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  1. World of Light Discussion/Hype Check

    That's why you have to focus on KOing him asap. A strong character like Ike should be able to KO him in three or four strong attacks. If you've been spending skill points then you should have infinite charge smashes and unflinching smash charges which is a great combo for gimping the AI.
  2. I'll try, but I think living in Japan makes it particular difficult time zone wise at any point that's not the weekend.
  3. Well I've been eliminated, but I had some really great matches. Still need a lot of practice against real humans in this game. Look forward to taking part I. The next one. Good luck to everyone who made it passed the first round.
  4. Why is Rinea popular?

    Not necessarily unobtainable. If we survey everyone who played the game and asked them their opinion on the character we can discover precise how well she is liked and for what unifying reasons. Rather than being unobtainable, such a project is merely beyond the resource capabilities any of us possess or are willing to expend. But ultimately the answer is not unobtainable. In lieu of that we can use Serenes as a sample set to find what the prevalent traits, at least in this community, lead to her popularity. That will give us an estimate, which is different to a guess, as to where the true answer lies. Although to get that answer we'd more need to ask the question "Why do you like Rinea" instead of "Why is Rinea so popular" as the current question prompts people to speak on others behalf.
  5. World of Light Discussion/Hype Check

    I remember that fight being pretty difficult. If you aren't already, I suggest using the Sherrif badge for its anti assist power. Then just focus all your attention in Guile. He should go down surprisingly quick with Sherrif equipped. From there it's just a straight up battle. Not sure if it's actually skipable as I fought every battle before even trying to finish the game (except Ricter who I initially missed).
  6. Only thing I don't like about this Zelda is that they've kept the stupid bounce when you try to teleport back to the ground. It was a mechanic they added in SSB4 for all teleports and it just sucks. In Brawl you can teleport directly back into a ground position and attack from there, but in SSB4 and Ultimate if you try to teleport back to the stage, it shifts you left or right and if you happen to fly off the stage doing that you stay in the helpless state and fall to your death. No idea why they made it work that way. It's bloody useless. If I wanted to teleport downwards a little to the left or right of center then I'd just aim that way.
  7. Ah. Okay, so it's all just happening on Discord. I suspected as much. I'll be around for fights in about eight hours if that suits. If that's not good enough and I'm holding up the whole tournament, feel free to kick me out,
  8. Why is Rinea popular?

    Why is Berkut so popular? He's barely more relevant than Rinea.
  9. I saw that in the shop but I couldn't afford it. Love the fact that it's legendary class.
  10. Pretty sure that's because people want to swap characters yet you can't without quitting a match for some inane reason.
  11. He's a fictional character though. Dracula's in the game, and he really existed at one point (albeit without Vampire powers. I'm like 90% certain the real life Dr Kawashima isn't a floating head who can materialize numbers at will though. 90% sure...).
  12. Yeah, saw the challenge page. When will I be required to do my first match? I see I have an extra one.
  13. World of Light Discussion/Hype Check

    Voiced some of my opinion in the main thread but I'll give an expanded rant here.
  14. Yes. As I said above, I tried to hammer the "Beat the Final Round without being KO'd" challenge and it wouldn't let me.