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  1. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    I picked Eury N1 because she was a minor townread and was also voting Randa at phase end, which this role would obviously have helped with. (Shinori was a bigger townread, but I thought he'd been loud enough to be killed N1) Conq was my townread as well, and he seemed a fairly strong player who could use a watcher well. I also gave him the network because I thought he wouldn't be NKed at this stage. Don't know if this post is pointless now with the guilty on SB, but I've typed it out anyway. I'll be back before phase end.
  2. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    I"m going to claim now, I can't guarantee I'll be around tomorrow morning, and claiming an hour before phase end would obviously be a town play. I'm inventor, I bestow POWERS. I tried to bestow Eury with HORN DRILL (dayvig) N1, but it failed. I bestowed Conqueror with FUTURE SIGHT (seer) N2, it succeeded. RIP about athena, though. I tried to bestow Conqueror with PSYCHIC (network) N3, but it also failed. 1. I couldn't develop my randa read since he didn't exist, I couldn't defend evan with any conviction. You were the only person who had a scumread on him but not voting him Riding the Conq train is just slander. I had my own case on Refa and wasn't even trying to get you lynched (before the other two, at least) 2. I'm asking; if I'm scum, and he's town generating mislynches, why do I need to hard buddy him? The optimal scum strategy in that case would be act natural and not do anything weird that'd make him re-evaluate his reads. 3. If people don't read my posts, or try to engage with my content, there's not much I can do about that. If by stances you mean scumreads, idk why you're assuming there's more than that. If you mean reads in general, I'm obviously not going to be explicit with reads that don't help scumhunting. If you don't think my later posts are town, what are the town things I should have been doing, with the gamestate as it was?
  3. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    Bolded: So what? Seriously, you actually justified why Bart's SB interactions are bad. KTS and I are in the same boat despite him having poor interactions with KTS and allegedly no interactions with me? 1. No u. My Randa case was strong for D1, and then he didn't exist. I've pushed Refa a reasonable amount, do you think I should have thunderdomed him? 2. I think this is what's known as mind-melding. Why would I need to get into Conq's good books when he's not scumreading me and I'm not under any pressure? If you think that's null, then are you just trying to shade me here? 3. Nobody responded to my Refa case, you didn't either despite saying you disagreed with it and I asked you to elaborate, Bart disappeared, what was I supposed to do with the rest of the phase? I analysed the only thing I could that wouldn't be reiterating what Athena had already said. His settling on Athena then disappearing. Even if he couldn't properly respond, he could have claimed a PR. Worst-case scenario, there's a CC, same result as now but it's better because mafia get info. Best-case scenario, no CC, and he has a good chance of survival. I only took note of SB/Bart after Bart had voted Athena and disappeared. Before that, I was noting Refa's interactions with those two, but he had enough content that I felt it was better to push him before his buddies. SB stands for sneaky bastard, he's trying to usurp my position as your BFF. Have I told you that I think you're the best at seeing through mafia's deceptions? Has anyone read my Refa case? ----- I think SB's vote is more bad-faith than Refa's. He's glossing over most of my content to focus on something that's only scummy if you're using it to manipulate the gamestate, which I wasn't. I think Bartozio's actions, not even trying to PR bait, make no sense unless there was heat on one of his buddies. He's also shading me for behaviour one of his townreads is doing more, who actually has a scum motive to do so. re: proposing to turbo Bart, I looked into D2 and only Athena expressed concerns with Bart, nobody else had commented on him. You pinged JB and Conq, both of whom had expressed a desire to hard consolidate/get rid of RAD, so with little time left to co-ordinate it was a fairly safe suggestion. ##vote: SB
  4. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    1) Eury or Bart. I'd have to look into the opinions on Bart D2 to see if that was something that could gain traction with minutes left in the phase. Fair, but it's Refa's read on you that is telling to me. 2) You're less likely to get heat from being on his lynch. 3) Were people actually suggesting that as an interaction, or was it just because they happened to think both were scum? 4) I'll make an excuse I'm out of time and leave this until D4 when I can come up with a better answer
  5. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    Don't know what kind of answer you're wanting, but: 1) Not that crazy. I'm scumreading Refa and Bartozio, think their interactions are bad, and both of their interactions with you are bad. 2) That, and leaving your vote on Athena ED1. tbh, I only started looking into you based on Refa's read on you. 3) No. I've talked plenty about Refa based on his read on Randa. 4) That's not what I'm saying at all. You have the most votes out of the alternatives, so Bartozio's best chance, regardless of alignment, is to vote you. Why didn't he do that?
