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  1. Grima after he resurrects in Awakening does, yeah. However, he doesn't in Shadows of Valentia, and there's a huge dragon skull that's probably his near Plegia Castle that indicates he didn't have the human face at the time of the First Exalt either. Which means that Grima's human face only came about after he resurrected himself by devouring the Lifeforce of the Plegian's gathered at the Dragon's Table whilst connected to a human host. They're wrong, and assume it was built by humans due to their biases. Unless Thabes predates the Golden Era of Dragons, then it can't have been a human civilisation, as Naga's death is 500 years before Archanea is established, and she died in Thabes. Which I found the source for, the perfect ending of Mystery gave a full timeline for the events on Archanea:
  2. Earth Dragons in Mystery of the Emblem take half damage from anyone who attacks them, which is what Dragonskin does. As Grima still has it here, but Duma, a Divine Dragon doesn't, it's clearly not something inherent to all powerful Dragons, so Grima's having it has to come from somewhere. As well, his origin prior to this game was that he was thought to be descended from Earth Dragons, so having his creator be an Earth Dragon means that information is still correct.
  3. Or Thabes was a city founded by dragons. They are the only ancient, advanced civilisation on Archanea we know of, which is the description of those who built Thabes. Forneus' workshop is sealed by a lesser version of the Shield of Seals and is guarded by a degenerated Fire Dragon, so dragons evidently had a hand in sealing his workshop, something explicitly done by the Council of Thabes. Plus, if Forneus was an Earth Dragon, adding his blood to the Creation explains Grima's Earth Dragon traits, like Dragonskin, and how Grima can be descended from Earth Dragons despite being created from Divine Dragon blood.
  4. Oculus and Ocular are described as Fell Dragon magic in their item description, at least in the English version. That's pretty much dark magic.
  5. Wasn't that a localisation only thing?
  6. Walhart: Walhart is great. He hates gods/dragons, he wanted to conquer the world in order to bring about world piece, and he's gloriously hammy. He works extremely well for what he is, a mostly unimportant filler villain. Lucina: Is also great. I enjoy the contrast between her seriousness about the future, and her awkwardness with everything else. She does everything well.
  7. So the first two are obviously Soren and Stefan, but is the the third Petrine? I can't think of another Branded in PoR apart from those three.
  8. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    No, but it should avoid aggravating Begnion. Like by say, ignoring a request for military aid?
  9. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    No, but the soldiers morale remained the same, despite the fact that they weren't fighting the race they're racist against, and wouldn't be getting the large bounty they get for killing Laguz. If she wants to change the racist attitudes, there kind of needs to be a country to change the attitudes of. Micaiah thinks that if she doesn't follow Pelleas' orders, the country won't pull together under Pelleas' rule, and that would lead to the collapse of the country. Which is probably true. And she's not participating in racism, she's leading her soldiers against enemy soldiers.
  10. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    Yes they were. The Daein army's morale remained just as high when fighting on Oribes Bridge, and when confronting the Apostle's Army in the southern mountains, as it was when fighting the Laguz in Begnion. And Micaiah, a woman who fought to break her country free from oppression, and spent so much time rebuilding it that she didn't return to her place of residence, should think that because the citizens are racist towards Laguz, the country doesn't deserve to exist? Micaiah doesn't know that in 3-6 though.
  11. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    Yes, because it isn't a sub-human hunt, it's a legitmate military campaign. Daein did not go "LOL we hate the sub-humans, let's go attack them!", Begnion asked for aid, and Daein elected to respond. The attitudes of Daein's soldiers towards enemy Laguz is irrelevant, since they're just as happy fighting the predominately Beorc-comprised Apostle's Army. And also because Daein would collapse as a country if she didn't.
  12. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    Because if she doesn't, she thinks Daein will collapse. The country that she took back from occupation and oppression, that she's put so much work into rebuilding would be gone. Plus, it's because she's doing her job as General of Daein's armies. Begnion asked for military aid, and Daein elected to answer. She has to lead them into battle in a legitimate military campaign. Just as she later fights against the Apostle's Army, which was comprised of more Beorc than Laguz. Or should she refuse, and let Daein tear itself apart, and have the country itself cease to be?
