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  1. This was surprisingly easy, do note that there are MANY runner ups, including a good few legendaries. Spot the common theme...
  2. Fate/Grand Order General

    In the Light Novel "Fate/Strange Fake" Alexander Dumas is a servant. In Fate/GO, Dumas' arguably most famous character, Edmond Dantes, is a Servant. So I think a Shakespeare character could easily become a Servant.
  3. I decided to make a rule of only one character per series/franchise, which made things tricky and led to some interesting results.
  4. Favorite and least favorite style/character?

    Lyn is easily my favorite. So much mobility within her moveset, something infantry units tend to lack, but she's also got a good moveset to 1v1 with, though it isn't as solid for that as say Chrom/Lucina or Ryoma. Its got a great balance though, and she feels awesome to control. I can't wait to get Pass, Armored Blow, and Astra onto her for some unstoppable mayhem. My least favorite are the pegs, but its partially because they're totally unavoidable. They're ALL clones, feel a bit awkward to control, and are your only options for lance users until the Fates DLC hits in December.
  5. "Why not just cut them" Ye man I'm sure they can do that. They got time. Game only drops in 4 days.
  6. FE Warriors at TGS

  7. I voted for Rowan, mainly because I want to use Lianna in NA and as of right now have 0 interest in her male twin, but it doesn't really matter either way lol. Depending on what the upcoming gameplay we get to see gives us is what I'll be most interested in seeing you play. If we still don't have a lot of gameplay of Leo or Frederick, for example, then I'd probably request at least some gameplay of them. But we'll see. The next couple of weeks are going to be quite interesting for this game.
  8. Hinoka, Camilla, Takumi and Leo confirmed

    You have some solid points. People need to give each other enough credit. I'm sure SOME people are "so stupid that a simple hate comment is enough to deter them from the game", to some extent. But not necessarily on average, or to the point where it'll matter. With further context of this entire fanbase, hate comments get thrown around all the time. We're all pretty numb to them. Bottom line is that people need to give others more credit. Also uh, yeah, I'm not going to say "no Ike no buy" is a clear statement of problem+solution. "Hey devs, add Ike to your finished/borderline finished game and I will give you 80$". He has every right to say it, but I'm not going to pretend that's a useful statement. It'd be humorous to think that IntSys, Nintendo, and even KT aren't aware that popular non-3DS characters are popular. They clearly want to keep FE Warriors and other FE spin offs from suffering the fate of TMS#FE. They want to actually market this game, they want this game to be very appealing to the absolute broadest base possible. Whether you like it or not, the easiest/safest business route to accomplishing that objective would be to put a focus on the 3DS games, add in 1/11 chars as throwbacks/classics. And we can go ahead and dive in to the now months old "but they could have pulled X character from X game to represent X class/weapon" but I've heard that tune for months and nobody seems to properly address the notion that there's no way they would bring in a character from an FE game but NOT that games lords. All of them, not just one. Hector wouldn't be in the base game without Eliwood and Lyn. I doubt he'd even be in as solo DLC, he'd probably be able to be purchased in a bundle with the other Elibean lords, for example. That said they're not going to go bring in Dorcas or Bartre without bringing in the Elibean lords. Its just not happening, it makes no actual sense. So with them having outlined which games they were going to pull from for the base game literally months ago, there's nothing useful to saying "No Ike no buy" other than letting us know you aren't going to buy the game. That's not constructive criticism, that's not even criticism. It's just a scarcely related statement. By all means they have the right to make that statement though, doesn't bother me whatsoever. But treating the statement as something it legitimately isn't does.
  9. May 25th DLC

    Ahh I thought so. Thank you!
  10. May 25th DLC

    Is the second wave of DLC out for english yet? Or will it be later today?
  11. Either Memory Prisms or Base Conversations give the most "overall" look into a character. Supports tend to be focused on something actively happening in the game, or two characters bonding, rather than a look forward or a deeper look into a character's backstory. Which is fine, that's honestly how it should be. So all three come together to flesh out characters.
  12. Arts: Yeah or nay?

    I prefer the Arts system over RNG skills. I'd much rather sacrifice some hp for a big plus rather than rely on rng to pull an Astra or some such out, even if it can only happen on my turn and doubling isn't a thing if you do so.
  13. Best Combat Art opinion thread

    Tempest Lance, Heavy Draw, Hunter Volley, and Double Lions tbh
  14. Archers scale up very hard with their promotions. Archers themselves are pretty weak, mostly just good for chip. Once they make it up to Bow Knights though they become monsters. Either outright killing machines with the Killer Bow or even Blessed Bow, or utility beasts with the Silver Bow's arts.