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  1. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    The more that question is asked, the further back the release date is pushed. ...probably.
  2. A world map of The Last Promise

    I was in a mood to play The Last Promise again after having recently watched someone's LP of it, and that gave me an opportunity to maybe do some fleshing out. TLP does not at all use a narrator to tell its story, and additionally the story is very "tell, don't show". I finished playing The Road to Ruin not long ago, and its storytelling was more in line with the GBAFE games in that it has a narrator and a world map detailing the continent of Pandosia. So that gave me the idea to try and create a world map of TLP's continent of Solum based on all the plot details and character dialogue. And after having completed my playthrough of it, this is what I've come up with: This is what I could make sense of based on what the game told me. Everything seems to be in the correct places, and the routes the characters take seem accurate... hopefully. Regardless, I hope I've made the setting look a little more lively. Because sometimes, words alone aren't enough.
  3. My OC, J.G.

    Finally got some motivation to do that combat animation I said I'd do. And so far, I got this: I think it came out okay. It's just gonna be the usual mage animation, but editing all the other frames is still gonna be a challenge; leaving in the cape should at least make it a little easier. You might be wondering about her outfit; compared to the usual medieval fantasy stuff, it looks a little... modern. I'm gonna stick with it because that's how I envisioned her, I just need to come up with a good reason why she's wearing such a thing.
  4. The Raymond Chronicles (a Lex Talionis fangame)

    I've been looking forward to this. I hope I did a good job with my first ever fangame.
  5. Best Way to Deal With Douglas?

    Do this: It amazingly works because Douglas will apparently never attack Larum (and I guess Elffin too).
  6. okay this is epic ...why is that line associated with Thanos? It was never uttered even once in Infinity War.
  7. The Raymond Chronicles (a Lex Talionis fangame)

    Like I said, it's practically all done. But there's always room for possible improvement.
  8. The Raymond Chronicles (a Lex Talionis fangame)

    I considered this a possibility, but I still went through with all of it anyway; for that, I very much apologize. My intentions are not at all malicious, I didn't tell you because I wanted to surprise you and everyone else. None of this is hopefully considered theft; everything that's yours (characters, a few maps, and other things) is fully credited to you, and of course it's all free and non-profit. I promise you, your characters here are not used in bad taste; I did my best to write them into a new story. And if my interpretation of them is still disagreeable, that's fine; the romhacks they're from still exist. Believe me when I say that I only have the utmost respect for you and your work, and this fangame is my way of thanking you for everything you've done for this community.
  9. Version date: 02/20/2019 A Fire Emblem fangame by BBHood217 Characters created by MageKnight404 Lex Talionis engine by rainlash Over the years, MageKnight404 has contributed interesting and entertaining stories and characters to the FE community with his romhacks. This is my tribute to him and his creations. Join Heather, Julie, Joshua, and many of MK404's original characters on an adventure full of exciting gameplay, little references, and a standard plot to save the world. Features: - Runs on the Lex Talionis engine by rainlash, it is NOT a romhack. - 11 chapters of good ol' FE gameplay with features like skills and AOE attacks. - MK404's original characters from FE404 and both Sacred Dawns interacting in a brand new setting. - Branching promotions for some classes, and also promotions are automatic upon going past the level cap. - Easily usable as a reference along with the Lion Throne and the Lex Talionis site's wiki to make your own FE games with this engine. This fangame is complete, as in there's a defined beginning and ending; but it's not done yet. There's still more to be done with it; for one thing, it currently has no combat animations whatsoever except for whatever defaults came with the Lion Throne. Any help and feedback provided (whether to me or to rainlash) would be greatly welcome and appreciated. Downloads: The engine: The fangame (download either from Mediafire or Dropbox depending on what works for you): Mediafire: Dropbox: Raymond Raymond Installation instructions: - Download the Lex Talionis engine. - Remove the following folders (preferably move them elsewhere to keep the Lion Throne game), and replace them with the new folders: Audio\music Data Sprites - Do NOT just overwrite the old folders, the files of the Lion Throne and this game must be kept separate. - Run the game and enjoy. Note: Combat animations are not yet implemented. To avoid possible issues, combat animations should be turned off in the game. Remove the "Data\Animations" folder also, just to be sure.
  10. The Road to Ruin [Complete] [v3.0.3 Released!]

    Just finished it, and it was good. Everyone else has already mentioned my thoughts on it: Story's good, characters are good, pacing's good, gameplay's good. It took 8 years to finish, and it was worth it. Don't be dissuaded by people who can't quite figure out the first map for some reason, this fangame is well worth playing. Character thoughts:
  11. My OC, J.G.

    You remind me why I like cats :3 I built upon what you did and aligned everything properly: Now she should be perfectly GBAFE-compatible. If there should be any reason to put her in a GBA FE game anyway. Maybe one of these days, she'll be in one of those big meme hacks; but I'll have to establish myself first, and more importantly make her an actual unit and not just a mug. I think I'll finally get started on her combat animations.
  12. My OC, J.G.

    I don't believe I've ever posted this here before. It's a portrait of an original character of mine that I made years ago: It's a frankenstein hybrid of Fir, Nino, and a civilian kid. Her name is J.G., and yes she's a mage. And.. that's all I got, even after all these years. In my spare time, I've been trying to figure out how to make an FE game out of her and I still haven't succeeded. Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of something one of these days. Here's the portrait animated: Come to think of it, this portrait probably isn't GBAFE-compatible. It has more than 16 colors, and the eyes and mouth frames aren't on an 8x8 grid. But that's probably fine, since we now have FE clones that don't have to be bound to such limits. Edit: Chocolate Kitty got it down to 16 colors and I realigned things, resulting in a more compatible portrait: Edit: Finally got started on her combat animation. I only have her standing frame for now:
  13. Why Nanna is a Bad Unit

    I mean he's not wrong. I tried to use her, and she turned out like this:
  14. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Neat. After finishing up, then updating, adding the sounds, and doing one last full test, I was thinking of releasing the game. But maybe it'll be a better idea if I send it to you first. I'll let you know when it's all done.
  15. How are you so sure of this? Can you prove those sounds exist in FE6?