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  1. General US Politics

    He'd spin it. "Hell on earth brought to our fellow Christians in California by the godless Liberals". On the subject of Khashoggi... Trump won't listen to the "suffering tape", so much for the claim that he's tough and doesn't back down from anything. CIA makes the conclusion that MBS ordered the deed, Trump insisting it's not true and issued a statement echoing what the Saudis are saying And then there's this gem coming in 2 weeks before the Mercy Hospital shooting.
  2. New Heroes: Fire and Ice!

    To be fair, that banner would've been 2 greens and 2 reds which is pretty bad distribution. Whoever's in charge of making the decisions on the banners is just bad at figuring out the reception of the fanbase and you'd think it'd be apparent after seeing the dislike ratio of their new banner videos. A better distribution would've been Laevatein/Laegjarn + Loki/Yglr + Helbindi on that first Muspel banner and then the ones omitted from that banner + Surtr, would've made for better distribution and both banners would be 3 characters. As for the banner in which Loki came in? Why the fuck was Loki in there anyway lol It's always interesting to see that the ratio is so much more worse on the Japanese videos than the English. I tend to see the Japanese ratio as more accurate each time and wonder how the English one seems more "forgiving" by comparison. Maybe I'm just hateful lol.
  3. General US Politics

    Evangelicals are funny Apple CEO says Tech regulation "inevitable". What are everyone's thoughts on the matter? Personally, I just hope it doesn't come during this fascist administration or during Republican control, this is obviously something the country needs to be careful with and I don't trust government under the leadership of Mitch McConnel and Trump to do anything right (so good that they lost the house).
  4. General US Politics

    Chickenpox outbreak in North Carolina town As effective as "Thoughts and Prayers".
  5. California mass Shooting

    On paper, they're not supposed to but it seems like plenty of them have been able to circumvent the issue. And then there's the aforementioned loophole of buying guns without background checks...
  6. California mass Shooting

    Technically speaking, it's not out of the realm of possibility for such a thing to happen. The problem is that unless you've got credible evidence to back it up, there's absolutely no point in making that argument because it would just be another dumb conspiracy theory. The statements that mass shootings are so common in America comes from statistics of mass shootings compiled from several countries and the correlation between number of guns owned and mass shootings always comes up in conversation because we are in fact, a country where it's incredibly easy. For those that wanna argue that those statistics are faked by the governments of other countries... where's the evidence? Where's the reports from journalists that such a thing is happening? When confronted with such questions, you'll usually get "Whataboutisms" from such folks which does nothing useful for the discussion other than obstruct it. EDIT: One very good point that's been brought up in this thread: This is a fantastic point for people skeptical about gun control to use and I never see it tossed around. I live in Austin Texas where law enforcement assistance isn't difficult to get but I'm not one to deny that there's areas like this in other counties in Texas that should have this taken into consideration.
  7. California mass Shooting

    There's no such thing when our elected officials are bought out by the rich. I'm not going to argue semantics here, the point is that we have representatives elected to work to make legislation that the people who voted for them want enacted and a majority of the country want stronger gun control than what's in place. Shoblongoo had some nice suggestions to go with: That last one that I bolded is important because in several states, it isn't implemented well and there's loopholes in the laws that need to be addressed. As I've mentioned earlier: Generally speaking, they're immediately defensive no matter what you do, in their mind, they see the mere mention of "gun control" as "REPEAL THE 2ND AMENDMENT, BAN ALL GUNS" because that's what Propaganda from the likes of the NRA and Fox News has lead to. As already said, they just obstruct and cry 2nd Amendment, offering no real points or solutions to mass shootings. Those that cry "more guns" should be the first to be surrounded by more guns and see how they it works out. For example, if the Orange Turd wants to suggest more guns as a solution to this, then he should be highly opposed to increased security at NRA convention speeches by him and Mike Pence. Instead, they see lives of American citizens as expendable when in reality their lives are worth much less. If Trump were to be executed, I wouldn't be opposed to that execution happening by him being burned alive, he's earned it.
  8. California mass Shooting

