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  1. Kind of like how I joked that my neutral 5-star regular Eirika and my neutral mage Eirika were one and the same? XD;
  2. If Eliwood somehow becomes a light magic user, I suppose that wouldn't be the weirdest thing that's happened in Heroes.
  3. Tier 4 Skills

    Tier 4 skills sound infuriating. Unless they're "kind" enough to upgrade third tier skills for everyone, like with the slaying and killer weapons, I will be most displeased if it's not Celica-exclusive.
  4. I'm honestly hoping that Death Blow 4 will be something unique to Celica only, and that Ostian Counter is limited to just this Hector. It'd fit pretty well with last year's giving Ike and Lyn personal skills, but inheriting Ostian Counter to someone not Ostian (which is 99% of the playable cast) just seems silly, and Death Blow 4 is plain stupid. Lucina and Roy also apparently got cheated, hard.
  5. >Death Blow 4 >FUCKING DEATH BLOW 4 Also, Ephraim clearly decided to follow in his sister's footsteps.
  6. Bound Hero Battle: Micaiah & Sothe

    I actually ended up using both versions of Sanaki, normal Micaiah, and Sothe for all three difficulty levels. Thanks to that one lance fighter exclusive to infernal, I actually had a bit of an easier time drawing out the enemies on that mode ... although I'm not 100% sure what happened on my successful clear! I think an earlier failed run had Sothe take two hits and die, whereas in the successful one I don't think that happened. Positioning details, I guess.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Hey, I'd take +spd Xander as long as he wasn't -atk. That said, it seems you got the same Xander as I did.
  8. I'm getting really pissed off with all of my desired units coming out -atk. My free pull Shigure was +spd -atk. Why couldn't you have literally any other bane! (Also glares at HS!Xander.) So, the BHB. Funnily enough, I cleared it on all three difficulty levels using regular Micaiah, Sothe, Bride Sanaki, and regular Sanaki.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Well, I free-pulled a Shigure from the BHB banner, but he's -atk! This is getting really stupid!
  10. I don't know. CYL's "Brave Heroes" were presented as something that was rather independent to the main story last year, wasn't it? I guess I could see it integrated with the currently running story in that Brave Heroes were randomly appearing in Nifl and the Askr party had to get them on their side, but it seems easier to just have it be its own contained subplot. Like last year.
  11. If we actually get Hrid as a GHB, that would be weird but I do want him playable in some way. It'd be really weird if he's not a legendary hero like his sisters, like what makes them give their allies special stat boosts during certain seasons but not him?
  12. There is a GHB scheduled for around the 29th. GHBs are usually associated with the currently running banner. Hence, the concern that the GHB that runs while the second Brave Heroes banner may be related to it. Marth's votes getting split actually did affect him not coming within top two, after all. EDIT: Hold on, I checked the calendar. The GHB's a lot later than I thought, it's on 9/4. It's still three days before the next new heroes banner, though. I don't even know anymore.
  13. I'm kind of happy that the next banner is CYL2, because I don't have any interest and now I can go back to the dancer banner without any guilt. But that GHB ... fuck, if they really give us another free Marth that can't get easy merges or access to natures ... When people wanted Marth alts, I don't imagine this was how they wanted it to happen.
  14. My mage Eirika currently has 9001 SP. You know what that means.