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  1. Translation Help on These Spells?

    Huh...that's interesting. How often is it that Japanese writers insert stuff like that, even in the places an American audience would least expect it?
  2. Translation Help on These Spells?

    Yeah. Actually, I came up with another scheme I really liked, since I typed that... Razer -> Hellrazer (a portmanteau of "hellraiser" and "razer") -> Atom Razer (wanted to use "Particle Razer", but that didn't fit any of the textboxes) I think, out of all the things I've come up with, that's the closest thing I've found to getting across "an uncontrollable fiery thing with a portmanteau in the middle that still sounds cool to native English speakers". Actually, now I've moved on to another challenge; the "Slippy Gorilla" boss fight. See, you encounter a group of three of them. And while they're called "Chestbeaters" in the official localization, they're called スリッピーゴリラ in the original script. Thinking that that's kind of a terrible name, I've been trying hard to figure out what that could be a reference to. They're found in a place called "Kandla Temple" (a vaguely Shinto/Buddhist temple whose name references a port town in India), behind this boiling cauldron that you have to move. You can see this, here... Haven't found any luck so far. "Slippy" seems to have basically the same connotation in Japanese as it does in English; and while there are the "Three Wise Monkeys" that are central in Shinto mythology, I don't see how they would apply too directly here. For now, the best I could come up with is calling them "Oiled Gorillas"; as they might've been using that same boiling cauldron to bathe and get oiled up. Do you know anything about this that I might not? Thanks for the help!
  3. Translation Help on These Spells?

    What would you think of this? Wild Fire -> Fire Bolt -> Star Fire With Fire Bolt being a portmanteau of "Fire" and Thunderbolt"?
  4. Translation Help on These Spells?

    Ah, perfect! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you so much :) !
  5. Translation Help on These Spells?

    I'm doing a Relocalization of both the Golden Sun games, to clean up a lot of the errors and unnecessary liberties taken by the localizers. But, I'm not translating it totally literally, either. I'm still going for the meaning of the original Japanese script, rather than the clinical translation of it; as I think that's how the best localizations tend to be. But...I've run into some trouble with three VERY oddly named spells...and they are... デンジャラス -> デンジャラクト -> デンジャフュジョン For now, I've renamed them "Flash -> Death Flash -> Terra Flash". For context, here's their animations... Now, obviously the new names are decent enough on their own, but...are they really faithful to the original script? Did I preserve the general feel the original writers were going for? Because I'll be honest; I have NO idea what the original writers were going for with the original names. Does the English word for "dangerous" have some sort of connotation that only exists in Japan? Did they just slap some fancy sounding English words on their fire spells, and call it a day? What's going on here? If anyone with more experience and knowledge than me can answer this definitively, that would be great. Thank you so much; and God bless you all.
  6. Anyway, I've taken just about all the screenshots I need to take, so the next update is gonna come soon. Just wanted to give a heads up on that!
  7. Lunatic+ LTC - Complete! 96 turns

    I know I'm necroing an old thread by doing this, but...if Barrel reads this...what would you say are the stat benchmarks that are needed to make these strats work? I know that throughout the run, Barrel probably rigged level ups throughout; but now that he's beaten the game, how much of that could have been cut out?
  8. Hehehehe...Well, Dragon Ball Super's been a real help as far as that goes. Were that not the case, I probably would've had to skimp on doing the Subs.
  9. Alright guys! Are you ready for the new year? For the new...UPDATE?! Chapter 7 (Part 2):
  10. Well, HughesNet just went down in my area. They're my internet service provider; and apparently, they don't know when they're going back up. Still, I was only something like a hour and a half away from completing this update, so, I'll get that up as soon as I can. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience, and God bless you! Happy New Years!
  11. No Christmas update this time. But, there IS going to be one on New Years. After that is when I'll be hitting the updates full swing. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  12. To be honest, I'd gone on a hiatus for a while. However, I'm about to get my Bachelor's degree in Psychology; so with school FINALLY ending for the time being, I should end up being a lot more productive, soon. So, see you then!
  13. Feh. Another double post. Sorry mods :(
  14. You know what? There is never anything wrong in seeking to help people. I love creating something worth reading, and your one grammar tip here will help with many updates to come. So don't worry; you didn't do anything wrong :) !
  15. Has Religion Done More Good Than Bad?

    Again, no argument there . Anyway, if Christianity has become so radically different from it's roots, that I can no longer talk about Jesus's teachings without talking about something entirely different...then what do you think I should call what I'm talking about? "The way of Christ"? "Followers of Christ"? "True Christianity"? I'm not sure what else I'd call it that wouldn't sound too weird.