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  1. I wonder if the Faye!Pegasus are you talking about isn't Claire.
  2. Oh yeah, Sumia gives her Sage and Dark Flier Olivia gives her Dark Flier too Maribelle gives her Mage line (Sage and Dark Knight), Valkyirie and Dark Flier And well... Robin gives everything xD
  3. Sophia is the only character with a speed inferior to 22 in the freaking game... and that is shame because her other stats are average or good... She would still be vulnerable to blue stuff even with Wary Fighter.
  4. I would like to have multiple Subaki, one to give QR to Sophia, and another for the GHB
  5. I wonder now which units will they use for the inevitable Summer Event :P (I think it makes sense for these four to be the first ones to get alternative versions because they're also the first returning characters to be show in FEH)
  6. I can believe Micaiah looking like a 15~ years old girl... the other two guys I have to agree xDU
  7. So.... in the end... The Black Knight is a fraud and doesn't deserve his popularity in the fanbase? That freaking mess of character...
  8. This is... interesting, I don't know what to think, but I think I need to see it when is done.
  9. Well, it's understandable, because Fates ends having almost always some kind of representation. If you want to don't count the Promos... Set 2, 3, 6 and 7 has Fates cards... And then, they'll appear in the Set 10 That is already half of the freaking sets, +1/4 of the cards are Fates-based (Set 2 is the biggest offender because it has both Fates Colors... for understandable reasons at least).
  10. Oh, of course you can. I just think you wanted to invalidate Draug's existence.
  11. Yes, but that is +Def Frederick Neutral Draug has that 39 Defense.
  12. Thanks for you help, I have succesfully got 4* Michalis.
  13. I think it's interesting to discuss this kind of stuff, I need to check my arguments :P ______ Beefy Tier: FE6!Hector > FE10!Ike > FE7!Hector > FE9!Ike
  14. I'm waiting for Celica, Arvis, Tine, Tailtiu, Leaf, Saias, Pent, Canas, Lute, Lena, Elice, Walhart, Nyx and some of the child units like Ced. But above all of them I freaking want Micaiah <3 What do you think they will do with Arvis? What are you expecting of Erk's, Pent's, Micaiah, (etc.) Colors? I guess Lute, Knoll and Lyon would be red, but I'm not even sure... I'm only completely sure Soren will be Green.
  15. Yeah... the only Manakete don't already in the game are the most overlooked ones (Myrhh and Bantu) and the 3DS Children (Nah and Kanna)