  13. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    But the only country capable of occupying Daein is Begnion, which is controlled by the Senate and not Sanaki after Part 1, and they don't care about the geopolitical scene of Tellius. Yeah, I see your point there. Although I don't thing we can assume that she didn't say anything, Pelleas says Laguz in Part 3 without having to verbally backspace from sub-human and seemingly has no problems being around the Laguz in Part 4, so he appears to have become less racist than he was in Part 1, perhaps as a result of Micaiah's influence. And yeah, she should take action against their racism, and presumably did after she took the throne, but is the best time to try and remove the racism and possibly incite civil war during the reconstruction efforts? The reaction of the citizens would be the same afterwards as it would have been during, but the stabler ground would mean that Daein would still exist as a country if it did come to civil war, rather than ceasing to be.
  14. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    Of course she goes along with it. If she doesn't, she thinks the country will collapse. Which it would. The Priestess of Dawn disobeying the king she put on throne? Civil War time. And why should Begnion reoccupy Daein? The Senate controls both anyway. And the Senate doesn't care about the opinion of Laguz, and sees Crimea and Daein as little more than territories of Begnion, so they wouldn't care about Crimea's opinion either. Then what do you want Micaiah to do? Either she's tirelessly crusading for Laguz equality, or she's doing nothing to combat racism. It's either/or. Putting in a good word for the Laguz would do nothing. Crimea needed help from Laguz nations with both reclamation and reconstruction, and even then racism still exists in the country. Daein does not start in as good a place, and does not have that help. At best, Daein would just ignore 'a good word' to focus on reconstruction, so there's no point. And if she's campaigning for Laguz equality, she can't help with reconstruction efforts. Which she's doing to the point where, despite ostensibly living in Daein Keep, Pelleas barely sees her. Plus, Micaiah's popularity would be rising even higher, since she's actively helping the reconstruction efforts. And Pelleas says that she's the only person he can turn to for a kind word. Once the county has recovered more, with Micaiah's enormous popularity power and proof that Pelleas isn't a terrible ruler, they could bring up that Crimea's recovery went quicker due to aid from Gallia, and that Laguz helped with Daein's liberation. Through Micaiah's connection with Queen Naliah, they could get aid in reconstruction from Beast Laguz, which combined with Micaiah's and Pelleas' support and the abolition of anti-Laguz propaganda, could improve Daein's perception of Laguz, especially for the younger generations. And yeah, she really should've taken the throne for herself in Part 1. She wouldn't have signed the Blood Pact, and so Daein AND Hatari wouldn't have gotten involved in the war, preventing Ashera from awakening. However, Pelleas taking the throne did lead to all that, and thus the great bonds of friendship that unite the leaders of the nations at the end of the game, which would certainly help with creating an age of prosperity. I'm reaching here, it's pretty clear that the game didn't take place in the good visions, and due to her faded Farsight, Micaiah doesn't realize that.
  15. Micaiah vs. Nohr Corrin (spoilers)

    A king who wants whats best for Daein, and has visions of the future showing that him being in charge will eventual be a good thing. So what if he's racist, she can work on that after Daein's recovered, especially since with Izuka gone, Pelleas will rely on Tauroneo and Micaiah's opinion on things more. The only country capable of occupying Daein is the country not not only just tried to end the country in their last occupation, but doesn't care about what Daein does because they control it anyway. Goldoa gives no shits, and the other Laguz nations are more concerned with Rafiel's revealations. This leaves Crimea as the only nation who cares, which did send someone to investigate the new king and regime, is about to enter civil war, and doesn't have the resources to occupy it. And really, the fact that the people of Daein are racist means they deserve to live in squalor? And of course Micaiah wasn't trying to get rid of racist beliefs. She was more concerned with the fact that Nevassa was destroyed, and needs rebuilding. Crimea's attitude toward Laguz is evidence that changing Daein's mind will take time, and the rebuilding homes for Daein's citizens is more time critical. Making attempts to remove the deep-rooted racism can wait until Daein is back on it's feet. And how did she usurp it, when Pelleas abdicated bevause he knew he wasn't Ashnard's son and asked her to rule? It's not that Pelleas led Daein to prosperity, but that his rule leads to Micaiah doing such. Micaiah's visions were just further forward than she thought.