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  1. Indeed. You know what's REALLY funny though? I think I remember there being REAL LIFE conflicts that were decided by equally frivolous things. Al Capone, for example, was a criminal mastermind who spent years getting away with all kinds of crazy stuff. But the thing that FINALLY did him in? A tax evasion charge. Yes, that's right. A tax evasion charge. THAT was what finally got him in court long enough for everyone to get him into the slammer .
  2. Hey guys! Here's the next episode! Chapter 7 (Part 1):
  3. So here's where I'm at on the next update. I just realized that I don't have Chapter 7 recorded. I believe I had Chapter 6 pre-recorded before actually covering it, so I think I mistakenly assumed that was the case for C7, too; but it was not. For that reason, I'm going to probably take about 2-3 days to record that. In the meantime, you all WILL get an update tomorrow; it's just one that's going to mostly cover Pre-Battle dialogue, along with maybe some Arena fights and some strategy talk as to what I intend to do with Chapter 7. It will be a much shorter update than what I've been doing so far; most of the ones I've done range from around 40,000 to 50,000 characters, but this one's probably going to be more in the range of...7,450 characters, I want to say? Don't worry, I'll make it longer if I feel like it's lacking in content by the end :) . Now, if I get done with that, and I come away thinking that's something that's going to increase my productivity; my future updates will probably be much shorter in exchange for being much more frequent. I don't want to burn out the way the SpoonyOne did; and let's face it, my LP's have more hiatus's then Nomura on Kingdom Hearts! Oftentimes, getting started on an update is harder than the actual work! The actual image editing and writing tends to be the easier part of doing this LP; so I figure I'm going to start planning my update lengths around my own mental stamina, rather than trying to always jam-pack each one with as much content as an update can possibly have (which has been my model before). Hopefully that makes sense, and hopefully this model will work out. If I don't think it's working out by the time I've done a few updates, then I'll go back to what I was doing before. And I also won't work on anything else till THIS LP gets finished! I already tried that with that whole "Fire Emblem Gaiden RTA" project I tried, and well...THAT didn't work out, did it ;) ? So I'm seeing this through to the end before doing anything else. So till then, consider this LP as being in something of a transitionary period while I try and find my groove. Have a nice night, and God bless you all!
  4. Hey everyone! Time for another trip to the War Room! The War Room, Part 8: Know Your Jealousy Tables (Gen 2)!:
  5. Well, while we're at it, I onvr simulated my very own, 12 round death match for Sigurd vs. Alvis; assuming that both were at LVL 30, and fighting on equal terrain and HP. Alvis was in his Sage class, but didn't have the Recover Ring he had in the Prologue (obviously). And...I think the results are quite interesting! Check it out!
  6. Alright, so next update's going to be a mini-update on TWO different topics. First of all, I actually went to the effort of cracking the 2nd Gen Jealousy mechanics for ALL the non-Substitute characters! I know who Lakche has priority over when competing for Johalva, I know who Lana has priority over when competing for Celice, I know who Fee has priority over when competing for Arthur...I know EVERYTHING there is to know on all non-Sub characters! So before we go further on, I'm going to lay out the entire table and explain exactly who I'll pair with who! Now secondly, I did not cover either Arthur, Amid, Fee, Femina or Julia in the last update, so that's also going to be taken care of. Looking back, I...might have been able to fit them all in without bloating the update too much? I didn't think I'd be able to while I was writing it, but, looking back on it now...I might have just been in too much of a rush to update the thread. I felt like it had already been too long; so I might end up putting those in the actual update shortly. Regardless, they'll also be included in the next mini-update, so you'll still get them either way. Have a nice night all!
  7. Integrity's essay, huh? Where's that now?
  8. Oh don't worry; that was the first place I posted it
  9. Nah, I left all those out because the update was already really big, Celice was doing basically everything anyway, and there were just so many new people to do. So instead, I figured it would be better to just lump them all into a separate post. ...Crud! You're right! Ah well; I'll be sure to edit that back in eventually
  10. At long last! We have the next update! Chapter 6 (Part 2):
  11. Man; I'm sorry I accidentally left out so many crucial details . There are few things that feel worse than following instructions from someone you KNOW is competent, but isn't explaining things clearly enough. Makes it hard to tell whether it's your fault, or whether it's the other guy's fault; and that's a terrible situation to be in. I know that from experience. In any case, I'll be playing through this again. And this time, I'll be VERY careful to look for whatever "rescue, drop & trade" shenanigans need mentioning. Not only that, but I'll be using the same LUA script that you see in the Chapter 10 updates for all of the screenshots; this way, you WILL be able to track exactly how much EXP, FUNDS, COMBAT, TACTICS, and SURVIVAL you should have for each chapter. EDIT: Oh yes, and I also added in two reminders to use the Angelic Robe on Florina at the beginning and end of Chapter 6. Hopefully that will help anyone who uses this guide in the future.
  12. Still not dead folks! The spring semester just ended, so the next update should be the next time I post! If you see this thread get bumped by me, I guarantee it will be an update!
  13. Thank you so much everyone. If I'm reading your stories right, there's nothing unusual about my situation; it seems like a lot of this stuff happens pretty spontaneously, so...seems I'll just keep living life! Have a nice day, and feel free to keep sharing your stories. I love reading them .
  14. I would say the answer to this question depends: "Are you trying to get AAAA Rank?" IF YES: ABSOLUTELY! He single-handedly makes the mode so much easier because of Give + Bargain! Plus he really helps out Leen! 10/10 IF NO: Then don't bother. You don't really need much money. 2/10
  15. When someone has a psychological disorder, it's actually MORE common for them to have two or more than it is for them to just have one. What we call that, then, is "co-morbid"; for example, those with Asperger's Syndrome will also often have OCD. And of course, some form of depression is also common when you've already got something else causing you distress, so you can see how problems snowball. So what I'm asking is if there's anything else you have that would interfere with driving. Because Asperger's didn't prevent me from getting a driver's license. I failed the driving test twice before finally succeeding, but I did it; and I have a feeling you can too .