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  1. Again, then there would be a downtime of 240 years between the war supposedly ending and the sealing of the shield, sword and Tiki along with Naga's death. Regardless, that doesn't change my point that Naga was perfectly fine after the war ended for almost 200 years until the Miracle of Darna in -548 where Naga transferred all their power and will into the tome and died only a couple of decades later in -500.
  2. The war started in -740. We're not given a date of when it ended. -500 is when the Shield was sealed. It figures that this was when it was created. If the Shield was created in -740, then you'd need to answer why Naga would 240 years to seal the Shield and the Sword in the Fane. Given 240 year gap between the war starting and the sealing of the shield, the war lasted for many, many years (which might also explain why the divine dragons depleted their stones. The events Xane says happened after the war ended (sealing the sword and shield, sealing the temple, telling the dragons to protect humanity, sealing Tiki and dying) are unlikely to have taken 240 years. Again, the sword is not given a date of when it was created.
  3. This is what Shadow Dragons were depicted as. Which is accurate to how both Loptyr and Medeus are depicted as. Medeus has since been revised to having limbs and wings in the remake but we haven't had the chance to see the revision of how Loptyr would look. As it stands, they look identical in their original appearances. Also, Kaga calls the Loptyr that made the pact with Galle an Earth Dragon. That is indeed his tribe. But the dragon essence in the tome is clearly a Shadow Dragon as shown in the above images. Why depict him as Shadow Dragon, identical to both how Medeus looked and the official depiction of Shadow Dragons in the TCG if he was not a Shadow Dragon? Absurd. The Shield was made in the year -500, not -740. That was when the war started. The Shield is not mentioned until -500 when Naga died. And only the Shield is given a specific time of creation. From Shadow of Valentia, we also know that the Valentian Falchion was created before the war so it is highly likely that hte Archanean Falchion was also created before the war. Given that the Miracle of Darna happened in -548, which is before the creation of the Shield, we already know the cause of Naga's death. Transferring power into the tome at the Miracle of Darna and the forging of the Binding Shield and sealing of Tiki. And none of these require any injury from the war.
  4. It literally says "transfer all their power and will". ALL. Holy shit. Honest quesiton, what do you think transfer means? He intentionally looks identical to Medeus' appearance as a Shadow Dragon. Once again, holy shit, how do you keep ignoring what's stated and shown in the game to support your fanfiction? The forging of the Binding Shield happened after the Miracle of Darna. So yeah, Naga would be weakened after the Miracle of Darna. Not before though. There is nothing to suggest that Naga was weakened before that.
  5. "Transferring all power and will" doesn't leave any room for interpretation. They're not copy pasting their powers or some stupid shit. Transfer. TRANSFER. The word is crystal fucking clear, holy shit. Loptyr is a Shadow Dragon. That makes him significantly stronger than Earth Dragons. All this evidence right in the fucking game and still you ignore everything. Gotoh makes this clear. Why would Xane mention Loptyr? They don't have the time to go into the Miracle of Darna or Jugdral entire history. Also, very strange that you'd use Xane not mentioning Loptyr as evidence of him not being a factor yet you ignore the fact that Naga suffering any sort of injury is also never mentioned.
  6. Naga's death already makes sense. There is no reason to invent some injury. Lewyn says Loptyr's clan wields the most diabolical power. You cannot keep dismissing this ny saying this refers to Loptyr being a Shadow Dragon, especially since that's endorsement of Loptyr being the strongest, considering the power of Shadow Dragons. Loptyr and Naga are equals and far more powerful than their respective tribes. Why would Xane mention Loptyr? It's not relevant to Archanea's history. If he had mentioned Loptyr, he would have to go into Jugdral's entire history and they (or the player) doesn't time for that. Remember that they're talking in the middle of the Flame Barrel where Fire Dragons are emerging to attack. Also, after transferring his power into Galle and the tome, the actual Loptyr is a non-issue.
  7. Loptyr was not degenerated when he made the pact. Again, it is never stated that Naga suffered any injury or was weakened. Despite a lot of insignificant details being mentioned, this is never mentioned. If Naga was weakened, Kaga would have mentioned it. You insist that Naga must have been injured in the war, despite all the evidence to the contrary. You insist this because you refused to believe that Naga and Loptyr were equals so tried to come up with some excuse to downgrade Naga. All because you refuse to believe that Loptyr was indeed far, far more powerful than any of the other earth dragons (this is stated in the game) similar to how Naga was far, fast more powerful than other divine dragons. You keep belittling Naga's power. There is no reason to believe the idea that Naga would suffer damage to or have her 'life force' shortened in the war when we already know that Naga was way stronger than the other divine and earth dragons. Thus, Naga would not be weakened but the other divine dragons can still die because they are not as strong as Naga. Loptyr similarly was way stronger than his kin and other divine dragons with only Naga being his equal. Thus, we know the cause of Naga's demise: Transferring all power and will into the Naga tome. The evidence is right there: the actual Loptye disappears from the story after he makes the pact because he transferred all his power and will. His actual self would be a weak earth dragon after transferring his power. There is no need to invent some ridiculous theory about Naga being weakened in the war to explain Naga's death. It's all very clear.
