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  1. Eh what? Are you saying a character is unintelligent for not being able to fight on horseback? Your response is very unclear.
  2. Wow. That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Regarding Religion spreading through violence, it might be accurate to say it but it's more a secondary cause of culture being spread rather than an instigator of violence. It would be the equivalent of saying aqueducts were spread throughout the world through violence. Violence was the name of the game for thousand of years. Every idea a nation had was spread through either conquest or trade If Rome didn't go all heavy with its empire building then maybe Christianity wouldn't be as big. But other things like concrete, plumbing and our time system might not be as widespread either (though imo, fuck the time system we use it's completely ridiculous. And yes I know a lot of Roman technologies were lost with the fall of Rome but what they specifically did or didn't do isn't really the point I'm making).
  4. Like I said. Damn sexism. Leif with staves would have been super useful. Particularly if he gained them on promotion in Thracia. Your insistence that Roy should use a second weapon or a horse because he's meant to be intelligent is frankly bizarre. Do you think that every foot unit or mono weapon user in the series is stupid?
  5. Unfortunately, much as I wish he could (especially in Thracia), Leif cannot use staves as a prince (god damn sexism). He can only use staves as a Master Knight. His appearance as a Trickster in Awakening is more likely a reference to the fact that he and everyone else in Thracia can steal weapons from the enemy by capturing them.
  6. In Assassin!Mia's defense, I couldn't imagine Heather doing that either.
  7. More Japanese media as a whole than just Fire Emblem.
  8. Makes me feel old, and slightly jaded with media, to hear people talking about how 25 is an older character.
  9. I agree. But I'd like future world maps to be slightly less linear than Gaiden's was. Aside from Celica''s chapter 3 (which features the off shoot of Grieth's Citadel) there's not a whole lot of strategy when it comes to luring enemies around the place since you're options are to charge straight through or run away and wait for them to follow you. Even if the occasional chapter was slightly off the main branch would help. Like if the deliverance hide out was two maps away from the road to the Sofia Palace rather than basically being right beside it. A less linear map would also make the world feel...well less like a video game. Gaiden's map is laid out in a way that all challenges inexplicably increase as you move northwards and Alm/Celica are strangely never at all required to head west or east to reach their respective goals..
  10. What's with this girl? Constance thought to herself. I know she's a big girl but does every enemy here insist on attacking her? Constance looked at Freya again. That aura, she must have the scroll I gave the prince. Constance suddenly felt herself having a new found respect for the selfless soldier before her.
  11. I feel like that would cause the players to just question why we've got weapons for two of the lords and not the third. In which case you'd need to have all three included in a single playthrough. Which then again would make the Hector and Eliwood modes feel more samey(though now that I question it I can't really think of any strong justification as to why both those modes even exist).
  12. That's a really good point and would have been pretty cool if they went that route. Not sure how it would work with the whole Eliwood/Hector mode without rewriting Lyn's entire presence in the game (which I doubt few people would actually object to).
  13. God damn thieving bastards. They better give me a credit! And a pay cheque!
  14. Constance didn't dwell on the house or the civilians inside. All her focus went towards how she could assist in ending the battle sooner. Constance to (6,10), Heal Freya
  15. I think they were saying in the chat that Constance is better off healing Alain.