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  1. Managed to get 18/20 on Lucina. This new mode is pretty fun as long as you have a decent bonus unit. Still, I scored "only" 3688, which seems to be on the verge of dropping back already.
  2. August/September Event Schedule!

    It's not so much popularity IS care about, but profitability; Reinhardt being accessible means most players wouldn't spend on his banners. Which is why they made the Thracia banner so that his alt could be added to the summoning pool.
  3. August/September Event Schedule!

    The Forging Bonds event should feature the 8/21 heroes, which makes me think it's less likely to be CYL2. I wonder what role the title character will play?
  4. Fateslandia's Gate is connected to Archanea, unless Severa and the others used a different method of interdimensional travel. The Awakening DLC also implies all the worlds are connected in some way. In any case, the world Nils describes is most similar to Archanea when dragons were the dominant species.
  5. When Raigh gets a refine you'll be sorry you merged prematurely...!
  6. Interesting, I didn't know that. Unfortunately for me, I don't think I'd be able to get two Elincia and a Ryoma with my current orb supply.
  7. IS: Only red melee and green ranged have dragon effectiveness, what colour should we make the new dragon effective weapon? Since I have both Naga users, I guess I don't need Elincia.
  8. I have a different definition of technical writing, then, concerning the complexity of information.
  9. For an imprecise definition of technical writing, I suppose.
  10. Heroes isn't a technical document, though. Don't let your bosses see this.
  11. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Even though Gary only had 10 badges, he managed to get 12. That's how good he is.
  12. A sports banner would definitely feature modern sports, but it's a context. Like how Christmas existed in medieval times, though they probably didn't wear Santa hats or reindeer antlers. Maybe Mayan-inspired? Since they had that hoop game.
  13. Sports have existed since ancient times. A baseball bat or tennis racquet would be anachronistic, but not any more than a pool floatie or cocktail.
  14. If your comment wasn't directed at Astellius, there's no need to quote them. That's forum etiquette.
  15. Legendary Archer: Lucina

    My 2 cents, the most likely reason for Lyn and Lucina getting more dislikes is alt fatigue. But why do they have so many alts in the first place? If the answer is "because they're popular", consider Ike, who got the most votes of any character in CYL (and still took #1 even with split vote handicap, suck it Marth). He's barely been milked, he hasn't got a single seasonal yet. He did have a big Legendary reveal, but then they more or less gave him away which would disincentivise most people from throwing orbs at him. Hell, Takumi and Chrom have more alts than he does. (Note: this isn't saying Ike should get more alts, or anything. Just that his case proves popularity isn't the motivation for IS making alts, for males at least.)