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  1. Dungeons exist but the vast majority of them are like really small. Only four have any considerable size to them, Fear Mountain (which incidentally warps you back to the start of it after a failed path), Tower of Duma (where multiple uses are pretty useful), Duma's Shrine (which actually is fairly liberal with save points meaning the Turnwheel isn't super useful) and Thabes (which is post game). So I can definitely see where they were going with it, but by retaining how bare bones the dungeons were in Gaiden, and how easy the encounters are, for the most part, the Turnwheel's number of uses still kind of breaks the bank if you've managed to collect any extra cogs.
  2. Do you try to train absolutely every unit? Because if someone's lagging behind I generally drop them even though I can field them (that is to say they're still there but kept pretty far from combat and only around in case of an emergency). To stop my comment from being completely off topic, I'll throw out a suggestion for new mechanics. What if the Mila's Turnwheel item used a consumable resource (the way I actually thought it worked on my first playthrough). So, like in Shadows of Valentia, you can get up to ten cogs or so but once they're used, they're used. I think this would considerably help it maintain its useful status while also making it something you seriously have to consider the pros and cons of using (well in theory, in practice I imagine most people would always reset and never use it until the final chapter just like every other too good to use resource in existence).
  3. I don't know, is that odd? I didn't get any Barons until Part 5 if that helps to understand my experience distribution (promoting ASAP for everyone too).
  4. Well perhaps because you never actually used it until post game you don't understand how broken it is. Any mercenary you actually invest in will have the option before the end of the game, personally without even gunning for it, I got a looped Dread Fighter while exploring the Witch Mountain dungeon. By that point in the game every single enemy your villager faces will give it a guaranteed level up. It's not just that the unit gets a tonne of extra levels of growth, they get a tonne of extra levels of growth really, really fast. There's no internal level like in Awakening and there's no stat reductions either. Comparing it to Wind Magic was just for balancing purposes, it's true that avoiding wind magic would have to be a more conscious choice than not looping Dread Fighters. But it's still no big secret or Easter Egg that Dread Fighters can do this. It is not something exclusive to the post game. It's something you'll only likely get in part 4 but it still something that blows the class balance completely out of proportion by making one individual insanely more powerful (and also inexplicably giving them access to every class of their gender).
  5. The completely unbalanced thing not being required is a pretty weak argument for its imbalance. That's like saying re:Fe4, Wind magic is inherently superior but you don't have to use it. Which is true, but you're still going to use wind magic because it is that good and there's no incentive not to abuse it. Likewise the Dread Fighter to Villager promotion is there, it's massively broken and there's absolutely no incentive not to use it outside of personal pride. It's honestly baffling to me that they kept it in.
  6. Okay A), calm down, B), I never saw anyone complaining about that and didn't even know it's a thing so I think you're exaggerating, C), Choosing between two different units is something the series has done since the very start with Samson and Arran. It's not a tradition that's repeated in modern games but they don't shy away from doing it in the remakes, most recently being Shadows of Valentia. And while a lot of people inevitably buy all three routes of Fates, the game that you buy packaged will deny you half the cast until you pay more and you will not see them during your first ~40ish hours of playtime until you beat one route and start a new file. D), I personally wouldn't be upset with it. You might and that's fine. It's more than possible the majority might (the comments here would suggest that), but we can't say for sure because we don't know. It would probably depend on purely how well it's executed. I personally would enjoy a more dynamic story and cast at the expense of not seeing everything on my first few playthroughs, some other people might enjoy it too. You can't pass judgement on that opinion. E), Will this ever realistically happen? Doubtfully. But that doesn't stop us from speculating the pros and cons of such a thing and how it might appeal to different people.
