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  1. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    Good thing Marcus is both usable and more than solid, then. And for the record, the fact that he lasts so long in 0% Growths runs should tell you that he lasts basically all game WITH GROWTHS. How you can pretend that isn't the case is beyond me.
  2. Post a fact about the person above!

    Did the right thing. Now I just hope others follow suit.
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    Will know I don't even have that.
  4. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    It why the community thinks this way that you should really think about. And it's not something that you should dismiss easily for basically no good reason. This statement contradicts itself. If the best unit is someone who has great stats and contributes in every single chapter he is in significantly, then what is the issue with thinking that Marcus is the best unit? He's literally the only unit in this game that at least comes closest to doing this. Except he can't really do much during the point in which he reaches Lvl 20 unpromoted due to enemies becoming stronger and everyone else just promoting if they haven't promoted already. And even after he promotes, he can't contribute much anyways unless if he's constantly next to Eliwood, Rath, Heath, or Florina, or if you give him a resource that he's competing with Ninian/Nils with. In what world is starting strong, remaining strong when used during his strong start, and maintaining relevance even during a point where other units can pick up the slack, "not much"? This is advice that you should heed yourself, dude. Except your definition of "using her properly", judging from your videos, requires turtling and generally not knowing what to do. Hardly a healthy standard for a unit judgement criteria.
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    One of the people who is arguing with a noob that hijacked two threads by now.
  6. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    Lyn's average Spd coming out of LHM: 12 Marcus' base Spd: 11 Not sure if trolling... Which is irrelevant for the most part. Which only come during a point where you have more units to pick up the slack, and where a single unit isn't worth much. So does Marcus, who doesn't really need them outside of bosses. So can Marcus, who has three things in regards to this that Lyn doesn't: Lances, Axes, and a higher Str stat. Given how little Lyn's speed would have increased by then, I have no reason not to consider this statement a blatant lie. They're "good enough" to allow him to maintain relevance throughout the game. And how many times must you be told that 15 Spd doubles most enemies in the game? Or that he helps prevent EXP overflow when you're killing a boss? Or that he should be killing bosses, period, since he gets a greater milage from boss EXP, given that it's inherently better to give 50-100 EXP to someone who otherwise gains 5 EXP per kill, than it is to give 100 EXP to someone who otherwise gains 30 EXP per kill. The latter has no issues gaining levels, to say the least. Stop pretending that isn't the case. False. Both of them grow. You only don't see it with the latter because you sandbag him. Which, given the pitiful AS on enemies, is false in regards to Marcus. Which is irrelevant. But every time you are asked about this supposedly "clearly defined playstyle", you refuse to clarify. Which means that you're either willfully withholding information for the purposes of needlessly dragging out this discussion, or that you don't actually have a defined playstyle despite your claim. Also, I see you decided to ignore my post. Why?
  7. Imma get that S rank! I hope...

    I wish you luck in this endeavor. I would contribute to S-Rank run references, myself. But I didn't really log mine too much. And I was also A Supporting Eliwood/Ninian and Hector/Lyn in the process. So...
  8. Should you level up your lords to above 50?

    Yeah, about that. There's a word used to describe people who think their playstyle are better than everyone else's, or rather the "correct" way to play, but then ending up not having a clue to what they're doing or what they're talking about. And this is in spite of the fact that there's legitimately skilled players among those getting told "your way is not the correct way" by such a person. I don't want to say what that word is, but right now, you're striking me as such a person that word describes. Or it means that everyone else knows something about the game that you don't. Or rather, they understand a facet of the game that you don't and are inherently unwilling to understand. Except you can't really argue what's effective for the player without arguing how quick/efficient a certain strategy is. That's just not how it works. The two go that much hand-in-hand. If you're arguing in favor of a unit's or strategy's effectiveness, but are arguing against an efficient gameplay choice made by a player being effective, then all you're doing is gaslighting the people you're arguing against. And as such, if you're going to resort to such an argument, then the burden of proof falls upon you to show that you're not gaslighting people. And, honestly, none of the rest of us has gotten any ample reason to believe that you're not performing mental gymnastics and gaslighting people at this point. With a solid 15 base. With a solid 11 base. With a 10 base. With a 7 base. With a poor base of 5. With a base of 8. Which means very little in reality. You forget that WEXP bonuses upon killing enemies exist. And given the abundance of lance using enemies, Marcus reaching A in axes isn't far-fetched by any means. No. Marcus' Str only remains at 15 if you've sandbagged him. If not, their Str should be the same. Think about just how long it takes for Hector's and Marcus' Str stats to tie each other. If it takes Hector about 12 maps just to catch up to Marcus statistically, then what does that say about Marcus? Surely, it wouldn't mean that Marcus' bases aren't "bad", to say the least. On the contrary. You can never have too much movement. The same holds true for other strategy games. For example, have you even played Valkyria Chronicles? If you had, would you say that Shock troopers are better than Scouts due to their higher offensive and defensive capabilities? Even though 1, Scouts rarely have trouble killing anything, 2, the Scouts' higher movement allows for a greater contribution towards the map's tactics ranking, and 3, the tactics rankings in the VC games behave like the BEXP systems in FEs 9 & 10? Except, he doesn't. And that's because, even with consideration given to the existence of Arenas, and the fact that most bosses are promoted following Noble Lady of Caelin, Marcus' level will be in the double-digits when Hector promotes. Effectively making their stats sans Def and MOV identical. That's hardly "statistically beating Marcus easily after promotion." You should be using him for more than just tanking things. Just saying. You really should be asking that question in reverse. What, exactly, do other units do that Marcus doesn't? Which doesn't negate Marcus' uses by any means. Dude. I saw your Chapter 12 video. It looked like it was your first time playing HHM. You were playing too cautiously instead of trusting your units to do their jobs. You wouldn't have to play so cautiously if you had used every unit you have at the time, including Marcus, to their fullest abilities. That's a fact. Except Hector wants to reach the throne ASAP. Guess whose abilities let him do just that the most. (Hint: It's Marcus.) A unit doesn't have to be Seth or FE9 Titania to be considered as the best unit in the game. Surely you realize by now that the mere fact that people nowadays consider Marcus to be FE7's best unit should suggest how long he takes to "fall behind", or how strong the average enemy in FE7 is. Also, you never addressed this question: Under what unit judgement criteria are Lyn and Hector among FE7's best units? And please don't say "from a criteria of effectiveness". You and I both know that's not true. Also, claiming that Lyn's "an A rank unit" is literally the same thing as claiming that she's one of the best units in the game. (She's really more of a C-B rank unit.) However, am I to assume that you finally admit that Marcus is at least good? (Even though B is too low of a ranking to give to an S rank unit.)
  9. Should you level up your lords to above 50?

