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  1. Least Favorite FE Character?

    How does he "suck as a unit" in FE10 when he's literally one of the best units in the Dawn Brigade? Tier lists rank him at about High Tier, for crying out loud. He helps immensely in Part 1 where promoted units are hard to come by, especially in the chapter where you're facing a pincer attack by Beast Laguz bandits. He's the only unit in the Dawn Brigade that can steal things and open doors and chests without keys. And if anything else, he can soften enemies if need be, and should always be the one to get boss kills in Part 1. In Part 3, he's also one of your best bets at fighting Beast Laguz due to how he's the only one who can use Beast Killers. And even with other people such as Nolan and Jill promoted, and Tauroneo, Volug, and Zihark also able to handle things, he can still hold his own. Really, the only part in the game where he does suck is Part 4, but that's because of how weak his class is and he's outlived his usefulness anyways. So, yeah. That's quite a lot against him "sucking" as a unit.
  2. Post a fact about the person above!

    Doesn't share his first name with the Cornelius (Fire Emblem archetype for a story important dad that died) of Valkyria Chronicles 4.
  3. Most awkward S-Support?

    There's no justification for her behavior if she should know how Chrom acts via Lucina telling her about how he was in life. Naturally, if a sibling doesn't know about how his or her father was in life, and if his or her mother wasn't around to tell her either, the logical step would be to ask the older sibling about how the father was. (Lucina explicitly states that Chrom taught her swordplay.) Regardless of whether he looked like Chrom or not, the fact that Ruger acted nothing like Chrom should have set off alarm bells in Cynthia's head at the least. The best situation I can compare it to is if Goten ever mistook Turles for Goku. Especially since Goten grew up raised by two people who would know Goku very well. Ditziness is one thing. But under scenarios where she's Chrom's daughter, the whole situation makes her look like she was dropped on her head as an infant. I honestly find it more excusable if she's not Chrom's daughter, due to her then not having any strong ties to Chrom himself. But the mention of Owain should tell anyone that I was talking about Awakening, though.
  4. Most awkward S-Support?

    I meant to say Lissa. I don't know why I ended up typing "Mist".
  5. Post a fact about the person above!

    Might have run into a team with Regular Ninian, Brave Roy, Regular Hector, and Brave Lyn, at one point.
  6. Most awkward S-Support?

    I don't really like Robin and Lissa together for story reasons. More specifically, Owain's father support outright conflicts with the idea of the two of them being husband and wife. Considering the events that unfold, and the figured involved. Chrom and Sumia just feels so forced. So much so, that I just don't know what I.S. was thinking in trying to ship them together without making the pair outright canon. It's like the game's going, "These two are in love. No biggie." All without giving you a legitimate reason to care about why they should be together. And Cynthia's behavior during her paralogue when she's Chrom's daughter DOESN'T HELP with this. As for those who don't have S Supports. I agree with both of these. With my reasoning for the former being already given early on. On that note, I would like to add Lyn and Rath as well for the same reasons in regards to romance, or the lack thereof. A Tumblr user described it as "feeling more like two people from the same hometown rather than two people in love". And in regards to Boyd/Mist, I could just swear that I.S. gave it that Matt/Sora treatment. At the very least, there wasn't much to give the impression that Mist and Boyd were in love during PoR. Special interactions, especially in this case, don't always mean "most meaningful". I don't mind seeing the two together, but if it involves marriage, Eliwood/Lyn due to how it's contradicted by Binding Blade. My other issue with it is that Eliwood has canonical feelings for Ninian. And Lyn is so aware of those feelings, that, during a conversation that she has with Hector (in an opening cutscene in Hector's Story), she basically, in an offhanded manner, expresses that she wants Ninian to end up with Eliwood. So... I will think of more when I can.
  7. Would You Like to See BEXP Return?

    Not only would I like to see it return, but I would also like for there to be more incentive for getting more of it. Kinda like how Valkyria Chronicles has their EXP system set up.
  8. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    On that note, there are players who think that there's such a balance between classes, that there's no real benefit to using more than one class at a time. Of course, such a notion is quite untrue, but still.
  9. FE Archetypes in other media

    I was also thinking about the fact that she's fighting the sake of family, which is Juju in her case. Reyn also falls for a ranged attacker whose romantic feelings are focused on someone else. However, the one that Draug has feelings for merely has a crush on the other person that she has feelings for, and said crush likely goes nowhere. Whereas Sharla later understands that her initial romance had been doomed by the chain of events that has happened to her. Also, Draug is basically the tank that ends up getting stiff competition as the game progresses. Whereas Reyn has nowhere near as bad as Draug has it, it's still there. Lana's a child character from Part 2 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. And she's a cleric, and the one who fills the intended love interest slot for Seliph's romantic choices.
  10. FE Archetypes in other media

