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  1. DLC characters announced

    While my initial pre-release roster anxiety has long since worn off I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand these are some pretty solid additions outside of the sneak peeks. Azura was predictable, Tharja and Minerva were expected, and it was either Merric or Linde for a SD mage. Olivia is the only real surprise here mainly because she's another sword user. On the other hand, there are still some glaring roster diversity issues. Three of the DLC picks are sword infantry which we already had no shortage of. We have infantry lance users now, but there are still no lance cavalry let alone MALE lance users in sight. There are no bow users outside of Fates, and yes I'm counting Anna here when she's heavily based off Fates' Outlaw!Anna. And we still don't have our damned infantry armor. So yeah I'm reeeeeally hoping we get additional DLC packs after the first wave.
  2. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    That isn't even its final form:
  3. Geek you need to make your art dumps smaller so that this page doesn't take two minutes to load... anyway... Sigurd and Deirdre
  4. Pokemon x Fire Emblem Concepts & Ideas

    Characters would Pokemon gijinka (humanized mons) with classes based on their appearance, types and stats. Growths would also be influenced by stats.
  5. While there are limits to how many people can die, yes. Having enough characters to replenish your roster as you go ensures that people can get through the game without resetting, and if nothing else offers replayability on subsequent playthroughs. Just so long as there's quality to go with the quantity of characters...
  6. How Would You Fix Such-and-Such Class?

    Snipers get their Hit bonus and Range +1 replaces their Crit bonus. Otherwise just keep using the speedster stat model and make Bow Knights more strength-oriented instead of speed-based. Longbows are now infantry-locked instead of Archer-locked. This is a buff to all bow infantry, such as Warrior and whatever else IS come up with. Swordmasters and Rogues are merged a la Jugdral's Thief Fighter. Sword-locked, offensive caps closer to SM than Rogue, no Crit bonus, but they have the Avoid bonus and thieving capabilities. Daggers are now a 1-2 range sword subset for infantry. All mounted classes receive a universal 1.5 movement cost over indoor terrain and can't cross certain terrains such as pillars. There, now foot units can reign supreme indoors without dismounting.
  7. How did internal level work in older games?

    Promoted units in older games are treated as being level 20+N regardless of when you promoted them.
  8. What are elixers/Vulnerarys

    A delicious, nutritious and absolutely rejuvenating mixture of sugar, spice, and everything nice. If it didn't taste good then why would Emma top a "Pretty please?" with it?
  9. IS has asked you to design a game

    Story, then gameplay. FE4: More normal villains rather than evil dragons or demons or gods. Base castle with an arena. FE5: Morally grey bandits and other small-time enemies. Weapon stealing. FE6: Multiple nations with a distinct blend of cultures. Smart usage of same-turn and walk-on reinforcements. FE7: Side characters with a bit more presence than their join chapter. Rescue command. FE8: Multiple lords with a distinct path split. Branching promotions with class-innate skills. FE11: Being more open about things that were fair for their day (slavery, child soldiers, etc.). Weapon rank bonuses. FE12: Cheating a bit here, but two-part overarching story where friends and foes get shuffled between them. Promoted classes having a base weapon rank when reclassing. And then there are a few games I haven't played but want certain gameplay elements... FE9: Light magic being a class-specific type that runs off staff rank. FE10: Indoor movement penalties for mounted and flying units. FE13: Dark magic being a class-specific type that runs off tome rank. FE14: The debuff system. FE15: Combat Arts.
  10. The dumbest thing that you said about Fire Emblem

    Probably something along the lines of "pegasus knights suck"
  11. it is clean

    Thanks again Dr. Cleaner!
  12. implying he can do anythign nice period
  13. Please no While Odin, Selena and Laslow are all good characters adding ties to Awakening was wholly unnecessary. If we're going to get a whole new world, it should BE a whole new world.
  14. How long do you think this game will be?

    Probably around the standard range of 25-30 chapters plus paralogues.
  15. The Logistics of Marriage Modernization

    Hannibal seems more asexual than gay to me. Anyway I've been following the topic and I agree with what a lot of people have said regarding the love system and the possibility of an Echoes of Genealogy. I don't think the original script is as much an obstacle as people make it out to be; just look at Echoes openly implying slave trade, rape and by extension forced marriages. However, the love system is a three-headed beast that can either make or break the game for a lot of people with how it's implemented. Moreover, the minimal attention Jugdral receives in spite of its popularity suggests that a remake is wishful thinking rather than a reality at this point... extremely vocal wishful thinking.