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  1. Well then I'll rephrase, what could they hope to gain by being deceptive about the results?
  2. But like, why would they lie? If they wanted to just put her in the game despite the fan's wishes, they absolutely could have done that and not connected her to the Smash Ballot at all (that's what they did with Ryu, right?). Cloud could have been the declared winner or they could even say none of the data would be used as a deciding factor for SSB4's roster and no one would think it odd.
  3. I remember people being fearful about the idea of Zero Suit being cut, but nobody hating him for being playful about it (people were way more annoyed about the fact that she had rocket heels). I can't see why people would get angry. If a character I really waned to get in was shown off as an assist trophy at first but then later got into the game, then I'd be delighted that they were in the game. If it was a character I didn't care about, then, well, I wouldn't care because I don't care about the character either way. People are always going to find reasons to be pissed, but I can't see a chain of reasoning that would cause a significant number of people to be annoyed if something like that was pulled. It's basically what they did with Toon Link being part of the Spirit Tracks stage in SSB4. Sure, people were vexed when it first looked like he isn't going to be a playable character (which is what's already happened with the assist trophies), but I can't remember anyone getting angry that he ended up actually being in the game.
  4. Why would the fan base be pissed?
  5. Well they also told us Cloud was first in one region. I mean, what are you proposing? That they actively lied to us just to get Bayonetta in when they just as easily could have put her in because they felt like it and truthfully said the ballot was for future games? Being elusive about what their intentions really isn't practical at all.
  6. Well that's just simple math. If we know (roughly) what it excludes, then what it includes is equal to everything that's not what it excludes.
  7. I'm not so sure, they were quite specific about some things. Like I think they mentioned she was only fifth overall in the US, but first overall world wide.
  8. Games you didn't expect to like

    If I recall, Plato is the only ancient source to actually write about Atlantis, so yes relation to the historic character.
  9. Being incapable of fighting any more doesn't make much sense with the ingame evidence as Dread Fighters don't lose any stat when they loop.
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "Get over yourself you damned fool," Constance growled. "We don't have time for such self pity. The last thing we want is Owen and the others all boarding this ship and getting wrapped up in this mess. So unless you can suddenly learn to use a healing stave to help this man, make yourself useful and get out of here." At that moment Claire suddenly popped back into existence. "Bah, never mind. Everyone's here now, let's just get out of this place." She motioned to the baron to pick up the body before laying her eyes on Claire. "Where were you?" she asked, without any of the grouchiness she had just displayed, replaced entirely by both concern and worry.
  11. Radiant Dawn Gameplay Changes?

    That's be like a movie length series of cutscenes. And the final chapter of Act 2 is considered pretty good. The Brom and Nephenee chapter is a good change of pace by controlling only three units (one of which is a thief), the first one is also unique in that it's an all aerial chapter. Really the only one I find grating is the Fog of War map. Geoffrey's charge is a good way of integrating gameplay and story by making it pretty easy.
  12. Breaking or unbreaking weapons

    As someone who's recently gotten into Iron Man Runs with a mindset of "The Game Provides," I've found that almost every game in the serious is very generous about the number of weapons it gives you. Hoarding is a natural instinct for players, but if you actually ignore that instinct and simply don't care about what weapons you use, it won't screw you over in most circumstances. I actually found myself completely at a loss as to what I should spend my money on in FE7 as the game gives you so many powerful weapons with little draw back. Genealogy has it's repair system so it's more about how you spread the money around using villages and thieves than how the weapons are used. FE1 gives you basically infinite money and Path of Radiance isn't that far behind in the same regard. Thracia forces you to earn your good weapons, but likewise, it throws many powerful weapons at you frequently so if you know what you're doing you can end up with tonnes of them (it also has an easy exploitable glitch where if you steal every weapon from an enemy and there is a shop on the map, they will buy a weapon in the shop which you can then steal for infinite money and or infinite strong weapons). The Sacred Stones only runs into durability problems if you're going for the Lagdou Ruins, playing through the game straight leads to little trouble, the Sacred Twins in particular probably having the best arrival time for S Ranked weapons in the series, with just enough time to be useful, but not too much time to trivialize things. Try to play Fire Emblem without hoarding anything (characters included) and you might be surprised by how much the games actually provide. Mend Staves in particular should never be hoarded. The window of the game in which the extra healing they provide over Heal being useful is very small and on the whole they provide much more experience and get your healers into tome using class much quicker.
  13. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    The weak must die Atlas 17Berkut 26Boey 30Catria 15Celica 31Clair 34Delthea 17Fernand 20Forsyth 19Genny 25Gray 25 Lukas 25Luthier 21Mae 27Mathilda 27Mycen 20Palla 29Python 22Rinea 18Saber 22Silque 21Tobin 39Zeke 37
  14. Breaking or unbreaking weapons

    Everything should be breakable. But everything should also be repairable Genealogy style.
  15. My problem with most legendary weapons

    I'd rather my legendary weapons be buff and brittle rather than sturdy but useless.