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  1. How Does Heath Fare?

    In terms of concrete physical durability, he will often be better than the Pegasi sisters when you're closing the gap in levels between them. Personally, I find him to be a bit of a coin toss, I'll usually see his first few level ups and if he's looking like he's SPD screwed, he's hitting the bench since that's the most significant advantage he should average over Vaida when she comes in. His base stats for when joins are obviously lacking but he is easy to train thanks to that B weapon rank, having STR over 10 and his flying. Statistically speaking, I want to say he's bad due to his join time and bases but the enemies in this game can be so bad when it comes to SPD that only the speedier and Valkyries will have a shot at consistently doubling him but if he's not doubling and he's not that huge on anything, the guy's kinda interchangeable with any other prepromote if you take away his flight which is without a doubt his selling point.
  2. Mounted units can move again after attacking. Makes them the best in the game generally speaking. Other than that, I can't think of much since the game is generally very easy and effective damage is 2x instead of the common 3x. You can stick to about 8 units to train up and fill the rest of the slots with good prepromotes as most of them can fill in just fine.
  3. I could use some advice...

    No family or relatives you could move to for the time being? it sounds like they can't help but take their frustrations out on someone other than themselves so there's no reason for you to stick around for the duration of this mess. If not, you may just have to bear it. If you can, record their lashing out at you when they're angry and show it to them when they're calm and willing to listen. If it's as bad as you say, they may try to make a conscious effort to at least try not to use you as your punching bag.
  4. RIP. I enjoyed his "WTF is..." videos back when Humble Bundle was at its 3rd or so iteration of the original bundle.
  5. Reclassing help

    Reclassing is more fun in the sequel than it is in this game due to higher growths in general. To keep this short: If you wanna have fun, pick a class and then look at the absolute growths and decide if you think that unit could work in that class (ie some people want the "Dark Mage" class and choose to use Cord or Caesar as that). If you're looking to steamroll the game: Paladins to DracoKnights, reclass for better bases. Sedgar/Wolf to Hero/General.
  6. Special heroes of the 21st May

    Problem or not, it still begs the question: Why Sanaki as a 'Child Bride' anyway? Did they not see that it would have some controversy in certain countries? Was it even worth it to spend a slot on a gacha game's seasonal banner for a joke or pandering to such a subset of the audience while potentially offending or putting off others within the overall audience? Such a waste.
  7. General US Politics

    Apparently the Special Counsel cannot indict the sitting president and will ultimately result in a report given to congress to take and evaluate whether or not impeachment proceedings should go through. Given that the GOP controls all branches, this makes impeachment of that asinine fucker a bit of a longshot unless it's initiated after mid term election winners take office and aren't Republican majority. I certainly hope I'm wrong here and the orange moron can be removed from power sooner rather later.
  8. I don't think that it is outlandish or that there's bad writing involved in the decision of making Ike the leader of the Greil Mercenaries. It is within Greil's character to desire that Ike group up strong and to push him to become a leader by putting him in that role because while it may seem illogical as you have other people suitable for the task, it IS the fastest way to grow into that leadership role. Greil also intended for him to stay in Gallia and live a peaceful life, if Ike were made leader and stuck to living peacefully in Gallia, would being the leader of the mercenaries be that demanding under those circumstances?
  9. Combatting a Youtube account termination?

    Well that's unfortunate. Your only choice at this point may be to just make a new account and learn from this as dragoncat suggested.
  10. What if Sigurd had a daughter?

    Because Sigurd + Diedre is Major Baldr and Narga with only 1 parent having Minor Loptyr, their children would end up being either combination of those 2 major bloods and never have major Loptyr. If we're to assume that a frstborn's Major blood is more likely to be that of the parent with the same gender, then Seliph being female would probably result in having Major Naga blood. Assuming everything else stays the same, Julia also ends up with Major Narga (if that's possible) and Manfloy fails to discover that there is someone else with Major Narga around, this would result in an alternate ending where you couldn't figure out how to save Julia and Seliph would have to use Julia's circle to get the Narga tome to defeat Julius.
  11. Shadow Dragon was the game that introduced that... On topic: The next 3 easiest FEs to jump into are Fire Emblem GBA (Blazing Blade) Sacred Stones Path of Radiance After that, tackle the rest at your leisure.
  12. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    Why not Levin Sword Marth with the weapon having the ability to distant counter and target the weaker defensive stat? The sword itself existed in FE1 and saw prominent use in FE2's earlygame. Robin using it in Smash did not suddenly make it his personal weapon.
  13. Who Should Be a Future Legendary?

    Marth, Sigurd, Shanan, Greil, Ced, Athos, Galzus, Tibarn
  14. "Not to be rude but I'd like to continue just doing my own thing for what little time I have left here..." or something like that. Just be upfront about it. I'm sure that if you were in his shoes you'd appreciate the honesty. Now whether you have to be more explicit or tell him his story is boring depends on how he responds. If he were to insist on continuing, I would proceed to tell him his story is uninteresting in a way he can relate to.
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Boxers. More comfortable.