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  1. Atey's pixel art

    Here's another OC: His name is Etheon. These are his human form and his true form.
  2. Atey's pixel art

    They're fairies for now. I still have to think of a name for their species, haha.
  3. Atey's pixel art

    Oh right, this gallery exists lol... Well, here's some more pixel art Yikah and Kahly, two of my original characters. Okuyasu and Josuke from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ... and also Rohan, still in progress.
  4. Team BwdYeti Recruitment Drive

    Actually, I was asking because that's the only way I have to receive money. Thanks for answering :)
  5. Team BwdYeti Recruitment Drive

    I'd like to participate on this, but before even trying I need to know... do you pay through paypal?
  6. Atey's pixel art

    Well, I think it's enough of showing old trash, haha... better show new trash xD I'm just distracting myself doing this.
  7. The Radiant Collection|

    Nasir *_* Yeah, making such slim eyes is really hard xD but I think Solum's fix makes the trick. It only needs a little fix on the hair that is under the ear, the rest is very well done :>
  8. Atey's pixel art

    Yeah xD Slade is freaking cool and one of the best there. Too bad that he was quite overlooked on the story, he could've been a very important character, since he's basically the responsible of what happens. I also like Gerhalt... Zynk looks cool, but I never used him. Shining Force 1 also has some cool characters. I made a sprite of one of them a long time ago (even though this character is from the remake, lol) Zuika is my favorite from the remake <3 Here's a bunch of really old sprites I made: Jonathan and Charlotte from Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (yeah, Jonathan needs a remake) Dante, from Devil May Cry 3 using Nevan, Agni & Rudra and Rebellion A Garchomp And also, some FE characters: The green-haired family Aideen and Midir Ayra and Holyn Gerik and Joshua Cormag and Tana Ephraim and L'Arachel Vanessa and Forde Eirika and Seth I think that's my most... "decent" from my old fixel art, the old faces are quite bad xD
  9. Atey's pixel art

    Yay, now I have time even though I'm not usually in the mood of making pixel art, lol... Today I'm a little bit nostalgic, so I tried something new: make a mug with the style of... Shining Force 2~ :D I feel like compared to the Fire Emblem mugs, these are so easy to make. Talking about SF2, I made a sprite of Slade a loooong time ago, but never finished it and never will 'cause I hate making sprites lol.
  10. Atey's pixel art

    Haha that's so very true... even I notice that while I'm finishing the mugs, but I keep them like that anyways lol. My favorite one from the FE mugs is Shinon, but uh... I'll see what I can do with the others xD (more precisely L'Arachel and Elphin, it seems.) Yes, I agree that Elphin's eyes look weird... I'll see what I can do about that... eventually. Maybe I'll try to fix some of the mugs moving the nose/eyes/mouth/jaw around a little... once I have more time to do that, of course. Thanks for the critiques and nice comments :>
  11. Atey's pixel art

    I created a topic here last year, I think... but it looks like that topic is dead lol, so I'm forced to start a new one. If somebody here know me by my deviantart, you probably wont see much new stuff here xD Anyways, I'll post some of my pixel art works. FE mugs I made some time ago yeah, I know her name is translated as Catria. A self-portrait... kind of. And also some simple gifs of my original characters
  12. Einherjar of a Spriter of Yore

    I like what I've seen here so far, good job :> Btw, I was wondering if you'd give me your permission to use that Ephraim mugshot you have on the first page. It's for the crossover hack (your version is better than mine xD) Of course, I'll make sure to give you the credits for it.... if you accept, that it.
  13. Fire Emblem Binding Blade +

    Oh, don't worry, I'm not that dramatic about other people using my mugshots. If the description doesn't say they're not available for free use, then it means they can be used (which I usually make sure to specify in the description of my dA... in fact, I'm gonna check my gallery and edit all the descriptions of my mugshots to make it clear) So yeah, feel free to use them (those mugs are quite old tbh, but oh well, that is for you to decide)
  14. Biweekly Battle Sprite Showdown III ~Crossover Chaos~

    Oh, so many options... Ok, I'll just go with the game that is less likely to be picked. Name of the character: Lemres Game: Puyo Puyo Full custom Reference: