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  1. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    what class is the bottom portrait for? looks vaguely rangerish
  2. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    Ooooh~~ more cannon fodder >:)
  3. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    the path split will be handled like it was in Sacred Stones? (i havent played up to that part yet ive only played up to 1-5)
  4. the supports *are there*. they just aren't finished
  5. Sprite opinion

    after some shading this is what it comes out to. I think it turned out ok @Von Ithipathachai
  6. Sprite opinion

    I am very grateful you helped me get it to this point, i learned a lot during the week i spent on this and despite how tedious it was at times, im proud i could make something that even got close to what you guys emulate regularly :) @Von Ithipathachai
  7. Sprite opinion

    Its for a fan project that draws inspiration from Goblin Slayer for some of the NPC's and jokes. and i wanted to make a sprite if we actually include him in the story at some point
  8. Sprite opinion

    aside from a few shading tweaks to his sword and shield, i think ive reach the limit of what i personally have the skills to do. But should i just make his leg armor 1 solid piece? @Von Ithipathachai
  9. Sprite opinion

    you would be correct. the base i used was the "revised soldier" sprite, and more armor is planned, i was just starting with the leg plate so i have an idea of where other things would go since his armor goes up to about his thighs
  10. Sprite opinion

    So far this is what ive come up with for shading to make it look the best it could be, am i on the right track? @Von Ithipathachai
  11. Sprite opinion

    Thats fine, youve been a big help getting this to look good :)
  12. Sprite opinion

  13. Sprite opinion

    @Von Ithipathachai
  14. Sprite opinion

    that better?
  15. Sprite opinion

    I did have that at one point but i got to many complaints (the body art is from early on in this test so ignore it)