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  1. Hmm... Usually I'm unable to like character are unpopular, but I think I can try it. Characters that I dislike that everyone else like: Cordelia: Personally I have weird relation ship with her, I like her gameplay-wise, but if she wasn't so good, I would never use her because I find something about her personality... really dumb. RD!Ike: He bothers me for reasons I think I don't need to explain. Characters that I like that everyone else would dislike: Micaiah is a special case, she is actually in a mid road; but I love her.
  2. Changing his energetic original voice actor in the OVA (Noboyuki Hiyama) for the Mirage Voice Actor (Toshiki Masuda) would have some effect in him
  3. Maeda seems to be the only person in IS that doesn't respect Marth's figure and legacy... too bad he's both the Writer AND Director #BlameMaeda
  4. Reinhardt is so ridiculous... that you need to cheese the map to avoid fitting him xD (The game gives you resources to try this).
  5. Navarre is also Masahiro Sakura's favorite Fire Emblem character... nothing that would actually help his chances but it's a cool fun fact.
  6. I don't know what to think about Lucina yet (I need to analize her moveset another time); Lissa looks hilarious, Robin it's a bit weird but I love his style. I wonder if the Demo's Player is a Corrin fan.
  7. Well... It will be hard to Echoes to put more of their units if they don't use the current hype... They just aren't popular enough.
  8. When a main character isn't part of the plot... And instead the center of everything... we have a big red Warning. Why did you say about Azura and/or Scarlet to get that reaction?
  9. Amazing, if you would put this essay in a blog or another kind of page (to avoid possible load problems) I would like to share it in some of my social media... It's controversial... but hey, you give some really interesting and valid points; I think it's worth it. Welll... I thing that is the reason she said "most", the only parents even more special than Ike's are Corrin's Parents (and nobody will debate their Stuish traits). Marth's, Sigurd's, Eliwood's and Robin's Fathers definitive aren't normal people... but their levels of "specialness" doesn't surpass the former two.
  10. I don't know if this are good news to Echoes... or REALLY bad news to the poor Newcomer (Ever Oasis)
  11. I have used in End game... Nolan, Laura... and one time I decided to bring Fiona for reasons I don't remember (somehow she ended up blessed).
  12. I think you accidentally put the Nagi's weapons' description in the Bantu's Weapons xD
  13. Well... I have a Faye with DB3, PS3 and Iceberg... I guess she'll work here xD