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  1. hhh

    it's the face u use when ur nose is bigger than ur smile
  2. the question you ask is always directed at the poster above you in this gayme, like it says in the topic title. @ is used as a mention or notification if your answer is really long, or jumbles happen when everyone posts at the same time ace of spades r2-d2, c-3po or bb-8
  3. yes, you can read about it here on the subject of usernames, is it pronounced "mac-kay-cee two" or "macksy-two"
  4. well, if a lady repeats herself, she must want a serious answer ;/ tl;dr winnings just short of $100k over 4 years, no you wont be getting a picture of me with my mercedes airship when i was younger and played often in high school - college, yes, i would say i was extremely talented. a few tournaments here and there, undisputed winner of "boys night" every week on payday, etc. presently, i would say no, as i dont play anymore. calculating the odds and mathematical probabilities require leaps i dont have the energy for, and my reading skills are used up everyday on the job. i sell solutions now instead of hands since macdaddy over here doesn't ask questions, and only answers them, i'm going to skip over them @Clarine the emperor decrees your kingdom disbanded. choose one survivor from your royal court as you are forced into peasantry flee the empire's clutches: butler, knight, or jester
  5. i get lucky every weekend, if u kno wat i mean you find yourself in a duel with a swordmaster a level below you. death by a thousand cuts or a single strike
  6. my selection is old school and my judgements have arbitrary parameters :^) female (based on being sexy): lachesis, ayra, tiltyu male (also based on being sexy): camus, navarre, lex i'm going to copy paste my question that i posed robert from a few pages ago
  7. any one of the billion amateur covers, and shitty amateur remixes available on youtube what's your next tactic when the jesting isn't successful for psychological warfare
  8. how much quid for a chibi commission, and do you have an online repository that showcases your (digital) art
  9. electric city? more like electric man
  10. fftf has no code, even amongst the panty thieves that dwell here let it go jack
  11. see a friend, play a (multiplayer) game, consume (any form of) media, get ahead on my work schedule. preferably in that order and sometimes in combination; i don't really entertain myself, but i enjoy entertaining others and vice versa @Rex Glacies tell me aboot the best booty ye've ever found, ye salty dog @Jingle Jangle ever watched the hunchback of notre dame
  12. hhh

    do it give into the darkest desire that is chocolate
  13. nah occasionally ill swing in like a renekton ball
  14. undefinabelle and unrefundable aye m8tey. wat have ye against piracy
  15. everyone's wanted to bring back the dead once or twice