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  1. Right now it seems PoR it's the most liked game here... I guess "we like Ike" applies as a reason to A Vote the game.
  2. Voice actors [Farfetched Heroes complete]

    I have fixed opinions with the RD Voice Acting... but PoR is goddamn awful... Like, the only characters doesn't bother me their voices are Greil and the (diffcult-to-understand) Black Knight... And I don't have great standarts with voice acting. I'm also waiting to Micaiah's release to start to publish in Reddit posts with a video... so desu~"
  3. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Well... I never thought I would see this kind of Corrin xD
  4. Which are the skills and suggested nature for Bladehardt?
  5. Here's another idea for FE10.

    And to make her able to damage the overkill Ashera's Res; the Radiant Flame would have effective damage against her.
  6. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    In the old not-so-good days there were tons of people throwing hate to the Jeigans (except Seth, and even him was suggested to be used with extreme caution) because some people looked to his long term (too long term) potential without considering the Game's actual powerlevel.
  7. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    Hmmm... Pretty much every Jeigan (except maybe Seth) is underrated (specially Marcus because he was first known Jeigan in Western). Barst is good in every game he appears, but always overlooked for some reason or another (except FE11, he is one of the viable units in that absurd game mode.) Personally I think FE3!Part1!Roshea is a pretty decent unit, he's a bit underleveled, but he has a great defense growth for the game's standarts; and good growths all-around for a character in the Early Games. Hmm... I guess it's all I have to say. I would have liked to use Isadora the first time I played FE7; but I was a bit scared when I looked to her Con Stat.
  8. I'm already prepared for the inminent RD!Ike. 44/37/29/34/13 I'm already expecting him to be a better Chrom.
  9. With the annoucement of the next FEH Channel... Should I stop waiting for something in the next days prior that?
  10. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    I have a Ogma pity two.. I'm wondering what to do with him after I unlock his conversation.
  11. So About Micaiah

    Micaiah is a interesting idea for protag (being essencially the heroine of the former enemy in the franchise after their defeat, and her position puts her in hard circunstances having to deal with the blue-haired Gorila Ike, the other hero), specially for a Fire Emblem; I had always appreaciate even before I had properly learn about her. I think I had an a bit depth personal story with her (I would told it if you want)... but other-wise I don't have a lot to say that you don't have already say, I'm bad to properly generate arguments xD Gamepaly-wise I think she would like to have a better Speed and HP Base and growth (Specially because she has sacrifice and the biggest caps in these stats compared with the other mages not-named Lehran).
  12. Who is the character with the lowest support? My guessing says me that Karel, but I would like to know.
  13. Ayra Update: Where do you stand?

    Ayra is very special case even without talking about how she was introduced in the game. She represents what it would be the new standart for the Red Sword Fighters, one of the most outclassed class in the game, having enough power to kill some units that normal units of her kind can't. She received Preferencial treatment with her BST, stat spread and base skills, she definitely can look like a powercreep character; and it's one the best offensive characters that doesn't have Ranged Cavalier Brave Options. But there is a detail... she somehow... don't ended up being oppresive, and that is because her kind is already a weak kind of niche; and that makes her unable to properly being powercreep. We'll get powercreeped the day appears a Ranged Mage Trainee Cavalier with a Brave Weapon... Because right now, the best option to have easy win in Arena Defense is just Spam Reinhardts with a Dancer.
  14. Fire Emblem E3 2017 Planning - Submissions closed!

    When do you think will start to upload the videos?
  15. So About Soren

    I find interesting how the Chaos can affect the characters: I mean... Micaiah is the only one that doesn't faint for overwhelming chaos; but she seems to also lost incredibly fast a proper use of her foresight even with moderate levels of chaos.