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  1. If Heroes gets any kind of collaboration, I will definitely quit. I’ll be counting on you all to hold me to it.
  2. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Having less attack is a disadvantage. If it compensates for having access to non-neutral natures, that access is an advantage. It took a while, but now that we’ve reached a consensus we can stop the off-topic discussion.
  3. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    if you deny that Jamka lacking natures other than neutral is a detriment, then you must think that neutral is the optimal nature even if he had access to all natures. But it seems you dodge the question either way.
  4. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    I am considering a hypothetical situation, it doesn’t matter that you pretend to not understand that concept. If you thought it wasn’t a detriment, you wouldn’t feel the need to specify “not a significant detriment”. What is more optimal for Cordelia? A neutral nature or a +atk nature?
  5. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    "Having 6 different choices (after merge) with 1 of them being clearly better than the other 5 is really no different than just having 1 choice... except that you only have a 19% chance of getting the right one. This illusion of choice is no better than having no choice at all." I think a small chance of having +atk (which grows with every merge obtained) is better than no chance of having +atk. "In any regard, being implemented as a free unit is not a significant detriment to a unit's viability." I'll take that as an implicit acknowledgement that it is a detriment, which again, is literally all I am arguing. After all, Jamka moving one place on the list of colourless archers (if that) is not a significant leap.
  6. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Literally all I am arguing is that being able to customise your stats to some degree is better than not being able to. I didn't think that would be so controversial. That said, the wildly varying quality of free units makes it hard to believe IS put much thought into it.
  7. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    There is if you want to make the point that it's worse for a unit to be a grail unit than it is to be summonable.
  8. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Which is why Jamka would be more optimal compared to other bow units if he was summonable.
  9. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    But IVs do exist on summonable units. If Jamka had access to IVs he’d go from statistically worse than Bridelia (-1 atk -2 spd) to situationally better with a Brave Bow (+1 atk -3 spd)
  10. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    I don’t think Special Heroes being mostly female is a problem, most of the time they’re not new characters. By my count, there’s 71 female and 47 male alts (including Inigo/Owain/Zelgius), so the number of characters playable are 117 female, 124 male. For representation specifically of the main series, there’s also 9 female and 5 male OCs.
  11. It still is, for me at least. Somewhere along the line your goal has shifted from trying to beat the enemy army to trying to score as high as possible. I assume you got into this series because you like strategy games, and Heroes offers many ways to test your strategy prowess. But you've decided to focus on the collection aspect of the game, whether that's new units, crowns or whatever else, which is the worst aspect for a F2Player to aim for. Those maps never go away though, so it's just a matter of time until you amass the tools you need.
  12. Tempest Trial+: To Defy the Gods (DATAMINE)

    I'll say this every TT - using any team you like as team 1, surrendering when there's one enemy left on the last map, then completing it with the 4* freebie on team 2 is the best way to avoid using the freebie for whatever reason. You lose less than 100 points per match, and you're at full strength.
  13. Well, there's nothing stopping IS from giving an important or popular character an interesting skillset, like with Duma or Velouria. But with all other factors being equal, working from something is better than starting from scratch. I'd judge good representation/decent part of the cast based on how long and in how much detail you could talk about the game without mentioning characters not in Heroes. The best representation would draw from characters that have an effect on the plot, the leaders/generals of each country/group, characters that have a subplot, and members of the lord's posse or have a close relationship to the lord. It's fair to say every new banner should have at least one character that popular. Yes, their niche is another factor to consider. The less alternatives that already exist, the more appealing they'll be.
  14. Ideally, every character on the CYL poll and several notable omissions should be in Heroes. But since that isn't going to happen, there are some characters that "deserve" to be added more than others. Personally, I'd consider factors such as: Representation - Every game should get a decent part of its cast in. I'll say no more on this. Significance - Plot important or other prominent characters have more chances to have built a well-rounded characterisation, and plot threads to pique the interest of players unfamiliar with the character. Popularity - Every character has their fans, but the more votes a character got, the more people are waiting for them, so they should have priority. Power - Character with some unique weapon or ability can replicate it to more easily become an interesting unit, and non-combatants should be at the bottom of the list unless their support role is significant.
  15. The only rationale I can think of for reducing orbs is they want to make more “temporary” rewards, like the ticket system and the random seasonals, rather than orbs that can be boarded indefinitely. Though why they don’t just replace orbs with tickets or something else of equivalent value is beyond me.