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  1. General US Politics

    It was pretty much spent on the Tax cuts for the rich and trying to completely destroy ObamaCare in the first year and then there was that effort spent on trying to discredit the Mueller investigation and having more hearings and investigation into Hillary's e-mails to keep their base buying into the "Deep State" conspiracy theory and that must vote for the Trump loyalists to protect him from the FBI until after the midterms were done. The Tax cuts for the rich were rather unpopular and they had to spend a lot of time convincing their base that it's great with many of those politicians were originally going to point to them for their Re-Election but they jumped ship on that idea as the midterms approached. Being fair to Trump here (I know, unbelievable), it was more like those that are extremely loyal to him in the House pushed for that drama because if he couldn't get it under a fully Republican controlled government, "there's no way Democrats would allow it if they controlled the house". Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich then egged him on to doing the shutdown for the wall. The House GOP weren't wrong in their thinking but the final nail in the coffin became McConnell. Congress has no obligation to submit to this whiny turd of a manchild because as the video says, they can override vetos from the President but they won't do it because opposing Trump as a Republican has proven to be poisonous among their base and there's argument to be made that Trump vetoing bills to Re-open the government is an easy "impeachable offense" the Democrats could latch on to. Off-topic from the wall: Police shoot down the hoax theories regarding the Jussie Smollett's attack. Guess there were enough snowflakes peddling this conspiracy theory that the Police had to make a statement on it.
  2. General US Politics

    If it ends up going through then yes and that's why even McConnell advised Trump not to do it. Not like he cares though, like with the debt, his response is probably the same thing: "I'll be gone by then".
  3. General US Politics

    Fox News thought this ad might show Hannity fans how close they are to being actual Nazis. Couldn't have that so they prevented the ad from being shown.
  4. General US Politics

    If her ideas see more Republican support like the marginal tax on the rich, she could eventually be. I wouldn't put my hopes on that though, it's not just the GOP that will be obstructing progressives. Still, it'd probably be more effective to bring the top GOP members down than elevating one person. The 2018 Taxes could be the key to flip states in the next election, it's something the maga idiots can't call fake news on. It's a real shame that the elections are not this year when the uproar over the 2018 Taxes and government shutdown is fresh on people's minds.
  5. General US Politics

    More evidence of the GOP's hyperpartisan bullshit. If you or anyone you know still believes that Republicans were "fair" under Obama, show them the video/article. If "FAKE NEWS" is the response to the article, tune in to 11:25 on the video where Mulvaney's confession can be heard This is the same guy that once said: “If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you. If you’re a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you.” BONUS: https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/429521-utah-gov-defies-voters-signs-limited-medicaid-expansion When this apple fell from the tree, it didn't even land on the ground. It clung to it and never learn to let go. When the tree is uprooted and taken away, the sap will go with it (or be taken before the tree is uprooted).

    It's only a ghost that hasn't learned to accept things and move on to the afterlife.
  7. General US Politics

    Ya, they make it too easy. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 EDIT: Guys, the Republicans in Pennsylvania are FINALLY doing something about school shootings!
  8. The game basically told me to my face "YOU ARE GONNA GET A FREE COLORLESS 5 * HERO AND WE DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE IT" (all options were colorless). I ended up getting summer Takumi (+DEF, -SPD). I was hoping to shoot for Red (dancer Micaiah) or blue (Bridal Ninian).
  9. The State of Global Politics in 2019

