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  1. The new earth map was really obnoxious, but I ended up beating it in ... a ridiculously contrived way. Deployed sword Eirika along with her support partner, Dire Reinhardt, Cherche with fortify defense 3 and drive defense, and Jaffar with hone speed. Gave Eirika deflect missile 2. Spent a turn positioning Eirika so that she got buffs from everyone, and then put her in the edge of Brave Lyn's range with Reinhardt next to her and Cherche giving her drive defense boost. The funny thing was, deflect missile wasn't even needed because Lyn didn't even get to DOUBLE my 35 speed Eirika with all these ridiculous buffs. After that, I just took them out 1 by 1.
  2. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    I pulled Bride Ninian this morning off the brides banner, and I swear I've been getting this tempest confused with last month's. Been running a flier emblem team to try to get Ninian some EXP and HM, and I forget to switch to my team with Nino and Jaffar. Whoops. ^^;
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Congrats on your Ninian, mcsilas! I actually had three blue orbs on the session where I got my Ninian, and I pulled all those orbs after her because I was hoping for what you'd got, a duplicate Ninian. I didn't, of course, but a Ninian is still a Ninian. I have all dancers except Leen now.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    WOO TEMPEST ORBS JUST GAVE ME BRIDE NINIAN She's +def -spd, ouch, but still At least I got her
  5. Book 2 chapter 9+10 CC really is awful, and it's all because of Leen. It's entirely her fault. Chapter 5 is especially bad. Thankfully, it is possible to get things down to a science in the earlier 4 chapters to avoid losing anyone. I only succeeded in outsmarting Leen when I brought a dancer of my own. Fight dancer with dancer, or something.
  6. Elincia still has some presence in the plot, even if it's not a whole lot. Even if you take out part 2, she along with Tibarn are responsible for leading the third group in part 4 and her presence never truly disappears from the story. Also, Elincia's actions in part 3 felt more like she didn't want Begnion and Gallia fighting in her territory and getting her people dragged into it more than anything else. It's been years since I played RD and the script the middle chapters of part 3 isn't on SF, but I'm pretty sure Elincia's stand against both armies was mostly to get them out of her country and not so much saying that Crimea was going to be neutral now and forevermore in their conflict. Also, I'm not really sure what the second part has to do with anything I said.
  7. Unless my memory fails me, I'm almost certain that Caeda and Celica were not actually queen during the course of the game. I'm speaking specifically about Elincia because she's not a lord (Celica counts) and she was a queen and the actual ruler of her country during the course of one of the Tellius games. Marth, I grant you that he's probably ruling Altea in New Mystery, but he's also not a "queen". Eliwood and Eirika were not ruling during the course of their game (and in Eirika's case she can't ever be ruler of Renais because Ephraim exists). I'm not speaking only about Elincia's pacifistic ways. It is her being a plot relevant character who is not a lord who is also a pacifistic female ruler of her country. Marth, Eliwood, Eirika, Caeda, and Celica don't fall under these criteria. And yes, I get that Emmeryn's pacifism in-story is explained through the actions of her father. Obviously I can't prove it, but that doesn't stop me from wondering if they got the idea for having another peaceful pacifistic queen from Elincia, and gave her a different background. Because even if we've had pacifistic lords before, the main ruler of their countries were either not pacifistic, or men. They were usually men.
  8. Elincia wasn't ever a lord, though, and she wasn't queen in PoR. And that's kind of my point. I feel like the "peace-loving queen" archetype may have started with RD!Elincia, but her pacifism was a lot more realistic and she had to learn that being too idealistic wouldn't do her any good. Emmeryn, if she really is based on Elincia, failed to emulate what RD!Elincia did because the developers ramped up the pacifism aspect up to 11 without making Emmeryn ever face the limitations or hardship of her views, while keeping only the "dramatic act that changes people" part.
  9. I can understand the sentiment of wanting that word banned, although I think actually petitioning to be banned is going a bit too far.
