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  1. Xord is batshit insane though. And he was by all (well one) accounts a normal guy. Just because someone who's been brainwashed says they haven't, doesn't mean they're not. I mean, unless Xord was a crazy cannibal pirate man before being captured. And considering Egil's plan is ultimately genocide and extinction of all homs, the first batch of face mechon would clearly need some form of conditioning to work. It's only after Mumkhar and Fiora got out of control did he decide to turn it up to eleven. There seems to be both total peace and total war. Total peace between official civilizations, but total war against the space pirates who true to their names attack and retreat making open conflict with them difficult most of the time.
  2. I actually made one of these for SSB4. Just pop in the new characters and there we go. Not sure what my logic was on some parts (Marth seems pretty high). I do know the tier names aren't literal (Roy is very apt at slaying dragons and Ike has slayed a god, but that's due to their weapons/circumstances), just an approximation of how much power they possess. Seems I'm the first one to rank Shulk in the top tier. By the end of the game the kid has the ability to shape the universe according to his will. He doesn't choose to be a tyrant god, but we get a pretty clear picture of how powerful he is through Zanza and it's quite immense.
  3. Robin's massive inventory could actually make sense if we assume he's trade equipping with Chrom, who's sitting in the back of a pair up.
  4. The Lord of Friege

    Chapter 8: The King Munster District, Ulster, 767 Bloom hurried down the hall with Cowen and a dozen soldiers by his side. He had grown used to walking with a cane now. “Your grace, I’m not sure we can trust this information,” Cowen said. “We have no idea who leaked it to us.” “If it’s true, he won’t be able to hide it,” Bloom said. “You do realize, this would mean the…purging you ordered of Lesinter’s nobility. It was-” “It was necessary,” Bloom said, with a firm and resolute tone. “Even if they weren’t behind the assassination, they needed to learn I’m not to be taken lightly. And there’s been no trouble there since, has there?” “No,” Cowen admitted. “Not yet.” Bloom threw open the doors in front of him. Inside, was a lavish apartment, not unlike his own. A man and a woman were on the carpeted floor, playing with a child. For a second, the scene seemed peaceful, then the guards swarmed in and lowered their lances. The man stood up and looked around. “B...Bloom. What is the meaning of this? You’re scaring my daughter.” Bloom stepped forward and bored through King Conor’s skull with his eyes. “I should be scaring you,” he said. “Wha…what do you mean?” “Tell me, is it an act? Or are you really as gutless as you seem?” “Please, let’s talk about this somewhere-” “Did you try to kill me!?” Conor’s shivering form suddenly slumped as his entire body took on a defeated expression. “How did you know?” he whispered. “One of your friends betrayed you. I didn’t think you had it in you. This only proves, I shouldn’t place my trust in anyone from Munster. You invite me into your country, and then you try to murder me.” Bloom took a second to calm himself. “Say goodbye to your wife and child, I’m going to execute you in the morning.” Munster District, Ulster, 768 Before he was killed, the last king of Ulster confessed that he’d been sheltering Prince Leif too, but the prince of Leinster had fled to parts unknown after the assassination attempt failed. Things changed in Ulster after that. The locals, who had always been complacent, started to get nervous. Bloom started to show his authority more and more. It didn’t matter how safe things seemed, if his most trusted allies could betray him, then anyone could. The only way to ensure his safety, and the safety of his family, was to ensure retribution would befall any who dared try and harm him. Ishtar and Ishtore were given personal bodyguards, Reinhardt and Liza, promising young commanders from Friege. For Tinny, he assigned three mages of lesser renown, but also from Friege. Those of the Friege household were the only people he even vaguely trusted now. Fearing a revolt from one of the districts, particularly Connacht, which had sided with Thracia in the past, he rotated his officers in charge. A man called Gustav was placed in charge of Leinster, while Muhammad was moved to Connacht and Raydrik was moved to Munster. He also had King Crete executed too, leaving Conor’s daughter, Miranda, as the only surviving heir of Munster’s royal families, aside from the missing prince Leif, of course. Finding the boy became one of his top priorities. The fact that he and his retainers had successfully managed to hide in the same city as Bloom for years was a constant source of embarrassment. He almost caught them in the city of Frest, but someone tipped them off and they fled again. Frest was supposedly an independent city, outside of Grannvale’s control, but Bloom changed that, executing the bishop in charge and enforcing martial law. He hoped that would send a firm message to any other city that dared to shelter Leif Faris Claus. Alvis maintained contact with Bloom after Tailtyu’s funeral. Although he didn’t visit Bloom often, he regularly sent his children to Munster in order to maintain their friendship with Ishtore and Ishtar. Hilda also visited on a regular bases to see the children, Bloom allowed her that much. She spent most of her time in Miletos, doing what, Bloom had no idea, but he was glad of it. He didn’t particularly want her returning to Friege at the risk of treating Ethnia the same way she’d treated Tailtyu. Not long after her sixth birthday, the mark of Tordo appeared on Ishtar’s body. Secretly, Bloom had been hoping Ishtor would carry on his Holy Blood, but such favouritism was immediately dismissed when he discovered that his daughter would carry on the line. Never before, had there been a child to manifest the mark at such a young age. Ishtar was immediately given a thunder tome and, as everyone expected, she was a natural when it came to magical talent. Ishtore couldn’t help but be jealous, Bloom knew it and tried to accommodate him without underselling the significance of Ishtar. He also trained with his tomes and, while he wasn’t as adept as Ishtar, he still proved to be a prodigy in his own right. Just like Hilda predicted, he thought one day as he watched them train. She always got what she wanted. She always found a way. Now, it’s my turn. Munster is mine, and I will not have it taken away from me, no matter how many assassins they send.
  5. Probably because they're sort of designed not to have any personalities at all because they're avatars...but that doesn't hold a whole amount of ground either as they clearly do still have personalities, even if they're not as extreme as the typical characters in the 3DS games. I guess what I'm saying is that the writers could afford to have more fun writing for Kanna and Morgan, while with Robin and Corrin they had possibly a strict limiter enforced due to the nature as avatars.
  6. Patching Hardcopies

