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  1. F12 takes screenshot if you're using visual boy advance. Otherwise just press PrtScrn and Paste onto paint.
  2. General US Politics

    Manafort's defense ends with no witnesses called. Now, I would assume that means it's probably an open and shut case and Manafort's just cooked but I'm ignorant when it comes to the subject of court cases where the defense puts up little to no fight so is the assumption correct or am I missing something here? Trump supporter argues Omarosa's lying, new tape comes out proving who's really lying and the follow-up is simply fantastic, on FOX NEWS of all places! I didn't think the Omarosa tapes would matter much but so far it's been hilarious. Alone, these tapes really aren't anything new from what we already know of Trump and his character but people defending Trump because of them is only making them more powerful. If these keep coming like this, the WH and all Trump cronies will be on constant defense further proving that arguing in support of Trump puts you in a position no moral , logical or ethical ground, you're just automatically throwing yourself in a pit hoping that your opponent doesn't bury you in Trump's dirt. Btw here's a small gem from the Op-Ed by Stephen Miller's Uncle: In moderation. If too many such progressives were to be introduced for this midterm election, the midterms will be setup for more Republican wins. Today, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pretty much a win in the midterms because of the district she's running in. Other states and locations are against her because fact checkers are on her due to the immense popularity since her win over Crowley and she's drawing the some skepticism because of the fact checking. The skepticism is perfectly fine but this is all stuff that Fox News and the like will use to smear her and it's going to work outside of New York.
  3. General US Politics

    If there was ever a good time for Democrats to use "MAGA" as part of their campaign, I'm not sure if that is now, I think it'll hurt them more than help. Besides, "Make America Great Again" resonates more on the Republican side as it was probably meant to appeal to people who think Reagan was the best. The other slogan that Trump used (although not as frequently) is "America First" and to that the answer is simply "just no".
  4. Why

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      Dr. Tarrasque

      Why a Gnome with a Wand of Death?

      Why not a Dwarf with a Wand of Healing?

      Why not an elf with a Wand of Sorcery?

    3. Gnome with a Wand of Death

      Gnome with a Wand of Death

      Those aren't as funny as a gnome with a wand of death.

    4. Dr. Tarrasque

      Dr. Tarrasque

      But death isn't funny

  5. General US Politics

    Donald Trump Jr. apparently discovered photoshop. Look closely on Trump's 50% approval number. Study on the alt-right Kavanaugh confirmation hearings soon Quick breakdown of Laura Ingraham's recent demographics monologue American Renaissance channel referenced in previous video. Couldn't help but cringe when I saw their welcome video. Melania Trump's immigration lawyer calls out Trump on chain migration There's also a claim that CNN planted an anti-trump on a panel of "Trump voters" to chime in on how they feel about him. Do note that this source is alt-right and it is rather questionable but this particular story actually seems like it could be legit. Who would've fucking thought that Americans would want a better minimum wage, healthcare and college? Stephen Miller's own uncle calls him a hypocrite when it comes to immigration and compares him to Nazis.
  6. General US Politics

    Stephen Miller is at it again. I'm not surprised about this in the slightest, just putting it out there and wondering if anyone actually is. And then there's the Chris Collins bombshell that's posted everywhere and after about 8 months or so, the tease between the Trump-Mueller interview ends with Trump's lawyers saying no to the interview. Will Mueller Subpoena Trump and put Giuliani in further self-destruction? Find out next time on #FuckTrump. Also, isn't the "Religious Liberty Task force" that Sessions wants to put forward a violation of the first amendment? Trump's EPA allowing asbestos. Which country would benefit most from this? Russia. and they love it Oh lordy there are MORE tapes and it's not from Cohen or Omarosa
  7. General US Politics

    Speaking of shit people say and get in trouble for, what is everyone's take on the Sarah Jeong situation? Is she being racist? Should she be fired? is there significant difference between her case and Roseanne's? Do you have to be someone in power or does your race have to be the "privileged" one in the nation for you to be racist? I do think she's being racist in some of her tweets and the left is wrong to claim that none of her tweets are racist but I'm kind of indifferent as to whether or not she should be fired like Roseanne. Ultimately it's up to the company they work for whether or not they're fired but I don't see this case having as valid reasoning for employment termination as Roseanne did and the outcome just doesn't really matter barring these tweets and history being used to continue to bar her from finding work elsewhere. Oh and then there's the hypocrisy on the right for calling foul on her "anti-white" tweets while they defend Trump. Probably because it isn't convenient or useful for them. See an example with Charlie Kirk.
  8. General US Politics

    I concur with the bolded and even go as far as saying that some on the right don't even understand the politics of the right and are just douchebags who want to play the victim and have their way, they side with the right because it's the political party that's more wiling to go along with what they want as evidenced by Neo-Nazis running as Republicans. The article is an opinion piece and everyone's entitled to their opinion but opinions do have faults and this one reeks of turning a blind eye to current events, blowing its main talking point out of proportion ("the left’s need to constantly trash or see America in a negative light") and the common misconception that "pursuit of happiness" is exclusive to the US (seriously, what fucking year are these people living in?) Exactly and people on the right always want to frame it all as just being attacks on America and nothing more when more often than not it is a call for the country to continue to improve for EVERYONE and uphold the values of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. If there's anything the US is best at these days, it might be setting up the worst election in a Democracy in history. The people on the right who are just in it to hate people of color need to be dealt with, it is clear that some in the right are just in it for their stupid racism and hate and are willing to exercise it without reason even towards people on their political side. Gem from Pence I guess in a sea of Trump scandals, it's easy to miss a beautiful opportunity to have this fucker sit down in an interview and be put on the spot with this beauty.
  9. What's up with Alex Jones/Bill Hicks?

