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  1. It's a hand wave for Dread Fighter looping, but it could just be homesickness / a desire to go back to their roots. Why it only afflicts them, you got me. Python's profile is pretty interesting. His father's alcoholism may explain part of his behavior.
  2. Radiant Dawn mounts do have lower base stats and lower/more well-rounded caps than infantry, but the former can be mitigated by generous personal bases and the latter isn't completely true. Seraph Knights and Dragonlords are arguably on par or better than some infantry. Stat differences rarely make a substantial difference anyway, it's typically limited to some endgames and PvP which a minimal section of the fanbase touches. (And in the more recent games, Pair Up trivializes the stat differences.)
  3. Create your own item

    Buckler - Halves the damage from one critical hit or combat skill against the carrier. Breaks after use.
  4. Heroes-style Breaker skills. Follow-up manipulation >>>>> gross Hit/Avoid manipulation. Guidance would be a neat way to help infantry keep up with mounted units. Close Counter and Distant Counter are mandatory on bosses. Not necessarily a skill but I would like to see more skills locked to certain class types as in Heroes. When was Fury a skill in Fates?
  5. If you're not including Mozu's Aptitude in the growth averages then Donnel's shouldn't be included either. Otherwise, progress is looking good so far but neither of the pages is at completion. You ought to include a total column for the sum of each character's growths/average deviations on all the tables, and Awakening is missing the characters' base growths.
  6. Something doesn't seem right here... I'd still say it's harder. Unless it greatly accelerates leveling the higher enemy stats will likely outweigh the growths gained on levels outside of people promoting to Tier 2.
  7. I don't see how Strength is a good buffer for weight compared to Constitution. Just look ta PoR and Shadow Dragon: with Strength as a buffer weight serves no purpose lategame and penalizes low-Str units in the earlygame. You'd be better off without weight entirely. Con has its problems too but it's easier to fix and fine-tune. But I don't think it's Con, or Fates' system for that matter. It's either Strength, no buffer, or something new.
  8. Nihil vs Nihil, what happens?

    It's option 3. Nihil doesn't block Nihil.
  9. Very detailed world map, and it doesn't sleep on the edge lands either. I'm glad they learned their lesson after Fates.
  10. Info from Nintendo Topics

    So I guess the Big Mac Barg Mac is supposed to be the mountain range's name? Okay, Fodla makes a better name for a continent anyway. Also y'all are sleeping on the nation of Morpheus in the southeast.
  11. Make your own Death Quote

    Incoherent choking and gasping
  12. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    The squad combat is intriguing. Will it be a cosmetic feature, or will it carry actual gameplay implications? Only time will tell, but I'm sure this is gonna be a focal point in future trailers. Also speaking of which I didn't see pair-up in the gameplay footage at all... does this mean it's gone, or will we see it later? Squad cooperation might replace it in a way but we'll need more details.
  13. An MP System?

    They could have both? Innate black magic lists could work alongside tomes, with black magic giving certain characters access to spells their tome rank wouldn't otherwise allow early on.
  14. An MP System?

    Instead of an MP system, combat arts could use the stamina system. Couple it with immediate consequences for becoming fatigued and with another resource to budget stamina on the system becomes a lot more meaningful. Stamina can't be regenerated as easily as HP and this can be accentuated by reducing the potency and abundance of in-battle replenishment.
  15. Poll: Avatar (my unit) creation.

    First question is "Should your avatar be allowed to die?"