    I'm not sure, that's why I'm asking. Theoretically it should be, you might need to buy some kind of card reader or something, but I'm hoping there's some way to get the game to try and read the SD card slot and get patched that way. But I suppose SD Cards only became a thing with DSI, so it probably is impossible without forking out the case for extremly specific equipment. Still, hopefully someone wise on the subject can comment. Also damn, your right, it doesn't work on 3DS. I was led to believe it would. I'll just have to wait another year until I can get my hands on my DSI then. Either that or buy a Japanese 3DS.
  7. Actually most of Marth's animation come from Swordmasters in Thracia 776. He also has Roy's Binding Blade attack for a forward Smash (which is why I find it disappointing they replaced it on Roy instead of Marth comes Smash 4) and his Up Smash is clearly based on a sword gesture he commonly dies ever since the NES days. Lastly of course, Counter is based on the universal mechanic in Fire Emblem. Really, despite how generic it looks, they did a really good job on Marth's moveset. The only thing that's really missing is the Shield if Seals, for some strange reason (and maybe that's caused a ripple effect because the Shield of Seals seems like it's been ignored in basically all other media featuring Marth).
  8. Patching Hardcopies

    So I picked up a physical copy of New Mystery today. I love Shadow Dragon, but for some reason the sequel just never engaged me. I think it might be because DS emmulators feel stranger due to the whole double screen. Anyway I have a physical copy now, how straight forward would it be to apply the translation and DLC patches to it? Not the end of the world if I have to play the thing in Japanese, but it would be nice to have it on my DS in English (also do you need to clear it once to play hard mode? Not particularly interested in playing normal mode).
  9. I'd like to stress how important the visual design is too. Unless it's blatant fan service (or your Ana), visual design is not something people typically comment on, or even realise that it's drawing them to the character, but it is of massive importance, maybe even more so than writing. Swap Eliwood and Hector's sprite around and you suddenly have two entirely new characters, even if every single word of dialogue is the same. It hey, a better example, just look at how much more popular female!Corrin is compared to male!Corrin despite being literally the same character. TL:DR, characters will feel less generic if they literally look less generic.
  10. Yeah, but she lacks Marth's gimmick. So an Echo of Cloud that lacks Cloud's gimmick is perfectly possible. That's the point.
  11. Tempest Trials: Chaos Named!

    You seen to be playing pretty fast and loose with what Chaos actually is. By definition its a state of endless change, the opposite of order. Capricious, a tendancy to change whims or opinions suddenly, is the very idea of chaos in personality form. Chaos meaning peace or pacifism in particular is completely antithetical to what chaos actually is. It's not synonyms with destruction, but it is with "things happening", which is the opposite of peace.
  12. Hmm. Twelve. Let's see. 1. Celica, based off Robin 2. Impa, based off Sheik 3. Jeanne, based off Bayonetta 4. Dixie Kong, based off Diddy Kong 5. Raiden, based off Snake (don't think he's popular enough for this to happen, but in terms of logistics it would work well) 6. Tiki, based off Ridley 7. Ninten, based off Ness or Lucas (or maybe a combination of both like Chrom). 8. Zanza, based off Shulk 9. Ken, based off Ryu 10. Blood Falcon, based off Captain Falcon (essentially Melee Ganondorf) 11. Shadow, based off Sonic 12. Louie, based off Olimar (with the destinguishing feature being how many Pikmin they can have at once, so basically bringing back Brawl Olimar). Yeah some of them have potential as unique characters, but taken the assumption that it's either as an Echo, or not in at all, I think they mostly work. Only Tiki Ridley is all that contrived. On that note, I really hope the branding of Echo fighters and the numbering by appearance in Smash doesn't encourage them to not change Echo fighters in future games (assuming future smash even utilizes the same gameplay). I'd like to see former Echo fighters "graduate" into unique characters over time. (Sorry for the double post, Serenes is glitching out on me).
  13. Why did a defining trait suddenly become important? Marth's defining trait is his tipper and the only thing different about his Echo is that they removed said trait. Creating a Cloud without Limit Break or a Shulk without Monado arts (or say a Robin without weapon durability) doesn't break any consistency that has been established so far. Lucina proves that simply removing a defining trait is a very easy way to create a new fighter that is similar get distinct.