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  1. We would avoid shipping wars if the 4 seasonal characters are female.
  2. Yep, the map's hardest difficulty is Hard, and is Level 35.
  3. Talking about Meg, I found really funny how she arrives with the weapon with the highest hit, and the weapon with the lowest hit xD.
  4. @Anacybele Do you wanna see what is a personal attack? You, the Ike apologists remind me why I don't like Ike Just kidding, I just want to bait you hahaha.... ____ I'm still wonder when will get the next Orb event, I need orbs for the Wedding Event... Probably will wait at least for the second season.
  5. Robin F can survive +Atk Reinhardt (Without buffs) and destroy him in the counter attack. (Left 12 HP) She can also survive Death Blow 3 +Atk Reinhardt and defeat him... (Left 4 HP) The problems comes when he has Goad Cavalry and/or Hone Cavalry (She needs +3 HP Seal and some kind of Res buff) She can survive the most bullshit version of Reinhardt (+Atk, Death Blow 3, Hone Cavalry, 2 Goad Cavalry) with Triangule Adept (She needs at least Level 2 if you have +3 HP Seal)
  6. Oh! It happened exactly like you say, thanks for the information :D
  7. I need to wait for the next season to get the Arena Rewards?
  8. And which weapon she would like? Her Atk stat says Brave Weapon, but I don't know if that is enough because of her mediocre (midly below average) speed.
  9. I would get a 5 Stars Est, but I want to find first the best nature I can found. Which are suggested?
  10. Ike, always stealing spotlight away from everyone... at least isn't a SR+ Card, that would be actually insulting. Now RD Ike has 2 Cards, both of them are special ones (A SR and a R+) *Looks to the Thunder Sword* They're self-aware.
  11. Full power Leo? You mean... Full Cavalry Buffs, TA and Bladetome?
  12. Poor Eliwood, the Res isn't a good stat in this game, you don't need that much.
  13. I want to see Micaiah soon, but I need more orbs to her arrival.
  14. Hector is a easy win button :P ___ I beated it using a strategy like Mkv's but with other Reciprocal Aid user.
  15. So... this confirms we will not get a Faye SR? Okay :P Now I wonder if every Alm Villager will get R+ or only her.