    That's essentially what is referred to when someone mentions polarization in the context of politics. It's undeniably a problem in US politics (and in general) for sure because that's what results in congress not getting shit done. Is it the biggest threat to democracy or US politics right now? I don't think so, I'd echo Shoblongoo's response that ignorance is a bigger problem. Politics is something most people prefer to avoid and the GOP uses that for theater to paint all opposition as radical (see the marginal Tax rate suggested by AOC), trick people into thinking that established actions they don't like are suddenly made up and abuses of power. For the latter point, today's hearing on Whitaker is a perfect example of this. Make no mistake, this hearing is entirely political theater from both sides with the Democrats hoping to catch Whitaker on a lie of the suspicions they have that he's been tampering with the Mueller probe or serving as a lackey forwarding information from it to Trump's lawyers. Now, what did the Republicans do during this hearing? Obstruct questioning and try to paint the picture that "Democrats are suddenly going out of the normal and abusing their powers to investigate a president they don't like". Many among their base would probably be ignorant and take this bullshit at face value, people paying attention would echo Chris Wallace of Fox News when he says they literally did this during Obama to make things difficult for him. Ignorance to this history will lead folks to take the Republicans' side and vote against their own interests, resulting in the angry tweets that were posted earlier in the thread from Trump voters. They're angry now but who knows if they'll remember this tax Season in 2020 if it ends up being patched as a way to protect Trump from his own voters when they do their 2019 taxes next year.
  10. General US Politics

    Now here's something good from someone in the government, shedding some light on the situation that should already be obvious to everyone in the US. Should be followed up with a demonstration showing how a KFC employee is held to higher ethical standards than the current president and congress.
  11. The State of Global Politics in 2019

    Yes and No. But mostly yes. "No" because if Trump were to actually take action on the GOOD promises he made like draining the swamp, healthcare for all, more affordable college "Yes" because you're clearly demonstrating ignorance and obliviousness to what's actually going on with this administration and Trump's doing none of the GOOD promises he brought up during his campaign run. Seriously dude, don't take it from me, hear it from his own supporters. Oh and he's a criminal, there's enough evidence of several crimes committed by people and organizations likely directed by him (at least 1 has already been confirmed made available to the public) that is being passed around to State prosecutors, probably to prevent him from getting a pardon. It's only a matter of time before he gets indicted and even if he were to fire Mueller at this time, the state prosecutions would keep going. You're right, it doesn't. My intent wasn't to insult you, it's just the reality of the situation, not beliefs. The posts you've made here prove that you've been fooled because you literally said "it's clear he has our nation's best interest at heart", if that were true, he would never say he doesn't care about debt because he won't be around by the time the debt becomes a real issue. We also know he's a conman via the results Trump University case. He's a conman and you have been fooled like many others. But it's ok, you're free to continue being fooled by this conman. It's your right and no one will take that away from you. More evidence of your obliviousness. Clinton had less problems and was impeached while the GOP pushed for it. Trump tops Nixon as the more blatant example of a corrupt and criminal president because a portion of the government body that's supposed to be a check and balance to the president isn't doing his job and is instead doing all it can to obstruct the truth instead. Trump said he'd release his Taxes when he ran on the campaign. If he did and there was no problem with them, this would clear him of the allegations of Tax fraud that are on him. Instead he keeps hiding and the Republicans are helping. If he were innocent, it would be in his best interests to just let the Democrats see the tax returns, if nothing comes up, the Democrats would stay silent because they have no ammo against him and Trump would just take advantage of that make them look like absolute liars. Trump said he had no dealings with Russia and that there's no collusion or "conspiracy to defraud the United States", the documents related to the Trump Moscow project disprove that. Republicans did nothing but block the Mueller prove as much as they could and keep on pushing the Hillary e-mail conspiracy until they secured as many seats as they could from the midterms Trump likes to believe he's done nothing wrong, the aforementioned Trump University case and the recent Trump Charity shut down disprove that. Republicans won't tell you that this happened and will respond to it with silence. I don't know if Trump will be impeached, it's quite doubtful because the Republicans have proven that they cannot be trusted and they're more interested in giving tax cuts to the rich and have no interest in making sure people affected by the shutdown get paid. Truly a party and president with the US' best interest at heart. Anyway I'm done, this'll only derail the thread further if it continues and you're not worth it.
  12. Changes to Skill Inheritance coming in March

