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  1. But Breath of Fire 6 is the shitty mobile game. Unless there are two different Breath of Fire 6 games out there I think you are mistaken.
  2. Do you think a Zelda RPG could work?

    If Zelda Musou works, anything will, even a FPS Zelda.
  3. General Trails thread

    I like CS I story but hate its characters. I hate both characters and story in CS II, especially Mr.Perfect. At one point, Mr.Perfect managed to sense the chaotic atmosphere in the dungeon while everyone, included Emma, are completely clueless. He also came up with perfect plans while the other smart characters like Elliot and Machias just stood there and nodded "wow you are so smart, Rean!". It's like Justice League, one person who is simply better at everything than the rest of the casts and his harem (included guys).
  4. General Trails thread

    The one thing I hate in CS series so far is that the cutscenes are pretty lame. Characters just stand and talk with bad cut-in and bad directing despite being in dangerous situation or intense moment like battle. Everyone in this series is so chill and lax especially when it comes to dead or live matters.
  5. General Trails thread

    Estelle is very interesting cause she mature naturally throughout the whole trilogy. She still has faults and keep some parts of her immature personality but that is what make her a well written character unlike a certain....cough...Rean-kun....cough....
  6. But it is weird for me cause I keep seeing Dragon Balls characters in DQ. For example, that guy in the trailer is very similar to Android 18!
  7. New Sakura Wars: Release Date March 31st 2019

    I nearly choked...WHAT YEAR IS THIS!? Hopefully it will have as many waifu to date as possible while having better gameplay.
  8. I was making fun of the game name because it reminds me of Monster Hunter Generations with a big cross in the logo and same concept.
  9. Before we know it, they will release Etrian Odyssey XX and Etrian Odyssey Generations. Then they will release the biggest hit, an open world game with the name Etrian Odyssey World.
  10. Which types of villains do you prefer?

    A smart, ruthless, calculating, capable villain. For example: Sarevok, Irenicus, Diablo, Jack is all I remember for now. For Fire Emblem, I want a main villain that is similar to Genghis Khan who conquer, slaughter, destroy and great at both leading army and controlling the empire. No dragon, demon bs please.
  11. Remember that Toys R Us has been found to jacked up the price of Yugioh related stuff then added a discount over them. Yugioh fans are boycotting TRU. Yugioh packs in Toys R Us is currently more expensive than other places. I dont know about video game or so, but stay calm and look around for the best deal for yourself.
  12. What's your favorite Pokemon?

    Lilligant....dont ask why.
  13. Anybody play Dishonored?

    The first one has good story, the second one has bad story. That is the whole controversy thing about Dishonored.
  14. Banner Saga Announced for Switch

    A short game with simple gameplay and "choose this or face the sequence" choices.