    So much for the "good guy with a gun" argument, or did we forget an implication that meant to specifically suggest a "good WHITE guy with a gun" somewhere along the lines? Maybe not but the fact is that we are in a Democracy and have a constitution that can be amended to change established laws if needed. There's been more than enough time to experiment with what happens when you do nothing about these mass shootings. It's about time to experiment and see what happens when you implement gun control laws with the intent to reduce these occurrences. Anti-Gun control folks provide no real evidence for their arguments, they just obstruct and cry 2nd Amendment and they've had their way for decades while there's more evidence supporting that gun control can reduce the number of mass shootings occurring. It's time for that to change but I guess we'll have to wait for the current administration to sink. If the elected lawmakers have no desire to act on this when many folks in the country want common sense gun control legislation to happen, then there's no need to pity them when lunatics come to shoot those that do nothing.
  9. California mass Shooting

    I think CapnStix is probably just trolling here but in the event that this is not the case, I'll humor it just once... "Wanna be safe? Get a gun instead of making everyone suffer" - That talking point has more evidence against it than for it. brb, buying a gun to have around for me to kill off any suspicious looking white person I suspect of looking to incite a race war in the US "Gun control will not stop gun shootings"- It will greatly reduce the number and that's the point. "Gun control only punish people who don't break the law" - A Majority of Americans want increased gun control to reduce mass shootings in the country. Gun owners/enthusiasts themselves are all for the idea of making guns initially difficult to get because no one likes the thought of a little shit like Nikolas Cruz being able to acquire an assault rifle and kill innocents for whatever stupid reason/impulse these shooters have. It's not a question of "punishing people who don't break the law", it's a matter of making it more difficult for the extreme to happen as frequently. I talked to a friend who's a gun owner and enthusiast and even he believes that the current laws in Texas need to be changed to make it more difficult to get a gun. "You have to be crazy to kill someone with a gun" - No, you just have to be a human with a gun. A person who shoots someone in an attempt to stop an assaulter and ends up accidentally shooting someone unintended is by no means crazy. The shooting brought up in this thread is apparently the 307th shooting in the year. Tuesday November the 13th is day 317 of the year. If you seek to increase this rate of mass shootings, by all means, continue to advocate for more guns.
  10. California mass Shooting

    Yes, the Retro Studios that made Metroid Prime and the newer Donkey Kong Country games. I've looked into it and I could pick up an assault rifle and ammunition for it with as little as $300. That coupled with a loophole that allows you to buy guns without a background check in Texas (I'm serious, look it up), the wording of the "stand your ground" and the current gun laws in general, there are states where it's easily possible to commit mass murder with guns or even manipulate the situation into killing individuals LEGALLY. I get the intent of the 2nd amendment, but getting a gun in the first place needs to be made way more difficult at the very least.
  11. General US Politics

    Immediately after seeing that someone from the opposite party has won the election and attempting to do so before they take office? I don't doubt that both sides partake in this sort of scummy shit but if you have other examples to show, I'd like to see them.
  12. General US Politics

    We're going to hear more "violent left" rhetoric and you can thank antifa for deciding to be useful idiots by threatening Tucker Carlson. Fucking idiots. Lol Sarah Sanders used a video doctored by InfoWars to defend the decision to revoke Acosta's pass. That's a libel lawsuit just waiting to happen and I get the feeling this woman's guilty of violating the Hatch Act a dozen times throughout her time there. Republicans in Wisconsin being sore losers LOL fucking knew it.
  13. California mass Shooting

    Yep and the only "consolation" being that the murder weapon was a Glock instead of the usual AR-15 so he would've killed plenty more with that. That's just America for ya, unwilling to make gun laws to make the country safe for its people and always looking to blame something when the problem is simply how easy it is to get guns. For example, I work in the same building as Retro Studios, if I will it, I could buy a gun and kill off most of Retro Studios and there'd be little happening to stop me. Oh shit, apparently people at a shooting have just been doing it wrong