more reliably activate Desperation. I presume Ike is using the Quick Riposte seal, but I gave mine QR in the B-slot so that he could use other seals as needed. Beorc's Blessing is fairly niche.
  13. I know that feeling. The problem is most modes only allow you to use 4 units, and even in AA/Brigade maps, I tend to use the same units over and over. The Tiki LHB had about as many enemies as an RD-sized map, does that count. Doing the Abyssal GHBs has made me feel the format is getting stale. Something like RD-sized maps, or even introducing other objectives from the main games, could make new ones more memorable.
  14. Thanks for your quick reply. The former doesn't appeal to me, the latter sounds good but I can't afford any Chills either. I'll use her a bit and see whether I want to use my Cain.
  15. If you don't mind that Michalis is a GHB, they're both good. It might depend on what green 5 stars you already have, to see whether you need a strong fast axe user or a strong tanky axe user more. -- I pulled a -hp +def Mia, witch refine should I give her? Dazzling seems to complement her weapon better, but her defences are good enough that she might not need it.