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  1. Do you love bacon?

    Yes but I won't over-indulge it.
  2. Glade, Hicks and Bloom with a Kempf GHB.
  3. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    In Miyuu's case it has to do with both the eye size and eye shape. Most anime eyes are rounded or rounded squares but Miyuu eyes are oblong; they're not the biggest but their box-like shape stands out more than the rest.
  4. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Jakob's art is creepy but at the same time I love the "Let's get dangerous!" attitude of his damaged art.
  5. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Clair looks too baby-faced and the color scheme is drab and washed out. Kippu is an artist I feel is overrated, their style is admittedly nice but the big doll eyes they draw are off-putting and the style only works for a narrow demographic. Similarly, Adult Tiki also feels off for sharing the same artist as Young Tiki, who the style clearly fits better.
  6. The Fates royals all got their retainers at launch but I don't see L'Arachel's anywhere. Justice for Dozla and Rennac IS!
  7. Nyna is a Bishop (Sage in SD cutscenes) and has training in tomes and staffs, even if her stats are civilian-tier it's not like the devs care. There's basis for another infantry staff/mage. Besides her, people have said Elice, SD!Hardin, Wolf, Julian and Lena which are who I would've said, but I'd also like to add Astram and Midia for being semi-relevant as Jeorge's besties. Norne, Frey, Horace, Etzel and Ymir are OCs who could add something too, and given IntSys added Sylvia and Lene there's a chance Phina may come too. Gharnef and Medeus seem unlikely, but I'd consider Medeus the more likely of the two for another dragon and because IntSys seems to be avoiding Gharnef's archetype. ngl I kinda forgot about him coming into the topic but yeah it's high time we got Thoron+!
  8. No, and if it happens it better be a reasonable character choice and be well-explained.
  9. Young Tiki 8/10 Pent 9/10 Gray 7/10 I'm tempted to say 8.5 for Pent, but the others I'm comfortable with. Tiki's inexperience keeps her from being a 9 and Gray I wouldn't call higher than this.
  10. Reset the game and resume chapter, the ending should trigger after that.
  11. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Return the orbs, or suffer my cutenesssss...
  12. Restricting Boots access to non-mounted units

    I don't mind Boots being accessible or not on mounted units, all I want is for Boots to be an equippable item instead of a statbooster. While there are a number of movement techs I can see being restricted to infantry, this is not one of them. A horse is a sentient being too, it's not like you can't entertain them too.
  13. Summer/Winter units you want to see

    I want to see Winter Maria if only because of that Macedon family Christmas photo that someone posted last year.
  14. Tempest Trials: Familiar Faces!

    Get ready for Pumpkin Squasher+
  15. Move a character to another game.

    Nino to Thracia 776 where she'd have some impressive combination of skills, PCC and movement stars. Or Pent if you really hate the game 😈