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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Oh, this is lucky. I got WAH. She's even +spd -res. That's actually pretty good, especially for me.
  2. Did you also somehow miss the part where I've said I primarily want Hrid because I want more playable male OCs? Also, it'd be weird to make Gunnthra legendary and not Hrid, when both have approximately the same plot relevance anyway. Unless Gunnthra and Fjorm became legendary because they both died due to Rite of Frost. EDIT: Also, I'm not too keen on having Heroes' villains be added until their role in the plot is done. We never get to play as the villains in many FE games, so I'm not too fussed if we have to wait a bit longer for Heroes villains here. Also, it's implied that Loki is not done with the plot yet, while Nifl likely is.
  3. Dammit guys, why the fuck was I even mentioned in this topic? Can't a person just get back from a D&D session with friends and chill without being thrown into this idiocy? I've expressed my disappointment with newer male units tending to be more mediocre than female units on average -- Silas and Libra were created just to be dropped. Lewyn and Quan probably avoided that fate because they're popular, plot-relevant, canonically powerful, and Silvia is ... well, none of those. She's just another random character in regards to the story. Also, @NoirCore, I don't think this was your intent but I do not like the insinuation that people (and especially I) are only complaining about things Anacybele is complaining about because she "planted" the idea in our heads, like we're so weak-willed that we didn't notice it ourselves or that we were just completely fine with it beforehand. On the contrary, there have always been people complaining about things, not just Anacybele. Where the fuck were you? With regards to this banner: Kliff: I guess he's cool. Will probably try for him. Owain: I like him more than Odin as a character, and he seems cool. Wouldn't mind getting him. Loki: Ugh, but I guess OCs are fair game now, especially after the Muspell trio. Don't really want to get her, but I will use her if I get her. Also, fuck these duel skills. Aversa: She's free, can't complain.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Well, at the very least, I got an Innes! He's +res -def, which isn't bad by any means. Nice.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Funny thing about today's banner ... I guess Ephraim got overexcited and didn't want to wait for his actual banner. Kind of like m!Grima on the distant defense banner. Free pull was a 3-star Nino. I think.
  6. I also forgot to mention that in both the recent Awakening and Fates banners, they had a ratio of 3 females to 1 male character, and in both cases the male character was the obvious drop. Silas at least brought reposition and steady stance into the 4-star pool (and even defense wave, although you need to promote him for that), but Libra brought really mediocre fodder with him. They also gave Sumia and Nina new premium fodder (new link skills) and other things they have yet to drop into the 4-star pool (close defense and bow valor) to justify keeping them 4-star locked when their stats really don't justify it. Sumia isn't much different from Shigure, who was dropped. Nina's bow is gimmicky and there's nothing that really makes her much, much better than other archers we have in the 4-star pool. Shigure and Libra were also dropped while introducing new weapons, so we know that's not a deterrent. Quan and Lewyn fared better, yes, but in their defense they're plot-important characters wielding canonically powerful weapons and people would be pissed if they were underpowered. Silvia is a random dancer without major holy blood and no personal weapon. The Awakening and Fates banners were basically "4 random people" and none of them had personal weapons in their own games, or were super plot relevant. And when that happens, the guy seems to get the short end of the stick. So, like, if they're going to make the guy the obvious drop, they should at least get a good stat spread and decent fodder to bring into the pool. Because, like, they're still in the 5-star pool. Waiting to pity break you one day and causing you much rage.
  7. The extent I care about arena is whether I can stay in tier 18 and get the 4 orbs. I'm always stuck between tier 18 and 19 because I refuse to merge my 5-stars. Call me silly or whatnot, but I've used my friends' ultra powerful 5+10 units and ... well, it's pretty boring. Keeping my units at a base 5-star rarity gives me a challenge, but it doesn't let me score well in arena, even if I see quite a handful of powerful merged units there for higher scores. Arena really only rewards whales, or people who are willing to invest in +10 units and super expensive skills. It doesn't reward skill. Otherwise, I'd be scoring better for beating merged units with base merge 5-stars. But I don't. The problem with this is that male units getting relegated to GHB or TT status means that they're more likely to be mediocre and to come with mediocre weapons. Canas and Karla are the most egregious example I can think of, in which a popular guy ended up being the worst TT reward unit as of now while Karla, a much less popular unit, got a ridiculous personal weapon and stats to rival that of Ayra. Yeah, it's nice that they're in the game, since my two favorite characters have still not been added, but it's frustrating that male characters seem to be more likely to be cheated out of powerful personal weapons and good skills just because they're male.
