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  1. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Two weeks? I thought it was like three weeks, with a week of voting to make each round approximately a month long.
  2. What are you snorting? Balder is a human sized fighter with powers similar to Bayonetta. Any of the other actual bosses (except Jeanne who is prime Echo material) would make a way better boss in Smash Bros.
  3. If that's the case, why isn't Father Balder in Smash T.T He'd make a great character.
  4. I'm surprised he has the time to play any games at all considering how much he works. With that rate of play I can only assume he played every game in existence during the break he had between the release of Kid Icarus Uprising and the start of development of Smash 4.
  5. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Hmm. I think I have something good for this that I've been wanting to do for a while. Not sure what the normal perspective is though. I'll probably go for it anyway.
  6. General "mass killings" thread

    I'm not sure who was behind this, but given their level or organisation it's no doubt some kind of paramilitary group with broad political goals. If that's the case then they might view the situation as if it is a war of some sort. It's reminding me lot of the IRA.
  7. I also find it quite regrettable skills are linked to weapons. So many cool and interesting combat arts that I just don't use because they're on weaker weapons. Although if combat skills could be used on enemy phase (the basics of this idea) I might consider using some of them more. Still, I think I'd rather some kind of capacity system like Radiant Dawn more than anything else when it comes to combat arts. Learn them using the weapon and one you've mastered them you can use them with any weapon but you can only equip a certain amount at once.
  8. Archers would have 1-5 range or 1-3 range without a bow like normal. I don't even know what you're talking about.
  9. I like Aether because it gives him more sustainablity though. Bonfire will help him kill things better, but he doesn't really have much of an issue with that. Surviving his his main hurdle.
  10. That's pretty limited thinking. The game could be made harder you know.
  11. So Shadows of Valencia works pretty different to other games in its battle system. Namely how units have only one item slot yet still have a variety of abilities. This leads to some odities. Normally in Fire Emblem you attack a unit, and if they have a weapon equipped that can retaliate, they do so. But in Shadows of Valencia it's a bit inconsistent. That Celica. You attack her at one range, she counters with her sword (even if magic would deal more damage, I think). Attack her from two range sand she counters with fire. Attack her from three range and she doesn't counter at all despite having Lightning, a three range spell. So, what if instead of countering being this weird whatever the developers feel like thing, you could instead preset a unit's counter attack. So if I select lighting as Celica's counter, she'll always counter attack with lightning even at one range. Potentially doing less damage but for more versatility. It could extend to skills as well. Say giving my Saber Tigerstance as his counter. He'd deal a tonne of damage on enemy phase, but the HP cost for skills (which are rather negligible after a while) would build up to quickly put him in a lot of danger. I think this could potentially be a very fun system to work with. It'd give the player more tactical control over how enemy phase goes and make the HP cost for skills much more relevant. The only way I see it not working by being ported over to the base game would be for the Sword Skill that restores health or the windsweep skill that cancels a counter. But that could be worked around by simply not letting those skills be selectable as counter options.
  12. Franzie's Written Class List

    Lance's not beating swords would mess a lot of Fire Emblem players up. Also why doesn't the Musketeer use firearms?
  13. Pulled a Kliff on the next banner which means I have a second Fortress Defense Resistance up for grabs (used my first one on Black Knight per @Othin's suggestion). I've decided to go with a Desperation Build on my Halloween Myrrh so she's running a nice Brazen Attack Defense so I don't feel the need to give it to her (even though it would improve her greatly, because really who wouldn't improve from the crazy +10 bst this skill gives). Right now I'm thinking of sticking it on Grima. He currently has Warding Breath in his A skill which works well as it lets him pull off an Aether whenever anyone attacks him combined with Vengeful Fighter. At least, that's the theory, in practice it seems more often he kills them on his first counter attack anyway or they kill him on their second attack meaning he never gets to launch his Aether follow up. His lack of bulk is his real problem and Fortress Defense Resistance might patch that right up. It would slow his special trigger down slightly however. Thoughts? (I'm kind of considering just spending all my orbs on this banner and giving Fortress Defense Resistance to every non Reinhardt unit I own. Because Surtr would love it too for the resistance boost it gives).
  14. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Sorry guys. I ended up making it a three way tie instead of breaking the tie we had already XD Fortunately, we can break the tie with the magic of proportional democracy! The ranked poll for those that haven't voted that way.