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  1. If there was a Blazing Sword remake...

    There isn't even a tutorial in Lyn HM
  2. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that bows were an good secondary weapon for Lyn. Her con really isn't suitable for lances or axes. Otherwise she'll just be weighed down like Eliwood.
  3. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Diogo ruining another topic I see
  4. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    I always thought the optimal set up was considered: Florina One of Kent or Sain Erk or Luiius And Lyn can gain exp on the side. (If you want to use her of course.) Exp experince slows to crawl once you hit lvl 7 So there room for other non-mounted units to pick up kills.
  5. If there was a Blazing Sword remake...

    My personal recommendation for a potenial Blazing Sword remake. 1. Stronger enemies - The fact 13-14 speed is enough to double most things in the game is really sad. Give enemies units better equipment for late game, silver weapons, not steel please. Improve unit variety and have it make sense for the faction that your fighting for that chapter. The main anagonists of the game are a gang of assassins. Why so many lances? Let's make use of faster enemy classes like Swordmasters with killing edges and high HP or Assassins with Killer weapons. Long story short, give us better enemies IS. 2. Skills - Skills are pretty standard now since the Tellius games reintroduced them and skills would be a nice addition to FE7. Like for example, give Lyn a skill like "Quick Draw" where when she intiates combat she gets something like +3 Atk and 15% crit. Something character specific, like a hybrid between SoV and Fates skills system. 3. Weapon effectiveness - The original Japanese version had the 3x, but the localized version toned it down to 2x. Let's bring the triple effectiveness back. Let the Rapier and Mani Katti be the cav/knights nukes they were always meant to be. 4. Nerf Paladins - WTC is too good, reign it back IS. No more Axes. 5. Ultimate Weapons - This is last because they exist for only one chapter, but Durandal and Sol Katti need some help. Reduce their weight by at least 4 and give Sol Katti 3 more might. Then we're talking.
  6. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    RathxLyn is kismet
  7. What classes do you want to see come back?

    I'd like for the Rogue class to return with a few modifications. Let them use Daggers and Bows and give them really good mobility.
  8. Skills - New and Old

    I think skills should be segmented into class skills and individual unit skills.
  9. Who should do the artwork for the game?

    Oh Lord geezus not him again
  10. Sephiran's title is the "Light of Creation" And weapon wise it could be something like: Forblaze- ATK +3 and Res Ploy 2 Starlight- Red Tomebreaker 2 effect and Cancel Affinity 2. Creiddylad- Cool down charge -1 and +10 damage when special activates.
  11. 1. Athos (Red Tome, Infantry) Forblaze 2. Gotoh (Blue Tome, Infantry) Starlight 3. Sephiran (Green Tome, Infantry) Creiddylad A "Living Legends" themed banner with these 3 units would be very creative. I think they should even come with increased bst to highlight how powerful they are in lore. 4. Jahn (Red Dragon, Infantry) Flametongue+ It's time for a male dragon to be in the game, and I'd rather have this guy over that crusty old geezer Bantu. 5. Rath (Bow, Cavalry) So my CYL!Lyn can take her husbando and dominate the arena together.
  12. Wow, I can't believe KT came out and said this garbage for everyone to quote. How unprofessional of them.
  13. Did Celica's voice actress change?
  14. That speed matters when it's the difference between getting doubled or not. And I never mentioned anything about Bartre's popularity.