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  1. Perfect! I heard failure to find a sexual mate is a disability. Not only I am a disabled person, I also have mental disorder now! When will I get my wellfare benefits?
  2. General "mass killings" thread

    Not with that kind of garbage salary and that much responsibility. Not a teacher myself but my parents and two of my friends are so I knew enough to never study to become a teacher. It's garbage job with garbage salary and horrendous amount of responsibility that only special kind of people would find it fun to be teacher. And if something goes wrong, you are the one to take all the blames. I wont be surprised if the armed teachers gonna be the one to snap first and shoot the whole class. Also, dont you find arming the teachers just make it worse? What is next? Arm the janitors? Arm the students!? Arm every citizen? It's ridiculous and very America-ish if I have to say.
  3. Skyrim HD edition is the only answer.
  4. I got one crash when trying to check the dlc costumes, putting them and offand then it crashed. Another crash is when I was fighting in the park. Another crash is when I entered the bath in Ymir after visiting the fortress. I have only played that far. Sad... They said it has something to do with the attachments.
  5. Too many crashes, so many bugs, sad...
  6. Good RPGs about pirates/boats?

    The true answer is Kantai Collection. There's no English version thou.
  7. It's up to how much you would tolerate or not. I can tolerate: no remap control buttons, 30FPS limit, sup-bar graphics, censoring, no Japanese dub...and that is it. Any lag, bug, stuttering are not tolerable!
  8. Monster Hunter World

    The combat of World is the smoothest so far. You only feel slow because you are not used to it.
  9. Pineapple on Pizza: Yes or no?

    Why not? Pineapple is great. Pineapple is great with meat. Unless your pizza only has pineapple, there's no reason to not hate it.
  10. Mobile games recommendations?

    Easily Kantai Collection.
  11. Monster Hunter World

    The easiest and the one that has most quality of life features so far. There's also a story.
  12. Historic Authenticy in Video Games

    What the hell do game animators having to do with something belongs to game concept and design!? And no, if you want to know, we dont need game animators to know Egyptians actually didnt side walk like a crab while moving their head back and forward as if they are Micheal Jackson back up dancers in "Remember the time". And the game itself is pretty unhistorical, even more than some other AC games. Or now do I have to remind you how they find these "experts" from the back alley? And I dont get why making a game more historical accurate have anything to do with making it worse or better. If anything, the lack of historical accuracy can sometimes make a game worse. Actually wrong, Dong Zhou is a lame commander. His only victory when he directly commanded an army was against barbarians. He was more active in real history but his records were basically one defeat after another, being super incompetent at leading. He's only good on riding on Huangfu success. And no, none of Lu Bu underling would come close to even be considered as the "strongest". I dont know where you get your facts from, is it fanfiction dot com? What are you even talking about? What kind of of "hugely successful campaign"? What do you mean when Zhuge Liang didnt even have a single successful campaign? Only "competent guys"? Sorry but you know what unlike Wei Yan, many of Dong Zhou cronies were actually traitors. You know, like the guy who killed him?
  13. Monster Hunter World

    Remember kids, SnS is actually one of the best weapons in the game with high dps and great flexibility. It can and will carry you from the start to the end.
  14. Fighting the prequel's protagonist

    Tales of Enternia let you fight Cress from Phantasia in the arena.
  15. Total War: Three Kingdoms

    Stealing? Hah! It was his deeds that were stolen from him and gave to Zhuge Liang.