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  1. this, please. And amazing work you guys!
  2. Awesome! Can't wait for the new release! And thank you for your continued work on the translation this gem of a game deserves. You are doing amazing work!
  3. Universal GBA FE Randomizer v1.0

    Actually, chapter 10A fails because of Pirates/brigands (including Gonzales) using an AI that somehow fails after randomization. If you change their AI via Nightmare Editor to no AI or Generic AI, they will no longer lock up the game. Makes saving the village a cakewalk, unfortunately.
  4. The way your CFW will work is, that you will have your downgraded normal Firmware and your secondary "Custom firmware" (CFW). You have to keep your main Firmware at 9.8, but you can do everything online as long as your CFW is updated to the newest version and you use your CFW for that. NEVER upgrade your main Firmware (that, after downgrading, should be 9.8) to anything higher. Use your CFW thereafter for everything. Also, just as a tip, before updating your CFW to a version after 11.0 (which it will ask you to eventually when a new update is created by nintendo), make sure that it is safe to update by searching online first. Also, before you Downgrade, do you have a new 3ds or an old 3ds? A new 3ds has a small random chance to hard brick on you. (As in, Your firmware is entirely corrupted and I don't know right now if a hardmod could even save it anymore) Downgrading a new 3ds is quite risky and I would not recommend it.
  5. Hey, What program do you guys use to open the 7z with everything from team if? My mac is doing bad stuff. It creates 336 files of zero KB size which is most likely incorrect. Do you just use windows 7zip?
  6. Well, I don't know japanese, so I don't know wether I can be of all that great help, but I'd be willing to proofread and playtest the translation (Currently only for White night Kingdom though) Also, where do I report mistakes / Typos / Textskips / untranslated Lines /other Weird Stuff? And Of course, because I didn't express my gratitude yet, thank you very much for your continued work and the effort to give this game the translation it deserves. I hope I can be of use.
  7. Kibayashi doesn't want to claim credit for FE Fates' story

    My bad Kirokan, I meant a translation of the tweet, not the story of the Fates. I am trying to spoil myself as little as possible about the story. VincentASM did make the meaning of the tweet clear enough though. Thanks to both of you!
  8. Kibayashi doesn't want to claim credit for FE Fates' story

    yeah :/ I get the feeling as well. Could somebody be so kind to translate it for all of us?
  9. Is it actually a better translation and not just made up? The Original post suggest that this is not in FE if...
  10. Well, I tried to compare them to German ratings, which are USK 0, 6, 12, 16, 18. In Germany, you are considered a Teenager at the age of 12. I wasn't far off, though...
  11. ??? T rating is like 12+, isn't it? M starts with 17+, no? It still has some leeway... No changes T could still be achieved.
  12. Release hype thread

    HOPE WILL NEVER DIE! We will have our fanservice!
  13. Release hype thread

    I doubt they censored much of senran kagura. That game lives of Fan service. They apparently only removed character ages. read online only, can't confirm.
  14. Spoiler Free Discussion Thread

    Soooo wait a second... If... Nohr's hard --> Awakenings Lunatic... Awakenings lunatic+ --> Nohr's Lunatic (?)... Nohr's lunatic+ (if existing) --> Apotheosis (?)...? Dang... Oh, and just as a question: Is the transition from normal to hard a bit more lenient? I've had a hard time going from normal to hard in awakening (Mainly because I always do too much at once, though :/, though. Not benching all I don't want to currently use + getting all supports I want to get on that run - grinding = stupid :/). And would someone mind to compare difficulty from nohr normal to another title in the series? Like, say, New mystery's normal mode (When not lol !BeserkMU rofl stomping and teleskipping everything but still getting every optional objective.)? Because that game wasn't exactly hard, but not easy either and I want to have a rough estimate for what I will get myself into.
  15. "My Castle" Explanation Video Translation

    Mister, what would you love to do in between, you know, WAR?! Considering they are most of the time fighting, practicing, working, etc, I think it is rational for them to try to kick back. Besides, washing? feplus: How are they incentivized? a) It will most likely work just like it did in awakening anyway. Why would support level have any significant change on that? And on that matter, I am sure joker was speaking about speaking with your units in my castle without face rubbing. b) it's optional. c) If you don't like it and don't want to use it, consider it a challenge run. or play full-on-classic and don't deal with it. nobody is forcing you to waste your time in a way you don't like. And seriously, if you are already thinking of Apeotheosis (or however it is spelled), you are doing it wrong :/ And for that, just do without. Strategists are not required to fall back on everything the game offers. Or just swallow your pride and deal with it. BrightBow: Uh... no, since you need money and weapons in that game and money isn't just given away. It isn't optional. You are required to get money and weapons someway. Or accessing certain Gaiden Chapters. However, Face rubbing ≠ FE5 capture I would be seriously surprised if you need a certain amount of face rubs to reach chapter 8x or something, and you probably as well. Topazd: Well, yes, since you can just, you know, ignore the optional parts you don't like and focus on the stuff you like to do in the game. And it is not like face rubbing or my castle is 90% of the game. If 90% of the game is fanservice, I wouldn't bother with the game unless I am into fanservice. The game wouldn't qualify as a good strategy game anyway. Besides, if the remaining 10% are amazingly executed, would you still be annoyed by the fanservice? This game is not Fire emblem Infinite Fanservice. This is Fire emblem (what) if...? So, and Thanks shadow of chaos for the translation.