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  1. Oh yesh Jave!, Micaiah was just released in the best time possible to still be relevant in something unlike... her other possible appearance in the spotlight I want so much to have an alternative version of Micaiah; and giving her more fame will help to complete (someday) my biggest dream ever :D Let's go Micaiah! Let's see if we can go even higher this time!
  2. So About Micaiah

    Micaiah is a character that becomes cooler and cooler the most you decided to know about her, at least IMO. I mean, when I first know about her and her reputation I was afraid I would have a negative experience playing Radiant Dawn... But then I decided to know about her, and ended up loving her
  3. Which abilities would you give him anyway? I mean, he isn't bad... but is really weird... reminds me to a Wrys with an actual Attack Stat xD
  4. I played first RD, I LOVE Micaiah, my opinions about Ike vary everyday.
  5. Best happy pre-birthday I'm glad you got her
  6. I think I will choice these ones for the characters. Micaiah: "I have no choice" (It's the one I like more how it sounds). Sothe: "I've made up my mind." (I don't have a really preference for his dialogue, so I just selected one that I like more right now). Zelgius: "Say your prayers". (I fond of this kind of dialogue, it's badass).
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Great Jave! I'm so happy you got Micaiah! :D (Also, it has the same nature that my Micaiah xD)
  8. Official Pull Topic

    I got her using just 4 Orbs (the free summon was a Subaki... the best invested 4 Orbs in my life! Thanks Micaiah! I love you!) My Micaiah is also -HP +Res XDU
  9. Wait to the weekend when the Mini Tempest and Oliver are released... then the [DATAMINE] will be unneeded.
  10. I don't know if just wanted him for Black Luna or he was an actual Zelgius/Black Knight fan. Oh! And I get Micaiah just using 4 Orbs :D
  11. Well... This is also the first time since the February we have a banner that IS NOT Brave Heroes (Yeah, the Dorcas' banner also fits here) that gives to every single new hero a Prf Weapon... I mean, it wouldn't mean a lot, but it's something to consider.
  12. I'm very surprised they decided to use Sugita for Oliver... but I like so much his voice that I don't care that I ended up thinking in Gintoki and Joseph Joestar xD Also... Micaiah's old japanese voice returned, I had always loved how she talks; I mostly know her for being Suiseiseki's voice :D
  13. Voice actors [Book 2 complete]

    As I expected, Micaiah's voice is still Kuwatani Natsuko... oh my, I wonder how much time will people take before noticing some of her most popular roles.
  14. Well, it looks like Micaiah most of the build I would want to her, so that is nice :D
  15. New Banner - (snip)

    This skill set it's amazing, I'm happy I still have some Reposition and Iceberg fodder just in case.