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  1. Side character ideas

    You know how some female characters tend to be the subject of "waifu worship" in the fandom? Let's have a girl who gets this, but in-universe and hated it to the point where she abandoned her old life. Once a prominent pegasus knight born to a high-standing family in the capitol, she came to resent pressure to uphold her family name and the infatuated masses, in part because her own family egged it on. Your main characters recognize her (under a different name) when they come to the backwater village she's relocated to, and is initially reluctant to join but decides to support the cause, provided nobody gives her away. After the war she disappears back to her village, unwilling to be put back onto her old pedestal. Her class is not pegasus knight (she released it, sold it or left it behind) and she may or may not be able to reclass back into one. She either cannot S-rank anyone or cannot S-rank people who would bring her too close for comfort to her hometown.
  2. Fire Emblem: The Queen's Lament Demo

    Hi I played through the current patch and I'm here to give my feedback. I can sum up my experience with one image: Now then, you'll find the real review in the spoiler tag below.
  3. The Road to Ruin [Open Beta v3.0.3 Released!]

    The Lucile bug is innate to Merlinus and present in vanilla FE7. Use the List command in the preparations screen and you'll be able to grab the items from her.
  4. Underrated/Overlooked Fire Emblem Characters?

    FE7: Rath. People ignore him because of his late join time and bows being bad in this game, but you get a few great bows (Brave, Killer) right before he joins, he has the rank to use them and he has a horse to go places. FE8: Garcia. 20% Speed growth may suck, but base 7 is sufficient to double early Soldiers/Knights and to avoid doubles until the route split starts, and he deals good damage with axes.
  5. Aside from the marketing the biggest factor is probably the significant shakeup in the series' long established formulas. In some ways it went back to the basics, but in others it tweaked existing mechanics and introduced a few new ones.
  6. Fire Emblem 4 - Frozen Lord Glitch

    This looks similar to the dismounting glitch that can happen in Binary. Were you using the dismount command?
  7. Placebo effect. People think a silver weapon is better, and that makes them strike that much harder!
  8. The Road to Ruin [Open Beta v3.0.3 Released!]

    So there's an oversight in chapter 16: the ultimate goal is to move Ava to the escape point, but you can enter the chapter without Ava in your party. Please make her a mandatory deployment here.
  9. FE5 Questionnaire

    When did you play this game the first time? Around 2012-2013, don't remember the specifics. How did you get introduced into this game? By seeing YouTube videos of its gameplay. Do you play it on a rom, or do you even have a physical copy? ROM Have you played it before or after FE4? After Was FE5 your first FE game? Heck no How often have you finished the game yet? I played it through twice. How many hours do you usually need to complete this game? 25-35 hours Have you unlocked all gaiden chapters yet? Yes Have you recruited all characters yet? Only on the A route. Do you prefer the A or B routes in terms of maps and recruitable characters? A route >>>>> B route Which three things do you really like in FE5? Capturing, escape objectives, and useful status staffs Which three things do you really dislike? The Staff accuracy formula, 99 Hit cap and critical hit mechanics Would you like to see some unique mechanics like capturing and fatiuge (in main game) returning? Absolutely Would you agree with that statement that FE5 had amazing potential, but didn't exhaust it completly? Oh yes, some things in this game scream incomplete. Would you agree with that statement that FE5 has the best gameplay ideas? Not the best, it has some great ideas but these are mixed in with a lot of flaws such as being hostile to newcomers. Would you agree with the statement that FE5 is the most balanced FE game? No. It has ways to make everyone useful, but there's a lot of fake difficulty, some chapters are over-reliant on broken Warp, and there are clear winners and losers among the cast. How would you rank the difficulty in this game? Would you recommend someone to play FE5 blind? Only if they asked for a challenge. Which three advices would you give someone who will play this game the first time? Enter the game's Konami Code at the title screen, expect a lot of hardballs. and don't be afraid to look at Wars of Dragons if you need help. Who's your favorite character personalitywise? Don't know, it's been awhile Who's your favorite character gameplaywise? Salem, the playable Dark Mage who uses everything but Dark magic. Who's usually your MVP in your playthrough(s)? Safy :p What's your favorite chapter? Chapter 3 for having no nasty tricks up its sleeve and the long-term investment aspect of its side objectives. What's your favorite map theme? Adversity, Final chapter theme is a runner-up. What's your favorite battle theme (main battles, boss battles)? Raydrik's What's your opinion of the art in this game? I like it. It's grounded, clean, and for the first time in the series it looks professional. What's your opinion of the story in this game? It's a darker story that makes you feel like you're struggling while at the same time managing to have a happy ending. How would you rank the story from 1 to 10? 8 out of 10 How would you rank the gameplay from 1 to 10? 7 out of 10 How would you rank the game overall from 1 to 10? 7 out of 10 Does FE5 need a remake? It could use one, but it's at the back of the line in terms of remake priority until Genealogy gets remade. Does FE5 need a better translation patch? Yes I would like one that doesn't make endgame Mercenaries crash the game. Could you imagine to replay FE5 sometime in the future? Sometime, but not today.
  10. Fire Emblem Remakes.

    Because it relies on Genealogy for context and would be in a very weird place if they remade it first.
  11. How to buff skill?

    You're cheesing bosses whether you rig crits/procs or "rig" the cooldown meter, the difference is the latter is more strategic than the former because it isn't dependent on RNG. Good luck finding a special attack mechanic that isn't abusive to bosses without granting them immunity.
  12. There was a topic on Reddit a few weeks ago that postulated that Elibe occurs on the same world as Archanea/Valentia/Jugdral and that the Scouring triggered the dragons' decline worldwide. What's interesting is that based on its suggestions Roy's tale happens around the same time as Adrah was founding the Kingdom of Archanea.
  13. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    For awhile they've avoided adding children that aren't canonically guaranteed to exist, i.e. Lucina, Seliph and Julia. There was Inigo more recently although Laslow's existence means he's practically canon. This would be the first time adding optional existence kids. I totally expect them to have their default hair colors to avoid parentage controversy, just like Inigo did. This was probably the main reason they dawdled on them anyway, deciding whether or not to go through with it.
  14. Karla and Farina would like to have a word with you. And I don't know why you're single out those two when the other new additions are much worse. Athena isn't that bad but the others require nothing short of mass suicide to get.
  15. It would be more feasible to attach children to parents of both genders, which could add interesting scenarios where families have different numbers of children and some parents may not have a child attached to them, but provide unique benefits to their spouse's child.