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  1. This isn't even half true. Right from the very start who exactly Marth's enemies are is made very clear. In fact it was Grust that Altea was fighting when Gra betrayed them.
  2. Is there anything that wouldn't be cool (or hilarious) to see in Lego form?
  3. Interviews

    21.Have you seen Gone With The Wind? 22.The most complex thing you do in your kitchen (there is a right and wrong answer to this)? 23.Opinion on polygamy? 24.Is Cannibalism ethically immoral (ignoring the biological factors that makes it inadvisable)? 25.(Probably) Not at all related to the above, what's the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
  4. Well Olwen can use Swords from the very start. She just has more focus on magic until being given the Holy Sword...of course I wouldn't at all object if Lyn could use Swords and Bows from tier one. Best of both worlds there. Give Eliwood Lances from base as well and the two of them might actually be balanced compared to Hector.
  5. Interviews

    16.Favorite Bond movie? 17.Favorite Disney movie? 18.Favorite Shakespeare play? 19.Favorite Queen song? 20.Favorite Harry Potter character?
  6. Constance was hoping one of the guards would report to the prince or direct her towards him somehow but she suddenly found herself wandering the castle with no idea where to go. First thievery now lying. This really hasn't been my best day...At least I'm good at it...apparently. With no where better to go, she started heading towards the wards. Part way there she paused however. This would be a good opportunity to see what truth lies within the talk of Ethel's torture chambers. She shook her head. Don't push it Connie. Just find the prince and given him this present.
  7. Moot point really.
  8. Interviews

    11.First Fire Emblem game you ever played? 12.A new class you'd like to see introduced into the series? 13.On a scale of 1-10, how underappreciated is Glade (aka, the least popular Fire Emblem character by vote)? 14.Would you ever play an Iron Man mode in Fire Emblem (ie, the opposite of casual where you can't even reset upon character deaths)? 15.Say something nice about your least favourite Fire Emblem game.
  9. And as irrelevant as the bloodline might be, chances are extremely high that Lyn is a descendant of Hannon given he lived a thousand years ago.
  10. Well you know she already has a bow rank upon promoting as it is. But if you don't think that's good enough justification then power to you. Seeing her use Murgleis is just something I would have liked to seen. People not liking the idea is perfectly understandable, that's why I made it an option in the poll.
  11. Why would she be stuck being a bow user? There's nothing stopping swords from being her default weapon yet getting a prf weapon in her subweapon type. Might be a bit strange for some people but absolutely logistically possible. And her lineage has nothing to do with it. Anybody can use the Holy Weapons of Elibe. The prf ranks in FE7 are a gameplay feature. I just think it would be nicer for her to use the weapon associated with her people and to give the Holy Weapons more presence in the final chapter rather than inventing an entirely new weapon for Lyn that has nothing to do with the lore.
  12. Interviews

    6.What three historical figures would you most like to go on a road trip with? 7.What three fictional heroes would you most like to go on a road trip with? 8.What three fictional villains would you most like to go on a road trip with? 9.Is humanity awesome, monstrous or completely irrelevant (please only select one)? 10.A Mega Pokémon you'd like to see?
  13. This debate seems wildly complex for how simple it is. Murgleis compared to Rienfleche would be useful for two reasons. A)It would be effective against the Fire Dragon (as Eliwood's Durandal and Hector's Armads are) B) It wouldn't require grinding Lyn's weapon rank to use. Reinfleche would still be a useful weapon on Lyn if you did think to train her bow rank but it would be the equivalent of saying it's pointless for Eliwood to use Durandal when he could be using Rex Hasta.
  14. She wouldn't necessarily have to be a Bow Lord. She could still have the same weapon focus but just get to use Murgleis at the end.
  15. If you guys want to enter Serenes hosted writing stuff then I will direct you to the Write Your Butt Off Contest. Which is supposed to be a bi weekly affair but is sort of floundering due to lack of interest.