    Hector is hardly the only unit capable of doing so. In fact, Raven and the cavaliers (all of whom are better than Hector), for example, can do the same thing. Hector, definitely, though "good" is all he is. Eliwood and Lyn on the other hand are definitely mediocre. You don't even need to be on Serenes to find anyone who'll tell you this. There's a difference between saying that you shouldn't use a unit, and saying that a unit isn't an optimal choice to use, you know. Also, Hector isn't all-powerful to the point of being able to conquer everything in the game. Under what unit judgement criteria? Because they're certainly anything but among the 10 best units under assuming that the player is ranking or playing efficiently. (Said units within said number under said criteria would be Marcus, Ninian/Nils, Florina, Priscilla, Sain, Kent, Matthew, Raven, Serra, and Pent.) One can argue that you make the game easier by not giving him any Heaven Seal at all. How is this the case when Hector doesn't even reach Marcus' base Spd until he promotes? Or that Marcus would possibly already have his level capped by then? Or the mere simple fact that Marcus is in a better class than Hector? Good thing Marcus takes far longer than 10 chapters (if any) to actually become irrelevant. In fact, one can argue that Marcus is one of those who starts off strong, remains strong if you've used him during his strong start, and manages to remain relevant even when there are other units to pick up the slack. Hector, on the other hand, while he too starts off strong and remains strong with use, he's held back by various factors, causing him to become basically irrelevant when there's other units to pick up the slack. If anything, becoming irrelevant when there's other units to pick up the slack is not what any unit that can be called the best unit in the game does.
  10. Post a fact about the person above!

    Will know that I had something colder in mind than what he described. But not necessarily a hard food. Or a food at all, but a kind of beverage that one can get from the tap.
  11. Post a fact about the person above!

    Makes me wonder when he can start to eat anything again.
  12. Post a fact about the person above!

    Is, and understandably so.
  13. Post a fact about the person above!

    Changed avvie to the XC2 official art of (one of) XC1's closest thing (s) to Nia Teppelin.
  14. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    Having used both extensively before (I have as much gameplay experience as you, you know), I can, with full confidence, say that both of these statements are blatant falsehoods. Which doesn't help her case in the slightest. And Rebecca has to compete with more units better than her such as Bartre, Dorcas, Eliwood, Guy, Oswin, Matthew, Hector, and especially Marcus. That list only grows once you reach Ch 17, and will keep growing from there. In fact, the only units in the whole game she can be realistically be considered better than are Nino, Wil, Wallace, and Karla. And there's even people that are willing to argue excluding Wil from that short list. What is your point in saying this? And let's be real here. As everyone else is telling, and as you keep sticking your fingers in your ears to, there's no way in Tartarus that Rebecca's reaching Lvl 9 by then. The mere fact that she manages to do so for you by then only shows your over-reliance on her. It doesn't show how "good" she is. Even with your assumption that she's somehow getting one level per chapter without even favoritism, that would put you at about Ch 19; one of the worst maps to be an Archer in because of Fog of War.
  15. How is using only 3 units in Lyn's Story "optimal"?

    What chapter is she getting these averages in? That's a question that you are never bothering to answer. Answer this question, and we'll see if it's a reasonable level for that specific chapter. Like, if those were her stats during when Rath joins, then, obviously, it would be safe to conclude that she should be dropped in favor of him. Except no one that does an LTC run "rushes through chapters" carelessly. They've studied enemy patterns and enemy stats for such a long time, that they've developed strategies to effectively get through chapters without casualties, and even in an amount of time significantly smaller than the maximum amount of turns the game allows for a 5 star Tactics ranking. That's impressive if you think about it. And arguing how effective a strategy is without arguing how quick or efficient it is not only doesn't work, but it's also contradictory. You just simply cannot consider one without considering the other. Attempting to do so would be like concluding that a 20 mpg (or kmpg, if you want to get metric) vehicle is effective at conserving gasoline because of how fast it can go, with no consideration given to how much gasoline is being used. (Might not be the best example, but I'm trying to get across a point that isn't responded to with putting fingers in one's ears. I.E., what you've been doing ever since this whole Rebecca debate started.) Also, do you even realize just how ridiculous that saying "there'd be no need for 0% growths runs if guys like Marcus were truly great" sounds?