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  1. I went last year for guilty gear and smash 4. drowned in guilty gear pools, but did pretty well in smash! I'm hoping to do good this year. Gonna practice more! The main thing I'm looking forward to is meeting you guys. Can't wait :)
  2. Rody
  3. FE7 EHM: Pick My Unit

  4. tried to limit it one character per series. that was tough
  5. Dragon Ball FighterZ: It's out!

    love all these references!
  6. Holy war banner

    yess sigurd. they all look amazing
  7. What was your favorite map to play in story? How's History mode so far?
  8. One of our own will be at EVO.

    I'm down! i'm available most days. best day would probably be saturday since i don't work that day.
  9. can't wait! on chapter 2 in 3rd. been pretty busy but im gonna try to finish before mania as well
  10. nice vids. you're doing really well explaining strats! gameplay looks great. beside obv reminding me of sky, it also reminds me of persona as well. can't wait to get into this soon!
  11. Dragon Ball FighterZ: It's out! interesting. really wanna try out piccolo! krillin's mind games also sounds pretty cool.