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  1. I understand that, but I compare this to the purple cards we're getting, and green is just terribly underwhelming. I could deal with it if they were giving 1 card characters like Nolan or Astrid more cards. But, we really don't need more cards for Ike, Ilyana, and Mist at this time.
  2. Ilyana is a popular Tellius character, which is why we're on her fourth card, while others like Brom and Makalov are sitting at zero. Personally, I'm finding this green expansion to be the most disappointing set we've had yet. With the exception of Skrimir, Rafiel, and Nasir; every green card has been for a character already in Cipher.
  3. I guess we just fundamentally disagree on the role of localization.
  4. No, it really isn't fine in context. This is a product sold by a large company staffed by professionals, not a couple guys creating a translation patch for free in their spare time. I really don't care if you like the game or not, but don't feed me this nonsense about it being a more ideal localization. This isn't a question of things being removed because they are controversial in the overseas market, this just sub par writing on their part.
  5. There is no conspiracy of journalists trying to tarnish Atlus's reputation. When a game is riddled with syntax errors, it's not illegitimate to call it out. A few errors can be forgiven, but when they ask $80 for for such shoddy work it is simply unacceptable. Persona is not above criticism, and I guarantee you that the developers in Japan did not intent for the game to be experienced in that manner.
  6. These guys?
  7. Knight and Princess.
  8. I have never heard of people criticizing the games for their localization prior to the release of Fates. There was criticism of easy mode back in the PoR days, but that was an adjustment made with IS and NCL based off of feedback from the Japanese release. Let's be real here. When Nintendo outsources a game for localization, the 3rd party is not given a black cheque to do whatever they want with the game. 8-4 still has to report to their localization managers at Treehouse, who have to sign off on the product. Skinship wasn't going to survive regardless of who localized it.
  9. What a ridiculous comment. Treehouse has localized every FE game outside of Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Echoes They are more than capable of working on the franchise.
  10. I would strongly suggest if you want to see them in the game, shoot the devs a brief email letting them know. If they see there's demand for them, they'll find a way to make it happen.
  11. For purple, I think Tiena and Kilmar will get the SR's with Al. Tiena is his love interest, and Kilmar is the typical edgy Swordmaster SR. Maybe switch out Kilmar, for Zeed since his sister Jemmie was given an R.
  12. That is really nice, certainly better than Kurosawa's Micaiah and Sothe pair. The only Echoes character I'm concerned about is Nomah. I don't want him to join old man purgatory like Wendell and Tauroneo.
  13. For the record, Kliff does have official art for Gaiden.
  14. Yes and no. Nyna did get a card, but it was more based off her NPC status from FE1, rather than her Bishop form in FE3. Greil also received one, but YMMV if you consider him an enemy unit or not. They're certainly widening their net on who gets cards, like with Gromell getting one in series 9, so I wouldn't abandon all hope yet.