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  1. True. Now that I've thought about it, they can be kinda bold with that kind of stuff. More than I originally thought. Like, my first thought was, "Well people like Camilla and Leo aren't your real siblings" but then I remembered that Corrin doesn't find this out until after he grew up with them. And isn't Azura actually related to Corrin? (Only fully played Conquest so far) That's what I've heard time and time again, and yet it still lets you make babies with her. And yeah, with Persona, you're a high school student and you can come onto your teacher. I wonder how people will react to all this, if you really can romance your students. :3
  2. Ah okay, thanks for letting me know. Really gotta play P3P sometime. :3
  3. Well, they might exist for some characters, but I would be somewhat surprised if they let us romance students. I personally don't mind it (shipping M!Byleth and Sylvain already) but where I live that is very much illegal. With that said, Persona 5 (and 3 I think) let you romance your teacher, and very, very few cared. In fact, many thought she was best waifu, so anything can happen. Although this could be because the teacher is a female. If the genders switch it might cause more controversy. ----------- I personally think S-Supports will still be a thing, but we don't know for sure. And we also don't know that we can S-Support Students, so people should keep this in mind. :3
  4. Agreed. And yeah I don't know. The Heart Symbol always appeared on characters in Fates, even if you couldn't romance them right? It is probably the same here.
  5. Yeah that has a lower chance of making an appearance sadly. I hope it is in though. It might be jarring for some animated cutscenes, but I don't think most mind. I certainly don't.
  6. Right, but all the other characters were in the cutscenes, and you could change their outfits and weapons, yet they would still appear in their default clothes I am pretty sure. So they can easily do the same with the main character. You might not be able to change their hair color, but things like outfits and accessories should definitely make it in somehow.
  7. Well, wasn't it like that in Fates too? For example, you can re-class Camilla into a Mage which will change her outfit, yet her default outfit will still appear in the anime-styled cutscenes right? So the same could easily happen here. I definitely think customization is in the game. :3
  8. My personal thoughts on the trailer ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am happy we have an Avatar again. The leggings on the female are meh but the rest looks great. Other character designs are great too. Especially Sylvain. He's pretty cute. Some don't like how similar their outfits can be, but to me, what matters is their personality. A good example is Final Fantasy Type-0 Everyone had similar outfits but every single one of the 15+ playable characters had their own very unique personality and were overall, very pleasant characters. Oh and along with this, I love the art direction. Reminds me of Persona a lot and I really love it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know everybody is hating on the new school system, calling it a Anime High School Simulator but I like it so far. I mean, how do people think FE characters know how to fight? They obviously need to train somehow. Only this time, we are in charge of their training. I don't see why so many are despising it already. They should at least give it a chance before dismissing it as trash. The gameplay systems we have seen seem promising. They're definitely going in on the Teacher thing, and this should expand our ability to build characters. Like for example, it seems like simply using a Seal isn't always going to be enough to change classes. It seems like they might have to have studied in certain areas beforehand, or else they might not "pass the test" and not be able to Class Change because of it. Sounds really cool to me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story seems good also. I have zero standards for story, so I know I'll be satisfied, but I can still appreciate a well written story and it seems promising. The Nintendo Website also said we have to choose one of these schools to teach at. I am wondering if that'll simply change who are allies are and maybe a tiny bit of the story, or if there really is 3 completely separate routes with their own completely unique stories, with maybe a 4th, final route being unlocked upon completion of all other routes. If so, I hope one of them will be super hardcore like the Conquest Route in Fates. If not, simply adding in a super hard Lunatic Mode should suffice. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, I am very pleased with all the new info and footage, and I am very much looking forward to the game. Hopefully I can get my hands on the limited edition. :3
  9. Hello づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    Thank you! Close friends as well a some others online. We were just talking about game difficulty, which is vital to me. If games don't make me suffer then there is little point in me playing them. Some may think it is weird, but getting stressed, upset, anxious, etc. about a game because of difficulty, is one of my favorite feelings ever. :3 --------------------------- Yeah thank you. I have no issue with emulation. Generally. I plan on playing most, if not all FE games, unless they are super super easy. Luckily I suck at FE, so most should satisfy me. I found a website with a bunch of FE hacks, and one of them was Blazing Blade but it was made much harder. (I think anyways) I'll probably give that one a go. That's also the one with the "Hector Hard Mode" I assume? I've heard a lot about it. Sounds exciting. :3 ---------------------------------- ノ :3 --------------------------------- Yes. I always thought it was a cute moment in the games, when it told me to wake up my partner. :3 ---------------------- Sorry for the late reply but apparently there is some comment restriction based on time or something like that. Probably only reserved for new members I'd bet. Thank you all for the warm welcomes :3
  10. Hello everyone. I just recently got into fire emblem. I got into it since I wanted to play the game my Smash 4 main came from. So I got Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, since I am a masochist and I heard that this game would make me suffer immensely. And man, was I missing out. It is now one of my favorite games of all time. Very few games can satisfy me with both its gameplay, and difficulty, yet Conquest pulled it off spectacularly. I am glad to be here and I am excited to see what other FE games have to offer. づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  11. Interesting read. Wasn't expecting this to be so in-depth. Must've taken quite a bit of time. I really think you're pretty spot on about everything. Thank you so much. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