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  1. First got into Linkin Park due to the excellent animated video for Pts.Of.Athrty that used to get played on Cartoon Network. Sad news. Linkin Park gets made fun of for being so edgy but considering Chester's history, it's clear it wasn't just 'edgy' for the sake of appealing to teens. The first two albums (and the remix album) will always be favourites and their later stuff, though different (perhaps for the worse) is still good.
  2. Why would the Japanese freak out a swastika? Go to Asia and you'll see it everywhere. There's nothing anti-semitic about the swastika. I can step outside my home and see that every apartment in my building has a swastika painted or craved above every main door.
  3. It was refreshing to read your comments that told people they're being predjuiced thinking Kamui created Cho'sin, or whatever Awakening's pseudo-Japan was, considering it's never shown. I guess people hate it when others disagree with what literally amounts to their "head-canon."

    1. RJWalker


      Yeah, I really don't see how Kamui's apperance is pseudo japanese. The pictures one guy used to show the similarities didn't even any similarities at all.

  4. Can we drop this meme that Shadows of Valentia changed Alm's personality? I feel people took that one line about crushing bastards along with the complete misinterpretation and character derailment that Alm got in Awakening's DLC and simply assumed that was Alm's personality. He's almost completely unchanged from Gaiden to Shadows of Valentia.
  5. Grima's 'dragon' face is a helmet of sorts. The etymology of Grima's name also literally means helmet/mask so the english name was chosen with this in mind. The 'skull' that's found in Plegia and seen during Chapter 9 is the same helmet.
  6. Yes, I read the wrong dialogue, but still, it doesn't have to mean they were completely infertile. Even the wording suggests that they couldn't give birth, not they couldn't concieve. So obviously, carrying the child to term was the problem. It could also be that once dragons degenerated completely, the could reproduce normally again since the degeneration is magical in nature and could work in mysterious ways. The wyverns riden by dracoknights are clearly supposed to be the same species as the Wyvern Tribe, but degenerated. Then again, we don't exactly need wyverns to have the ability to reproduce. Wyverns reproducing is not brought up until Awakening and we all know how clumsy Awakening is with lore. The wyverns in Macedon and the ones in Jugdral could simply so numerous that finding mounts for their dracoknights wouldn't be much of a problem, especially combined with a dragon's long life.
  7. I don't see why degenerated dragons wouldn't be able to reproduce. The game doesn't say they went completely infertile. It could easily be something like the Krogan from Mass Effect where the Genophage made births extremely rare due to stillbirths and the Krogan lifestyle severely compounded this problem. Even in Mass Effect, the characters repeatedly say that Krogan females are infertile even though that's not entirely accurate (and some characters will sometimes point this out when others say females are infertile).
  8. Wyverns are not weaker than other dragons except Divine and Earth. Especially in gameplay where they're a nightmare.
  9. Wyvernsridden by Dracoknights are clearly supposed to be the same as the same as degenerated wyvern tribe dragons. Degenerated dragons should still be capable of breeding, yes? Any minor design differences in later games, I think we safely ignore those. Even Awakening keeps the standard wyvern design that's accurate to FE3 wyverns. As for the issue of tamed wyverns in Jugdral and Necrodragons (as Necrodragons clearly resemble Wyverns)in Valentia, well their excellent flight capablities are a key aspect, so they're the one tribe that would be capable of travelling these vast distances in huge numbers, even in their degenerated state. We can't say that no one else could have tamed these creatures. And maybe the ones in Valentia simply died off for whatever reason. As for Fafnir and Dagons. Fafnir looks alive. It has intact eyes and it's body doesn't look decayed. I question how much thought we should give Fafnir since especially though since it might just be a "we need a stronger class of necrodragons" and not more than that. Dagons, well, maybe they're an underwater dwelling tribe of dragons that split off long ago and lost contact and simply degenerated completely due to them being cutoff from the knowledge about dragonstones.
  10. Well, the reason is obviously gameplay but I'm more surprised that they didn't really work in the Astra, Sol and Luna skills into the weapons. Astra gets the Astra skill that we most well know it as but Sol and Luna don't get the skills, even though Sol and Luna type skills were added into the remake and given to the Golden Dagger and Silver Sword.
  11. Coule the Wyvern tribe be a type of Wind dragon? Wyverns stll breathe fire so it doesn't work but their excellent flight capablities giving them so much movement is the most notable aspects of wyverns.