    Damn, when I saw the thread title I was hoping they'd remove that bloody rarity limitation on skills or at least tone it down somewhat. It really sucks to have to spend 20k feathers to get Quick Riposte 3.
  13. The State of Global Politics in 2019

    That Obama wished to do as well but everyone on the right and the establishment in general were just ready to vilify him at every turn for it. No matter how much progress Trump or Pompeo say they've been making with North Korea, the intelligence agencies all run by Trump appointees will contradict him if it's a lie because it sure as hell is While true, the majority of it is as a result the economy he inherited from Obama as the guy's only been in power for 2 years and it hasn't been that much time to truly see the effects of his policies plus, barring the recent 300k, his numbers have been lower than Obama on his way out which is more indicative of how less effective he is for the country and further backs up the notion that he's just riding the Obama economy. The 300k number is rather interesting as it defies expectations but it'd probably best for analysts to look into the matter and see how this ended up happening. Nevertheless, good for the country. What we do know though is that he's walking the same path as W Bush in terms of economic policies like lowering taxes on the rich. Another thing we do know is that he's fucked the middle class and now they have to pay more taxes because several exemptions they used are now gone or more difficult to obtain. No he hasn't, he's most likely done the opposite. He's empowered white supremacists, lunatic bigots and right extremists so effectively that apparently, right-wingers were the ones that committed every 2018 extremist murder, nothing's been done about gun control so we're pretty much still averaging mass shootings at a rate of 1 per day each year (not too long ago there was 6 cases in the span of 4 days that mainstream media didn't cover), it isn't difficult to find news of his supporters assaulting people who are just going about their day like Jussie Smollett and the "MAGA COUNTRY" incident, a 91-year-old man who's here legally beaten to near death and several of the mass shooters or people who intended to kill others that were reported on the news were Trump supporters/right-wing: What Trump has truly done is appealed to bigots and racists in the country who suddenly think that now that Obama's gone and Trump is in charge, they can go out and act like non-whites are lesser beings while right-wing nuts will immediately think that any terrorist act done by a white individual is just something fake or staged like the Las Vegas shooter. It isn't difficult to pull up cases where Trump supporters have gotten arrested for their bigotry these days. Not to mention the blunders he's made regarding Puerto Rico like taking money that was allocated to be spent for relief there and re-allocating it to ICE, something that we don't need and a haven for rapists. Then's there the shutdown that went on for a month that was causing problems for investigations and a recent report from his own administration that doesn't even mention the wall as necessary It's also safe to say he's empowering dictators affecting the politics of other countries by acting as an example of how horrible Democratic elections can be when you have a party like today's GOP in control. No he hasn't. He is among the rich folks who hire undocumented workers and falsify documents to keep them. His properties have only recently started firing undocumented workers because he's been caught and that makes him look bad with his base. He's been hurting small businesses with his changes to LEGAL immigration and the policy he made to separate kids from their parents at the border was nothing but a monstrous abuse of executive power as he's essentially kidnapping children of people who are seeking asylum when they're able to do so at the border. The administration had a court order to return those kids back to their parents, there's still many that haven't been returned and the administration is essentially saying they're no longer interested because they view it as impossible. Additionally, illegal immigrants end up taking jobs that Americans don't want but you don't have to take that from me, hear it from Trump supporters who voted for him. The a lot of the illegal immigration in the country are actually people that come in legally but just overstay their visas. They still pay taxes (probably more than Trump percentage-wise) and chip in to Social Security and Medicare while being unable to reap benefits of citizenship. Your view of this orange turd appears to be grounded in a fantasy. You should consider looking at different sources for information but you're also free to continue being fooled by this conman.
  14. General US Politics

    Or better yet, what about the many promises broken, several of them now negatively impacting his voters. "But he is fulfilling campaign promises". News flash, undoing regulations is easy. Passing more welfare to the rich is super easy under the current government.
  15. FE4 THREAD

    Has Mumu said "Everything's dead, we're surrounded by death" yet?