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  1. I would imagine, that because the game has so many Germanic elements, the notion that it's just a Buddhist thing didn't really fly. I'm trying to find the article, but locating a news story from 20 years ago is quite challenging.
  2. I think you might actually be onto something OP. I remember years ago on FESS, somebody posted an old article from the mainstream Japanese media about either FE4 or FE5 being recalled by Nintendo because one of the maps had a swastika made out of trees. I wish I had saved that article, because for the life of me I just can't find it.
  3. No, because the game is only for Switch and New 3DS. Edit: Whoops, reading fail on my part. Yes, any sale will help.
  4. You can't forget that the game has 2 publishers, which would effect having a worldwide release. Koei Tecmo needs to release the game when it's appropriate for their Japanese slate, and Nintendo needs to release it at the proper time in the west.
  5. My god, that guy hadn't been a moderator for years. GAF is a fine community with all kinds of members with differing opinions. What GAF doesn't tolerate is people acting like idiots, and frankly I think that would strengthen a lot of other forums.
  6. I have to be honest. If we get DLC, I hope they don't stack it full of lords. Either select characters who can bring something unique like Skrimir or Jaffar, or just focus on additional characters from the three games already featured. Lords will trickle in with every new game, so let other characters have the DLC spots.
  7. That's true Ana, but they have kept repeating that the roster is being determined from three games. Until they show off a playable character from a game outside of those three titles, we all need to take it as the truth. I don't want to September 28 to come by, and have people feeling like they were cheated because they expected something they were blatantly told was not happening.
  8. Please don't look at this as a confirmation of Ike. Nintendo and IS have done their own character polls for the cast of Awakening and Fates, from context that's clearly what they're referring to.
  9. What you're forgetting, is the personnel behind the scenes who make those decisions changes over time. For the first two GBA games, Takehiro Izushi was in charge of the franchise and he absolutely wanted the games to be simpler. After he retired, Hitoshi Yamagami took over and started reintroducing classic features into the games.
  10. I think the reason was that Red Star was the default player army in Famicom Wars, so they flipped it for FE.
  11. Binding Blade simplified the gameplay of Fire Emblem. It removed dismounting, it abandoned fatigue and capturing, the skill system was removed, it reduced the number of classes, and the magic triangle was streamlined. The game was still challenging, but there was a conscious effort to remove things that over-complicated the games for more casual fans. You look at TRS in comparison, and it while it does drop some of the features from the Jugdral saga, it still maintains a lot of them. And let's be honest, we know that Kaga killed one franchise. I don't think it's a stretch that he would have killed FE if left at the helm.
  12. The only things I could see happening, is either the series being put to rest, or Kaga being replaced with someone else at IS. It seems pretty clear to me, that the producers at Nintendo felt that the games needed to be more accessible for newcomers, whereas Kaga wanted to double down on the hardcore fans. I don't think the Kaga of 2001 could make the game that Nintendo wanted.
  13. I wouldn't be too quick to write off Niles. His roguish nature endears him to quite a few fans, and he would be a nice contrast to the Nohr royals.
  14. By this persons own words, he claims to be a legal adult. This notion that CNN is picking on a minor is simply absurd.
  15. I think CNN's treatment of him has been more than fair. Once Trump shared that gif, he became a person of public interest, and was entirely fair game to report on.