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  1. So, uh, apparently the latest tap battle accessory is a plate of "steamed buns". Its description says it's a delicacy from a Hoshidan hot spring, and it's filled with bean jam. I might be overthinking it, but I think this may give stronger credence to the assumption that the coming seasonal is Lunar New Year.
  2. Something something update about Prayer Wheel not working correctly Something something skills are breaking all over the place Fuck, Azura did not need that buff
  3. Official Pull Topic

    I got a Tibarn. So of course he's -atk.
  4. Saizo and Kaze are less "Christmas cavaliers" than they are Mario and Luigi.
  5. Having too many special banners really fucks up the pacing of the story. During the summer months when book 2 was running, I got really uninvested in the story and kind of forgot what was even going on because we just didn't have story for quite some time then. Likewise, any tension or suspense that the game tries to build kind of fizzles out if you're forced to wait, like, a month for the next entry in the story. And it's not like there's a LOT of story in one update, or like it's really good either. So it's just frustrating. I guess another thing is that we really need more new heroes banners rather than special heroes banners. There are a lot of characters, relatively popular characters at that, who are not in the game. And the game isn't even good about giving alts to characters who actually need them or haven't gotten one. That's why I'm not super crazy about a collaboration banner at this point. Sure, you can have your collaboration -- ONLY if you get a decent number of FE characters into the game first. Tellius has only started to get decent representation with the laguz, and Thracia literally only has six characters.
  6. Lololololol Luke Can we just fucking drop him to 3-4 star yet
  7. At least it had a banner lol Binding Blade got fucked, and I'm pretty sure Archanea has gone longer without a banner. Also, Thracia and its alts.
  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA My friend sent me a package of stuff for the holidays that arrived just today. Some of the things included were a really nice painting of Rath and a Delthea+Luthier sticker. And now I'm just reminded of how much I want Rath in the game, and how Luthier to go with his sister would be cool. EDIT: Oh, right, mythic heroes. I actually don't want to see anyone else as mythic heroes because literally anyone in Jugdral, Roy or Eliwood, or Alm. Micaiah should be a mythic hero someday if that's the route they decide to go, but she at least got a seasonal alt. Leif was the last lord added and had to share his color with a Reinhardt alt, and is yet another sword lord. If not Leif, please literally any lord in Jugdral. Or Roy or Eliwood, they're both far more plot relevant than Lyn and arguably Hector. Alm as well.
  9. Arctic Mafia (Game Thread)

    I wasn't playing this game, but I noticed Bartozio didn't get mislynched. Congratulations on not getting mislynched, @Bartozio!
  10. The main problem with Kris over Robin and Corrin is that Kris is added into a story that already existed without him and he takes away from the existing characters in that story that existed without him, just by existing. Robin and Corrin may not be great (especially Corrin), but they were at least created in context of a story that was written with them already in it.
  11. Forging Bonds: Hearts as One

    >Leanne talked to Narcian I legit laughed
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Well, I broke my pity rate on the new winter banner. Got a duplicate Fae. No Eirika. Guess this the game's telling me to quit already ;_;
  13. I wonder how they'll like it if players begin taking a "never ask for money from us again" stance towards them.
  14. Oh. My bad. I was looking at the log-in bonus dates. Either way, stupid fucking seasonal banners where we don't need any more of them. How long until they just make every banner a seasonal banner?
  15. I mean They also put Tana and Amelia in a BHB together and those two literally haven't interacted at all Nephenne has the excuse of at least knowing Elincia personally, shrug. Not that I think it makes the most sense, but we've had weirder.