    He does. Reyn would be more akin to Draug. Fiora would be Caeda, Lana, or Lilina. Sharla would be Jagen with a little bit of Ayra, as a healer. Melia would be the Jeorge or Lewyn, as well as the Nyna and the Catria. Don't know what Riki would be. Don't click on the spoiler tag below if you don't want Xenoblade even slightly spoiled for you. For Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I would say that Kamina would be akin to Lex or Hector. Yoko would probably be akin to Ayra or Lyn. Nia would be the Deirdre equivalent. Gimmy would be Abel. Darry would be Cain. And Lordgenome would be the Rudolf or Arvis equivalent. Don't click on the spoiler tag below if you don't want TTGL even slightly spoiled for you. For Valkyria Chronicles 1, Belgen's the Cornelius. Isara's the Ethlyn. Alicia is the Deirdre. Largo's both the Jagen and the Abel. Rosie's the Cain. Oscar's the Gordin. Emile's the Ryan. Juno's the Catria. Dallas is akin to Florina minus the shyness. Knute is like Beowulf, Farina, Rennac, and Volke. Zaka would be the Est from a gameplay standpoint. Cordelia would be the Nyna. Marina is akin to Sue and Beruka. Edy is akin to Soleil. Maximilian is akin to Ashnard. Selvaria is akin to the Black Knight. Gregor is akin to Petrine. And Jaeger is akin to Mustafa. For Valkyria Chronicles 4, Kai and Raz are Cain and Abel respectively. On that note, Raz is totally Hector, and Kai is totally Lyn. Riley is the Caeda. Curtis is the Gordin, and Eileen is the Ryan. Gertrude is akin to Beowulf, Farina, Rennac, and Volke. Jester is akin to Makalov. Emmy is akin to Castor. Each of that is the best I can come up with for now.
  11. Thoughts on Cecilia from FE 6?

    I never even saw one instance suggesting that explanation was canon. If anything, it's a Wild Mass Guess.
  12. Amelia versus Eliwood

    Or he could be one of those people who thinks that this forum is too biased and thinks his community is as divorced from bias as it can be, to say the least. Considering that this is someone from Facebook we're talking about, it's definitely safe to say that "even though the opposite is true" would apply here.
  13. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Sorry for bringing up what really shouldn't be a debate again. It's just that a self-admitted newcomer just happened to give his two cents about Marcus, and of course, people tried to address that claim. And then, someone with the mindset of a newcomer (despite his self-purported experience) chimed in, and you know the rest. If that were really true, then why make every comment on your YouTube videos that's pointing out that you've made a rookie mistake into a private comment? What that tells me is that not only are you not being honest about your skill level at the game, but you also seem to be unable to take constructive criticism. That's not really something to be proud of. Also, FYI, Diogo, being able to play through the game without using Marcus isn't really a noteworthy feat. Any novice can do it. Just saying.
  14. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    I would rather go with the option that gives me the most EXP in the shortest amount of time. Which is often the same option that benefits everyone on the team. Which, in this case, is giving Marcus boss kills. Because you prefer shiny green numbers over actual usefulness. No such unit exists until late in the game. And even then, Marcus is still more worth using than, say, Bartre, or Rebecca, or Guy. I just showed you numbers that spell out that this isn't the case. If anything, Sain's greater Lck makes him just as effective of a tank as Kent because their concrete durability is virtually identical. Hence the reason why I basically said that Sain and Kent have a 1 point AVO gap in Sain's favor when at equal levels. Try "not a big threat at all". Not according to his Str growth. And please don't act like marginal differences are important. Only if you either promote them early, or if you turtle. The numbers I pulled are from if you do the former. The fact that you're not able to make Marcus work for you "beyond where he's necessary" speaks more about you as a player than it does about Marcus as a unit. Especially since most of everyone here is able to make Marcus work "beyond where he's necessary".
  15. My first FE7 team. Thoughts?

    Sigh... This again? I keep telling you, you waste more EXP giving a boss kill to an unpromoted unit than a promoted one. Especially since 1, a single unit can't gain more than 100 EXP per kill, and 2, an unpromoted unit has a far easier time gaining EXP. Why should I give 100 EXP to a unit that can gain that much from killing 3-4 random enemies, and how is that better than giving roughly 50 EXP to a unit that would otherwise gain that much EXP from killing 10 random enemies? The counter-intuitiveness is practically self-explanatory there. This is more upon your luck with the RNG than Marcus'usefulness as a unit. Besides, 3 Cavaliers > 2 Cavaliers > 1 Cavalier. Except for this fact: Stats built in > Stats gained by level up. The fact that Marcus doesn't need stats from promotion, as well as the stats he can gain from leveling up are good enough to help him deal with most enemies in the game, speaks positive volumes about his worth. You are clearly underestimating how much of a benefit a noticeable Str gap is. I kid you not when I say there's enemies that Sain can ORKO that Kent can't. This is one of the strongest enemy axe users in Charge 25 HHM. 35 Atk, 94 Hit, 6 Crit, 51 Hp, 11 Def, 6 Res, 24 Avo, 12 AS And this is how Sain would likely be at then. 36 HP, 20 Str, 11 Skl, 14 Spd, 10 Lck, 11 Def, 4 Res That basically amounts to 48 AVO for Sain with WTA factored in, but before terrain is considered. Giving that Warrior 46 Hit, or 42.78 True Hit. With forest tiles, that's 26 hit. This is a big threat to Sain, how? Especially since Kent has about 47 AVO against the same Warrior while at Sain's level?