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  1. Most character tiering is based on efficient play, which means clearing the game as quickly and comfortably as possible. Forsyth joins underleveled in a class line that is strapped for movement, ranged options, and speed. Soldier line has a tough time reaching the action with a perpetual 4 Move and harsh terrain costs, javelins don't cut it when bows and magic frequently hit 3+ range, and lances have the worst combat art options. He also doesn't have much defense until he hits Knight.
  2. Enhance a wish: FE edition

    Granted; Jill brings us the long awaited Firesweep Axe+. I wish the weapon triangle also affected Attack Speed slightly.
  3. August and Dorias being the true Lord characters with Leif as a more overt figurehead who leans on them more heavily. Post-chapter 18 now allows you to choose who goes to Alster, which affects the final stretch of the game, the ending, and to a degree Leif as he takes over as the leader. It would drive home the game's message about how heroes are not born, but made.
  4. Thoughts on FE12

    Minerva touches on the issue in her Palla support: she believes that Iote's dynasty needs to end in order to quell Macedon's nationalist pride. If anyone re-establishes Macedon's sovereignty I think it would be Maria (once she's old enough) trying to follow in her older siblings' footsteps and do it right. With Nyna I think it has less to do with her being politically inept and more to do with a combination of guilt, being too deeply entrenched in the old ways, and being mentally done with being a princess. She never really got the chance to be a reigning monarch: her parliament/cabinet/senate/etc. immediately pushed her to marry and they ceded power to her king. And if there were survivors after Hardin was deposed they'd lobby to have her married to Marth, or potentially use her as a martyr and enact a coup to keep Archanea from losing its rule over the continent to the Altea-Talys alliance. Marth and Caeda don't deserve that, and they don't deserve another chance to ruin everything. She bears some of the blame for complying with Archanean politics too, and probably doesn't think she deserves a second chance either. Better to cut Adrah's dynasty out of the picture and let a new dynasty take its place, and it frees her to chase after Camus's ghost (futile as it is). Dohlr and Pyrathi have probably ceased to exist, the former dissolving after Medeus's demise and the latter probably doing the same after Mannu's. If the lands aren't subjugated by the UKA then they're rogue states that pose no threat and can be absorbed sooner or later. To my knowledge Port Warren wasn't independent of Archanea, but bought its independence from Dohlrian control through taxes. So that leaves Khadein, but that's one small city-state surrounded by a continental kingdom, kinda like the Vatican in Italy.
  5. Thoughts on FE12

    With regards to difficulty, I thought the philosophy was handled well but the execution was weak in some ways. Character stats are balanced for Normal (i.e. OG Mystery), resulting in a lot of understatted characters on the highest difficulty. Besides that I felt like some enemies were overtuned (Chapter 1, Chapter 9 Dracos...), the level curve felt like it could've been propped up, and I dislike how the Big Three mostly devolving into rigging save point crits (and FE12's critical hit environment in general).
  6. How old is your computer?

    Macbook is about 8 years old, and I think it's shot. Turning it on brings up a dark screen and that's it. I want to try taking it in for repairs one of these days, but my hopes are not high. I've already evacuated everything important on it. ASUS is about 3 years old. I've always had problems with the touch sensitivity but it's still going strong.
  7. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    That's my thoughts on it too, we'll probably get hit with 3H banners starting in July and over the rest of 2019.
  8. That happened to Mangs in his recent FE10 LP! It seems like her AI will fight back if the opportunity presents itself, however hard it may be.
  9. Create A Forging Bond Accessory

    Give Lena her bonnet back and give it to us as an accessory.
  10. What music would you make a player/enemy phase?

    A lot of Pikmin 2's background tracks sound like they could be the Calm half of Fates-style map music. A few samples: Wistful Wild, Green Yards, Jellyfloat Pool, and Bulblax Kingdom.
  11. >Got men tier bad list
  12. What Happens To the Houses We Don't Pick

    They get sold to the highest bidder at auction. It's too early to say right now, especially with evidence of mixed house factions (including your own), but it doesn't sound like you lose out on everyone from the unpicked houses.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Skipping enemy phases entirely is optional, you can sit through and watch it as long as you don't press the button. If anything its inclusion is a net positive outside of the aforementioned speedrunning (it does dampen the entertainment value of recordings ngl) since it lightens the burden of replaying a redundant enemy phase. Also Radiant Dawn's UI lacks quite a bit of information with map/off animations, and even with them on it still doesn't tell you skill proc rates or how Resolve affects a battle. I have more issues with Shadow Dragon's map peripheral than any other part of the UI.
  14. A bigger point of confusion is how the inherited personals are handled. Do they retain their skill slot permanence, and do they take up an existing skill slot or generate their own new slots? And how is the Gen 3 Kana nonsense resolved? If personal skill inheritance is cumulative then Kana is carrying seven skills if kids keep their personals and four if they don't.
  15. UK new Censorship law

    This is making a mountain out of a molehill. Pornography is already considered socially unacceptable in public, no need to barge in on people's privacy. And with how broad the internet is it's not like you can effectively enforce this either. All it's doing is distracting people from the real societal issues.