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  1. Would love to hear it if you remember either. Especially on the Duma tower one. We'd need to know exactly how high Duma's tower is to get any proper use out of it, but it would still give some indication. Seeing landmasses from one to another is actually pretty difficult on Earth. You can barely see Scotland from Ireland and their closest point. Yes he did. And when the game was made I'm pretty sure it was intended to be in the same world. But I'm also pretty sure Valentia was meant to be a smaller island for a variety of reasons and with all the outrealm stuff Awakening introduced I don't think we can rule out the possibility that Jugdral no longer takes place in the same world given all we know is that Galle went to Archanea (not how he got there) and that Naga went to Jugdral. With Outrealms that removes the necessity that they're sharing the same planet. On this subject, there was originally a another continent south of Archanea that's since been retconned that probably wasn't Jugdral.
  2. Best 3DS Game

    I think a comparison is naturally going to happen, hell that's why I made this thread. But someone saying "I like SoV better than Fates because Fates had X" doesn't necessarily mean "Fates is a shit stain on humanity that deserves to be eradicated." A lot of people who give Fates guff might still like it. I like Shadows of Valentia yet you'll see me complaining about several different aspects on it. I even have critisism in my signature. Doesn't mean I don't love it though. All I'm saying is that you're making pretty broad statements that might only appear to be true on a surface level. I have no doubt there are people out there who revile Fates and that you even have examples in mind, but I don't think it's anywhere near as high as you're suggesting, at least in this community.
  3. Where are you getting the info that you can see Valencia and Archanea shore to shore (could be valuable data for determining how big these landmasses are, granted we'd have to assume they're on an Earthsized planet). And while I'm quoting you, how certain can we be that Jugdral is in the same world as Archanea? It has Naga in its backstory, but that's the only thing really and with outrealm shenanigans it could easily be a different world with a different Naga or even the same Naga following Loptyr beyond an Outrealm gate. All we do know is that Galle went to the "distant land if Archanea" which could be like someone in our history travelling to Tir na N'og. Even interviews saying they're on the same planet can't be relied as everything stands up to the possibility of retcon after Awakening introduced the multi world aspect. Although they did release an official time line recently, but I think that didn't include any Jugdral stuff. Not saying I believe Jugdral is on a different planet, but it might not be as much a certainty as it used to be, unless there's some recent assertion of it that I've overlooked.
  4. Hey ho I heard my name. Here's where my speculation is. Not sure the full convo, but I'll also mention that Jugdral's Fire Emblem isn't even the same Fire Emblem in Japanese. It can be translated as Fire Emblem, but it uses different words to the title of the series and every other reference. We'll see how it's eventually localized if we ever get that remake. They might call it the flaming banner or something. The Fire Emblem in the early days was treated weirdly. It was probably the least noteworthy thing to name the series after in the first game, being a glorified lock pick that had no bearing on th story.
  5. General "mass killings" thread

    Well to be uh...rather morbid, he probably has cost the company something.
  6. Best 3DS Game

    I just noticed my comment had spell corrected Fates as Dates. That's so amusing I'm not even going to fix it XD
  7. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    If I were to implement the laguz I'd probably have the start out transformed and increase the length of their guage on both transform and recharge, or just make it purely turn based. This would make them units who hit hard during the opening of the chapter and then become dead weights after the first few turns. Basically the idea of the Quick Burn skill in Unit form only with a second wind they can get naturally towards the end of a battle that you can also make come around sooner by spending resources. They'd be an LTCers dream.
  8. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    I never really got how Laguz start battles with their transformation gauge empty. What are they doing, just transforming to play cards and stuff with their paws while they're waiting for the battle to begin? I could see it for some chapters like Ike's first one in Part 4 where the party is ambushed suddenly, but in almost all cases the player characters are deciding when to engage in battle, so the laguz should be fully charged and ready. Gameplay story segregation I guess, but it's a weird one that just makes them way worse.
  9. Best 3DS Game

    Liking Echoes better doesn't mean one has to be of the opinion that Awakening and Dates are bad games. I think they're downright good games, flaws and all. I just thing Shadows of Valencia is better.
  10. Best 3DS Game

    I actually like Echoes for it's gameplay more than anything else and would even go as far as to say it has my favorite gameplay in the series. Enemy unit quality is higher yet less numerous and the new skill system gives you a lot of fun new ways to deal with situations that, unlike other games, are actually reliable thanks to the HP cost rather than RNG (though I do wish skill weren't limited to a single weapon, or if they were, the weapon is the thing that learns the skill rather than the unit so any other unit that gets their hand on that weapon can use the skill right out the gate. Being able to equip shields/rings alongside weapons would have been nice too). And while I think they should have removed the repeat maps from the game, I do actually like the maps in general. I even made a thread about how about how the criticism of Gaiden's maps was undeserved before Shadows of Valentia was released. I do have a lot of gripes with the story. Though I think people's acclaim of it is less to do with it coming after Fates and more to do with it's top notch voice acting. Presentation is really, really important. Almost more so than writing in some cases.
  11. Unintentional FE Connections in real life?

    It's certainly not impossible, but given how basic a slogan it is and how many chants they needed to make for Brawl, the possibility that someone came up with it in half a minute without giving it much thought seems equally as likely.
  12. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Hold on a second, why are we even talking about Danved? Is anyone suggesting he's the worst unit in the game? Because really whether or not he's better than Astrid is irrelevant in a discussion about the worst unit. Astrid's not vying for top tier, she's vying for "Not bottom".
  13. Haha. I thought that edit to my comment would never be seen.
  14. Who is the worst unit, gameplay wise?

    Astrid's SS weapon is better than Danved's though. Unless one considers +3 luck is better than +3 str.
  15. Best 3DS Game

    Yeah, it is a bit surprising. It's not just considered the best, it's overwhelmingly considered the best. Unfortunately I expect given it's release in relation to the other two, it probably sold less than the other two which were mega hits. On a less surprising note, Revelation is the least liked, and least liked meaning not a single person thus far as voted for it.