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  1. What spirits do you think were misranked?

    Pretty much this along with that Zeke from xenoblade is also no better than a mere novice rank, also Rayquaza has no mega, which is pure WTF, Tora is not much higher tier than Morag or Zeke, but maybe deserves ace, along with Nia.
  2. What's wrong with the animation

    I tried to make a wyvern knight hand axe animation but in FEBuilder there's something wrong, I need someone to tell me what's wrong with it erlm_sw1.txt
  3. Request for Lord animation for Fe hack

    I have a request for a unique lord animation that requires all physical weapon types (and no item), it's basically a man on a giant horse (like the botw one), more details will be described below.
  4. Question on Dark Druid Staff Animation

    So I made my staff animation for the dark druid but for some reason it still becomes distorted and I need some help on how to make it proper.
  5. Is there anybody willing to create battle animations?

    Good to know, thanks for the opinion man. I'll be sure to make improvements to it when I can.
  6. Is there anybody willing to create battle animations?

    I guess while I'm at it, I can ask for your opinion on my portrait. Also, it's good to know on who's taking a break on what they're doing.
  7. Is there anybody willing to create battle animations?

    Ah, well there's that I guess. It would be nice to know someone who likes to make animations. I know someone who makes portraits though I'm not sure if he is active right now. I guess I did make my own portrait of sorts
  8. Is there anybody willing to create battle animations?

    I guess I should make a team and have a discord server for, which will probably be the best, but I don't even know what to call the title of the rom hack, and I haven't even made an actual chapter yet, so it's rather complicated. I'm also thinking of adding throwing swords for the game, but it also requires throwing sword animations. I guess I've really put myself into a rather big ambitious hole.
  9. Is there anybody willing to create battle animations?

    I did think about using some FE8 classes to add to the T3 like WK for wyvern class, Rangers for nomads, but I'd rather not use Great Knights for the T3 so I'm trying to look for Gold knight animations and I want the horse to be more visible as I have some color palettes that have completely different colors for the horses rather than the usual light brown.
  10. Is there anybody willing to create battle animations?

    No, not branching promotions, that would be incredibly destructive for my patience, hence why I went with Fe7 on FEBuilder. I checked SRPG but to be frank, I'd rather do rom hacking than that. Even if it is less flexible or more difficult.
  11. Is there anybody willing to create battle animations?

    I already found some T3 animations like Baron, Trueblade, Patriarch/Matriarch, but the others is a... well, I checked some of the animations in some of the repositories but couldn't find anymore T3. Also, do you know people who likes animations for people? I have rather ambitious ideas for the lords' animations, but having a whole T3 tree for them is understandably a lot to do.
  12. I'm currently making a rom hack and I'm not good enough to create a battle animation if my life depended on it, and honestly there's a lot to make as there's gonna be third tiers, and to be frank, few third tier animations exist. There's of course gonna be unique lord animations among other things. And since I can't make them myself that well, I'm in need of someone who can make them.
  13. FE Gba style Portraits (Submit your requests here)

    If it isn't too much of a bother, I want FE echoes Zeke along with a Shigure style type character but with longer hair.
  14. while i'm at it, for some reason, when I create my staff animation for the dark druid, it becomes all distorted and I don't know how to fix it
  15. So I realized that there are some rom hacks that doesn't use the tactician, so I was wondering how to get rid the tactician as my game does not have the tactician in it according to my idea of how I want the hack to work.