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  1. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    I would rather go with the option that gives me the most EXP in the shortest amount of time. Which is often the same option that benefits everyone on the team. Which, in this case, is giving Marcus boss kills. Because you prefer shiny green numbers over actual usefulness. No such unit exists until late in the game. And even then, Marcus is still more worth using than, say, Bartre, or Rebecca, or Guy. I just showed you numbers that spell out that this isn't the case. If anything, Sain's greater Lck makes him just as effective of a tank as Kent because their concrete durability is virtually identical. Hence the reason why I basically said that Sain and Kent have a 1 point AVO gap in Sain's favor when at equal levels. Try "not a big threat at all". Not according to his Str growth. And please don't act like marginal differences are important. Only if you either promote them early, or if you turtle. The numbers I pulled are from if you do the former. The fact that you're not able to make Marcus work for you "beyond where he's necessary" speaks more about you as a player than it does about Marcus as a unit. Especially since most of everyone here is able to make Marcus work "beyond where he's necessary".
  2. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Sigh... This again? I keep telling you, you waste more EXP giving a boss kill to an unpromoted unit than a promoted one. Especially since 1, a single unit can't gain more than 100 EXP per kill, and 2, an unpromoted unit has a far easier time gaining EXP. Why should I give 100 EXP to a unit that can gain that much from killing 3-4 random enemies, and how is that better than giving roughly 50 EXP to a unit that would otherwise gain that much EXP from killing 10 random enemies? The counter-intuitiveness is practically self-explanatory there. This is more upon your luck with the RNG than Marcus'usefulness as a unit. Besides, 3 Cavaliers > 2 Cavaliers > 1 Cavalier. Except for this fact: Stats built in > Stats gained by level up. The fact that Marcus doesn't need stats from promotion, as well as the stats he can gain from leveling up are good enough to help him deal with most enemies in the game, speaks positive volumes about his worth. You are clearly underestimating how much of a benefit a noticeable Str gap is. I kid you not when I say there's enemies that Sain can ORKO that Kent can't. This is one of the strongest enemy axe users in Charge 25 HHM. 35 Atk, 94 Hit, 6 Crit, 51 Hp, 11 Def, 6 Res, 24 Avo, 12 AS And this is how Sain would likely be at then. 36 HP, 20 Str, 11 Skl, 14 Spd, 10 Lck, 11 Def, 4 Res That basically amounts to 48 AVO for Sain with WTA factored in, but before terrain is considered. Giving that Warrior 46 Hit, or 42.78 True Hit. With forest tiles, that's 26 hit. This is a big threat to Sain, how? Especially since Kent has about 47 AVO against the same Warrior while at Sain's level?
  3. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Easier than you think, considering how much EXP bosses give. Especially promoted ones, which are literally guaranteed levels. >Ignoring the fact that Marcus comes promoted already whereas Sain and Kent don't. You're forgetting about how much of an impact said advantage makes. Need I remind you that an 11/01 Sain has Marcus' base Str on average whereas Kent doesn't? Combine that with the early Knight's Crest, and it's no wonder why some tier lists assuming LHM is played through places Sain directly below Marcus. Lol @ acting like having some dodgetanking ability is important for those who don't need it to function. Not to mention, Kent's lower Lck means he's more vulnerable against SMs, which he often can't double anyways.
  4. who do I premote first?

    Erk may be the best of the three, but he's one of those who benefits the least from a Guiding Ring.
  5. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Being the best unit in the game is "not very good" all of a sudden? How? When it means that Sain can replicate much of Marcus' performance from Noble Lady of Caelin and onwards? Not according to their Str stats at equal levels. Did you look at the Str stat averages I provided earlier? Except there's literally a 5% difference between their Def growths. And the difference is marginal, which is even reflected in their averages.
  6. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Only if you're RNG blessed with Kent, considering that a 11/01 Kent averages out at 11 Str, whereas a Sain of the same level averages out at 15 Str. Given that neither one has any trouble doubling enemies for most of the game, this is a notable advantage in Sain's favor. Not really. Given how much Sain contributes with an early promotion. And even if that wasn't the case, why not promote them early?
  7. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Sain, once promoted early, can match Marcus' base stats. That alone makes Sain more useful than Kent.
  8. Is Lyn better than Marcus/is Marcus good/ is Lyn good

    No, they've been proven. Multiple times no less, all the while you've been sticking your fingers in your ears. Rebecca & Louise? Yeah. But that's not the point @1% Critical Hit was making. The point in question was that Rebecca and Louise would be able to use Silver Bows by the time Lyn is able to use Bows at all. (Not that anyone would use Rebecca over either Lyn or Louise anyways, when trying to get through the game easily.) Rath? He's more or less at the same level as Lyn, contribution-wise. Marcus? Only in Opposite World is Marcus "inferior" to Lyn. This is still on the 1st page of the topic list, and there's still people to come with things to say. What do you think is going to happen?
  9. Lilina`s Possible Canon Mother

    There's no scene in the game giving Florina importance as a love interest for Hector at all. And the ending CG is really only there for the same reason why Eliwood has an ending CG for when he's paired up with Lyn. It's a simple extra with no bearing on canon or implied/intended couples. And for crying out loud! The part where Hector is basically "do I LOOK like a landing pad to you?!" towards Florina is outright skipped in Eliwood's Story. The CG that's shown beforehand is only there to show that Florina was in danger of getting shot down by enemy archers. Nothing more. Besides. A player playing through the game for the first time, and blindly at that, isn't going to know that Florina can support with Hector without looking into the Fortunes menu. (Or the Support Library that's unlocked after beating the game once.) After all, there's no clues to even suggest such a thing. See above. Except what you consider a possibility is an outright certainty in actuality. Simply put, the words "I can't smack a woman I've lost my heart to" should remove any doubt about whether Hector loves Lyn or not. Especially since Lyn's the one Hector says those words to in response to her asking to be hit by him for how she treated him. Except, you know, Lyn never once mentions wanting to go back to Sacae when paired with Eliwood or Hector. Even more to the point is the fact that each ending that involves Lyn returning to Sacae is outright ignored by Lyn's heartbreak towards Uther's death, and what she feels like she must do for the person who feels the most pain from Uther's death. If that were really true, Lyn either wouldn't have been born, or she would be Marquess Araphen's daughter. Seriously. In all honesty, I can't even see how this can keep on being claimed despite the absence of anything concrete that would suggest that. There's really nothing that would prevent Lyn from finding true love outside of the lands she was born in. I say this because that's precisely what happened to her mother. Adding to that, Lyn marrying Hector would end up creating a parallel with her mother marrying Hassar, AKA her (Lyn's) father. And besides. What about Hector? How do you think he would feel if the woman he loves manages to decide not to take his hand in marriage? Also... Just felt like bolding what Paper Jam here was trying to get at.
  10. I kinda need help clarifying something

    Differences such as?
  11. FE7 Tips. For my brother.

    The bolded is one of the reasons why Nino is a bad unit, though.
  12. Post a fact about the person above!

    Didn't just finish watching a stream by a bad Valkyria Chronicles player who also happens to be quite the Philistine.
  13. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    "Soundwave superior. Serenes denizens inferior."
  14. Someone elsewhere made the claim that Paragon doesn't affect how much BEXP a unit needs to advance to the next level. Now, having played FE10 before, I remember Paragon directly affecting BEXP in this game as well as PoR. What I want to know is why. Is there anything that can confirm that Paragon affects BEXP distribution in this game?
  15. This is redundant.