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  1. Well; at least with Tanith and Sigrun they're kind of lucky they're using the "wrong weapons" in their Alt Tanith is the Sword Girl and Sigurn the Spear Girl.
  2. Oh yeah; I'm not saying they don't bounce; I'm just saying that her boobs (Kagero's) are large enough to be noticeable without being too close xD
  3. Nah, Kagero actually looks more or less about the same; specially when I have in mind her battle model in Fates and her... interesting physics.
  4. I'm not expecting anything in particular from the leak (even if they indeed are quite entertaining to read) These are the things are the most likely to be true: - The game having a time-skip of some kind (supported by trailer hints) - The game having sub-par maps (supported by logical sense) - Being able to have a relationship with the students.(supported by logical sense and some minor hints) - Edelgard having an exclusive armor promotion.(supported by trailer hints) Other stuff is hard to say; it's believeable, but isn't concrete enough.
  5. New event calendar (May-June 2019)

    I wonder since which time Camilla will be technically able to get Alts again, I don't know how Maternity Leave works in Japan, but I'm least sure she is perfectly on-time to get her CYL3 Alt. Leaving after July make her probably unlikely to appear in characters designed for February, March and April unless they have something designed with a ton of anticipation.
  6. SF's "Write Your Butt Off" Competition HD II.5 Remix

    Micaiah it's more lewd than expected Brand new shirt, still midriff :P
  7. Yeah, it's quite interesting fact since the beginning of the game that they're the exception to the typical skills restrictions. I wonder why exactly; I guess magic damage it's too good to allowed you to use it many times.
  8. I probably would change Corrin to get Micaiah.
  9. Oh! You have a interesting list of character to get, personaly I would also like to have Machua, Ced, Sara, Niime, Echidna, Illyana and Laura. I'm also saving orbs after Leanne and some other 5 Stars in the Golden Week,
  10. What do you would like to summon?
  11. Well yeah; being a 5 Star Character has some special value for people because of their exclusiveness, and usual good qualities. (Unless they're very bad and makes you do use honorifics ironically like kisama when you see them)
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Yeah; that basically the overall reason of her popularity; there are several reasons; but pretty much all of them are around what do you say.
  13. If we're fair; refines to F2P are a bit far in between; so far only the bigger updates (refine-wise) featured Grail Units as far as I remember I'm still surprised Navarre has a weapon despite how he could be simply forgotten I wonder if Sakurai plays Fire Emblem Heroes
  14. Let's give Lucina a motocycle
  15. Well; yeah, Echoes comes from the old days, where everything was very basic The GHB Options are pretty much a bunch of Lance Units, Deen and Jedah.
  16. Legendary Hero: Alm - Saint King

    The characters that are likely to be Legendary yet to release are: Celica, Sigurd, Seliph, Leif, Eliwood, Micaiah, Chrom, Corrin and Xander There are probably more; but these are the ones that makes sense.
  17. I think the weirdest apart about this is how like half of the characters pity broken you twice. What are the chances? xDU
  18. If Olwen gets to refine her Bladetome (not because she is that great, but because she is a Cavalry); and a Flier Blade Tome User appears then we'll have an actual problem.
  19. Sagittae is the most powerful "common" Spell (Only Ragnarok is stronger, but it's locked to Celica/Delthea); but doesn't have any particular effect. BTW; Excalibur it's only a Crit Spell in Gaiden/SoV, doesn't have effective damage.
  20. You can't have that much defense without having a weakness.
  21. In the case of CYL3 the results let's see. The highest character not already in Heroes (aka: Not Anna or Lif) is Louise with 9,274 at Top 23; follow by Jill (Top 52), Rinea (Top 56), Rinkah (Top 65) and Ilyana (Top 67)... (BTW this will very awkward for the time of Brave Redux 3, having to either use Lif, or have to go bottom of the barrel with Conrad, Top 84) At this point all the characters (except Conrad) have over 4000 votes. Then we arrive at the Top 100 (Python, 2,630 votes) and we still don't see Armors. A Top 151 we found Xane, and still no Armors. And finally at Top 225 we found our first Armor, which is again like the previous year (this time with 1,014 votes, and the only armor with over 1K votes) So yeah... Canon Armors have popularity problems.
  22. And this is why Kellam is the only Armor Unit we would expect outside of a Mordecai case of being carried for other popular units.
  23. Yeah, I agree, the time we get this 4 characters (and maybe Astram and Midia as said above), anything else will feel like an extra. I think FE4 Gen 1 it's also quite close to that point (I think the only character that are actually need it to appear are the other playable princes, which are Lex, Azelle and Briggid... It would also make a case to include Reptor or Lombard, but well...).
  24. If we're fair, the Armours left to be added are still a lot less that the Infantry and Cavalier left to add, maybe even the Fliers. And how many of them are actually going to be popular characters?