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  1. Resetless Lunatic+ Run COMPLETED (Deathless) (With Complete Guide)

    Btw, have you ever thought of doing a run with resets? One that aimed for the quickest real time completion above all else? Cuz I'd find that MOST fascinating!
  2. I feel that Shadow Dragon was "modernized" in a way that the original game wasn't prepared to accommodate. The Weapon Triangle severely disadvantaged sword users in a game where most enemies are lance users, Ogma's 12 SPD w/30% growth is no longer impressive where the SPD cap has been raised to 25, Camus is far less scary in a game where 20 isn't the upper limit, Cain can no longer use Javelins right away like he could in the original versions, Hardin can no longer use the Silver Sword he was supposed to get from Chapter 4...etc., etc. After some fooling around, it occurred to me that the recalculation of weapon weights are probably one of the things that hurts the most. So would anyone happen to know how to make it so STR no longer offsets weapon weight? To make it so that Hand Axes always give you a -9 AS penalty, and the like? As poor and antiquated a mechanic as that's what the original game was balanced around. Its removal is part of the reason why the C1-C3 bosses are so ridiculous on H5. So I'm thinking implementing it is an important step to making Shadow Dragon play more like how it was meant to be played.
  3. Oh yeah. That all is very important! The RNG being a giant string of numbers that are consumed every fight, and all that!
  4. ...Wait a minute...! What are your game options set on? I don't usually have animations on, so...perhaps something ELSE might have been throwing it off?
  5. Cool! Look forward to it!
  6. That's what I would suggest. That way I REALLY know what you're doing!
  7. Yeah, that's right. Straight down. Hm...which emulator are you using? And are you sure you're doing hard resets, and not soft resets?
  8. Cordelia Less Obsessed w/Chrom in Japanese Version?

    I believe it was one of the S Supports. The one with Frederick, maybe?
  9. I remember hearing, once, that Cordelia had at least one S Suppport that ended with the whole "I may not be as good as Chrom" thing that was NOT that way in the Japanese version. Like, there was a character were the localizers added in that whole "I may not be Chrom" thing when it wasn't there originally. I'm not sure as to how true that is; and I'm having trouble finding the source for that. But, I coulda sworn I read about that once on this very forum, so...does anyone know anything about that?
  10. Anyone else find Julius underwhelming?

    I dunno, man. It'll be a while before I get to that point, but...well, suffice it to say, FE4's glitchiness means that he's a chump with or without Julia or Celice
  11. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    Because the point is to 100% the game on it's hardest setting. That's where the challenge is! Figuring out the best ways of doing what you want even in the harshest conditions!
  12. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    And that's what I'd been doing. The problem isn't whether or not I can do that. The problem was how long it took .
  13. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    Have you played Lunatic+? If you haven' me. The Reeking Box enemies scale VERY rapidly to keep up with Robin *shudder* ! You could have him/her with maxed out stats, and STILL struggle to survive!
  14. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    Oh REALLY now? I'll have to keep that in mind!
  15. Support Grinding on Lunatic+?

    I want ways to get better at supporting. I can support grind off Reeking Box encounters...but keeping everyone alive is an extraordinarily tedious, time-consuming process. I wanted a way that was faster. That said, will I always have access to the Bonus Box + Streetpass teams? Or will those features eventually disappear after like, 50 decades or so?