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  1. General US Politics

    The laws are being made to go to the Supreme Court yes, the people that pushed for it even mentioned it during deliberation. It is expected that GOP politicians would push for bans to abortion because it's what they do but these laws in particular are so much worse that I'd say the men who put these laws forward should be raped by incarcerated folks like this guy for basically saying a woman that's raped should carry that baby and generally treating rapists as not a big deal (which is a current problem in the country, see rulings on Brock Turner and Shane Piche). But let's take a step back and let it sink in: Men in power are making abortion laws they know are outrageous just for the sake of pushing it to the Supreme Court and overturn existing precedent. That's just what they see when making the law, but on the flip side of the situation, women will be criminalized for aborting or even having a miscarriage, if this law were in effect in Texas 2 years ago, a friend of mine would have his wife in jail. Corrupt politicians should be subject to the death penalty, they shouldn't have the power to make laws like this that endanger common people and not have any consequences if overturned or rejected by the Supreme court. Fuck these people.
  2. General US Politics

    Not sure which ones would be considered competitive other than Susan Collins but what is certain is that there's more Republicans up for vote this time around than there were in 2018. For 2020, you have 12 Democrats and 22 Republicans up for Re-election. Some folks are saying that Beto could be Cornyn for that Senate seat but who knows. There's also the matter of some recent rulings against some Gerrymandered districts in favor of Republicans calling for that shit to be fixed before the 2020 votes. Someone call Samus Aran.
  3. Hmm no. Let's be fair here, EA and Activision actually do stand out in these conversations for good reason: They try to cram that shit into every single one of their games and in EA's case, they've tried to bypass the law. There ARE Developers out there with no interest in that garbage going into their game. I don't remember there being commotion over this stuff on Marvel's Spiderman on the PS4 for example. It's not a good idea to equate the bad eggs with everyone else when the bad eggs are the real problem, otherwise you give ammo to their tendency to just brush it off and say "everyone else is doing it".
  4. General US Politics

    They deserve it. Getting scammed by people willing to exploit their tribalist tendencies is what they've set themselves up for. A college girl proved it back in late 2018. In other news, it seems the way that the Democrats are going to fuck 2020 up is by having so many of them running for President with non-existent support while completely ignoring the Senate, forgetting the fact that as long as McConnell remains Senate Majority leader, nothing will come to pass. I think we need the Senate in 2020 more than the presidency.
  5. General US Politics

    The only difference I see in that racist's speech and Tucker Carlson is the latter being more subtle about it. Amazing that the network that lets him flirt with White Nationalists is the highest rated MSM network and you have resources like this around. What's also interesting to note is the point about how the guy become concerned after he was included in the ramblings, that bar has sunk so low that you have cases where Latino supporters of Trump make the excuse "I thought he'd only deport the bad Mexicans!" when loved ones are affected or end up getting screwed themselves like this dude. "Why are we just apprehending them and not lining them up and shooting them? We have to go back to Hitler days and put them in a gas chamber"
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog-The Movie Trailer

    Most of the Sonic fandom right now Here's hoping it's enjoyable if you're high.
  7. General US Politics

    Ok, I'm looking at the definition of fascism several times and I see Trump either fulfilling or wanting at the very least, 6 of the 7 "attributes" of fascism (radical, right-wing, authoritarian, ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy). At what point is it fair to call him a fascist if 85% is insufficient? Not in the world of politics unfortunately. You gotta remember that Trump has a base of crazies and that the people are frustrated with the government as it currently is and the guy frequently attacks the media as the "enemy of the people". Attacking the courts like that is pretty much an attempt at garnering support from his base and other pissed off folks into supporting right-wing judges. People vote for a president that will take action for their interests, I don't think your common Trump voter is interested in having judges that will fuck common folk and support corporations as opposed to having people who are fair. This is true and once again, while it is Trump nominating these judges, it is more or less a result of Mitch McConnell blocking anything tried to do. Although there's something to be said about presidents appointing judges who are centrists with the intent of being true to the constitution and judges who will vote in favor of your unconstitutional bans and whether or not you may be charged while you're a sitting president. In some sense, that is still allocating power to himself and his idea of trying to fight impeachment via the Supreme Court is further testament to him trying to allocate more power to himself, the man is eagerly awaiting to put another conservative to vote in in his favor after all. Reporters are being detained by the government by the way. As a president in our system of government, you have no logical business attacking the press without evidence and that's Trump's problem: there's no evidence to claims, he never has any legitimate reason to do what he does when it comes to attacking/suppressing the media like taking away white house passes to supporters who aren't nice to him. I'd wager the only reason he hasn't done worse is because he's been told he'd go to jail for it and there IS a line Republicans won't allow him to cross. Does a fascist have to kill journalists in order to be considered a fascist? I don't believe "forcible suppression of opposition" has to extend that far, specially if the goal is to prevent it rather than cure it after the fascist president succeeds in toppling the current system for something closer to fascism. He is railing against our system of government when he's attacking our courts though. The man doesn't understand or agree with how the executive office is supposed to function and just believes he is the law with the only thing holding him back are the Republican. Remember, a judge ruled almost an entire year ago that his child separation policy is unconstitutional and there's reports that it is still happening. Plus, there's the recent case of the militia group holding migrants at gunpoint with border patrol basically turning a blind eye to it. When law enforcement isn't doing what they're supposed to do, Trump is silent on it. He doesn't have to understand it to be one. I'll ask again. What do you consider enough? Is it after the bubble's popped or before it? The bad behavior is what's being called out and the bad parts of fascism IS why some of us are describing him as fascist. Perhaps we're using the term too loosely and "closet fascist" may be the best way to put it? It seems like the disagreement is to what lengths does Trump have to go to in order to be considered a fascist in your eyes and would it be better to wait until that comes or prevent it? There's an image often posted labeled "Early signs of fascism" which lists a bunch of signs to look for to see if someone's flirting with fascism and the government under Trump checks most if not all of them. It certainly does look very similar to how the right fear-mongers about socialism but it's just that: fear-mongering since the policies that folks on the left advocate for are popular and desired by the people while only people in Trump's base want him to be president for life/dictator. Hell Republicans fought him on the National Emergency declaration not because they don't like the idea of him doing whatever he wants but because they fear a Democratic president with that precedent established while they still exist (which is also why the court packing is including judges who are as young as 37 so the consequence of such precedence occur WAY later when they're likely to not be around).
  8. General US Politics

    In this thread? Just discussion and understanding. For our politics? Well I would hope that understanding of said distinction could be used so that in the future, it doesn't take as long to get rid of someone with such fascist tendencies like Trump. Impeachment should be a must for this asshole but he's probably going to serve the rest of his term and get off easier than Clinton and Nixon and that is absolute bullshit. If you don't call out a fascist president for what he is, people will use Trump's behavior as a point of reference for defending someone and say "they've committed no wrongdoing, otherwise he wouldn't have been impeached". The nuance of why Trump isn't impeached will be forgotten by the general public with time and normalizing his crap makes it so that worse people can come in and have an easier time justifying such fascist tendencies.
  9. General US Politics

    I don't understand the arguments going around to say that Trump is NOT a fascist. Some of it seems to be suggesting that Trump isn't a fascist because he can't/isn't currently doing x and y specifically but that's not so much a product of Trump but our government system. What we have is president with fascist tendencies who may as well be a fascist inside a democracy bubble, y'all seem to be suggesting that said bubble needs to pop for Trump to qualify as a fascist. This is a by-product of how the government is setup, not because of Trump's decisions. In response to the bolded, he actually is, he bitches about the courts shutting down his proposals and putting in judges who will agree with him which in a sense is trying to allocate some of the judiciary power to himself (although this seems to be more of ploy in Mitch McConnell's part). The saving grace is that people just want the job and won't always stoop to pleasing the worst of Trump's impulses. Whining and complaining is all you can do when you have no evidence to back your shit up lol. It doesn't matter what kind of attacks he's using, the fact still remains that he's attacking the press. I'm willing to bet he has asked about prosecuting media outlets that are critical of him just like how he asked the DOJ to prosecute Hillary and Comey. Trump is not jailing journalists because those around him will not comply for their own sake, not because he's not choosing to do that. You've seen in the past how he's attempted to revoke security clearance and white house press passes to those critical of him. Yes but when you run an investigation to try and prove that and it fails, it's time to shut up with that talking point, specially when your lackey (Sarah Sanders) regurgitate the lie that he won the popular vote. He still doesn't and when there's election fraud happening from his party, he stays silent about it. In response to the bolded: Oh he wants to be. And that's why it's a fascist president under a democratic government, not a fascist government. Ok so this is the point where it may come to where we just agree to disagree but I'll pose the question: Can someone be fascist without understanding of that ideology and living under the constraints of a Democratic Republic? Personally, I'd say the answer to that question YES. You don't have to understand racism to be a fucking racist and if we look back at Michael Cohen's testimony, the fucker didn't run because he believes in Democratic elections, he ran to boost his brand and had expected to lose. He got the presidency, didn't really know what to do other than push to build the wall to keep appeasing his base and doing what he wants to further enrich himself. This isn't a man who believes and understands our system of government, this is a wannabe dictator and a shameful stain on US history that the country will have to carry for years to come.
  10. General US Politics

    I haven't seen anything regarding Booker lately other than him and Harris taking corporate PAC money when they had pledged that they wouldn't with Booker justifying his end saying that it's not from FEDERAL lobbyists. The Biden campaign announcement video makes me see him as a second Hillary Clinton, just change the gender. Republicans will probably replace "Her e-mails" with "Sexual Harassment" or "His touching". What I found most interesting is the discussion brought up about whether or not people in jail should have the right to vote. Initially I was skeptical about Bernie's position on the matter but after checking out the arguments on both side, I'm not opposed to what Bernie is saying (Everyone has the right to vote, even if in jail due to violent crime). Of course, the problem with this stance is that it gives perfect ammo for the Republicans to use for their fear-mongering and while I'd rather just say "Fuck them, they'd do this shit anyway", I fear it could drive away some low information voters. EDIT: In a normal world, this would make it harder and harder to argue that "white privilege" isn't a thing. In Trump world, standard affair. McConnell declaring that he'll be the "Grim Reaper" of progressive policies, hellbent on policy obstruction. Funny, considering a few weeks ago he was whining about "Democrat Obstruction". His death or re-taking the Senate are the only cure for his cancer on our politics, I don't expect Kentucky to vote him out like they should.
  11. General US Politics

    Any policy positions or is he going to take the Buttigieg approach?
  12. General US Politics

    The progressive Democrats will push for impeachment. The "centrists" will either do nothing or pretend to put up a fight even though Clinton got impeached for less.
  13. General US Politics

    That first point is huge, it means they're not even going by the law in this case but the stupid DOJ memo that says a sitting president cannot be indicted and in the supreme court you have a Supreme Court Justice there who posted that same opinion setting up greater chances for Trump to win when this goes to the Supreme Court. I don't understand how this could even be a stupid memo to establish protocol for special counsels given how Impeachment is a tool used to remove a president deserving of it. It's literally establishing that if there's enough corruption seeded in congress, the President is immune from prosecution for the duration of his term. If a majority of Americans now want Trump impeached but the votes just aren't there because of these corrupt Republicans, what happens if they refuse to give in to the pressure from the constituents? Sounds like a situation for the people to call for those congressmen's heads.
  14. Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

    It's not but he made it worse because of what he's promised in the past and when he and his supporters insist saying that he's keeping his promises and accomplishing "so much", they only make it worse. Anyone could argue that any other president would probably reach out to France for aid on the reconstruction but Trump's failings with providing aid to Puerto Rico and communities in the US that need the aid aren't exactly accidents or that he's incapable of doing anything, it's deliberate and part of his racist nature.
  15. Gotta apply the RPG female armor logic to the boys at some point right?