  6. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    It'd be a shame if someone poured hot wax all over this voodoo doll I made. I'd imagine it'd hurt quite a bit.
  7. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    1. By sitting back and letting others lynch Evan, it's a similar thing to not engaging with your scumreads - avoiding getting heat. I don't see how you can be OK with one but not the other. I don't actually have an answer for that. Maybe my case was so strong that he literally couldn't dispute it. 2. It was for about 12 hours, he got lukewarm interest (but no votes apart from you) and Shinori/Conqueror weren't agreeing with it.
  8. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    The result of being passive is that Rad is more likely to be lynched, which Refa didn't want to happen. The difference between town and scum is the latter actually want it to happen.
  9. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    Shinori, my pick would be either scenario 1, or scenario 4, you saw nobody and so you weren't the NK target.
  10. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    1. Your progression on him went a. gut scum along with me, on the basis on the randa votes b. you thought he was distant c. worth voting over randa, but not over evan. I'm doubtful that you found his late D1 good. It was just as distant as his earlier posts (I mean, his vote was on athena at EoD rather than either wagon. ED2 we knew Evan was town, and if you believed Rad was town I'd think you'd be suspicious of his voting pattern.) Right, I knew I missed something. SB has been mostly defending you, and been pushing both the early counterwagons to you on D3. Also, I felt he questioned me a lot regarding my randa vote D1, but not much regarding my vote on you D3. This is weird, considering he was scumreading randa but townreading you. 2. The Eury switch was trying to get a counterwagon on town going. Switching back to bartozio because it wasn't catching on, and if he stayed on it he would get less towncred from bart's flip. 3. He didn't push you, he pushed Athena, who is just as townread as SB is.
  11. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    Self-watcher is the first thing that pops into my head, and eury agrees. I think if scum!refa hadn't targetted you, and saw that crumb, he would decide that just surrendering wouldn't be worth it.
  12. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    I think Refa/SB/Bartozio are all mafia together. Beginning from the anarchy phase, after his main scumread had been lynched, Refa started sheeping SB for his Athena case, despite the fact that SB had been a constant low-priority scum in his day 1. Bartozio also had a weird objection to Athena looking at the people on the Evan wagon. He had Refa as the most suspicious person on that wagon after Rad. Day 3, Refa and Bartozio developed as the early wagons (with the voting levels this phase, I will count 2 votes as a wagon). Bartozio wasn't around, Refa focussed on Conqueror. He didn't mention Bartozio or the cases on him, outside of asking Athena and Conqueror if they thought they could be buddies. PEDIT: Refa, Bartozio has posted a couple of hours ago fyi. Around the middle of the phase, Eury became a wagon based on her reaction to the guilty and being more passive D3. Sb was the first to vote her, Refa joined him. Bartozio was around, I know this because I called him out, but he didn't post at all. SB went back to Bartozio, it was kind of sudden, even nebulous. Eury is sick, so her posts are more natural, which is worth enough townie points to put her back below Bartozio. It felt like he just wanted to get off her, but his vote on Bartozio wasn't doing much. SB seems to be a wagon now, based on his interaction with kill and the way he pushed Eury. Bartozio has come back, and put forward a case on Athena not unlike Refa's case on Conqueror, but with much less time left to try and argue it. If he's town, he's probably come to try and avoid being lynched, why does he decide on someone who's generally being townread and doesn't have any votes on them? If he's scum, and SB's town, why does he avoid pushing SB?
  13. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    Constructing a post, but just want to respond to this. Now that it's out in the open, do you not think Refa might have noticed the same thing I did, and Eury did, and so know that you didn't have a guilty on him?
  14. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    Even if I wasn't townreading Athena, they're not being lynched today...
  15. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(D4 ANARCHY)

    What am I, chopped liver? Point taken that Refa probably isn't going to be lynched. I saw Bart has posted, I'll have to do some reading.