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  1. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    So if Julius wants to breed himself a whole gaggle of fresh meat children, then that's what he'd do. That way he can trash the body he's currently in as much as he wants, and just swap over whenever he wishes to. It'd be a messed up system, but, I'm not sure how an effectively immortal spirit would go through bodies so quickly. Levin, at least, was convinced that the Book of Naga was the only chance they had. Had poisons and other such assassination methods been effective, I don't think Levin would have been nearly as adamant about that point.
  2. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    Huh...I wonder if that effectively renders Lakche X Holyn non-canon? Since that's the only instance I know of where two kids have Major blood?
  3. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    No, no, he could just create multiple Major vessels. Just like how Larcei & Ulster can both have Major Odo blood, if Holyn is their father.
  4. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    You wouldn't even need to, necessarily. Loptyr could just produce a dozen new hosts per generation, and hop through all of them as needed. Heck, Julius could even start a harem if he felt like it; keep the babies rolling in, and keep trashing each new host he takes.
  5. The Life Span of a Loptyr Victim

    My headcanon to all this, now that Jotari brings it up? "Body Surfing". Basically, Loptyr uses and abuses the bodies he possesses until they're too broken (or too old) to do what he wants them to do. At that point, he switches to another (perhaps the kids he'd sire with Ishtar, and then the kids THOSE kids would sire, and so on). Simple explanation, eh?
  6. Areone/Arion's motivation

    On the other hand, we all know that FE4 had a LOOOOOT of stuff cut out of the final product. Heck, it was already pretty dense as it was. So it's possible that Kaga thought of all that, and just...didn't think to make the train of thought more obvious to us?
  7. Planning my first FE4 AAAA Rank Run

    Righto! And yeah, making a good Patty isn't just good for her; it's good for everyone else! The more money she earns in the Arena, the more money she can give out to the folks who need it; like Johalva/Johan!
  8. Planning my first FE4 AAAA Rank Run

    Alrighty then! 1) For further detail as to what all goes into a AAAA Ranked run, I would highly recommend this ongoing LP I started, where I do the same: 2) Seliph: Giving him the Silver Sword isn't a bad choice; in fact, it's a very popular choice. He WILL, however, want the Defense and Recovery Rings, so as to ensure his survival in Chapter 6. He DOES start at LVL 1, after all! And if you're REALLY wanting to snowball him, I'd get 100 kills on the Brave Sword in Gen 1, and give THAT to him. Not necessary, but, I find that such a weapon does wonders for Seliph's ability to solo maps, as well as Sigurd's ability to kill guys like Langbart in Chapter 5. 3) Julia: I don't believe she gets any of her mother's inherited stuff. May as well sell that Aura tome and give the proceeds to Seliph, cuz Julia's not getting it, anyway. 4) Lana: She and Lester are siblings. There's no way of getting Mana without passing up on Lester, too. May as well give Lana as many staves as you can, then. 5) Lester: If it were me, I'd give him ALL the bows you can, and then some! IMO, he's one of the Gen 2 units that struggle the most with getting levels. Any help he can get is much appreciated. 6) Dew: He and Ayra aren't a bad pairing at all. However, I've always found Dew to be better used for helping Sylvia's kids. Leen wants more than Elite to help her go through the Arena; she also wants to always be swapping out the Shield Ring, the Shield Sword, and other valuable items in-and-out to help with Prayer rigging in the Arena. To that end, she GREATLY appreciates having the Bargain skill to help her out with that. Besides that, it is significantly easier to keep Dew glued to her than it is to keep Lex back. 7) Ayra: I've always liked Lex with her. It ensures that he gives Elite to two combat units instead of one (where the skill does the most good), they're a pre-destined pairing that's easy to get, Lex's DEF growth helps shore up their one weakness, and it ensures that Larcei & Ulster will never have the slightest bit of trouble getting to LVL 30. 8) Delmud: You've got him set up well! I'd still give the Shield Sword to Leen, but, it's never a bad idea to give Delmud swag he can sell; he's another of the more underpowered Gen 2 units. In fact, I like giving him the Thief Sword so he can accumulate cash in Chapters 6-7. 9) Nanna: Looks fine to me. She's a staff bot with semi-decent combat, so she's not someone who needs a ton of help. 10) Patty: I'd give her the Bargain Ring; that way, you can take full advantage of her ability to Give money to other units! Good choice on making Holyn her dad, though! That Hero Sword REALLY helps her out; especially if it's got 100+ kills! 11) Tinny: She doesn't get Thoron, no matter what. You may as well sell it for money. And I wouldn't give her the Magic Ring. She promotes into a staffbot, so she hardly needs the help. Rather... 12) Arthur: I would give it to this guy, instead. He's locked solely to weapons; so he needs the extra items to sell more than Tinny does. Hope this helps!
  9. Resetless Lunatic+ Run COMPLETED (Deathless) (With Complete Guide)

    Btw, have you ever thought of doing a run with resets? One that aimed for the quickest real time completion above all else? Cuz I'd find that MOST fascinating!
  10. I feel that Shadow Dragon was "modernized" in a way that the original game wasn't prepared to accommodate. The Weapon Triangle severely disadvantaged sword users in a game where most enemies are lance users, Ogma's 12 SPD w/30% growth is no longer impressive where the SPD cap has been raised to 25, Camus is far less scary in a game where 20 isn't the upper limit, Cain can no longer use Javelins right away like he could in the original versions, Hardin can no longer use the Silver Sword he was supposed to get from Chapter 4...etc., etc. After some fooling around, it occurred to me that the recalculation of weapon weights are probably one of the things that hurts the most. So would anyone happen to know how to make it so STR no longer offsets weapon weight? To make it so that Hand Axes always give you a -9 AS penalty, and the like? As poor and antiquated a mechanic as that's what the original game was balanced around. Its removal is part of the reason why the C1-C3 bosses are so ridiculous on H5. So I'm thinking implementing it is an important step to making Shadow Dragon play more like how it was meant to be played.
  11. Oh yeah. That all is very important! The RNG being a giant string of numbers that are consumed every fight, and all that!
  12. ...Wait a minute...! What are your game options set on? I don't usually have animations on, so...perhaps something ELSE might have been throwing it off?
  13. Cool! Look forward to it!
  14. That's what I would suggest. That way I REALLY know what you're doing!
  15. Yeah, that's right. Straight down. Hm...which emulator are you using? And are you sure you're doing hard resets, and not soft resets?