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  1. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    Despite the fact that she's clearly crying, and struggling to get what she wants to say out of her mouth, towards the end of her conversation with Eliwood? Why? Which doesn't mean that she would forget about said life. But at the same time, who says that she'll easily forget about the plains upon living as a Lycian noble? Certainly not I.S. And isn't making assumptions a part of speculation anyways? Also, "you have to work really hard for Lyn to not return to Sacae"? Lolwut? Lyn's pairings with the lords are among the easiest pairs in the game to build. With Hector/Lyn being feasible in a Ranked run. And coming from someone who had no issue building Eliwood/Lyn to B on his first playthrough of FE7 despite not going for that pair, I doubt that Eliwood/Lyn would be hard to build for a casual player. Kent/Lyn and Rath/Lyn, on the other hand, are arguably harder to build than either. With Rath/Lyn in particular having a challenge in actually building supports on the grounds that Lyn would actually have built supports by the time Rath joins. You mean the two endings where she doesn't mention wanting to go back. She never once mentions wanting to return to Sacae when paired with Eliwood. There mere fact that it's always Ostia that gets control over Caelin doesn't really make much sense outside of one ending. Hector isn't (or at least doesn't seem to be) acquainted with Hausen. And Lundgren's dead by the time FE7 ends. And as far as we know, he doesn't have a birthright claim to Caelin. At least, he shouldn't have such a claim to Caelin that he controls it despite Eliwood's children being Caelin's heirs should Lyn marry Eliwood. And if she goes back to Sacae, why Ostia gains control over Caelin is still not touched upon. But if she marries Hector, why Ostia gains control over Caelin starts to make sense. As Ostia's heirs then would also be Caelin's heirs. Whether she is or not stated to have any explicit power beyond being support for Hector is besides the point to this. The point was that Lyn wouldn't so easily forget about Sacae despite being Hector's wife. You seem so focused on the notion that she does despite there being zero indication of such. It's only Lundgren and Marquess Araphen who's outright racist towards Sacaeans. Her ending with Eliwood doesn't mention that racism is the reason behind the nobles getting in an uproar during their marriage. Okay. But this makes Lyn/Rath likely, how? Because this isn't really proof towards anything. All it shows is that she's bad at being a noble; a trait that she shares with Hector, who becomes Marquess despite his discomfort around nobility. It's quite the double-standard to bring up Lyn's discomfort around nobility yet not bring up Hector's. Except Rath isn't an orphan by FE7's end whereas Lyn is. Nor did the Kutolah experience a tragedy that reduced their numbers to less than 10. They're not like each other personality-wise either. Lyn is far more outspoken than Rath is, and more impulsive and hot-headed. All they have in common is that they're nomads from Sacae, they're children of their tribe's chieftain, and they have lived alone. If there's any one among Lyn's support options that she has the most in common with, it's the one who outright is mentioned to have reminded Lyn of herself from when she was younger. Who, to my knowledge, isn't Rath. Based on what? They get little interaction outside of supports. Whatever interaction they do get can be easily simplified. And they don't even get special scenes, a love confession, or a special song. Except for the fact that Hector/Florina is never implied to happen, nor does any reason for happening come up in the main story. Not even a special scene. Plus, Hector/Florina's harder to build than Hector/Lyn even when taking support speed into account by itself. I thought what I posted provided a sufficient enough answer. Also, what kind of pair friends has someone in the pair confess his or her love to the other person in the pair? There's only one kind of pair of friends that does that, and it's kind that sees each other as more than just mere friends.
  2. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    No. She's questioning when Hector learned Uther died when she started to cry in that conversation. The conversation's end has her thinking about how Hector can't keep his sadness about Uther's death bottled up inside. She knows that Hector needs comfort, and can't even bring himself to cry for Uther despite wanting to. And because of that, she wants to give Hector comfort. However, Lyn doesn't feel as strongly about each of them as she does about Hector. Especially since when Eliwood tells her about Uther's death takes place during a time frame where Hector would have already confessed to Lyn. That's the main difference. Even though this conversation happens after Eliwood tells her about Uther's death? And I should note that this conversation, in addition to Lyn being told about Uther's death by Eliwood, the requirements this conversation has in order to happen has Lyn being there for Hector as he's grieving anyways. I doubt that I.S. would have gone through the trouble giving Hector and Lyn a conversation that connects to Hector's paired endings and not do the same with Hector's other potential spouses if they didn't intend for Hector/Lyn to canonically happen. You're right in that it's not the only conversation that leads up to Lyn settling down with Hector. There's also the various other interactions she has with Hector outside of supports, And Hector's confession of love to Lyn. And the conversation where Lyn is crying for Uther on Hector's behalf. I.E., the stuff that I doubt that I.S. would have included without intent. After all, it's the kind of exposure that they gave to Eliwood/Ninian in the same game. I never said that she'd be giving up her Nomadic heritage by setting down with Hector. Only that she never mentions that she wants to return to Sacae if she's paired with him or Eliwood. That's a big difference. And if it's all the same, I can't see her just abandoning her grandfather's legacy and leaving someone who had just gotten himself into the same familial situation she's in all alone. And it's asinine to think that settling down with Hector would automatically make her simply "forget about the plains". In fact, who's to say that Lyn's time on the plains don't become the basis behind whatever stories she's telling Lilina, the FE6 character that would be her child after settling down with Hector, when Lilina herself is still young?
  3. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    If returning to the plains is "more within her character", then why does this conversation in particular happen regardless of Lyn's Supports? I mean, based on what's happening towards the end of this conversation, it seems pretty obvious what Lyn wants to do. And unfortunately, she can't do what this conversation indicates what she wants to do unless if she's supported with Hector. And considering the circumstances behind her following through with her emotions by that conversation's conclusion, giving in to her own emotions is "a complete betrayal to her character", how?
  4. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    In what scene outside of supports does Lyn mention wanting to return to Sacae? The only scene I can think of where she does is when she's speaking to Eliwood in Ostia's castle town. And that conversation changes depending on Lyn's supports. If she has an A support with Eliwood before she speaks with him in Ostia, instead of saying that she wants to return to Sacae, Lyn praises Eliwood. If she has an A support with Hector, the conversation she has with Eliwood in Ostia's castle town is reduced to merely two lines, with Lyn not saying anything and Eliwood telling Lyn to not keep the rest of the group waiting. Duly noted. But either way, I.S. doesn't seem likely to want to make Lyn/Rath canon.
  5. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    You're forgetting Marth/Caeda and Lewyn/Erinis. And among those not technically canon, Roy/Lilina, and Corrin/Azura. But it is a factor. At the very least, it helps make the pair come across as believable and plausible, and it makes people want to ship the pair. (Though, I'll admit, it backfires in some cases such as the aforementioned Chrom/Sumia.) At any rate, in the case of Lyn's possible spouses, there's really no reason to believe that Rath in particular didn't just find another woman and make Sue. Given how things are presented in FE7, that's likely how things turn out. And again, Lyn doesn't say that she wants to return to Sacae outside of anything influenced by supports. However, she does start crying after she hears Uther has died, regardless of who she's supported with, if suppported with anyone at all. Falchion in FE2 and Echoes is shown to be able to kill Duma. In the latter, the Binding Blade can do the same. What reason is there to believe that Falchion and Elibe's Divine Weapons have different power levels?
  6. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    Not really. As, like I mentioned before, they don't get much interaction. That's the main difference between Lyn/Rath and Chrom/Sumia. There's not even a special scene between Lyn and Rath as there is between Chrom and Sumia. If anything, Hector/Lyn's the one amongst Lyn's pairs that's closest to Chrom/Sumia due to having special scenes.
  7. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    Living in a Castle is hardly a "total betrayal to Lyn's character" when Lyn doesn't even mention wanting to return to Sacae outside of anything that can be influenced by supports. The following response sums up what I want to say pretty nicely. Adding to that, Hector's the only one among the ones listed who has the most interaction with Lyn out of each other's potential spouses. And considering I.S.'s track record with FE couples with plenty of interaction...
  8. My thoughts on a Binding Blade Remake.

