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  1. You can't have that much defense without having a weakness.
  2. In the case of CYL3 the results let's see. The highest character not already in Heroes (aka: Not Anna or Lif) is Louise with 9,274 at Top 23; follow by Jill (Top 52), Rinea (Top 56), Rinkah (Top 65) and Ilyana (Top 67)... (BTW this will very awkward for the time of Brave Redux 3, having to either use Lif, or have to go bottom of the barrel with Conrad, Top 84) At this point all the characters (except Conrad) have over 4000 votes. Then we arrive at the Top 100 (Python, 2,630 votes) and we still don't see Armors. A Top 151 we found Xane, and still no Armors. And finally at Top 225 we found our first Armor, which is again like the previous year (this time with 1,014 votes, and the only armor with over 1K votes) So yeah... Canon Armors have popularity problems.
  3. And this is why Kellam is the only Armor Unit we would expect outside of a Mordecai case of being carried for other popular units.
  4. Yeah, I agree, the time we get this 4 characters (and maybe Astram and Midia as said above), anything else will feel like an extra. I think FE4 Gen 1 it's also quite close to that point (I think the only character that are actually need it to appear are the other playable princes, which are Lex, Azelle and Briggid... It would also make a case to include Reptor or Lombard, but well...).
  5. If we're fair, the Armours left to be added are still a lot less that the Infantry and Cavalier left to add, maybe even the Fliers. And how many of them are actually going to be popular characters?
  6. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    Oh my. Well you aren't wrong about that comment thought lol.
  7. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    When we say that the "Nohrian Royals are over exposed", we're actually saying "Camilla and Xander are over exposed". At least Hinoka, Sakura and Elise gained her two Alts in a more reasonable pace.
  8. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I think people are already with the idea this banner will be pretty much like Hostile Springs (every character already had Alts, with two of them already able to do Character Emblem) because of most likely having a "random theme" like HS.
  9. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I wonder how they will add up in the long run though. Unlike Book II where Three Units Banner were more common (specially during the beginning of the book); in this year pretty much every banner had 4 Characters so far and additional free hero (so each update is giving us 5 New Characters, not just New Heroes).
  10. His skill set probably would be better; but he would pretty much still suffer from "boring stat-line" like it does right now, because representing his stats in another way doesn't make sense.
  11. Well; that were just two banners, at seems to be a case of early weirdness; because after that, pretty much all the Crossover Banners are the ones without demotes. But I'm more in the side of being because of Selkie and the rest of the group being honorary beast users; and decided to give all of them pretty good weapons (Even Kaden, that was the lamest at face value, has a very dumb ability to create super tanks xD). When the current banner finish, I'll be more confident to predict the results. And yeah Lethe and Caineghis won't demote, that is a given.
  12. Oh yeah, I'm aware of that; I edited the text to explain why I think the Fates Beasts nobody demoted. And you're not completely right about skills, Mordecai has Beast Exp; a QoL skill; but not Beast Valor.
  13. Well who knows; this is a bit like the case of Soleil and Reyson. Soleil has stats that looks "too premium" to be used for "mortals", and Reyson has a niche that is "too premium" to be used for "mortals". ___ I think the reason why the previous banner didn't demoted anyone, it's because IS thought any of these possibilities for the Fates' Beast banner 1.- The banner it's essencially a Special Brave Redux feauting units that weren't unable to be used in the previous Brave Redux, this is specially noticeable with Selkie, which actually scored higher that Aversa. 2.- The banner was considered a crossover thematic banner (because of using Birthright and Conquest characters.. and Awakening if we count Panne).
  14. Talking about that... Do you think people would have though Cherche is overpower if she was released this year? (Just changing a few things from her base kit: Atk+3 for Death Blow and Hammer+ for the slaying version, or Cherche's Axe directy).
  15. The only characters that I think would be considered members of the Dawn Brigade are Micaiah, Sothe, Nolan, Edward, Leonardo and Laura (kind of, she joined herself to the whole idea of the group lol).