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  1. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Just appearances, I think. A male and female cleric have the same base stats and growths, separating them will require making a new class.
  2. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Map sprites, on the other hand, are a different matter. Right now, there are only two possible variants for map sprites: male and female. If you want a cleric that uses Serra's map sprite instead of the generic FE6/FE8 one (or Prim's in Lion Throne's case), you'll have to make a new class for it; in this case, you could duplicate the existing Cleric class info and rename its internal name as well as the map sprites relating to it to something like "ClericSerra".
  3. The easy answer is that those events technically didn't exist yet.
  4. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Manually, huh? I wonder if I should give that a try. I currently only need three spells; two of them (Bolting and ranged Binding Blade) might be relatively easy, but I have no idea right now how to do Apocalypse. When I converted the mage and sage, in their scripts were references to nonexistent effects like MageCrit and Cape Animation. It's a good idea to test the animations after converting them because not all classes are perfectly converted. I did my best to fix them, so the animations I've made available to download should work fine for the most part.
  5. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    No, I don't mean the magic classes. And on a side note, I actually fixed the converted mage and sage animations so they work now. But I actually meant the actual spells. As in Elfire, Purge, Luna, Ivaldi, Apocalypse.
  6. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    It took me a long while, but I finally made combat animations for this engine. It's mainly for my own works, but anyone can make use of these as well. Download link: Combat Animations Installation is simple: Put the Animations folder into the Data folder (move the old Animations folder elsewhere first for backup purposes). Credits to all the people who made the custom animations: rainlash, AstraLunaSol, Dei, Fe7x Team, Keeks, Klokinator, MageKnight404, Temp, The Blind Archer, Solum, Iscaneus, Nuramon, GabrielKnight Some notes: - These can be used in The Raymond Chronicles right now, although you'll only see generic colors and sprites for all but one character and a few certain things will still be missing combat animations. - The Raider and Dracolord from The Lion Throne are renamed here to Pirate and Dracomaster. - The Skirmisher, Dragoon, Duke, and Lord aren't as complete as the rest because I wasn't gonna use them. Also, I have no idea where to find a javelin animation for the Skirmisher. - The Princess is from FE404, but apparently FEGirls also used it (it's a female pupil in that hack) which is why it's in the graphics repo. - The Ranger uses nomad trooper animations because I prefer its sword animation over the one used by the FE8 ranger. - The Strategist used mage knight animations in The Lion Throne. I changed it to a male valkyrie and moved the old animations to the actual Mageknight. And finally, I have a question: Does the fe_repo_to_lex converter also work on spell animations?
  7. FE6 with Alternate Promotions

    Knight Lord Roy? Yes please.
  8. Fire Emblem: Order of the Crimson Arm(FinalVersion1.0 out)

    It's complete in the sense that there's an ending and end credits. There's just things to polish up like leftover FE7 text and events, and adding supports. If that still counts as incomplete to you, then technically TLP is also incomplete because the Constellation is missing that final star.
  9. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    I found a couple of things: - If a character's displayed name is different from their internal name (e.g., "Mekkah" but his displayed name is "Pitfall Man"), they appear as a generic unit during chapter play. - interact_unit doesn't seem to actually ignore crit rates (and possibly also hit rate?). If the crit is 0 (or not even used), then Crit won't work and it'll just become a normal Hit. Likewise, a crit of 100 turns a Hit into a Crit.
  10. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Sorry for the late reply. I've been figuring out how to get the sounds myself, and I think I can do it now. If you want, I can get you the missing sounds and possibly even more (like monster sounds and spell sounds). And while it's tempting, I don't think I really need any 0.9.0 features just yet so I'll hold off on it for now.
  11. The Lion Throne (Fangame and Engine)

    Is it possible to use a particular combat animation when wielding a certain weapon? Like Knight Lord Eliwood when wielding Durandal. Also, you know the feature in recent hacks where a finishing blow on a boss has the attack become a critical hit? Would it be possible to implement that here too? Although I've noticed that some sound files used by some units' criticals don't seem to exist right now, but at least those units lack the Critical skill so their crits go unused and no errors occur. Finally, is it possible to implement battle music using the currently available coding and features?
  12. Staff of Ages (XNA release eventuallyTM)

    The more that question is asked, the further back the release date is pushed. ...probably.
  13. A world map of The Last Promise

    I was in a mood to play The Last Promise again after having recently watched someone's LP of it, and that gave me an opportunity to maybe do some fleshing out. TLP does not at all use a narrator to tell its story, and additionally the story is very "tell, don't show". I finished playing The Road to Ruin not long ago, and its storytelling was more in line with the GBAFE games in that it has a narrator and a world map detailing the continent of Pandosia. So that gave me the idea to try and create a world map of TLP's continent of Solum based on all the plot details and character dialogue. And after having completed my playthrough of it, this is what I've come up with: This is what I could make sense of based on what the game told me. Everything seems to be in the correct places, and the routes the characters take seem accurate... hopefully. Regardless, I hope I've made the setting look a little more lively. Because sometimes, words alone aren't enough.
  14. My OC, J.G.

    Finally got some motivation to do that combat animation I said I'd do. And so far, I got this: I think it came out okay. It's just gonna be the usual mage animation, but editing all the other frames is still gonna be a challenge; leaving in the cape should at least make it a little easier. You might be wondering about her outfit; compared to the usual medieval fantasy stuff, it looks a little... modern. I'm gonna stick with it because that's how I envisioned her, I just need to come up with a good reason why she's wearing such a thing.
  15. The Raymond Chronicles (a Lex Talionis fangame)

    I've been looking forward to this. I hope I did a good job with my first ever fangame.