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  1. The Last Promise 2: Broken Promises

    This seems to be a very heavy undertaking, so I hope you guys can handle it.
  2. A custom weapon durability thing

    I'm still undecided on staffs. On one hand, you'd be more free to use high level staffs instead of just hoarding them; on the other hand, being able to use said high level staffs on every chapter might be unbalanced. And reducing their usage numbers might not be a solution either because enemies use them too; a druid with a berserk staff would be a lot less annoying if he could only use it once instead of three times. And what about the hammerne staff? What's its purpose now that weapons no longer break?
  3. A custom weapon durability thing

    I've been thinking about how weapon durability was done in all the FE games, and have been brainstorming about how I'd implement durability in a game that I'd make for FEXNA or whatever other FE maker assuming any of them are released within my lifetime. So hear me out here. Take the durability stuff of the GBA games, and then cut them all down to around 2/3 of their original values. They still decrement per use as normal, but running out is where my big change is. When a weapon's durability runs out, it doesn't break; instead, it only becomes unusable but you don't lose it. Don't worry about throwing them away though, because they're not dead weight forever; the durability of all items is reset back to full after a chapter is finished, ready to be used again for the next chapter. So there's my concept. It no doubt needs more adjusting, like with store prices where maybe they should be doubled since items are now more permanent. And of course, consumable and promotion items still run out into nonexistence as normal. Anyway, I'd like to hear your opinion on this; I'm open to responses both "good idea :)" and "bad idea >:(".
  4. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    It's intentional, heal and mend staffs give more exp than usual. I think other staffs also have adjusted exp gains, but I don't use them regularly enough to know for sure.
  5. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    Well, I'd rather learn the tools of the thing that could potentially lead to a lot more opportunities and possibilities in regards to FE fan content. I really would rather not learn the romhacking tools and attempt to hack a rom only for FEXNA to finally come out and put all my romhacking time and efforts to waste.
  6. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    But I imagine it'll be all worth it since you could probably do all kinds of things with it that you can't do with just romhacking.
  7. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    Just finished it. Aside from a few CGs having little palette problems, the whole hack worked perfectly. And wow, Lyn using axes on top of swords and bows plus her better CON made her a monster; I even made axes her S rank in anticipation of the Sol Dorcas, though annoyingly that ended up still being a sword and not an axe like the Mani Dorcas. Now I can't help but imagine other hacks getting this treatment, like Raymond Emblem for FE404 or Kelik Emblem for The Last Promise.
  8. Let's Play Sword of Heaven and Earth: Dreaming Of A Better Lyn

    Aah! Juno closed her eyes! What is this sorcery?!
  9. Dorcas Emblem 2.1

    This is seriously the best way to replay FE7. I have to get through the tutorial again since I'm too lazy to use my 100% save file, but I only intend to play Dorcas Normal and Dorcas Normal anyway before moving on to other hacks. I really don't mind relearning things like the Dorcas Triangle that shows how Dorcas beats Dorcas, Dorcas beats Dorcas, and Dorcas beats Dorcas.
  10. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    2018 seems promising already.
  11. Fire Emblem Character Spotlight!

    You mean if I can find a way to do that, I can request a spotlight on Kelik?
  12. FE7x: Immortal Sword - Part One Complete

    So, I have to ask. What does this all mean for FEXNA? Will the long wait finally end soon?
  13. The Last Promise 07x

    That's weird, I got to 7x just fine without needing to do any fixing. Version differences might be afoot here.
  14. Ragefest V: The Enragement Ring OFFICIAL THREAD

    Oh hey, it lives. Oh hey, you live.
  15. FEXNA (Currently In Private Beta)

    I've been imagining for years now; but the longer I'm unable to actually act on it, the more likely I'll forget about what I wanted to do and eventually lose interest.