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  1. Full disclosure, I do think RD Ike would be better if Ike is added, but there is no way that Ike's amiibo appearances makes him more notable than PoR Ike. FE characters don't get large batches manufactured like Mario characters, the numbers just aren't there.
  2. They really should have held off on issuing Altenna and Ced new cards at this time.
  3. Both HW and FEW are published by Koei Tecmo in Japan, they are third party games using a Nintendo license.
  4. We'll be lucky if we get a Hyrule Warriors music track. There is no chance that the Zelda cast will use designs created for a third party game in Smash. I seriously can't believe that Ike's amiibo appearances in STEAM and Fates are being used to justify RD Ike. Firstly, very few people actually played STEAM, and even fewer people used his amiibo in the game. Second, very few people actually unlocked his amiibo counterpart in Fates, whereas his PoR appearance is available to every single Awakening player with an internet connection.
  5. Brawl is the single highest selling Smash Bros game, and Heroes has been downloaded over 10 million times. As far as the general public is concerned, PoR Ike is the main version of Ike.
  6. To be fair PoR Ike has Brawl, and Heroes is much bigger than Fates, Echoes, and STEAM combined.
  7. I wouldn't expect anything from Rare outside of maybe DK64. Banjo, Conker, Joanna Dark and others are all owned by Microsoft. James Bond of course would require a licensing from multiple parties. A big problem with the N64 is that it was propped up by Rare, and just didn't have noteworthy third party support like the NES or SNES. The only thing that could be interesting, would be if they added the F-Zero X DD expansion content.
  8. Not this set, this time it's only the booster.
  9. I'm thinking they're going to show off Tiki, and give a rundown on how amiibo work for this game.
  10. I would like to see a Dad's banner. Get Cornelius, Byron, Greil, Elbert into the game.
  11. There would have been tons of backlash for excluding Fates from Warriors. Fates and Awakening are the most successful games in the west by far, the FE fan of 2017 cares about those way more than anything else.
  12. The last data I saw for Echoes, had it at about 203,000 units in Japan, which makes it lowest selling game after PoR, Thracia, and RD. Internationally, we have no data at all to say how it did.
  13. Easily the Knights of Altea from FE1. Those guys established the main class types that would define this franchise.
  14. It's time for Emma and Shade to make their Warriors debut.
  15. No it won't be a PR disaster for IS.