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  1. Sooo ... Anyone wants to take any bet on how much information we will get from the direct ? I'm betting on : - A release date - Some more cut-scenes to hype us - Some more gameplay (including a custom avatar, some roaming in the castle, a bit of a battle where they explain the new gameplay elements (formations(?), etc...) I'm also betting it will last 10 minutes (maybe 15 if we're lucky).
  2. Newbie Meet 'n Greet

    Hi everyone ! I've been a (very) long time lurker around here and with Three Houses coming soon I thought it might have been time to join the fun ! Probably like most new members, I was introduced to FE by playing Awakening and I've been playing every FE games I could get (basically all the games since Blazing Sword). It also took me 2 hours before daring to make my first post.