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  1. What DLC is worth getting for Awakening?

    I liked the Scramble Pack. I like the 'funny' Fire Emblem maps.
  2. So what is your favorite character?

    I sure will! Thanks for the tip!
  3. So what is your favorite character?

    I haven't beaten the game yet but so far I've loved playing as Takumi, Owain and Chrom
  4. Who do you ship Lissa with?

    I really liked her with Lon'qu. Ricken only for pink Owain.
  5. favorite songs in fire emblem

    Definitely Chaos and Chaos (Ablaze) from FE: Awakening. Just so forboding
  6. supports are fun

    Pretty much all of Owain and Inigo's supports. Chrom and Robin because I love that relationship.
  7. Hey all!

    hello and welcome! Thank you for also welcoming me on my post :D
  8. hello!

    Yo, blaziken25 here I'm reasonably new to FE only been playing for a year or 2. I have played some of the DS games and own all the 3DS games. My favourite character is Owain and my favourite game is Awakening :D Nice to meet you!