    She's proud of her Sacaean heritage, yes. That in itself doesn't make her likely to marry Rath. Especially given how little the interaction between the two actually is.
  9. I made a FE8 Tier List. Thoughts?

    This list seems like something I saw on Amino. Anyways, I'm echoing everyone else by saying Myrrh, Artur, Ewan, and Amelia down. Franz, Garcia, Duessel, and Saleh up.
  10. Post a fact about the person above!

    Wasn't arguing with someone who can't understand why anyone would like a certain series of Tabletop RPG videos and didn't want to listen to a reasonable explanation why anyone would like said Tabletop RPG videos.
  11. Post a fact about the person above!

    Isn't having phone battery troubles ATM.
  12. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    Based on the Epilogue without Mark, though, Farina doesn't seem to go through any character growth when paired with Hector.
  13. Fire Emblem 7 Remake?

    One solution I've been thinking about, though, if Lyn is in an FE6 remake, is probably have her recruitable in the Sacae chapters regardless of who her A Support is in the FE7 remake. And in the case of the Lords, have it so that her appearance in Sacae is explained by her personally responding to reports of agressive activity from Bern and not waiting for Lycia to have Bern end up on its doorstep and officially declare war because of it.
  14. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    No, not really. Given that the two don't get much interaction with each other.
  15. Post a fact about the person above!

    Isn't contemplating preordering Indivisible for the Switch.