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  1. Enemy Crit Percentages

    It probably means they're sticking with Fates' Luck = Dodge/2 formula.
  2. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    While you could increase hit rates I don't think the developers want to inflate weapon hit rates too much. The best solution would either be to implement more hit-boosting skills or change the Hit/Avoid formulas. Be it scaling down Speed or Luck's contributions to Avoid or outright changing them to the DS formulas. Also having played the rest of the patch I can provide some more feedback: The 1-2 boss shows Bazba's portrait during his battle conversation, and only that one. His death line has the proper portrait. 1-3's recruitment scenario and what followed was pretty interesting. It was also a neat idea to give the playable Knight Seal Speed as a means to make him a bit more relevant. 3-use statboosters that give +1 (or +2 HP) is a cool concept, and I like the idea of being able to push individuals to a benchmark without using the whole booster. One of the Paladin reinforcements on 1-E didn't auto-level properly: Ah well, free EXP for Cole!
  3. Let's talk about stat inflation

    The main issue with stat inflation is that it exacerbates the "rich get richer, poor get poorer" situation regarding character stats, but another problem is that Fire Emblem's leveling system isn't designed for the higher stat scales of later games. 20+20 levels isn't enough to bring stats starting in the single digits into the thirties without growth rates in excess of the 60s. The resulting "average" growth range of 50-55 is dangerous because it has the highest chance of going one way or the other. Win the dice rolls and you can snowball with sufficient EXP, but lose them and it's that much easier to fall behind. Radiant Dawn actually had a decent idea to control this with a third tier, but with BEXP and a lack of diminishing returns it was easy to game the system and snowball. @JSND Alter Dragon Boner also highlighted another stat inflation problem, the volume of enemy stat scaling. While increasing enemy stats is an acceptable way to increase difficulty, sometimes the gap between the easiest and hardest is too high. This is at its worst early on, but it can also hurt late-joiners who were balanced around Normal or Hard if they even tried, as seen in FE12 and FE14!Rev. And while it's happened in games with narrower stat scales (FE12), it only gets worse when the stats get higher.
  4. Binding Blade's Hard Mode at least felt gratifying compared to Blazing Blade or Sacred Stones', where the unpromoted enemies barely improved. Earlygame is a bit cheap but you still get a handful of solid units (Marcus, Dieck, Rutger) and supporters (Shanna, Allance, Elen and Clarine) to get you through. It doesn't actively take away resources, such as starting inventory items and deployment slots, like HHM does.
  5. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    I'm up to 1-3 now and I figured I'd give my thoughts of the game so far.
  6. Under Grey Skies: An FE8 ROM Hack

    Break the wall on turn 2 with Lopez, he can one-shot it with the Silver Axe under the influence of Bruce's Charm. With two shoves he can reach the thief on turn 3 and shoot him with his bow; then Bruce or Beo can move into range and take the kill on EP.
  7. Binding Blade, Thracia 776 and Radiant Dawn are in the most dire need, although Tellius has a focal issue in that beast units haven't had proper representation at all.
  8. Class and movement type specific skills. They allow different movement types to perform certain roles better and go a long way in making infantry and armors stand out against their mounted brethren. In fact, the former used to exist in Jugdral/Tellius and returned for SoV, and they made each class feel more distinct in the latter.
  9. Nightmare / FE7: Fog of War in 23

    23x doesn't have Fog of War on HHM, you're thinking of 23.
  10. CYL2 already did this for the four CYL winners, it's safe to say they'll do it again. But yeah CYL should include everyone who didn't win before, otherwise it's just a wishlist, and when you look at alts, Farfetched Heroes and what not they do use it as a wishlist too.
  11. Slower units wouldn't mind and would appreciate it because they were usually doubling less to begin with, and on top of that they can attack foes who were fast enough to double them before provided they initiate. You'd have to be careful about enemy density though, since enemy phase ORKOs become a lot more difficult to achieve.
  12. The problem with direct Speed minus Weight?

    @Florete basically covered my suggestion, which was excess weapon rank mitigating weight. The only things I would add are weapon rank bonuses on top of that (+1/2/3 for C/B/A) and weapon triangle advantage negating the foe's weight buffer.
  13. I find that it works ~80% of the time, even if some lines come across as a little creepy.
  14. July-August Event Schedule

    Nine days I pray that Binding Blade will finally have its time. (or that we get something more interesting than 3DS kids again)
  15. "I want to make my babies as big and strong as possible!" That's the mentality I can think of. Alternatively... "All these copies of ______ are collecting dust, why not?"