  7. Because the total number of characters would still be in the same region meaning it would require the same number of artwork, modelling and balancing aspects. It would just mean the total number of characters you can play as at any one time would be limited, similar to Genealogy of Holy War (which did go the route of making approximately a quarter of its cast inaccessible on any given playthrough while simultaneously allowing you to field everyone you currently possess). What it would be a bigger burden on would be the writing as an intricate system of making each character have a place in the world while simultaneously having them not exist would be difficult. But putting a larger amount of effort into the writing is something I'd actively encourage for the series.
  8. Fates had almost seventy playable characters (seventy one in fact if you count the two Corrins and two Kanas as separate, which you would for development purposes), many of which you'd only see as enemies or not at all in Birthrights/Conquest. It'd mean a smaller playable cast but no larger an actual development burden than what we've seen before.
  9. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    They're not wrong, Constance reflected. Myrcia location is unfortunate for them, especially with their current economic state. But we're not the ones sacking this land and even if we were it wouldn't but Deira on a high ground when they're doing exactly that. Quietly she let Alain speak but swore silently when he started showing off Belial's magic. Now of all times he's going to reveal his true allegiance. It's bad enough that they've seen my magic but now they're going to spin this to make Raewald itself look like a bunch of cultists. Every Engel worshiper will be looking for our heads now. And if you're not careful Ethel would probably give it to them just to maintain her power base. She didn't speak however, curious to see how the diplomat would handle this.
  10. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    Oh wow. I forgot about Thracia entirely. I think that in itself is more than enough proof that a Radiant trilogy with Radiant Dawn's Part 1 being a full game was more than possible. Similar to Thracia you'd have some overlap of playable characters (the aforementioned Sothe, Jill, Tauroneo, etc) a load of new characters (Nailah, Pelleas, Fiona, the Dawn Brigade etc), returning villains (Izuka and the senators, possibly the Black Knight depending on how they'd choose to handle him), and some new villains (like Jarod). That's pretty much exactly how Thracia was handled with Delmud and Sety etc being playable and Travant and Julius making some minor appearances but Veld and Reidrick being center stage. Abandoning the majority of a cast is something a lot of games do, yeah there's usually a reason for it, because it'd just be odd for no one to reappear again, but a game being focused on one particular region (the former enemy's country at that) and focusing on the citizens of that one particular region just like in Thracia, is a sufficient reason in my book. I reckon if they went that route they could even shove Ike into the end to play the Gotoh archtype (just have Sothe trying to contact him repeatedly throughout the story to no avail until he manages to show up in the last chapter).
  11. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    Chrono Cross, Virtue's Last Reward, someone said Final Fantasy XIII-2, haven't played it but I do know none of the playable cast in the first game are playable in the second. Let's see, what else? Hmm, Sin and Punishment 2, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice, all the Pokemon games in a fashion but especially the Gen 2 games and White 2/Black 2. Sure some of the old cast do pop up in all those games I mentioned but a Path of Radiance sequel focusing only on Daein would inevitably include the likes of Sothe, Tauroneo and Jill etc anyway so it's not like it was ever going to be a full cast rotation.
  12. That's an interesting alternative I hadn't considered. I think it pretty likely they'll go with that if they hit up the generation system again. Although if everyone can have a child it'll mean a smaller Gen 1 cast than what we're currently getting. Well one of those guys is Ardan only going to get some if you're feeling real generous.
  13. Let's come up with titles for FE16.

    The numbers are whatever we the fanbase decides they are. And given the presence of the new games I think the time of numbers is coming to a close and the time of subtitles will rise again.
  14. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Before Constance could get very far a set of completely baffling figures appeared as if from nowhere. Where they on the battlefield? As she listened to their spiel she grew more and more irritated. She kept her anger under control however. "On what basis does invading a foreign land unprovoked fount as justice?" she asked them.
  15. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Constance looked to Claire. She closed her eyes and quited her mind. She opened them again. "You're right, Claire. Torturing this man will help no one. I need to calm myself after the battle. I have not been in combat for a very long time. If I see a healer then I will send them this way." Constance walked away to clear her thoughts.