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  1. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Adding Armor Units in Seasonal Banners makes sense... eventually IS will ended up without popular Armor Units to use in the normal characters (in fact, most of the most unpopular characters are Armors, which makes sense, most of them are dull)... There aren't many characters to choose that are actually appealing.
  2. It would be an Alt kind of; but a very special case because it gives us a "What If" instead of just a Class Change.
  3. Learning with Sharena spoils new feature

    I'll take Grima being a Earth Elemental because of their backstory (despite looking very grimmy they aren't exactly Dark Dragons)... Tiki on the other hand is the weird one even more me lol.
  4. Give it to the Dragon, give it to the White Sage.
  5. And the only reason she is 5 Star is most likely because she is very popular; stat and weapon wise she isn't that different from people that used to be in the 4-5 Star Pool.
  6. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    The lowest point of the game this month seems to be the moment when the Corrin/Kana was the newest one... But yeah; this banner release window has a very low rank compared with the other ones.
  7. Probably he ended up noticing how much importance he actually put in Leif and the overall Thracia Arc, to the point he knew Leif need it his own game; and Thracia 776 is the result of this.
  8. I think the reason behind that is the nature of the protagonist makes it easier to connect with the player... and the usual player of this kind kind of stuff is likely into power fantasy stuff or whatever... so... the male character being always the center point makes sense.
  9. That makes sense; so the reason the ranks is so low is just because Kana is underwhelming and the rest of the banner is bad for the whales right? The only message they send is to create more Armor Units and arbitrary buffed units (aka: Pseudo Trainees) :P
  10. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    I'm okay with Surtr having these stats because he's hyped as very big deal in the story of FEH. I'm probably base Surtr it would be weak without developing the power of the flame to turn himself the beast.
  11. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    I'll take Surtr having 179/180 nicely unlike the Corrins because he actually has a decent reason to have higher BST than most of the other units. He's the final boss; he's supposed to be a special unit. Like using Gilgamesh, Merlin or other over-power in lore units in FGO.
  12. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    I don't think is a hard rule persey; but it would look bad to put a character that isn't easy to view. And Aversa can ended up stretching this anyway; she is the Free Unit after all; she isn't part of the public image of Brave Redux.
  13. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    The original banner hadn't to deal with that problem because CYL1 still had several characters in the Top 40 that weren't already in the game (the four winners). Brave Redux's succesor will need to change the rules to avoid this kind of weird situations again xD.
  14. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    Yeah; if for some reason the release of Beast Units ends up being hold up (again), people will go nuts with the CYL3. It's a problem about presentation; the characters in the middle road aren't characters that are presented in the Top 40 Characters (the characters that were show in the Mid-Results and Full Results).
  15. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    I think the problem is the fact IS didn't expect to get so many beasts units as the second, third and even fourth most wanted females after Loki... You would need to scratch the middle of the barrel to get the potential Female Choice; at it would feel so random for a banner that already feels a bit random it's line-up, but at least is easy to understand the idea.