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  1. Classes You Know About, Expect to See, or Want to See

    I kind of doubt it. If anything, the price tag might be an issue, like it normally is; but it depends on how big your base salary is.
  2. Three houses got a leak release in the Philippines

    I'm pretty sure that the delay is for ironing out bugs, manufacturing, and shipping.
  3. Wasn't some of the crests on the church's mural faded out or something?
  4. Honestly, I just see it as a sense of national pride...And a way of preventing a noble with a Crest from getting abducted.
  5. Three Houses Class Tree and Speculation

    This kind of feels like Awakening's class tree. Except that myrmidons were better than thieves. But at least it's kind of balanced with the weapon variety, though.
  6. A relaxed Conquest playthrough (With Screenshots!)

    Well, that was anticlimactic. Too bad you didn't do the child maps, though.
  7. So, does this mean that we have to show ID in order to actually use these things? Because I'm kind of paranoid when it comes to ID theft.
  8. Is fanservice inherently bad?

    I thought Bayonetta was exclusively designed by a woman?
  9. So I was wrong about the types of uniforms, then...
  10. What is your other favorite JRPG series with Fire Emblem?

    Does the Mario & Luigi series count?
  11. Did Rudolf Care About Berkut?

    Well, it didn't really help that Berkut thinks he's the rightful heir and that showing him the truth would've killed off the point of Rudolph's war.
  12. Is fanservice inherently bad?

    So with the reveal of one of the teachers, I noticed how some people were complaining about her design, mainly her form-fitting dress in cleavage. Personally, I'm fine with this kind of stuff; after all, showing a little bit of skin isn't going to kill anyone (although it might raise the ESRB rating). I know that this isn't exclusive to fiction; but come on, some people actually dress that way in reality, so what's the point in complaining about it happening in fiction?
  13. Regarding the students, I think it should be kind of easier to differentiate the nobles from the commoners on the basis of their uniforms. For instance, the house leaders, Hubert, and the casanova noble from the Golden Deer are all wearing an fancy black & gold outfit. Of course, Dimitri's bodyguard is wearing one of these suits and he's a commoner; but I suppose that following the would-be king around all day grants him a certain level of prestige. And the other variation is a white top with black suspenders, which are mostly outnumbered by the nobility in every house, except for the Golden Deer, because the Alliance is allegedly for the commoners and the nobles.
  14. I thought that the drums were used to rely orders in the same manner how a Petty Officer uses his whistle to alert people when a VIP boards the ship?
  15. I'm not really seeing a problem here; considering how Charolette is literally an gold-digger running around in a bikini and Camilla has an incest fetish.