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  1. Do you think Micaiah is a Marysue or no?

    Only in Part 4, just a bit before the Ashera's Tower, in pretty much the last place where someone would care about the fact one of the heros of your army it's a Branded (and she is still using something similar to gloves... just... that don't cover that much the hand compared with Light Sage and Light Mage's gloves).
  2. Do you think Micaiah is a Marysue or no?

    Well; unlike Soren; Micaiah actually had some one (maybe another Branded) to teach her about the dangers of the world for a person like her; and is easier to Micaiah to protect the brand unlike Soren (specially knowing Daein is a North Country, she can justify the usage of gloves); and well; Micaiah's heron-like abilities can help her to avoid problems, despite being far of perfect. Zelgius mostly suffers for existencial problems because he wants to be a great warrior and respected member of the Daein's Army like his beloved master; but the brand makes him age slowly; and people will eventually notice that (2X? Zelgius looks pretty much the same compared with 4X? Zelgius)... and that very problematic for a public figure, specially in Daein. Micaiah didn't have that problem (at least until she get attached with Daein after the Mad King War), because she would always just dissapeared and move to another place... before the Dawn Brigade's creation she was pretty much a nobody; and if she had never attempted to do something about Daein; at most, Micaiah would have been remembered as a rumour. Micaiah would have lived a pacific and lonely life.
  3. I would also like to have Nolan in the game; he isn't my priority, but would be nice :D
  4. I think it's weird, but I'm used to stuff even worse that this (at least Noire's is technically possible, specially because Noire body structure make it easier to do it; and well, she isn't exactly a sane person). Also, I kind of like the pose because the game rarely has good reasons to portrait butts (I love them); the only exceptions I remember are Catria's normal art and Tiki's damage art
  5. Oh yeah, I was having Jill and Haar in mind when I was talking about the Dragon Lords. Personally of all of them... Rinkah and Ekhidna would appealing for the fact they're women... But then... you move to more niche fanbases (at least Gerik and Boyd are decently popular around their worlds).
  6. And we needed to stretch things using Amelia... The Axe users aren't exactly popular if you don't count Dragon Lords.
  7. I personally think Noire's pose is possible for her specifically; because of how her body (slimmy, but actually decently strong and quite cursed as far as I know) it's, and also, it adds some extra silly flavor to the seasonal art, which is fun xD
  8. I wonder if Sakurai will have in mind create echo-fighter from characters that aren't from the same franchises.
  9. Do you think Micaiah is a Marysue or no?

    Micaiah would have some physical traits associated with the figure of the Mary Sue; her powers and the silver hair are definitely special, and something that makes her stand-out, specially during Part 1; but there is something important to know. The Mary Sue/Gary Stu is more than a character trope, it's a story trope; the way a Mary Sue works basically is creating a central character that isn't just the most important piece of a media it's the essencially the only important thing about the story; the overall narrative would have something interesting between all the bad stuff; but it's hard to notice that because the story it's too busy trying to make the Mary Sue stand out even more (sounds familiar? Corrin it's something closer to the idea of a Mary Sue, specially because the original Mary Sues were essencially self-insersion, that wanted to always be perceived in a positive light and always be relevant to the narrative). There's a video I found talking about the subject. Micaiah controls the plot? Only as far as her actual actions and her blood can. Micaiah it's the center of the narrative? Technically she's the most important character in the story, but there's also a lot of other characters with very important roles (like the other commanders and Sephiran), and she isn't a exposition void, in fact, the game trys to hide stuff about her all the time. Micaiah in fact, she can feel directly the negative effects of some of her actions; and nobody it's try to hiding the fact she would be doing gray stuff (not even herself). TL;DR: Definitely not a Mary Sue; she just looks like one because she's a special snowflake, but in fantasy pretty much every main character it's a special snowflake at some level.
  10. At least Micaiah was relevant for the overall narrative, and does some important stuff... that the writing wanted to focus more in Ike in the Late Game is its own problem (I don't have a big problem with that, at least Ike doesn't feel completely as a Gary Stu... a spotlight stealer mostly xDU... But Micaiah would have been better used, there is a lot of wasted potential) Lyn is such an after-thought.. sometimes it makes me laugh for how irrelevant she is for the world, sometimes it makes me feel sad.
  11. Looks very cute... it's Lucius wearing a skirt?
  12. I think RD is very bad with mages in general with everything that isn't a bandit, a Red Dragon or a Tiger/Lion Laguz having at least decent resistence (making the overall stronger physical weapons better most of the time); and most of the Mages having underwhelming Speed.
  13. I don't think it would be that bad, but it would be weird have someone using gloves all the time xD (Example)
  14. Poll : The next LORD that may you hope.

    Yeah, Micaiah is the first character main character, protagonist, and essencially the most important figure in the overall story (because of how her origins and her actions and connected with a lot of stuff that happens in the game, and she is essencially the reason why Tellius still exists)... However, narratively speaking, and partially because of PoR and Ike's legacy; Ike feels like the protagonist at the end of the day despite only being truly important in the last part... This existent bias and the fact Micaiah has this (understandable) hostility against Ike makes the character feel very antagonistic, opposing her existence as the main character because of Ike; and see her as if she was some kind of anti-villain or anti-hero (and well, in Part 3 she actually ends up being the last thing because of the Daein's thing).