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  1. It seems IS is unable to represent one member of the siblings without using the rest of them.
  2. It seems like IS wanted yes or riot the 8 siblings +┬┤Corrin... and Azura was just the extra that IS end up "okay" throwing in the "Better luck next time" bag.
  3. We could still being better in his original Cavalier version... Unless he had Marth/Mercenaries movility.
  4. Poor Armor Knights, not matter the game... the only reason the people would use them if they have absurd and overpower tools like the Black Knight... The movement damage it would be enough to destroy his viability completely otherwise.
  5. ~~That applies to... pretty much any Archer unless your name is Niles (where your skills should be "stay in the bench")~~
  6. I find the Smash!Duck Hunt and Navarre relationship funny because Navarre is Sakurai's Favorite Fire Emblem Character.
  7. Hmm... My first 5-star unit is (he still exists in my roster) a -HP/+Atk Roy... When I got him, I started to rolfstomp the story xD
  8. Everything got nerfed in SoV, except Python and Leon... that actually get buffed (Alm's enter in a strange spaces where he received a ton of new tools to play and break the game, but also lose the 4-5 Range Counter-attack... So yeah, this is also a indirect buff to the normal Archers).
  9. Alm is left-handed, I think that is enough reason to make him a unviable option for Clonish moveset (it would be a HUGE disservice to Alm's fans and Left-handed people).
  10. I personally don't care... but people has problems about it because apparently the weapon triangule was the reason they wanted to focus in Awakening and Fates. PD: It seems that right now the only characters with completely unique movesets now are Lissa, Frederick, and Camilla... The rest have clones.
  11. I need to wait to game's release... The things just get weirder and weirder... I'm not sure what to wait anymore.
  12. It's a bit sad that Smash's Cloud is the closest to a recent representation of Cloud's actual personality (quiet, but snarky).
  13. Do you think I should start promoting my bunch of 3 stars free characters? (Like Subaki)... The game's powerlevel is becoming too strong for strategies with 3 stars.
  14. Radiant Dawn Spoilers: