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  1. Kliff got a pity vote and got in. Lilina got a vote for the heck of it and got an alt. But I'm still waiting for Lugh and Dieck... they'll be back on the ballot for sure.
  2. Legendary Weapons

    They've aged considerably over a thousand years sealed away with no maintenance, that they still have uses is a testament to their power. Besides, giving the player an infinite-use 22 Mt sword with dragon-killing properties in Chapter 8x would undermine the game's balance.
  3. What FE chapter did you have the most trouble with?

    This People see all the sand and fog and reinforcements but those are easier to neutralize than two Boltings and bridges that submerge themselves.
  4. Ranking the Black Fang from Strongest to Weakest

    Is Denning truly a Black Fang? He was a last-minute creation fought after the Fang had been exterminated at the Shrine of Seals.
  5. Apparently Crash Team Racing is getting Remastered..

    YES MY CHILDHOOD FAVORITE IS COMING BACK Video here: https://mashable.com/video/crash-team-racing-remaster/#E0zpZ8oGwkqN
  6. I was actually thinking combine the two and have a Troubadour lord similar to Ethlyn, a young plucky noblewoman who wasn't trained for combat but insists on joining her subjects on their missions.
  7. Does the unit fulfill a niche for a decent portion of the game without extensive babying and favoritism to fulfill that role? If the answer is yes then they're a good unit.
  8. Shadow Dragon: Elice and Nyna Valentia: Luthier, Valbar (New) Mystery: Phina Genealogy: Briggid, Oifey Thracia: Eyvel Binding Blade: Lugh Blazing Blade: Marcus and Oswin Sacred Stones: Dozla Path of Radiance: Jill and Haar Radiant Dawn: Pelleas Awakening: Flavia and Basilio Fates: Forrest A few ties here and there.
  9. Units that are good in spite of their class

    Busted hand axes wouldn't fix her being underleveled, having poor durability or facing competition from Camilla or another earlier joining axe user. Oh, and being a prime choice for stat-backpacking, which is one notch above being on the bench.
  10. Least favorite FE ship?

    Didn't mention before but I agree with this. Romanticizing close friendships like this for the sake of having same-sex couples is a pet peeve of mine.
  11. Least favorite FE ship?

    It's Soleil and Ophelia. And it's preeeeeetty bad. And while I won't name anything specific I'm not fond of "unrequited love that can never happen" pairs for the firestorms they start, and Avatar vanity pairs.
  12. Units that are good in spite of their class

    Oswin is far from the best unit in Blazing Blade, but brings a durable frontliner to HHM earlygame for all those moments where Marcus can't be everywhere at once.
  13. Largest: Genealogy Final Smallest: New Mystery Prologue-1
  14. Seriousness and silliness are not mutually exclusive, and every game in the series has both these moments; it's a matter of knowing how to use them in tandem. Sometimes they can overlap, other times they need to be separated, and you need to know how to segue between the two. The issue is that this understanding is lost (at least some of the time) in the writing of Awakening and Fates.
  15. If we're going to have a strategy-oriented Lord I think they should consider designing them with non-standard qualities. A staffbot Lord can be as helpless in combat as they want without being considered negative utility. To bring out their full potential however, they would need to include tools such as Warp, Rescue, status staves, etc. A cavalry Lord in a game with FE10-styled mounted play would have an interesting dynamic. On the one hand they would have advanced mobility and potentially Canto, making them far easier to maneuver and get to the throne faster without rescue-dropping. On the other hand, FE10 gameplay introduces a number of downsides: more adverse terrain, ledges, and nerfed indoor movement. Mounts in FE10 also cannot be rescued, which means the Lord would have to rely on their own movement to get to the throne. If dismounting is in play it could certainly be more useful than it's ever been in prior games.