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  2. Do you ever get nervous playing video games?

    Bored? Yes Excited? Yes Nervous? No. Don't see why I would be.
  3. That's normal. Both cases are normal.
  4. "So say for example that you use Hero Alm. If you use a bow at an enemy, then on an enemy phrase when enemies attack you at 1 range, Alm will use 1 range weapon. Is that intentional or is it a bug?" What does Alm have equipped as his item?
  5. Can't damage boss in ch.20

    Having Lightsphere equipped on the attacker is all that's necessary to damage Hardin in C20. If you can't deal any damage to him then I have to wonder if your unit's ATK is lower than his defense which is just absurd. Can you post a screenshot of the combat window of your attacker with Lightsphere equipped?
  6. "Hell hath no fury like a women scorned" indeed...

    Bingo. @Raze2000:It's pretty standard stuff here. Your confusion probably comes from how Villages in the other Fire Emblems work
  7. The argument is not about defending the game. It's about understanding what type of game you're dealing with and the business practices exercised by other users of the same business model. "FEH is a Gacha game" is not meant to be a pass on it becoming worse, it's meant to be a warning and indication that the same business model has been used in several games and there are many traps and problems for the consumer that come with it. Players should've approached the game with caution due to its business model and understand that with updates and new content, the state of the game being "good" or "bad" is subject to change and could go either way. Whales complaining about putting so much money into the game and seeing it become worse because a power creep as a sign of people who failed to exercise caution and take into consideration negative outcomes of future changes. If these whales are so surprised and upset in seeing the game devolve like other games with the same business practices and similar histories, did FEH whales just jump into the game thinking it'd be a holy grail that could not be tainted? Foolish. If people want things to be changed for the better and let the developers know that shit like this is unacceptable, just send them feedback, don't summon on this Ayra banner, take a break/leave from the game until you see reason to go back.
  8. 10-4. I bailed on playing the game when I saw how Skill Inheritance works but still look into new heroes and updates to see how things are going. Skill inheritance was designed to create a new pool of objectives to summon for: Skills and it works well enough because of whales who will seek to summon for Skills in order create perfect units. Now, how do you keep the cash flow coming from whales who have "perfect units"? You power creep and anyone who didn't it see coming was probably blinded thinking Fire Emblem wouldn't be tainted as bad as other gacha games. The fact that the Summoning Focus still work the same way they did on release doesn't help their defense when it comes to F2P players. With how much success the game has gotten and how much time has passed, if they really cared about the F2P players, they would alter summoning focus to not just grant you an extra chance at getting specific heroes but also limiting the hero pool when using that Focus (ie a focus with only Tome users where you can only summon tome users, an NES-SNES character pool focus, etc)
  9. There is actually a song with lyrics saying "It's the power of the P-U-S-S-Y,.." You'll understand its power when you're older.
  10. FE4 THREAD

    Ayra looks cute in that artwork.
  11. but I loved you.....

    Is that "Tangerne" in a new font?
  12. QOTD ♚♛ 1409 - Favorite candle scent?

    No. Most other minds would contain an abundance of cat videos, waifu images or just stuff I'm not interested in thinking about.
  13. TheVinceKnight Officially Joins the Team

    Operation Vinception will not succeed.
  14. I come to you for help, Serenes, as a person humbled...

    Donated. Good luck.
  15. FE5 is primarily difficult for first timers as they don't have knowledge of how things work. Play it a few times and you'll realize that enemy stats are for the most part: shit. "Knowledge is power" basically whereas most other games' maps are pretty straightforward and transparent as to what you can expect from them. FE6's hard mode difficulty comes mostly from the earlygame where it throws more enemies than the player can really deal with using the earlygame units you get and some of these enemies pack really decent stats like the earlygame Wyvern Knigthts were your best weapon to deal with are your archers but they just suck at this point and are among the worst units overall. You can beat FE6 hard mode several times but you still have to deal with the difficulties of the earlygame with little options. The difficulty then goes down as you get better units and keep progressing through the game. Lategame just ends up becoming more tedious.