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  1. Reports from the Gulags say that those with fanatical religious beliefs faired a lot better than those without...Though I'm not sure if that's a point in favor or against mental health...Still point of interest right?
  2. Oh wow. I really like their video style. Thanks for sharing. You just earned them another subscriber.
  3. I spent a lot of time and effort to get the Dragon Shield in both Gaiden and Shadows of Valentia and I still find it stupidly funny that they pull the whole "Oh, that was Desaix's double!" Because really what would change in the story had he died there? Pretty much nothing. You would have had a more complete victory (which would feel richly deserved after you've been pelting him for 40 turns) and not have to fight him later. So, yeah, I'm all in favor of making the story more dynamic, even if its just for little things like defeating a boss sooner than you're meant to (I generally don't like it when bosses retreat. In other games I'm fine with it but Fire Emblem puts a lot more stock in characters dying when their HP reaches 0). Wholesale route changes would also be great like the way visual novels are structured. On a different meaning for differently structured, I think it could be fun to play a Fire Emblem game set on an Archipelago rather than one continuous landmass. Not sure why. Just think that could make for a nice change of feel in how the nations and culture are structured.
  4. So as of Awakening Valentia is a proper continent the size of Archanea (however that big that might be, it has a mountain range comparable to the Alps at any rate). Yet it's my personal belief (you might call it head canon) that when it was originally designed (in a game literally titled Side Story) as a smaller landmass than it's predecessor. My reasons for thinking such are as follows. *The opening text refers to it as a "remote island". Remote means hard to access so not necessarily small, Australia you could class as a remote continent, but it doesn't seem to be the case with how close the two continents are depicted in Awakening. Something like New Zealand would match the phrase much better. *Enemy density is much smaller in this game. You commonly fight armies that only have five or six more units than you and in a lot of battles you actually out number the foe. Just a gameplay quirk? Perhaps but also possibly an indication of the population (the small sizes of the towns I would not use as a fact in favor as that's more likely down to technical and time limitations). *There's a giant sluice that runs from one end of the island to the other. Even for a relatively small island this would be a massive undertaking to build. Now consider something the size of Europe or Africa. And it's not just some small canal, it something that could flood the entire southern half of the island. You might wave this by saying it was built by the gods (and indeed Mila's Temple is built into it) but even that is a massive technical achievement beyond what we see the Manakete's of Archanea achieve (I also believe Doma and Mila were always intended to be Manaketes but that's a different matter). *Rigel Castle and Doma's Tower, depicted on the map as being half the width of the continent away, are seemingly within walking distance. Either that of Celica was transported to Rigel Castle? (if so it was nice of Judah to send her army with her since she only had like three allies in the preceding battles). Now obviously this isn't the case in the modern games since as I mentioned, Valm's just right there in Awakening. But I also think it's pretty clear Awakening didn't give a toss about consist geography when deciding Awakening should be set in Archanea's world since trying to match geographical locations is a major headache (Wyvern Valley in Valm? Wyverns didn't even exist in Gaiden!). So what do you think? Is that enough to suggest Valentia is something more along the lines of Ireland rather than Europe for you? Or probably more important, do you like the idea of this being a big fish in a small pond sort of story for how major the conflict is? Share your thoughts and opinions. But try to keep Shadows of Valentia spoilers to a minimum as this is more about how Gaiden was originally designed and how Awakening changed it.
  5. I don't know about that. Seems like a good community can be built around going to mass. Like when else are you going to see your neighbors? Not just your friends but the people in your community your not all that fond of either. Seems like a social gathering not based around some kind of media interest could be plenty beneficial. Course it shouldn't be forced and preferably should be fun like those stereotypical black mass. Also note as someone who's basically never participated in a religious ceremony, I'm playing Devil's Advocate here.
  6. To take an unobjective look at this comment, mages generally are praised by the fanbase for having 1-2 range when compared to archers who are locked at 2 (in the past at least). So a large number of people must utilize mages on enemy phase to some extent otherwise that 1-2 range wouldn't really be seen as a benefit and they might as well be locked at 2 range.
  7. True. I do tend to pile exp on my lords personally, even if they promote super late.
  8. Ah. I thought it was 3 speed higher in the Game Boy games but that's only New Mystery. So you'd need 27 speed, or 28 speed on hard mode. Yeah not completely unreasonable but I still expect the large majority of Lyns would be doubling if you've trained them to ~20/18.
  9. That's sort of the point. Eliwood is the poster child for it because he can potentially be good but can also easily turn out quite bad due to his growths being so variable. He's not treated like Wendy who's out and out awful. RNG screwed are units who can go either way.
  10. I'm all in favor of seeing Lyn get Murgleis instead but I think you're underestimating Sol Kaitti. It's very unlikely Lyn won't be able to double Nergal or the Fire Dragon if you've been training her. Sure the Sol Katti weighs her down by an immense 8 speed but she has a 60% speed growth and a pretty high base (9-11 depending on if you do Lyn mode) and Nergal/Fire Dragon only have 15 speed (16 on Hard Mode). With all that factored in Lyn only needs 26 base speed to double the final bosses which she should have achieved by Level 20/10. It also provides her with a resistance boost to help combat Nergal. You'd have to either not have used Lyn at all throughout the game (in which case a swap in weapon is hardly going to change your mind) or be pretty rng screwed for her not to be able to double the final bosses. The morphs (particularly Urhai and Ursula) are another patter however.
  11. Haha. I see what you did there. Neither of those games are partial to RNG screwage. They have low growths by design. Units aren't expected to gain a lot of stats so the rise in enemy stats is very slow and very small. Not proccing a lot of stats in Gaiden will not screw you over since your character's bases or promotion bases are enough to carry you through the game. You're not getting screwed if you were never meant to improve to begin with.
  12. For the record I think FE6 has some great design (better than 7 and 8) and the RNG is an integral part of it.
  13. Knives have in present in the series for a long time in terms of visuals for thieves but only in Path of Radiance did they get properly introduced as a weapon type and they were sort off...not great. Not really special in anyway from the rest of weapons aside from being weaker. Then they had a departure until Fates where they were lumped in with Shurikens and giving a stat reduction trait. Which is nice but I think if Ninjas are to remain in the series then Knives and Shurikens should be split. So here's a thread for suggesting ideas as to how Knives should function differently to other weapons. Personally I want them to play like an actual hidden weapon. A surprise attack that catches an enemy unawares and doesn't allow them to counter attack. This would benefit thieves massively as they could actually contribute in combat without being placed at massive risk. It's a simple but I think elegant fix that not only makes sense but could lead to much more interesting gameplay.
  14. "Very well then" said Constance. "I best be going too. I gained access to this area using slightly less than honest means. Goodbye, Mr Alain."
  15. You seem to have a very loose understanding of hypotheticals. Yes Lyn doesn't use Murgleis or any major association with bows in the current game. But she 'could' have had and some people (the majority judging by the poll) would have preferred it.