  8. Like I said, we already know the Valentian Falchion in SoV was created way before the dragons started degenerating for the explicit purpose of being used against Mila and Duma. The Archanean Falchion then would be possibly created to be used against the Earth Dragons. ...Yes, I never denied that. In fact, I kept bringing it up again and again. The Falchion and Shield were sealed at the same time. They were sealed at the same but only the Shield is stated to have been forged after the war. If they were both created at the same time, this would be mentioned but only the shield is mentioned as having been created after the war. The wording is very specific. The Valentian Falchion being created before the war gives credit to the Archanean Falchion being created before. After all, if the Valentian Falchion was to be used to fight degenerated dragons, why wouldn't another be created when said degenerating happened? The idea that Falchion was created after the war has no evidence. Like none. Going by SoV information, believing that the Archanean Falchion was not created or used in the war would require us to accept that: 1) The Valentian Falchion was created by Naga to fight degenerated dragons. 2) It was given to Mila and Duma. 3) Yet when the actual war against the Earth Dragons happened, Naga didn't create a second Falchion (which, need I remind you because it just points out the absurdity of this belief, exists to fight dragons). 4) Fought against the Earth Dragons without any weapon (despite having created one before). 5) Somehow got injured or weakened or crippled. 6) Then created the Archanean Falchion AFTER the war ended and died. This is absurd, to say the least. And all this to serve your insistence that Naga and Loptyr were not equals. That Naga had to be injured in the war. That this is what caused Naga's death. All the while the actual explanation exists in plain sight: Naga creating the Naga tome, transferring all their will and power into it, supported by the fact that the actual Lopytr never figures into the story after he too did the same type of Blood Pact. This is some Game Theory levels of nonsense.
  9. @TheWerdna is wrong. The timeline is not constructed through second hand quotes by the fans. The timeline is official. The timeline comes straight from FE3. There is a detailed timeline that appears at the end of the game if you complete both parts straight through without losing a single unit. The timeline for FE4 is also from the game itself. Both can be found here. We can form an easy link between the timelines because Kaga himself said that the events of FE4 (Sigurd leaving out to rescue Adean and everything that came after) take place 1000 years before the events of FE1/FE3B1/FE11 (Marth leaves Talys with his army and everything that came before, ignoring the prologue) so using both calendars, we can link the year 604 Archanea with the year 757 Gran as having 1000 year gap between them. And nothing about the timeline was retconned since then. Loptyr transferred his will and power into the Loptyr tome. He did this in an attempt to avoid degeneration and become effectively immortal. Who cares what happened to his body? It either died or was sealed with the Earth Dragons since that body won't have power after transferring all of it to the tome. I keep saying but it bears repeating. Naga did not fight Loptyr directly. The tomes did battle while Naga was on a different continent and original Loptyr has been dead or sealed for at most 200 years at that point.
  10. Yep. Too many equate their favourite game being heavily criticised as the community being toxic.
  11. "together with the shield, she sealed it in the fane" That literally means it was sealed together with the shield in the fane. How the hell do misinterpret the line so much? Especially given the line in FE3 is "The sword was sealed within Raman Temple, along with the shield." No mention of them being created at the same time. Even this new retcon places the creation of Valentia's Falchion long before the war with the Earth Dragons.
  12. Wrong, the timeline says it was sealed with the Binding Shield at the same time, not created at the same time. Xane says the Falchion was created for humans to use if they needed it but doesn't say when it was created unlike the Binding Shield which he explicitly states was created after.
  13. The hell are you talking about? Only the the Binding Shield was created afterwards and I didn't even mention it. Falchion was forged before and used by Naga. Naga created Falchion for the humans to use later but only the shield is stated to have been created after the war. It's literally in the timelines given in the game.
  14. No, it still makes perfect sense. If Naga had been affected, it would have been mentioned. Xane is not contradicted at all. The other dragons died because they used up their dragonstones. Naga didn't use their dragonstone. Naga was not crippled or weakened. Kaga's notes says the Jugdral Holy Weapons have the power of an entire dragonstone in them. Naga was fine long after the war but dies almost immediately after transferring their power and will into the tome and sacrificing the power of their dragonstone? The same way how the other divine dragons died by exhausting their stones? Denying this is just silly. Every piece of evidence makes it clear that Naga was not weakened. Literally suggests that Naga was weakened.
  15. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it doesn't make sense or that's it's BS. Nothing indicated that Naga's lifespan was affected by the war. End of discussion. Your crackpot theory is wild fanfic at best with no basis in fact. We know Naga fought as a human wielding the Falchion and not through use of their Dragonstone where all their power is stored. This is a perfectly reasonably explanation to why Naga's lifespan was not affected whereas the other dragons exhausted their dragonstones through overuse. It's perfectly logical. Naga transferred all their power and will into the tome (as Kaga stated, the dragonstones were sacrificed at the Miracle of Darna) and died soon after. Naga did not fight Loptyr. Naga literally transferred all their power and will from their dragonstone and self into the tome of Naga. There's no 'maybe' in regards to if Loptyr was Naga's equal. Loptyr WAS Naga's equal. No ifs and buts. It makes perfect sense regardless of how unwilling you are to accept this fact. You go out of your way to dismiss every single piece of canon information we've been given about Naga. @Emperor Hardin is right. Kaga was very descriptive and both the illustration of Naga shows them to be perfectly normal and his own description says nothing or even hints to any crackpot nonsense that Naga was somehow weakened. If it was the case, it would have been mentioned like a lot of other insignificant details. It's stated that Naga and Loptyr are equals. There is not mention of any crippling injury from the war that came before. There is every reason to believe that transferring their power and will into the tomes is what caused the Naga to die. Naga was not crippled. This is fact and makes perfect sense. Naga and Loptyr were equals. This is fact and makes perfect sense. Enough nonsense, please.