  10. It's not that I think Elincia is extremely similar to Emmeryn or Mikoto, but I kind of get the idea that she was what the creators were going for. Elincia definitely succeeded because of her character development, but Awakening expects us to believe Emmeryn as a good, realistic queen just because she's peaceful and kind. Mikoto ... well, we don't really know about her except that she's also peaceful. But they're just sort of there as the regal figure to look up to that we're supposed to feel sad for when they're gone. So I think if the creators were trying to invoke Elincia with Emmeryn and Mikoto, they missed what made Elincia a great character.
  11. This was something that came into my mind just now. It might not be the most well thought out, but I am interested in hearing other people's opinions on this. If this sentiment has been repeated elsewhere on this forum, I apologize in advance. I was reading VincentASM's analysis on the trailer of the new FE game, and when I got to the section where he talks about the queen standing in the middle of the battleground, I couldn't help but laugh when I noticed that the image of the queen is titled "not Emmeryn". But yeah, she seems just like Emmeryn (and Mikoto from Fates). The kind, elegant queen who refuses to fight in the face of a violent, unjust war because she loves peace. That's apparently the character trope that Emmeryn has started, right? Well, I actually don't think so. Mikoto is very similar to Emmeryn in terms of character and role, and this new queen (?) gives off an "aura" that's very similar to that of Emmeryn. But it wasn't until now that I realized ... maybe they're not trying to recreate Emmeryn. They're trying to recreate Elincia. Although I've never really seen anyone group Elincia in with Emmeryn or Mikoto, there are some basic similarities. All three of them are peace-loving queens who rule the protagonist's country, which has a reputation of being a peaceful country that is (or was) at war with its more militaristic, violent neighbor. And all three of them perform some brave (or selfless) gesture that either wins the respect of their enemies or has some effect on their allies. Emmeryn's suicide encourages many Plegians to defect from Gangrel's army while giving Chrom and the Shepherds renewed determination. Mikoto died protecting Corrin, and her death is a major reason as to why the war between Nohr and Hoshido begins anew. But Elincia has her own moment too in part 3, where she lays down her sword in the middle of two heavily armed forces and says that Crimea will not resort to violence but will not allow the laguz army and Begnion to fight in her country. The Gallian forces and the Begnion troops led by Zelgius retreated because of her words. In a way, Elincia is kind of like a younger version of Emmeryn who had to face her pacifistic ideology and realize that she can't always choose peace, and took part in the battlefield. As far as I can tell, she's the first example of the pacifist queen of the protagonist nation, but she had much more character development due to being an active player in two games and having her growth shown in both. Emmeryn and Mikoto are like the older versions of Elincia who never went through that character development, either because they never fought a war or because the game's story just doesn't want to go through that development. (Also, I haven't played Warriors myself, but I've seen enough of it to know that the protagonist country is ruled by yet another peaceful queen. So ... that counts, maybe?) So I can't help but wonder if Emmeryn was an attempt at recreating Elincia, but without the things that actually made Elincia's character great, and then they tried to carry it over to Mikoto without really getting it right. And in the new game, it seems the peaceful queen archetype may be coming back ... who knows what that queen will actually be like, though.
  12. Perhaps, yeah Scenario 1 would be the one I'd like the most, personally.
  13. I'm mostly wondering how the "three houses" come into play with one another. Edelgard, Dmitri, and Claude's outfits seem rather similar, minus the obvious color differences, so it feels like they might be connected in some way. I really hope we don't have to choose who we want to side with, I got enough of that with Fates.
  14. Yeah. It's just kind of weird to see people getting their hopes up so high with various characters even though we know like ... next to nothing about them. I think only Edelgard seemed to be featured at length in the trailer to begin with? EDIT: I will say this, though. I'm getting some FE7 vibes with the three characters that are being prominently featured, and I hope that Edelgard is more like the Eliwood than the Lyn of this trio.
  15. I'm starting to feel like one of the only few people who actually likes all three of the protagonists.