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  1. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Pegasi don't like metal, confirmed part Fairy-type. Did they ever come up with a proper explanation for why only females can ride them though?
  2. Interesting how the Sage bio describes the anomaly spells of the potential villager Sages.
  3. It's called an equip item slot. Can't stack growth boosters so much when you can only equip one at a time! Speaking of which, the equip slot is something I'd love to see return. There's lots of potential for what you could do with it besides growth boosters: effectiveness nullifiers, skill scrolls, the Boots...
  4. If Travant Had Conquered the Manster District

    I'd like to know what Travant would have done to Northern Thracia if he'd conquered and held it. Surely he force agricultural trade, but would he go farther out of retribution? He could turn the farms over to southern loyalists and leave the northerners starving if he wanted.
  5. Johan and Johalvier, Who do you prefer

    Iuchar is technically better by having a horse but he's so redundant and outclassed amongst all the other cavalry that why bother. Besides Iucharba's out of the way and easier for Larcei to get to, and I like him better as a character.
  6. Whenever I'm having a burger at one of the diners I need to remember to say no pickle and coleslaw.
  7. Original characters for continuities that aren't Heroes.
  8. Create-A-Broken-Skill: How Far Can You Push It?

    Some enemy-only trollish Sacred Seal skills: Inevitable End: If unit inflicts stat penalties on foe after combat (by daggers, Seal skills, etc.), add penalties currently on the foe to penalties inflicted. Immobilize: Foe is inflicted with the Gravity status condition after combat with this unit. Staff Savant: Disable foes' skills that disable "calculate damage from staff like other weapons" or "skills that prevent counterattacks during combat." Self-Destruct: If unit's HP is <= 50% at start of turn, inflict 20 damage on all units within two spaces. (Damage inflicted at start of turn triggers this.) Unit's HP then drops to 0. Immune Status: This unit cannot be afflicted with stat penalties or negative status conditions.
  9. The one chapter you'd always Warp skip

    Chapter 12x is basically a halfskip if you don't want to suffer and lose your Thief charges. Chapter 22 practically begs you to warpskip.
  10. It's possible he does. Seliph and Julia having no Loptous blood seems to imply there's a two-blood limit, and in most cases the minor Loptous had the weakest expression of the three bloods present. Part of the reason it didn't get knocked out and was expressed as major in Julius could've been that Saias already had Major Fjalar.
  11. Fire/Grass, Electric/Dark, Electric/Fighting, Poison/Fairy, Ground/Fairy, Dark/Fairy
  12. Who would you consider a semi/co-lord?

    Shadow Dragon: Caeda, Hardin wishes he was (New) Mystery: Kris Genealogy: Gen 1 Lewyn, Gen 2 Leif Thracia: Eyvel (up to chapter 3) Binding Blade: Lilina (earlygame), Elffin (on B-route) Blazing Blade: Marcus (Eliwood), Matthew and Oswin (Hector) Sacred Stones: Seth, L'Arachel Path of Radiance: Soren, Titania, Elincia (very late) Radiant Dawn: Too many at various points in the game. Sothe, Geoffrey and Lucia, Skirmir and Ranulf, Sanaki... That's all I can list up to 3DS.
  13. Remakes: Binding Blade & balancing

    I don't mind the absence of Monks, I never thought they added much in FE7 and it would be hard to add a playable one without adding another character. Saul doesn't fit too well as a non-combatant class and it's tough to pinpoint another character who could be reclassed. Anyway, the talk about unit balancing is all fine and good but I think some of the maps also need an adjustment. FE6 is praised for good map design, and while it has several highs there are also several lows. Chapter 6 has eight chests with only one thief to collect them all, plus some non-intuitive reinforcements and very rude Hard-only reinforcements. Chapter 8 is awfully long and windy with only a few scattered pockets of enemies until you're six or seven turns in. The B route of Western Isles feels like a weaker version of A route, in particular 10B vs 11A. Chapter 16's two entrances are ass-backwards, with the main entrance being a lot of dead space and Hugh being on the side entrance side. Ilia has a metric ton of terrain that makes it tedious for non-fliers to cross. Sacae has some nasty maps, with 18 being a flat plain with RNG reinforcements around the boss and 19 having as slow a start as Chapter 8 without Warp. Chapter 24 is incredibly long, windy, and monotonous. Fliers being unable to cross the abyss here really puts a damper on progress. And of course there's the gaiden gimmicks. The first two are minor annoyances but from 14x on they become more tedious or frustrating (looking at you, 16x).
  14. Pokémon Sword and Shield News and Discussion

    Pokemon regions have had a long history of being non-linear: Generations I and II offered substantial freedom of direction once you got to the fourth gym leader. Generations III and IV had a more linear progression, but still criss-crossed over the region quite a bit. There was also a bit of freedom in Hoenn's lategame and Sinnoh's midgame, if less than Kanto and Johto. Generation V had a more linear progression, but Unova still had a wheel shape, even if the game didn't let you explore the whole thing until the postgame. The sequels mixed up the progression order a bit too. Generation VI had a pinwheel-shaped region with a central hub city that made getting around simpler, even with the linear progression. Generation VII used an island chain, and you don't visit them fully left to right. Depending on when the fast-travel method becomes available it could make backtracking a chore. EDIT: To add my own point to the thread, I'm curious about the wolf heads adorning the sword and shield in the logo. Is this a nod to a new lupine Pokemon in the region, possibly even the cover legendaries?
  15. Mistakes or errors on the site 2

    Apparently boss bonus is reduced to 20 on Maniac Mode.