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  1. Gym Leader Tower

    Great now I have to start playing Pokemon Online again and learn the BW2 Metagame. But I'll definitely do this at some point.
  2. Luke fon Fabre and Kratos Aurion. I wish...
  3. Yup, I sure am. Tales of the Abyss would have been another reason, but I already played and beat that on my brother's 3DS.
  4. Most Broken techniques/strategies in video games

    And for the english version, Rita completely breaks the game, considering you can BLAH BLAH BLAH TIDAL WAVE forever. Use violent pain on bosses if you need variety. Why does the Japanese version get so much cooler stuff...
  5. Most Broken techniques/strategies in video games

    Some people have mentioned it, but Castlevania:Symphony of the Night is probably one of the most breakable games of all time. Just off the top of my head: -The Chissagrim, a sword that slashes 4 times as fast as you can press the attack button, killing even the final boss in a matter of seconds. -The Vorpal Sword, a weaker version that only hits as fast as you can press the button, but still decimates everything. -The Alucard Shield + Shield Rod combo, which deals 255 damage per second, heals 8 points per second, and grants temporary invincibility, just by walking into enemies. -The Iron Shield + Shield Rod combo, which summons a knight who throws his sword across the screen. Available early, will likely kill the next few bosses in a single use, and is good forever. -Soul Steal, a spell that Alucard starts with that hits the entire screen multiple times and heals you. -Wing Smash, which Alucard can use once he gets bat form. Also for very fast travel, grants invincibility for the duration, and is actually a solid damage option on large bosses. But it's best for fast, invincible travel. -The Death glitch, which lets you start the game with endgame level equipment and potentially get Alucard Shield + Shield Rod less than 25 minutes into the game. -The Ring of Varda, which gives obscene stat boosts. And you can equip two. -The Blood Cloak, which converts damage to hearts, allowing you to spam the very powerful cross subweapon. -Although it's very hard to obtain, the Duplicator gives you unlimited use of items, give you infinite healing and the ability to instantly kill all non-boss enemies in the room. -Scraping the bottom, here, but Mist Form with Poison mist makes you invincible and allows you to damage enemies for the duration of your MP. I'm sure I missed a few, but yeah.
  6. Tell me what games to buy.

    If it were me, I would buy Makai Kingdom. I don't actually have it, but I've watched some of it and it looks amazing.
  7. Speculation of Pokemon games in the future

    RSE Remakes: Probably, although the Regis being in BW2 might point towards the contrary. RBY: I sure hope not, although I wouldn't rule it out later down the line as a "classic." 6th Gen: Probably 3DS, and I hope for 3d models.
  8. Jade from Tales of the Abyss, always, and either Zelos or Kratos in Symphonia, without fail. Locke in FF6, dunno why as he's not that great, but that game is so laughably easy it never hurts me. I like having steal on demand at all times. For a long time it was Espeon... only Espeon is now really good come gen 5. I love Espeon's design. Also for the record I find Raven is a better healer then Estelle, considering Love Shot is spammable and has no cast time, meaning it can't be interrupted either. I despise Karol and never use him when I have a choice.
  9. Bulky Serperior

    As much as I like Serperior, this set just gets owned by Scizor, among other things, on so many levels. If you're determined to use a set like this I'd go for a dedicated duel screener that captializes on Serperior's high speed, something like 252 HP/252 Spe, Reflect/Light Screen/Leech Seed/Dragon Tail? @ Light Clay. Again, though, you have to be afraid of U-Turn... very afraid.
  10. 7/26- Ike

    And they had such a good track record for the male DLC artwork too...
  11. Mystery of Paris.

    So Paris is a pretty cool guy it seems. Insane stats. And 3 slayer skills. And sol and luna. And his own personal army. I don't know about anyone else, but making the probable MC of the next Fire Emblem a badass recruitable superboss seems like an awesome marketing tool to me.
  12. Questions about B/W breeding & Dream World

    The are a limited number of Pokémon available through the regular dream world. (Again, Serebii has your back.) Eevee is not one of them. I don't believe the eeveelution promotion is still running, so if you want a magic bounce espeon you have a few options. 1. Scrounge for a female DW Eevee on the GTS (Japan had an event where DW eevee was made available in either gender.) or find someone who can breed you a female DW Eevee for your own use. 2. You could look for a DW Espeon as well, but all Espeon given out through the event were male and therefore their ability cannot be rebred, so you would have to go with what you got. 3. Wait for Black and White 2, where you're given a DW ability Eevee in game. In Gen 5, EVs are applied immediately. Therefore you won't see absurd stat level ups like you could in Gen 4.
  13. Questions about B/W breeding & Dream World

    95% sure breeding w/everstone and power items works the same in gen 5 as gen 4. Pokemon obtained from the dream world and certain events (And some ingame in Black and White 2) have their dream world abilities. Dream World abilities have a 50% chance of being passed down if the female Pokemon has it. DOES NOT WORK WITH DITTO AS EITHER PARENT. Dunno about berries. I'm sure Serebii has the info you need though.
  14. Why no Mass Effect 3 in this topic.
  15. Westbrick Plays FE13 Lunatic+!

    Not that I'm disagreeing with you, but if this is true, what on earth is your plan for beating Lunatic +?