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  1. I think that is the reason we have the monthy offers.
  2. I think that is the idea.
  3. Around so many Armor Units "powercreeping" the game, it's hard to remember that the only Archer that actually surpass Jamke in Atk are +Atk Bride Cordelia +Atk Valetine!Roy and +Atk H!Jakob (An Armor)... yeah, the only character that comes close is Leon, and as you said, he needs to sacrifice Spd to have the same Atk.
  4. If Julius would be considered a Dragonstone user for weapon buff it would also use Dark Aura's effect; and would be the only character that can use both Auras effect. Which of course it's quite fitting of a final boss to have special treatment.
  5. Create a Skill

    There are some good ideas for Version Level 4 of the other Blows/Stances? Maybe I can think some.
  6. Yeah, that was implied when I say "Old Tiki"; I only would have talked about Young Tiki in a "oldish" manner as "Classic Tiki", but that would sound weird anyway.
  7. Yeah, Tiki is pretty much the only playable character that is kind of treated like a god-like being. So I'm actually kind of expecting a Old Tiki Mythic Character.
  8. Probably is more about giving Micaiah more WTA against the mages instead of being perpetually in disadvantage unless she is fighting Numida/Lekain. And yeah, his defense is the thing that would benefit from having a boost. Aran feels a bit too weak to be this slow despite having stupid defense growth.
  9. Garret actually looks like from Fire Emblem... but like a Bandit Boss from Fire Emblem.
  10. That would be nice... I wonder which reason would they have to don't demote anything in this banner. They have demoted Dancers (Sylvia and Reyson) in the past (a class in the past we thought they wouldn't demote), and also other characters with strong stat-spreads (Soleil) and stupid weapons (Ares)... I wonder what is different this time.
  11. At least the rest of the trainees have some weird stats spread that makes them flexible but avoid making them super min-maxed (even Idunn it's like that with her 26 Spd being actually workable)... the exception to this is of course Surtr. If Idoun wasn't a Trainee I'm sure all the points she would have lose would be in Speed (Duma in fact is a 21 Spd Armor).
  12. I don't blame people to don't understanding French ("KamĂș" isn't exactly how a normal personal would expect to pronounce Camus), but damn; it particular hurts me the Japanese names that were americanized (I mean... the idea of Hoshido/White Night Kingdom is to be a Japan-like State).
  13. Yeah; I agree, this was a weird change that I would had expected with the overall change after the flower update... But the fact the Cavalry mage didn't get anything but Sue did it... it makes things... strange. I guess IS discovered that Cavalry Mages are very powerful; but Cavalry Archers/Dagger are actually a bit underwhelming unless you have some special niche like Brave Lyn.
  14. Voice actors [Scattered Fang complete]

    ... Rejoice young men! Now I need to listen to a complete Gustav using the powerful voice of Kirei.
  15. All this discussion it makes me remember the time I view a video about pretty much something related with Men and Media.
  16. This would benefit the people that already gave Special Spiral to her.
  17. I found a character that actually gives me a similar respond to when I see a male character despite being a female (and don't looking like an actual man).
  18. Oh the irony... The old joke actually wouldn''t be that out place considering that.
  19. Yeah; probably their most eye catching characters are the FE4 Ones, Olwen and Mareeta. And maybe Karin and Sara.
  20. I think the reason he said that it's because... Mareeta would be the perfect opportunity to implement a Level 3 Skill that isn't Galeforce/Aether into the mix; some kind of Star Moonlight thing.
  21. If they continue with the route of using actual gods and divine dragons as the Mythic Heroes... yeah; Micaiah will be a Earth Legendary; it's the element that fits her the most.
  22. I'm not fascinate for the lack of orbs; I'm fascinate for the implications. Just a gut feeling; I hope we get some kind of preview of 3.3 this week.
  23. That is fascinating without a doubt; I wonder if this a sign of some kind of change coming in this month's update.
  24. It's time to start March 2019 Mythic Banner Thread?