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  1. I don't know, Mengele certainly fits the bill of stereotypical mad scientist. And I doubt he would of committed half the experiments he did if he didn't think there was some kind of scientific benefit.
  2. Well actually they do kind of force something in the game to be called Fire Emblem. The only game that really doesn't is Gaiden (possibly because the Fire Emblem already exists in that world but I'd say mostly because they weren't bothered. They made duplicate Falchions and Gradivus' after all) and it's remake. Jugdral sort of doesn't too. There's a pretty contrived reference to the Veltomer crest being called the Fire Emblem in the ending but from what I've heard it's actually not the same phrase commonly used to refer to Fire Emblem in the series even if it basically translate to the same thing.
  3. I can't think of a single conflict that was entirely, or even mostly, motivated by religion. Don't ignore those economic reasons for going to war. They're like really important.
  4. Haha. What if they had negative growth rates? Like there was a chance they could go down in a stat with each level up post promotion. Not sure how you could encourage the player to still use them but it would accurately portray advanced age (even if it would suck for gameplay).
  5. Yeah, Thracia's canon with Holy War is...well inconsiderate is the best way to describe it. It did it's own thing without too much regard as to how Genealogy played out. The thing that sticks out to me is that Faval, Ishtar and the Mage sisters attempt to recapture Leinster in Chapter 8 is completely removed (and I can't see any good reason as to why). Leif also ignore Blume's castle and head straight for Munster even though the geography and probable path for Leif's army in Holy War leads much more heavily towards a Leif-Blume confrontation (Leif and Celice's paths kind of need to criss cross over each other for Thracia's invasion strategy to work). Haha. I never realised how utterly hilarious Cutozov just misplacing his tome is. I always just sort of took it at face value.
  6. Does he though? I wouldn't peg Hector as being any older than 20 in his main portrait in Blazing Blade.
  7. Haunting Illusions "Ah" Constance said, realising Alain's presence. "It's good to see you up and about Sir Alain. I came here looking for you. I wish to apologise for that mishap the other day. You were injured due to my carelessness. I can assure you it wasn't my intention. I sought only to dispel the situation, but instead I only made things worse." She bowed to the mage. "I beg your forgiveness."
  8. Constance nodded. "Yes. The name's Constance. I have examined this girl. Her mind seems dull but not deranged. She has not seen the things he has seen. But there is a foul aura about her. But she is not a monster. And you should not treat her as one."
  9. Probably leans more heavily towards callously risky rather than evil, but the small pox vaccine being privately tested on a small child certainly isn't something that would fly in modern society. There were also those ridiculously monstrous CIA mind control experiments. But probably the worst thing about that was the utter lack of science behind it. They just fucked with a tonne of people to see what would happen :/
  10. It's not...entirely a shit post.
  11. I liked them in Thracia because they kind of brought a nice atmosphere to Phan's character and the sort business that he's running. So for that reason I'd like to see them back but from a practical point I can't really see much that would enhance the gameplay. Just seems like it would artificially extend turns to a frustrating degree. Maybe if they were intentionally placed beside mages with siege tomes or something it could work.
  12. That last panel is glorious.
  13. How far we can even consider Micaiah a protagonist is also pretty up in the air. I mean Radiant Dawn is very non traditional in how its lords are presented. Micaiah is only around for half the game and even then she's superseded by Ike (and Yune) when both are around at the same time. If you want to get really technical about it, Tibran leads the Hawk army in Part 4 so he's the oldest lord we've ever had. And given he's a laguz he's probably like eighty or a hundred and something. Visually he looks to be like late thirties/early forties anyway (albeit a well toned forty year old). Then again this is Japan so perhaps he's meant to look like he's 26 XD