  12. The lore makes it very clear that manaketes have their one specific dragonstone and that's all they get for their whole lives. This detail had been consistent in all Archanea games, even Awakening. Also yeah, Upheaval/Megaquake it's clearly not a draconic power since we know elemental spirits exists and they kept the dialogue where the user (even Duma) clearly calls out to the earth spirits in Shadows of Valentia. So that's not Duma's power, he's merely using the earth spirits by calling out to them.
  13. I contest that Celica is more flawed. Het decision was completely right since Mila had sealed Falchion. If she hasn't unsealed it, then Celica's sacrifice was necessary as Alm wouldn't be able to defeat Duma.
  14. Alm was never aggressive in Gaiden. Awakening's characterization is a complete misinterpretation. He was never that sort of person. Impulsive, yes, aggressive, hell no. There was never much contrast between him and Celica. These are all of Alm's lines in Gaiden: Literally every single line Alm speaks in Gaiden. Every last line. And the only line that suggests Alm is some sort of aggressive warmonger or battle hungry is the "crush these bastards" line. The vast majority of these lines which are the closest thing to characterization Alm gets in Gaiden (which I've highlighted) are kept in Shadows of Valentia and are nearly identical. Alm was not altered in Shadows of Valentia to make him less aggressive and more kindhearted. Awakening's portrayal of him was a huge misinterpretation and mischaracterization. People are thinking this misinterpretation was what he actually was like Gaiden when this is far from the truth. Back to the highlighted lines. As i've said, they're kept pretty much the same in Shadows of Valentia and they what personality and character they imply is the exact same personality and character he has in Shadows of Valentia. The lines about being upset at Mycen sending Celica away is still there in a sense. The whole conversation about Rigel being the invader and Zofia not really having any other choice than to drive back the invaders is still there. Even in Gaiden, he's merely driving them out, not taking war to them. He didn't have any kingly ambitions in Gaiden and this is kept true in the remake as well. I'm also surprised at some being upset that Alm petitions Rigel for a ceasefire in Shadows of Valentia instead of just straight up invading. That he wants peace instead of war is the sign of good ruler and you want that gone? For what? The remake also doesn't really make much of a point of saying Alm is aggressive to contrast to Celica. Celica being upset at Alm going to war is not an indication that Alm is a warmonger but is supposed to show Celica's fear of her vision coming true. Alm is a multifaceted character. He's wonderfully written. Sure, he doesn't 'develop' but I question the need for that if he's such a well rounded character from the start. He's usually kind and jovial, making silly puns. When the time calls for seriousness, he's serious as evidenced by him being ready to execute Berkut at the Battle of the Border. He's also not shy at all about saying Clive is to blame for the fall of the southern outpost and Claire's capture and this accusation troubles Lukas. He also defends Lukas from Fernand's accusations. He also calls out Clive's hypocrisy in regards to saving Delthea, which Clive later admits. ANd should the rescue of Mathilda fail, Clive in turn will not hesitate to say he may have made a terrible mistake in making Alm the leader, saying that Alm has cost him both his friend and now his lover. Alm regularly shows a desire for an actual family and when the truth comes out, he's distraught. Even more so when Berkut dies. He initially even refuses to speak to Mycen because of how much Mycen kept hidden. He also says that what hurt him most was that Mycen was not his blood related grandfather, again, showing his desire for a real family. And perhaps the best part of the whole game is the conversation Alm's group has about creating a better world in Act 5, where Alm shows that he's not naive about the struggle but says that a creating a better world will be worth the pain. This is such a Rigelian attitude (aside from the independence from gods) and the best part is that all of his companions are Zofians who learn to accept a Rigelian viewpoint but use their own Zofian viewpoints to show restraint and not go straight into the 'search for ever greater power' as Celica puts it in her Duma Tower monologue. Alm is a very well written character and especially in contrast to characters like Chrom who pretend to develop for most of the game only to completely throw it all away and regress near the end or Corrin who is actively encouraged to not develop into a more mature person by their siblings. Alm may not have much character development but he starts of so enjoyable and stays that way that he doesn't need it.
  15. The only DLC I've bought in the history of DLC is Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival for Mass Effect 2. And those were critically acclaimed, fandom beloved and I thought they were only okay, nothing special. So FE DLC for me is not happening.