    Looks like Alex Jones has reached a point where he has to be mindful of what he does, Spotify and Apple are removing his stuff from their platforms.
  10. General US Politics

    Ugh.... that guy. I remember this one interview he had with CNN. Think he would've been better off if he stayed quiet after Trump pardoned him. EDIT: @eclipse Seems the Trump Administration had no real consequence on the court order to reunite families by the specific deadline and now it seems the Trump Administration is trying to delegate that responsibility elsewhere.
  11. General US Politics

    More on the Maria Butina fiasco: Supposedly she's spilled the truth while drunk Former WH official speaks on Trump Trump cult member Jeanine Pirro: Writes a book condemning liars but supports THE Serial Liar Looks like Sarah Sanders is losing it.
  12. General US Politics

    It looks like it might be the same organization as The Spectator (UK) but geared towards US news. Spectator (UK) appear to lean conservative or "Right-center" and their reporting seems to be on the "high" end of factual. If this story is true, the fact that he hasn't taken a plea deal with Mueller makes more sense. Didn't this already happen before?
  13. General US Politics

    During the 2016 campaign, no, they pretty much said they hated Trump and Hillary and would've preferred Marco Rubio as the president. I say they led to Trump because they're among the biggest perpetrators of the bribery going on in our government and thus donors that can get their politicians to do as they please. To the Koch brothers, getting the tax cuts and repealing Obamacare is what they wanted most from their politicians and in order to execute that with greater ease, they needed a Republican presidency to come in after the Democrats lost the house under Obama and although they didn't like Trump, it was clear that Trump had higher chances of winning the election than the other Republican candidates. They could've had the GOP they control simply remove Trump from the run but they knew that as long as the idiot getting elected under the Republican party wins, said idiot could be influenced to doing Koch's bidding as well as placing more Koch servants under the administration. A lot of Trump's first year was mostly spent on trying to repeal Obamacare and the Tax cuts because of the pressure that was put on them to do so. The Tax cuts effort succeeded and when it came time to negotiate DACA, CHIP and other things, Republicans has obviously spent too much time focused on the Tax Cuts that they couldn't get Trump to sign anything the government shutdown occurred earlier in the year despite the control the GOP has over the government. The Koch brothers hate Trump because they know he's leading the GOP to ruin and thus the loss of Koch control over the government. Pushing the politicians they control to impeaching Trump is a dangerous move because the people that would vote GOP in the midterms are the Trump base that WANTS to keep him in as president and they may not have enough politicians to do that. The best play there is for them is pushing for more tax cuts before the midterm elections and then manipulate Democrats who are willing (and there are, Republicans are just MORE corrupt than the Dems) to take their money.
  14. So you can 3D print guns now...

    The good: The NRA will fight to prevent 3D printed guns which will further demonstrate the public that's paying attention the truth that the NRA doesn't give a shit about the 2nd amendment and it's all about the donors and the money. It's stuff that's already been established in the past but with the Parkland shooting, gun control issues have a greater chance of staying afloat and relevant. The bad: I think concealment point is the big one here and although these guns aren't reliable and efficient as well as expensive now, who's to say that's always going to stay true? Print these shapes where they do not come across as a gun in an airport scanner and you've got 3D printed disasters.
  15. General US Politics

    I believe he's referring to this bit: And I disagree with @Balcerzak on this one. On paper, I don't think Rucker (the employee in question) should have said that to a customer but I don't think straight up firing him should be the action to take here as it sets a precedent suggesting that work environments are places where these racist and bigoted fucks are able to do as they please. Racism and Bigotry deserves nothing less than push-back and it needs to fucking end, if there's anything that deserves oppression, it is racist and bigoted fucks like this Trump nut and the Nazis running for office. As Jane Elliot said, you're not born a bigot, it is learned and you can unlearn it. The US is not where it should be on Racism. Oh wow he's actually saying that before Trump Jr gets pulled back to speak to Congress again because of Giuliani's antics? Please let Giuliani go on TV more often. Why do you feel bad for Moore? The Koch brothers led to Trump and now they reject him because some of his policies are more monstrous than what they'd pull. On the other side of the coin, it is amusing to see some of Trump's tweets actually containing truth as well as Steve Bannon going after GOP candidates taking Koch money. The intent behind it is of course to continue the Trump cult but the division happening with this brings more hope for the midterms.