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  1. Favorite is Binding Blade: -Roy gets a Heaven Seal after Chapter 12/x for liberating the Western Isles. -Melady joins pre-promoted and joins with Guinevere as another Lord unit. She's a Level 1 Sage with A Light, C Staff and D Anima and has weak bases but fantastic growths. -Give the bosses of 10A/B a stealable Guiding Ring/Knight's Crest respectively; make the Chapter 12 Elysian Whip a Guiding Ring; and add a guaranteed Knight Crest in Chapter 13. There, promotion times fixed. -After Chapter 8/x you are required to send six units with Cecilia to help protect Guinevere. They rejoin you after Chapter 15 (where they're held prison) at Level 20 or very close, with two being promoted. Weapon ranks are given appropriate boosts too. -You have to liberate both Ilia and Sacae. Roy goes to Ilia and Guinevere goes to Sacae, both having a few units locked to that route. Units deployed on one route cannot be used on the other either. -Insert generic smooth out the gameplay jazz here. Can't name a least favorite so whatever.
  2. In FE12 the final boss has caps of 40 and I've seen one FE11 hack that raised stats into the thirties, so at least 40 should be possible. It depends on how much memory is allotted to storing each stat, and caps of 40 may require class bases to be raised. And I don't know the specifics but stats *can* go over 31 in the GBA without resetting thanks to modding, this happens in The Last Promise and also happens in vanilla Sacred Stones, although neither of the two classes that do this come anywhere near their caps.
  3. As Jotari said I'm skeptical of giving all bows 2-3 range by default for balancing purposes: with such a large attack range it runs the risk of being too good unless bow stats are bad. Instead, smaller range additions could be done individually, with Longbow (+1 range for infantry at the cost of worse Hit), bringing back the Curved Shot art (+1 range for any user but forfeits doubling), and as a class bonus for the bow specialist (bow-lock deserves to be the exception here).
  4. Maybe the remnants of the Sable Order cleaned him up and buried him at sea in secrecy? That's the only explanation I have.
  5. I just completed a fully trained 5* Michalis, and as he happens to be very good against his own GHB it was a cakewalk. Alfonse actually helped out with his Spur Atk enabling Micky to OHKO the lance flier! Then two runs of 9-1 Lunatic for the Michalis kills and it's the quickest redux I've ever completed.
  6. You took the words right out of my mouth. I'm a huge fan of the new double-attack manipulating Breaker skills as well as them being more restricted; it feels so much more elegant than lol hit/avoid. Reposition and Pivot are also wonderful.
  7. This is a feature where I find the "if you don't like it, don't use it" approach really helps. You won't feel like you're missing out if you don't bother. ;)
  8. This sums up my issue with joining them together. Outside of the Zephiel assassination plot and perhaps Athos unsealing the Divine Weapons, the two plots are completely separate entities with their own themes. At most you could add a few more continuity nods (i.e. perhaps an older Marcus/Bartre support, Erik commenting on his last attempted coup) or fixing errors (Rebecca dying despite being Wolt's canon mother), but otherwise they should remain distinct stories. As to what I'd like to see, general gameplay polishing and better access to supports could go a long way to enhancing the experience.
  9. Finally hit 50k for Quickened Pulse this morning and I'm not touching any of the other achievements. The orbs would probably go to waste on junk anyway.
  10. A magic system that does not have a fixed attacking stat: there is no Magic stat, nor does any other stat handle all spellcasting. Instead, different types of magic run off of different stats. Skill would likely be the primary one (for generic Fire/Thunder), but other tomes might use Speed, Resistance, Strength, Defense, or even a combination of the two. Luck may even see use for a joke spell!
  11. I want to see a proper Mystery of the Emblem (both books) remake because I really want to see the cast of Archanea getting the same treatment as SoV. However, they should remake Binding Blade above all else because Roy is an iconic character with no international releases (as opposed to Marth's one) and doesn't receive nearly as much exposure as Marth.
  12. Morning of Day 4: I'm finally getting the hang of this. Current at 14k and tight on stamina potions, but with ten and a half days left I should make it to Quickened Pulse. Only having one solid team hurts but I'm learning the ins and outs of it. Team is Tharja, Olivia, Julia, and Catria. Maps are less of an issue now, and with careful positioning and use of Catria I've been getting around the mage killers. Between last night and this morning I've been seeing runs that clear Lunatic 7.
  13. Because Luck is the Black and White Morality stat in the early games.
  14. But hey, some people are so fascinated by "going wrong" that they're bound to get some sales! Time will tell if this is actually a significant improvement, another mediocre piece or it remains a travesty.
  15. Maybe Kamui returned to his homeland and told old neighbors of Valentia during his travels, inspiring some of them to emigrate to Zofia and start their own country. Well that or Jesse's death is canon :p