  8. I actually had a lot of fun using my seasonal flier emblem to do stuff on this map. Bride Sanaki basically ORKO'd Ephraim before he got to do anything, while summer Tana and summer Takumi shot down flying things. NY!Azura provided hone fliers buffs and refreshing. Really, all I needed to restart for because of repositioning issues and to give summer Tana the flier formation seal.
  9. Well, another BHB completed in a matter of, what, 15 minutes? I used flier emblem for this one, switching out my -spd summer Corrin for summer Takumi on the higher levels. Again, I feel like we need more content than just the occasional BHB or GHB map that can be easily completed within an hour.
  10. Ah, jeez. I just checked my new Mathilda's stats and she's +spd -HP. My current one is +atk -res. Is +spd better than +atk, or do I just stick with the current +atk one?
  11. What the hell is my 5-star luck even I got two blue off-focuses within the past week, slightly more than a week or so. Perhaps I should've opened up that last blue orb and just spent the money to do so, but my pity percentage wasn't even that high.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    !#$%@^#!&^# What the fuck, I just got an Ephraim on the Tana+Innes banner Olwen doesn't want me to get Ishtar, Ephraim doesn't want me to get normal Frelian sibs. What is this.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I've been attempting to save up for the new power banner. I really wish I hadn't spent all my orbs on the old Halloween banner when it came out, but I still have enough orbs for two full pulls. My free summon round had FOUR BLUES AND ONE COLORLESS. It was literally perfect, except for the part where I didn't get Innes or Tana. However, I did pull +atk -HP Reinhardt on my free summon. So, that was worth it.
  14. Saleh would be great. I'm not sure what banner he can fit on, though. Maybe he could be a TT reward if all else fails. Also, Artur should be in the game since Lute's in it too. Again ... I'm not sure where he'd fit in. Maybe there doesn't have to be a theme, the previous Sacred Stones banners didn't really have a theme. Natasha (staff), Saleh (green tome), and Vanessa (blue lance) with Knoll (red tome) as tempest trial reward? You could throw in any of the villains as a possible GHB, I'm not too picky either way. Vanessa could be swapped with Cormag as well, although I don't think they'd do that.
  15. Subjectively, all I really care about is getting Tormod at this point. He's like one of the only two characters not in Heroes that I absolutely want. Objectively, we definitely need a laguz banner. All laguz would be nice. Perhaps the first one could be an "introduction to laguz" and include one laguz unit from each of the tribes: Ranulf for the beasts, Reyson for the birds, and Ena for the dragons. Ranulf could probably be swapped for Lethe if two male laguz is a no-go. In which case Ranulf could be a TT unit. The rest of Micaiah's Dawn Brigade, Ike's Greil Mercenaries, and Elincia's retainers are also a must. That said, the Dawn Brigade and the Greil Mercenaries are too big to add all at once, so the most important ones would have to be prioritized. Edward, Nolan, and Leonardo (with Laura taking Leonardo's place as the banner unit and he being a TT reward if no female character is unacceptable), and maybe Aran or Jarod as a GHB. Boyd is a must for the Greil Mercenaries. Rolf, Gatrie, and Shinon can argue over which of them get to be on the banner, although Shinon GHB would make a lot of sense. Make it take place in that one chapter where you fight him. Also, if they REALLY need a girl to sell this banner, Mist alt with better art wielding a sword on a horse. For Elincia's retainers, Lucia and Geoffrey and Bastian round out a nice 3-person banner with no overlapping colors, and Kieran can be the TT reward.