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  1. It's probably the same thing anyway, but with slightly different pronunciation because of old-fan-translations not knowing the name's origins.
  2. Yes! Using Micaiah is very fun! Exploting enemies is quite amazing.
  3. Micaiah will be useful in the next Tempest Trials.
  4. If one unit that I already have wants to pity break me... They must be part of Merge Projects Specially Micaiah <3
  5. So why does Leif have a S Drink....

    The skill essencially simbolize his "unlimited stamina" in battle.
  6. Yeah, being completely and absolutely strict... Only Falchion, Loptyr's Tome (and other bad guys tomes), Binding Blade, the Kattis (wierdly), Sieglinde, Siegmund, Ragnell, Yato and the brothers' weapons would be considered character-lock.
  7. Michalis ending seems to be an after though, and considering the fact he is unable to talk with Maria in that moment... In make me think the actually canon is the second option. That kind of disinformation would only be possible in a +1000 years history of lost information like the ages of the Macedon turn into a dark kingdom again.
  8. I'm expecting to see a Finn in the future with a Quan-like outfit using a Weapon named Quan's Meisterlanze or something like that.
  9. I'm expecting to see a summoneable Finn in the future with a Quan-like outfit using a Weapon named Quan's Meisterlanze or something like that... Maybe if we're lucky enought, the free want can also get it.
  10. This reminds me Gilgamesh is suppose to be a Archer Servant... Now I get why
  11. Pulling a 5 star most of the time will be nice instead of half of the time. Also, I remember when Catria had a free 3 star unit xD
  12. I don't have hopes, but I'm excited regardless
  13. I would like a Harrier Faye, please, I want Harriers in Heroes.