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  1. Leo's stats are all right. I can build him like his normal self. All I need is a C-skill.
  2. It's not so much Lukas having only four skills that I'm complaining about, but the fact that he's the ONLY unit on this banner with 4 skills. Even in the examples you cited, more than one character on a given banner has 4 skills (Thea, being the demote, had 4 skills too). Plus, the ones who have 4 skills have at least one really good skill that would make them whale bait. Lukas is just underwhelming through and through, especially if you don't give a shit about AR.
  3. I just don't see the point of giving only one unit an incomplete (and shitty) skill set when the other characters have full skill sets. At least in the current (for now) spring banner it's both Marisa and Veronica who have incomplete skills sets, and they have desirable and good skills too. The Valentine's banner gave all the banner units three passive skills. Lukas, on the other hand, is the only unit on this banner with an incomplete skill set, and he has 1) a skill only valuable for people who care about aether raids, and 2) wary fighter. Fucking wary fighter. Not even vengeful. Why?
  4. It's a bit sad to see how little effort they put into him. Also, while I can understand giving some seasonal units prf weapons over generic ones, I wonder why they even bother with giving only some of them 2 skills and others 3 skills if they're all on the same banner. They're apparently not going to ever demote, so might as well just make them more appealing to pull for instead of fucking over certain units by giving them shitty skill sets.
  5. I just realized something. Why does Lukas only have two passive skills anyway when the maid twins have a full kit and Genny has a full healers' kit? He's a seasonal unit and not going to demote, so there's no need to give him a skill set that screams "banner demote". If they're going to make people pull for him, might as well give him a more appealing fighter skill than wary fighter and throw a C-skill on him to make him more desirable to pull instead of just throwing him on there to be the obligatory banner male.
  6. The point was that I don't dislike Aether Raids as a game mode, but what I feel it's doing to the rest of the game, which is a very different point than just hating the mode itself for being insufferable. EDIT: I get that it's a joke, but I don't like purposely misquoting people and taking them out of context under any circumstances. Yeah, that's just poor wording on my part. I should've said that getting a forging bonds associated with a banner is less desirable than getting a tempest trial associated with that banner. Because IS seems to have this weird notion right now that we MUST have one new heroes banner and one seasonal banner every month, and because special heroes haven't gotten forging bonds yet, that means all of our new heroes banners get forging bonds, and therefore no new character. Meanwhile, having four new seasonal characters every month in addition to the one freebie is just contributing to alt bloat. And if anyone were to get an alt, why the fuck doesn't anyone from Jugdral who is not Reinhardt or Olwen have an alt yet.
  7. Point taken, although they have replaced two banner slots that should've been regular new heroes with special heroes (hot springs and this picnic one). So I can't help but wonder if AR is a part of this reason, where they're like "oh noes we have to have a shiny new seasonal unit for tempest trials or players won't spend :((((" so they can't be bothered to give new heroes banners a tempest trial anymore. But I do agree with you that forging bonds isn't worth never getting a tempest trial anymore.
  8. I'll do one full pull, and that's it. The theme is cute, yes, but I really do not approve of these new seasonal banners replacing an actual new heroes banner. Also, I'd rather have normal Flora over seasonal Flora.
  9. Random tangent, but I feel that Aether Raids is a big reason as to why this game has really gone downhill this year. This isn't another "I really hate Aether Raids" rant, but I really don't like how AR has affected a lot of their choices in other game modes and rewards. Mythic Heroes were just the beginning, that signaled AR turning into a whale mode where they make us want to get these mythic heroes (who, to their credit, have so far been new characters) to help us score better for grails and dragon flowers. Our monthly reward structure changed after a very long time of being static, for what? Because they wanted to cut orbs and put in aether stones. The last several tempest trial rewards have all been seasonal (and an alt) with no new characters in sight. Because AR gives grails as a reward and they want the players to pull for AR resources so they can get grails to merge these desirable characters that are freebies. We're losing actually new characters in TT and they're all being replaced by alts, which really sucks because TT was a possible way that less popular characters could've gotten in. Putting it shortly, I really dislike Aether Raids and I think it's contributing very poorly to the game state.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Uhh ... Free summon on the new banner got me Adrift Corrin. The male one. Did not expect that. He's also +spd -HP.
  11. What are you talking about Peri has only one visible eye Did I miss something
  12. Forging Bonds: A Trust Earned (April 10th)

    How did that Priscilla even get there? Effie smite?
  13. New event calendar (April-May 2019)

    I've been using the feedback feature a lot more lately. This isn't a good thing, because I'm usually content to just ... let other people do the complaining for me. I told them (not in these exact words, of course) to fuck off with the special heroes and give us more new heroes.
  14. >Special Heroes summoning event >4/19 - 5/18 Uhh ... what the fuck? This had better be the bridal banner and not some new seasonal they pulled out of their ass.
  15. Official Pull Topic

    YES FINALLY ISHTAR IS MINE She's also +spd -def, which is perfect. FINALLY.