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  1. Fire emblem ships you don't understand?

    You forget that Fire Emblem is Medieval-esque. And that the age to start one's career is below the age of 15 during the Medieval era. Your point being? And yet she decides to live alongside Hector or Eliwood if she ends up with one of them. Honestly. Imagining that she would choose to do so isn't that hard. After all she's literally brought to tears upon hearing that Uther died. What reason would she even have to let a feeling of homesickness outweigh the maternal nature of wanting to comfort the one who's the most heavily affected by Uther's death? Besides, there are characters in FE7 itself that would like to see Lyn and Hector hook up with each other. Only in a support she has with Eliwood. And even that doesn't affect the fact that he's someone she can end up with. Here's some of what Elincia says to Geoffrey in her A support with him. I honestly don't see how these in any way mean that Elincia doesn't return Geoffrey's feelings towards her. I personally find it hard to forget about due to how vocal some people are about it. If the fact that Hector says "I can't smack a woman I've lost my heart to" to Lyn after the latter asks him to hit her for the way she acted towards him when they first met each other doesn't do it for you, Heroes might provide some basis for chemistry due to how alike their Valentine's incarnations think. Said incarnations kinda made Hector and Lyn remind me of Vegeta and Bulma to some extent in that regard.
  2. Fire emblem ships you don't understand?

    But Florina's also in training. If anything, she's 13 at the most. How so, when considering the numerous scenes Hector and Lyn get? Especially the two scenes that require an A support that neither of their paired ending options even get? Not even Karla's appearance? Which can be skippable even with Bartre meeting the requirements to recruit her? There's even one account where she doesn't appear because the player didn't visit the village where you get the Elysian Whip during the chapter where Farina appears. But it does mean that feelings about the relationships she forged can outweigh feelings of homesickness in Lyn's case. It should be worth noting, though, that, to quote what another user on this board said about that, Lyn decided to go live with her grandfather with no hesitation whatsoever, even though she had never seen him before. And even though she and Eliwood were anything but close, she instantly agreed to help him, wanting to prevent Eliwood from losing his father like she did. Meaning that the entire game makes it clear that she places heavy stock in family and friendship. How Lyn would let that, and not feelings of homesickness, affect her ultimate decision towards the end of the game isn't really against her character.
  3. Fire emblem ships you don't understand?

    Florina? 15? With how she looks and acts? There was even some discussion in another topic about that very subject. A player could still catch on to Hector and Lyn being an implied couple even without Hector's Story, though. At the very least, Hector's confession to Lyn happens in Eliwood's Story as well as Hector's Story. The problem with this statement is that not once does Lyn ever mention wanting to return to Sacae when paired off with either of Eliwood or Hector. And even if you don't pair Lyn with Hector, Hector's Story makes it a point to show that she can't stand the idea of someone close to her being left entirely without a family themselves. Such an idea is possibly less bearable to her than not seeing the place she was born in ever again. And besides, ever thought of the possibility of Hector taking Lyn's attachment to Sacae into consideration? I mean, he is the type of guy who would want to make the woman of his dreams happy. Going on a honeymoon with Lyn to Sacae, and/or doing for Lyn what Eliwood does for his wife (just replace Ilia with Sacae) and creating a castle garden with the seeds from the flower(s) from said visit to Sacae, wouldn't be out left field for Hector.
  4. Fire emblem ships you don't understand?

    Have you read Geoffrey's supports in PoR? Geoffrey clearly has feelings for Elincia are far more than that of a brother towards a sister in them. Heck, Calill even wants Geoffrey and Elincia to hook up due to said feelings. Way to confuse Hector/Lyn with Hector/Florina. Which isn't even romantic to begin with, nor is there anything that leads into romance. But yet, the two have a paired ending with each other. Not to mention, their personalities clash, and there's a highly possible age difference between them. And it's also pretty terrible in gameplay, being Hector's 3rd slowest support option. It's a good thing that Hector and Lyn's relationship isn't 100% bickering, then. Especially since Hector does confess to her, and Lyn does decide to comfort him as he's enduring the pain from losing his brother.
  5. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    But why would someone act like it's the only strategy worth mentioning in a response to an argument that has nothing to do with either one of those guys? Here's the statement that was literally said to me when I tried to argue that LHM helps Lyn out when I made this topic. And another guy on the community where these two comments came from had said that Lyn "has no claim to LHM's EXP", and assumed Lyn's level was going to be at 4 the highest coming out of LHM. If the intention behind writing each of those comments was more "focus on these units" instead of "use only these units for combat", then I missed it because of how condescendingly said comments were written. Using Sain is literally never an issue for me. Though. What I have trouble understanding, though, is how much benefit one could reap by having him, Kent, and Florina, reaching Lvl 13 at the lowest by the time Lyn's Story ends. Leveling units in LHM isn't a feat worth writing home about, I know. But at the same time, there's only so much EXP that can be obtained from it. And the mere fact that leveling units up in LHM is easy is kinda why I made this topic. That, I'm aware of. But I'm sure that nothing overkill is even necessary to achieve that. Which I wasn't even considering of contesting. I just figure that there's more leeway involved in creating a superunit than what's purported to me. EDIT: Why does this end up screwing up its format on me from time to time on mobile?
  6. How are you planning on using Owain?
  7. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    And here's some of the logic that I saw that prompted me to create this topic. And I'm just wondering "how is this a serious thought?" And this is from someone who considers Lyn as one of the worst units in the game. How can anyone call a unit "bad" if they're not really giving that unit a chance?
  8. What characters are you planning on using?
  9. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    What you're not realizing, though, is that the two can go hand in hand in this game, as it can in other RPGs like FE. And besides, anyone can beat the game while playing defensively.
  10. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    You got it. It's especially worth noting that, if especially fanart is to be taken into account, how a single scout can fell an enemy squadron is pretty much a meme for a reason. That's the comparison I was bringing up. Unfortunately, in the eyes of some people, including the group whose viewpoints prompted me to create this topic, the fact that she doesn't stand out in ways that can make the game easier or efficient is what makes her "awful".
  11. I didn't see it when you posted. My mistake. But the question becomes "what caused her to die?" under the assumption that she did die. That's what I'm trying to get at here.
  12. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Literally most of the units you have around midgame at the earliest should be able to handle a few enemies here and there, with breaks, with no problem. This is a common thing in TRPGs/SRPGs. Heck, I could even name a particular non-FE example to illustrate this. And the example I'm thinking of has units all level up by class.
  13. I'm surprised literally no one brought this up yet. Hector outright says that he wouldn't give up his eventual daughter during his B support with Eliwood. Link for citation. Actually, we don't really know that. Seeing as neither she nor her fate are mentioned at all in FE6.
  14. Was Rath an only child?

    The 20th anniversary artbook pretty much lists Rath in Sue's family tree as being Sue's father. Lyn's also listed there too, but I wouldn't take that particular mention to mean much, as she's also listed in Roy's and Lilina's family trees, pretty much indicating that Lyn's husband is whoever the player decides to be. Despite Hector/Lyn getting as much favoritism in that book as Eliwood/Ninian gets.
  15. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    @Interdimensional Observer and @Rezzy: I feel like the two of you basically hit the nail on the head in regards to my personal thoughts. I honestly can't think of anything else to add there. Agreed. It's one of the reasons why I'm baffled. Especially when I see arguments saying that "Lyn has no use of value outside of Lyn's Story." I could probably name which three off hand that isn't Serra or Nils. Unless if the fourth one is mentioned under the assumption that Lyn is used due to being forced, that is.