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  1. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Oh no, Thracia is so much worse when it comes to blind playing than FE4. You might miss the Hero Axe or Pursuit Ring in that game, and potentially not pair every female character, but the game is still perfectly beatable without them. Thracia will throw things at you that just can't be anticipated and absolutely will force you to reset several chapters.
  2. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Half-assed isn't the right way to describe it. It's certainly odd (and in a remake I think it should be some kind of alternate promotion rather than a standard mage to sage), but it's not like it would have been difficult to have Linoan promote like everyone else. And it is definitely a boon more than anything else. As Shrimperor points out, it means you don't have to use a promotion item on her. And as far as promotions go, it's crazy good with some of the best stat gains in the series. We're talking +6 magic, +5 speed and skill. In a game where the caps are 20. It's taking her a quarter of the way there. Just look at her average stat growths She's capping all her vital stats from level 20 on wards. Which means you can easily use a scrolls to increase her shaky defense without fear of it ruining any of her other stats. Put simply, Linoan, like almost everyone else in Thracia, is an amazing unit if you give her the time of day. The biggest downside of her plot based promotion is that she might not reach level 20 before it since you only have about four chapters to train it before it comes, but like I said earlier, those promotion gains are so amazing, she'd probably still be really good if you didn't train her at all.
  3. Holy Water/Barrier and the late game magic tiles are also pretty amazing
  4. I think others scope it out. Balancing reasons to stop mages being even more useful than they are. Seriously, it's such a minor thing that they have massive speed penalties, I didn't even know they worked differently to physical units until it was pointed out recently. Not sure why they didn't just give them all rubbish Con though. I mean...they do have rubbish con most of them, but I'm not sure why they didn't just make tomes a few points heavier and go with that system. I suppose it's pretty irrelevant over all, as someone said above, most mages double everything regardless.
  5. I picked up Gunnthra randomly during my lucky period. Now she's one of my MVPs. Honestly, I wish they'd just throw a bunch of characters into the lower, non 5* brackets. That way summoning could actually feel like you're gaining something, instead of seeing the same ten or twenty faces again and again and again. Reina isn't a big character, she doesn't need the fanfare of a banner. Just make her available in the next update and hooray, we have another bow flier to fill out the weapon types.
  6. How do you pronounce 'Dohlr'?

    Huh, so it's Lind. I always kept the E, saying Lin-de.
  7. I used to come consistently get good units, but now all I get is squat. Maybe there's some kind of hidden beginners luck algorithm. Or maybe it's just the rng gods playing a joke on me.
  8. Weather aside, if you're flying at any sort of height (and these units can fly over mountains recall), then blisteringly cold winds are going to be a problem, so High Res equaling general elemental resistance makes sense. On the other hand, Draco Knights would also have to deal with massively debilitating wind speeds yet they have crap res (they are dressed slightly more appropriately however).
  9. I don't know why they even bothered to make Regna Ferox a snow country when not a single person there dresses to fit it. Olivia lives in Regna Ferox. Olivia!
  10. How do you pronounce 'Dohlr'?

    It's actually pronounced Doluna.
  11. Splitting Magic

    I like the gameboy system the best. Don't see much need for Thunder/Wind/Fire to be separate things. Though it did create a nice aesthetic in Jugdral with Freege, Velthomer and Silesea. Practically speaking though, in terms of gameplay, it just means more weapon ranks that were a bother to train. I think this is the best idea by a long shot. You get the simple yet diverse system of the gameboy games, while also maintaining character distinctions using personal skills. Soren's still a mage who can use any of the Anima tomes, but if the tome happens to be a Wind subtype, he can use it at one rank lower and get a small attack or speed might boost. No need to train multiple magic ranks.
  12. Best and worse skills in the games ?

    Best thing about Rend Heaven is it's very high proc rate. If you're fighting physical against magical, or magical against physical, then you probably don't need Rend Heaven to help you kill anyway, since their DEF/RES is typically just as mad as their STR/MAG. Plus, physical on physical probably makes up like 80% of all combat in the game. What Basaras are you getting on Conquest? Corrin? Oh, or maybe Haitaka. I've recruited him, but never really used him outside of a rally bot.
  13. I don't think Archanea got a massive amount of respect either. It doesn't really take anything from it aside from some irrelevant surface stuff. Absolutely nothing would be lost from Awakening if it was set on a different pair of continents that we hadn't seen already.
  14. Ditto that my friend, really wish the pity rate was universal instead of just per banner. Would stop all that hard work feeling completely wasted when you get absolutely zilch in the final hours. Of course the fact that it works that way is what got them ten bucks off me once when I was desperately trying to fish for Ninian so I suppose it works for them (of course as an additional to that, the fact that I got nothing even after spending money has basically guaranteed I'll never spend money on the game again so maybe they should make pity rates universal. Of course that could just be me).
  15. What would you want out of a FE5 Echoes?

    Look at Dondon's 0% growths, Linoan is one of the MVPs with Nosferatu. Granted it's mostly against Mages where her magic stat also serves as defense, but when the game throws groups of mages at you, you need some way to combat them. And that's just on 0% growths, she has a fantastic skill growth too. With her combination of growths and absurd promotion bonuses, she'll almost certainly be capping magic, skill, luck and speed. And we're not even talking about at 20/20. She's going to be maxed out as soon as she hits second tier. Hell you could probably even ignore her until her plot based promotion and she'd still end up being really good.