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  1. Arena Assault Teams

    When you say +Atk or +Def do oyu mean the one that has the highest attack at level 1?
  2. Arena Assault Teams

    Wow, I think there is a lot I don't understand about this game still lol Currently, I'm using the following tier list to decide who to 5*: https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/arena-offense-tier-list I'm approaching 300 units now and will have to start culling my roster back. I figured Arena Assault teams were the biggest investment as i need 28 units complete it. I think I may be approaching this the wrong way. So instead, I will focus on building a solid Armor team for the time being and keep bolstering my roster with the best units according to the tier list. Any suggestions on what to do with junk units like Stahl?
  3. Arena Assault Teams

    I’m trying to build viable Arena Assault teams from my 5 stars. I have the following 5 stars to use: Cherche, Wyvern Friend Elincia, Lost Princess Hector, Marquess of Ostia Ike, Vanguard Legend Lyn, Brave Lady Nowi, Eternal Youth Raven, Peerless Fighter Reinhardt, Thunder's Fist Tiki, Beachside Scion x2 Veronica, Brave Princess Fae, Divine Dragon Corrin, Dream Prince x2 Leanne, Forest's Song x2 Hinoka, Warrior Princess Eir, Merciful Death Camilla, Steamy Secrets Fjorm, Princess of Ice x2 Robin, High Deliverer Nowi, Eternal Witch Minerva, Red Dragon Maria, Minerva's Sister Tana, Nobel and Nimble Takumi, Prince of Soup x2 Libra, Fetching Friar Clarine, Refined Noble Titania, Warm Knight So my question is who should be matched with who? What skills or builds should I try to use to make them the best they can be?