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  1. Which swordie does well with the Wo Dao and Fury? I pulled another Karel and he's +ATK -HP, so my old +DEF -SPD Karel (who also has Fury 3) is now fodder since I'd rather get an extra unit for AA than make a Karel+1. I'm currently considering my +ATK -HP Selena (4*) or my +SPD -DEF regular Roy (5*). I also have +SPD -RES or +ATK -HP Hana but she was on the backburner for a LaD Brave project. I also considered Alfonse for a troll-y QR + Moonbow build, but I've already given him a Brave Sword (not +). Special that procs off speed when, this would be perfect for Lon'qu if it existed
  2. Memu still works, but the error is much more frequent now. Before the update, I could consistently go a day or half a day before getting error'd out, but I'm now having to deal with the error literally every 15 minutes to half an hour. I've used the bridge trick from here so I can remove deviceAccount:.xml instead of uninstalling and reinstalling, but I can no longer reliably complete any series of maps longer than 5, which does not bode well for the upcoming Tempest Trials. Guess it's time to shop around for better options, but it doesn't look like there are many. >___>
  3. THIS IS EXACTLY MY PROBLEM. I was going to hop to Team Ike goddammit. I'm sorry, guys, I really did want to contribute to the first male victory in a gauntlet. /facepalms
  4. Thanks for the responses! I noticed that in the trailer as well and was hoping so. I just doubted it because special costumes have mostly been cyclical. At least I know I can continue failing to pull them after their banner is gone.
  5. Quick question: the CYL Heroes are here to stay, right? They'll still be around when their banner ends?
  6. Echoing the sentiment of Klein's complete and utter MVP-ness. After seeing a few people use him in the thread I fielded him and Infernal just became a total joke. Reinhardt/Klein/Olivia/Azura; Olivia had to tank an axe cav but Azura saw no combat at all. I have become complacent and over-reliant on Horse Emblem and have forgotten how much I love Klein. He cheesed Michalis's GHB too. I can't wait until I pull a decent 4* version of him to promote so my current +DEF -SPD Klein can get a bit of a bump.
  7. Camus/Xander/Cecilia/Celica has been incredibly effective at clearing Lunatic-5 on continuous auto. I've been watching the AI play and while a lot of what it does makes me cringe, I'm continually surprised by how much they can survive. (I did not realise that Xander could take 0 damage from your average Brave Lance guy while on a defence tile.) I usually take over on Stage 5 since I don't trust the AI with that, but it's just 1 battle compared to 5 or 7. It may not be as stamina-efficient, but damn is it relaxing. Skillsets for the curious, but they can honestly be summed up as follows: run Fury/Vantage and movement assists and profit.
  8. New high score of 4,842 achieved in Arena Assault! Ranks at 1,458. Same team: Sharena, Marthcina, Cordelia+1, Minerva. I think this is as high as I'm feasibly getting with this team. I'll need to switch things up to boost my score further. Luke demolished a team of scary squishies (Nino, Anna and Ryoma) all by himself with the help of a dancer and a Dancer's Veil. His Panic Ploy has also been incredible in helping me deal with Blade teams. And here I thought I wouldn't find a use for a Brave Sword cav... I actually need more Brave users than I have! Ogma hasn't seen this much use since the start of the game. Since I'm fighting way above my merge level, nobody can double anything unless they're a Brave user and the squishy mages usually just barely escape a OHKO. It's time to build up Brave Axe Cherche and Brave Sword Alfonse, plus train Cain, Gordin and maybe even Donnel. ...Once the Tempest is over anyway.
  9. HAHA holy shit I did not expect this from my free session on the Tempest Trials banner wtf I thought of merging him for 0.5 seconds until I checked his nature. He's +ATK -HP. I have somehow been blessed with a second 5* +ATK Reinhardt for my defence team and I'm not gonna complain. I'm going to blow my stamina training him instead of on the Trials until he's Trials-ready, because my current Reinhardt has upwards of 7k SP so he might as well take his place. Just one more Reinhardt until I can rig up a defence team that consists of a bonus unit and 3x Reinhardt...
  10. Good point there, thank you for the reply! I'm not yet sure how heavily I want to invest in him (I'm using him actively in Arena Assault but have too many other good fliers to warrant using him outside of that) so I'll think about it a bit before making up my mind. QP is never leaving Reinhardt unless I actually need him to not proc Moonbow on T1 so Subaki's never going to get it.
  11. Bonfire versus Ignis on Subaki - thoughts? I usually go for the 3CD special without question, but my experience using Subaki (as a 3* lol) has mostly been luring a sword into a battle of attrition where he takes 0 damage and chips them down slowly, so Ignis doesn't sound bad for some extra oomph to close the duel out faster. Still not sure if it's worth the extra CD turn though.
  12. Well, after too many failed attempts, I finally managed a deathless run of 4,832, which nets a rank of 1,006. Initial team: Sharena/Marthcina/Cordelia+1/Minerva. I used one Dancer's Veil during the run, but nothing else. Some of the scores were on the low end of what this team could get, so I could probably wrangle something a bit higher. Or maybe I'll just promote and SI the +ATK/-SPD Effie I have waiting in the wings and put her in over Sharena to boost my score and make my life even harder because goddammit I had a hard enough time with this team. Why do I hate myself? (Okay I actually love this mode because nothing else in the game has been nearly as challenging but I think I must also hate myself.)
  13. Putting Lancebreaker on Reinhardt let me clear Infernal with room to spare. Team: Reinhardt/Cecilia/Xander/Azura. Important SI: Lancebreaker and Fortify Cavalry on Reinhardt (he also has DB3/QP Moonbow but I didn't check if they were important lol), TA, Reposition and a damage special (Iceberg for me) on Cecilia, Wings of Mercy on Azura. Honestly I'm not sure if this will work for anyone else lol. Turn 1: Repositioning. Reinhardt below the first breakable wall, Cecilia/Xander below and to his right, Azura in the bottom right of the cube. Cecilia breaks the wall. Turn 2: Reinhardt kills Lilina, Cecilia repositions him, Azura dances Reinhardt and he gets out of the way (I also had him draw Azura back, though I don't know if this ended up mattering; I don't think it did). Xander gets into the spot Reinhardt vacated. On enemy phase, Cecilia survives an attack from herself and the Lance Peg deals lol2 damage to her thanks to the Fortify. The Lance Cavalier comes up the lower passageway. Turn 3: Cecilia smacks the Lance Peg for enough damage to clear Obstruct. Xander runs up and kills Cecilia, Azura warps to him and Dances him, and he finishes off the Lance Peg. Reinhardt kills the Lance Cavalier. Turn 4: Clean-up, also known as Reinhardt Killed Everything Else (with Azura's help).
  14. Team Robin reporting in! I'll be flipping to Tiki if we lose, because I kind of doubt Gaius will make it past Round 1 and she'll be my only remaining swimsuit lol. Feel free to add me if you need some Team Robin friends. ID: 6514855119 Tactician's name is Azu and current lead is Xander (Fury/QR/Bonfire). If you need some different colours, just tell me and I can switch around! (I'd normally set Reinhardt as my lead but since Robin is blue, I figured some people might need variety lol.) LET'S SMASH SOME MELONS! Edit: Also, for what it's worth, Robin is rather substantially down and has the multiplier right now lol.
  15. My horse team of Reinhardt/Cecilia/Xander/Camus cleared Infernal without any hitches. It went pretty differently from Lunatic since I had Xander bait the enemies instead of Cecilia, but overall not too bad. I forgot to train Lloyd, so the Lloyd quests will have to wait until I get around to him.