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  1. You can get 40 grails a week just by auto-battling on three different days (you'll get a minimum of 20 grails as rank/tier rewards and 20 grails as the third daily bonus reward). If you feel like trying it out, just build a team and try to get to Tier 11 (4000 lift) - as you say, you can't lose lift before then so there's no pressure. If you decide you don't like it, you can auto-battle it and you'll be guaranteed 50 grails a week even if you stay at Tier 11.
  2. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    That wasn't my intention, and I'm fairly sure it wasn't Ana's either.
  3. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    Even though I want a non-fallen Mareeta more than anything, I'm going to vote for the seven characters I want most that aren't in the game. It isn't about empathy, it's about getting characters I like in the game that some other people happen to like as well. If you feel shame, then you have a guilty conscience, unlike @XRay. Take his advice, if you don't want to take mine. If Tine and Sara are more popular than those other characters, then more people would be happy to see them added and so they should be the priority.
  4. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    The concept of CYL is far from selfish on the part of IS. It's the only time we're given a say as to who gets a version in Heroes. Not to mention getting a free 5-star unit AND having some kind of choice. The selfishness lies with the fans who vote for any character that already has alts, or that IS will inevitably give alts to anyway. The "need" for a character to win CYL diminishes with every version added. My expectations are so low that even one Thracia character being on the banner is a pass mark.
  5. Most of the legendary candidates who didn't get a legendary version by CYL3 have a similar voting history. NAME CYL1 CYL2 CYL3 Alm 1907 18716 62216 Sigurd 5282 4736 8975 Seliph 2695 2137 7105 Leif 2489 10582 4155 Eliwood 8709 7749 45410 Chrom 23803 13638 19656 RobinM 14149 10912 16316 CorrinM 7691 2954 3825 CorrinF 19599 13833 17679 Xander 7511 5669 4122 From CYL1 to CYL2, they all lose votes except for Leif (who was snubbed in 2017) and Alm (who debuted outside Japan in 2017). The 3DS characters lose a bigger percentage than Sigurd/Seliph/Eliwood because of recency bias wearing off, and Corrin M is the only one to lose more than half his votes. From CYL2 to CYL3, they all gain votes except for Leif and Xander (Though the latter really isn't a lord, I only included him because Ryoma got a legendary.) Corrin M's percentage increase is fairly close to that of the other avatars. Incidentally, I consider CYL1 to be the most accurate as a popularity poll, but even then it only provides a snapshot of who was popular at that time. Popularity is always changing and being affected by many factors.
  6. Anticipation for Mareeta was the reason I started playing Heroes, so I'll take any version I can get. It's bittersweet that it's basically confirmation a proper Thracia banner will never happen.
  7. Sanaki and Soren rely on allies near them, so they wouldn't get much benefit out of it. I'd probably give it to over , she has an effective weapon and he might prefer a speed-boosting A skill like Kestrel Stance, if you happen to have any to spare... Any unit with a Brave weapon/guaranteed doubles works well enough, though somebody like Cherche or Ephraim could take the opportunity to learn Galeforce as well.
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Children's Day (April 30th)

    There's nothing wrong with saying "I wanted (character) to win", but there may be something wrong with "(character) should have won". It's impossible to be certain, but the first hour results are the best indication of which character has more support. For me, the reasons I like Nino are, in order; 1. She has a tragic backstory and character arc in FE7. 2. She's cute. 3. I'm biased towards Est archetypes.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Children's Day (April 30th)

    Tiki didn't overshoot by much.
  10. @mampfoid Congratulations. I respect anyone with the discipline to save enough to +10 an exclusive unit.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: Children's Day (April 30th)

    I managed to get three greens in my latest run. Though the enemy was two blues and a gray, so it worked out.
  12. Allegiance Battle Discussion Thread

    Since you can freely switch even after the paired-up unit can move, I figure the best proxy unit to send is a dedicated tank or nuke, preferably blue or green for colour coverage. You can also set it specifically for this mode which is neat. It takes your single best score of your base score + kill bonus, the other bonuses seem to apply independently.
  13. Dull Ranged would be best unless you're sure you won't encounter Blade mages. I wouldn't recommend Vantage. They definitely want +Def/Res since most of their damage output will be from specials. Especially the armours who have access to Fighter skills.
  14. You need to have one of the pair-up legendaries, so that you can cover all four colours with paired up units.
  15. Because they're at sea, and Celica isn't a man. But there's nothing to suggest it couldn't have happened if you think it should have. The narrative didn't cover everything everyone did for the whole voyage.