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  1. You're worrying too much. The final chapter has 6 doors in it. Even if you have insufficient keys for whatever reason, there's ways around it like Warp and Rewarp. You have to actively try to impede yourself to make the game unbeatable or leave 90% of your characters dead (which most people don't as they just restart when someone dies). The one chapter that could pose the biggest problem to you is 24x and there's a map available that shows the tiles where the problem lies.
  2. Played both. Prefer New Mystery.
  3. it's rather impossible to quantify how much exp there is with the way it works. If I had to throw a guess though, I'd say that maybe one or 2 of the boys could revert back to a tier 1 class and then potentially upgrade to the tier 2. So your best bet would probably be to change them to Archers after their loop back to villager and then hope they can reach Sniper for the 5 mov and Bowrange +2 with Bow Knight being the plateau.
  4. Grats to you and Mr. Sparkles Kate. Sorry I couldn't attend, it got really expensive and I had to retract the day off (today) for work.
  5. Only when Chrome/Firefox are not supported by a particular web page/app I MUST use at work.
  6. Better defensive caps (21 def vs 24 def and 25 res vs 28 res) when looking at Sage vs MK. But none of that really matters and neither do the cap advantages Sage has over Mage Knight as such stats are overkill and unnecessary for everything but the never used Link Arena. Mage Knight is the better class for Lute because of the Con and Move while the Sage "advantages" are redundant. Mage Knight is the better class for L'arachel because Light Magic is worse than Anima if you don't have that Slayer skill the Bishops get.
  7. Ashnard is playable in FE9's trial maps. @Topic: There's no answer to this question other than "Because she's not".
  8. Really? That's a pit you shouldn't have crawled in.
  9. Although the intention for awakening was to make a last game while pulling out all the stops, it's arguably the closest thing we'll see to a reboot for the series and if does get an actual reboot then we will most likely be stuck with more stories of Akaneia. I for one am sick of games being tied to Akaneia.
  10. Most likely, he won't marry until it's rather late and he's content with exploring the world. Let's pretend he does end up marrying in his late 20s or early 30s though. When it becomes necessary, he'd actually do his job as a father and help out his kids but that is assuming he's not currently off traveling somewhere. On a day-to-day bases, he'd have little interest in raising his kids and leave most of the logistics of raising the kids to the wife, except when it comes to racial discrimination issues. As for the husband aspect of it, again, he'd leave most of the logistics of the house to the wife and just work to earn money, particularly in some form of manual labor or mercenary work. He would not be a lovey-dovey husband and several years into the marriage would pay less attention to his wife until there's a real need for it, in particular when her life is at stake due to his background. Bottom line, the dude just doesn't really seem like the type of romantic who would know what to say, how to treat the wife on a regular basis or just take real interest in the marriage until there's a need for it If he were to end up married, he most likely wouldn't have been the one doing the chasing.
  11. It is currently Fire Emblem. Now the thread should be closed.
  12. He's seen as a Camus-like commander because he is held in high regard and revered among the enemy forces, so much so that there's a bit of a recurring enemy out to destroying his reputation by executing his sister Olwen and claiming it was because she revolted. Camus had Nyna as a love interest but was more concerned for his country, Rinehardt was essentially Ishtar's White Knight and was more interested in her well being as well as Olwen's so was a bit narrow minded in the sense that he didn't really question whether or not he was fighting on the good side and didn't buy that his sister Olwen had grown up and had her own way of thinking until she spoke to him directly about it. Combat-wise, he's the kind of boss most of your units will want to avoid. His skill set includes the ability to block damage, always attack first, randomly proc another attack based on his SPD, proc another round of combat in the same fight. His weapon is a Brave Thunder of 15 MT while the highest MT Thunder magic has 18 and his Hit Rate will often be pretty high due to leadership stars. Additionally, he has a 25% chance to take a second turn. Of course, there's workarounds to this guy like just putting him to sleep or warping to the boss on the throne and seizing it. Hmm, he might be the strongest boss in the game on paper.
  13. It would be great and better value for the consumer so they wouldn't do it.
  14. More reason to not use Zeiss on this route. Supports are not mandatory.
  15. Don't use Zeiss this playthrough. As Levant said, you'll have to weaken Miledy by taking the shield from her and Sacae is easily the worse of the routes for someone who wants to use Zeiss. Echidna or Percival are fine, Dieck would be a decent alternative for using Armads (you can get multiple S ranks for weapons in this game).