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  1. Outside the life hold core would be a little more interesting as they could have a battle going on in the background. Alternatively I could see them having some kind of Mira tour showing off all the areas (I was really hoping that's how the Xenoblade 1 stage would be prior to SSB4's release). It's expansive world was one of the few things X was praised for, so I could see them wanting to make a stage out of it.
  2. Some other random Tyrant with no depth will have invaded Embla while they're gone and now Veronica has to begrudgingly beg the protagonists for help.
  3. Just make Lyn playable as some kind of Gotoh archetype. (also the two dragon generals beating Hector isn't that unreasonable considering Narshen had WTA and Brunnya targets RES. Not to suggest that Zephiel killing him personally is a bad idea).
  4. Starting Fire Emblem 1

    Another character you might not expect to be good is Bantu. If you've played the remakes then you probably know his growth rates are dirt, but in this game the defensive boosts he gets from his Dragon Stone are massive, to the extent that he is basically immune to physical damage. The Dragon Stone is also unbreakable, so he's essentially a wall you can place anywhere on the map to crowd up choke points.
  5. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Heroes, the game that completely removes RNG from the gameplay and puts it in your wallet.
  6. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    I share your pane for missing Legendary Tiki. So many orbs spend and only an army of Micaiahs to show for it T.T Don't worry, I'm sure she'll return in a few months.
  7. The bonus for doing via Irish is actually smallee than it seems. It's not a flat 10 marks, it's 10% of your grade up to 75%. So say you get 65%, you get a boost of 6.5%, which can be significant as it pushes you up a grade, but not as significant as the flat +10 that a lot of people think it is. I can't really fault them for wanting to keep the language alive, giving a bonus incentive in exams is about the only practical thing they have done with it (regarding everything else, it's just way too forced and lacks any practical advantage). Regarding Honour's maths, it's hella hard so I think it should be weighed higher than other subjects. It wasn't in my day, and honours maths classes were basically empty by the end of sixth year. It just wasn't profitable to put so much energy into a subject that difficult when you can get a higher mark in something else for less effort and equal points. It was basically going extinct, at least in my community, which is a terrible thing as maths is like really, really important. On other things Ireland lack, decent country roads. I don't know if any country is famed for having a decently maintained road system, but Ireland certainly ain't.
  8. Despite not actively living in Ireland, I'm actually mostly satisfied with it as a country. About the only thing I'd want would be a decent and affordable public transport system (rent prices in Dublin could also serve to be a hell of a lot lower, but that's more of a area specific than countrywide problem). Oh, that idiotic blasphemy law totally needs to be overthrown, but hopefully that'll happen soon. You don't have to learn it. Just fail the tests. Not like it's ever going to have any practical life applications, and they only count six subjects for the leaving cert anyway. I'd like it if the rest of the world was more like Switzerland too, although a near absolute democracy like that does have some problems too.
  9. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty

    Oh fear not, I'm a greedy bastard. And I missed Tiki, so I'm hankering for another armoured Dragon.
  10. New seasonal Banner: Land’s Bounty I didn't get the one unit I actually wanted...but I can scarcely complain. That's some damn good skill fodder right there. I also got Pity Broken by Hardin in the previous attempt...I've spend 55 orbs on this banner and got four (really good) five star units thus far, almost seems greedy to go for Myrrh at this point.
  11. Recent update with Kaga

    Your specific link to the twitter doesn't exist. I do see it on steam, but I'm not all that excited about the 2019 release date, especially since it doesn't have a month. It was meant to be released summer of this year from what I remember :/
  12. Didn't even know her axe was called Camilla's Bewitching Axe in the original Japanese. I guess that just shows how much of a no brainer it is to call the weapon Bewitching Axe. My point is the character name part of title is unnecessary when you can just call them something more general that still relates to the character. You are right about the character limitation though (and Bewitching Axe would probably break it, though Bewitching A could work, that would be weird without other Bewitching weapons though), but that's a problem for the localizers more than anything else. Should have just been called Bewitching Axe in the original Japanese, rather than Camilla's Bewitching Axe (huh, I wonder if that were the case what they would have translated it as, might have ended up being Charm Axe or something).
  13. They don't have to be legendary weapons though. It doesn't take all that much effort to make up a new weapon that ties to the character's personality while still not being so specific as to be seen as their prf. Example. Subaki talks about being perfect, give him the Perfect Naginata. Camilla's title is Bewitching Beauty, give her the Bewitching Axe. It ain't difficult, it takes like half a second longer to think about than literally using (character's name)'s (character's weapon) yet it works much better.
  14. Better than outright calling the weapon Berkut's Lance and making it inheritable.