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  1. This so much. Archanea is a world that has been held back by archaic characterization limits, and Shadows of Valentia taking place on its sister continent to the west has me fascinated by what they could do with the game. And for what it's worth, MoTE Book 2 has never been released outside of Japan, and since Mystery of the Emblem was next in line after Gaiden... While other continuities want more attention to, Shadow Dragon is one of the Big Three alongside Awakening and Fates. If anything, giving Marth's saga a proper closure would be a fine way to move on to other things.
  2. -Item storage can be accessed mid-map through storage houses, and this is necessary if you plan to buy in bulk because there is no "send to convoy" function for shopping. Fortunately, they're quite common. -It costs 10 Gold to place an item in storage, FWIW. -Due to a glitch, you can "promote" your Manaketes with a Hero Proof to grant them a permanent +12 Defense per promotion. This is not constrained by the usual 20 stat cap. Good thing Medeus didn't know about this...
  3. I've heard louder from the two dogs in the outdoor kennel from our neighbors up the hill.
  4. Arts are basically an improved offensive skill system that fixes the broken aspects, so they should definitely come back.
  5. 1) Sigurd 2) Micaiah 3) Leif 4) Hardin 5) Wolf
  6. Does anyone else get the impression that enemy skill distribution is stacked in favor of giving them debuff skills? Because I've seen quite a lot of Seal skills, Threaten skills and Ploy skills in my first batch of runs.
  7. I agree that armored units should be the exception, whether through their own passive damage reduction or simply not rounding up the damage. I do like the idea of always taking damage from attacks, even if most of the time you should be taking some damage without the mechanic.
  8. yes Especially when you're going through a series of time-consuming maps.
  9. Mt. Battle is a 100-fight marathon in a game that has double battles exclusively and no way to turn off animations. Even though you can save in-between matches (or at rest stops in Colosseum), it's still going to drag on for a long time.
  10. And people said Alolan Meowth looked uninspired...
  11. Maybe if you could reclaim the Mystletainn from the Loptyr Sect at a later point, such as midway through Chapter 10 or the Finale? Having it be lost forever wouldn't make as much sense since you can obtain the Earth Sword in Gen 2 from the vendor come Chapter 9 if you didn't talk to Eldigan.
  12. Damnit I read the title in the sidebar and seriously thought this was Heroes related. Way to get my hopes up... Still, seeing people's speculations makes me hopeful we'll start seeing non-Awakening character reveals. (even though they'll almost certainly be dashed)
  13. The only necessary change to Lyn's role is not being forced-deployed as often. (In fact, it would be nice if I could choose ONE of the Lords to take up the force-deployment slot for any given chapter.)
  14. I am sitting here laughing at just how wrong this sounds Yeeeeeeeah I can see why he's getting suspended, these sorts of questions would be questionable even at a college level.
  15. Azama is canonically ripped (and bad with magic) and Heroes stats conform more to characters' personal stats than to their classes' stats.