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  1. Is there any canon confirmation of Nino's family?

    The novelization, to some extent, assumes things that aren't suggested by the game, though.
  2. Badly describe your favourite characters

    F: Female Future Trunks M: A guy who's trying to be a rico suave version of Brock from Pokémon.
  3. If you give this a that...

    Ghirahim ends up reunited with his master after generations of waiting since being defeated by the Hero of the Sky. If you give Jiren a Super Sandwich...
  4. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    But at the same time, it isn't like it's a fan that developed Heroes or something. Canon or not, I would say that the inclusion of the line about the Heroes summoner reminding her of Mark, and Lyn asking "you're kidding, right?" when asked if the summoner reminded her of her husband, would be pretty much the closest thing to I.S. saying "we're not going to pair Lyn with Mark to please anyone." In a similar vein, Brave Lyn does express desire to continue her bloodline, which might have her canonical marital status post-FE7 lean more towards being married to whoever's among her support lists in FE7 that has a child in FE6.
  5. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    I just looked it up. But it's odd, though. Since the class itself was never gender-locked. Anyways, my initial question was this: What does Faye being an archer in Heroes have to do with Lyn/Mark being sunk by Lyn herself?
  6. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    Your point being? Last I checked, Archer was a possible promotion for Faye.
  7. @Interdimensional Observer: I was just talking about the Binding Blade in particular. Again, the Binding Blade is not a Divine Weapon but a weapon mightier than them. I wasn't thinking about anything like the Sword of Sacred Fire, the Axe of Lightning, or the Purest Fire, when I wrote what I did. And this topic was, in part, made to ask why it can kill Divine Dragons while the Divine Weapons cannot. Except Ragnell is already blessed by Ashera. You're probably thinking about Yune's blessing. Not Ashera's.
  8. Post a fact about the person above!

    Pointed out a typo of mine in a topic that asked "who's worse? Meg or Fiona?"
  9. I have been thinking about something regarding the game's eponymous sword recently, leading to the question in this topic's title. And of course, the Falchions in the series are the primary objects in the comparison. So what is it they have in common? Well, each weapon is the main ultimate weapons of the main characters. Each are effective against Manaketes and the game's (true) final boss. And each can be used to heal its user. And that's pretty much all the similarities aside from the design up to Echoes, where the Binding Blade is the one of the few things, alongside the Nosferatu spell and Marth's and Alm's Falchions, that can finish off Duma and Grima. (Why Lucina's Falchion can't do that in Echoes, we'll never know. But I think it may be an oversight. Someone let me know if that's the case, please and thank you.) This, however, had me thinking: How? And why? Given the recent expansion on Gaiden's lore, the only answer that I keep coming back to for now is that it might be a Falchion, or a weapon forged from the same materials as Falchion. Given it's strength in-game (as it's the only weapon in its debut game that has effective DMG against the final boss, save Fae's Divinestone), its empathy (remember: The Binding Blade adjusted its own strength to its wielder's will to spare Idunn, and Lucina's Falchion also shows at least some form of empathy in Lucina's sibling supports), and the fact that it's not considered to be part of the same set as the weapons wielded by the Eight Generals (though its first known user, Hartmut, is among said group) this would make at least some sense. I admit, this brings up more questions than answers. Such as who among Elibe's Divine Dragons would create a Falchion-esque blade. But I think some of those questions might be answered in side material. Particularly, the Hasha no Tsurugi manga. Which is, admittedly, non-canon side material, but side material nonetheless. I bring that manga up because of the fact that it's depiction of Elibe's version of the series' eponymous object. In the game, the Fire Emblem is the ceremonial family heirloom of Bern's Royal Family, and is required to be set in the hilt of the Binding Blade for the sword to be used. And in the Hasha no Tsurugi manga, that same heirloom is shown to be a Dragonstone. And if I remember correctly, the developer's notes for Genealogy of the Holy War says that the Holy Weapons had Dragonstones embedded within them. And the stone within Marth's Falchion is speculated to be a Dragonstone as well. I think where I'm going with this is pretty apparent. Of course, this understandably brings up questions about the Binding Blade's maker. And something about Roy that wouldn't be hinted at otherwise. After all, each Falchion is forged from a Divine Dragon's fang. And I can't think of any user of a Falchion that wasn't somehow not a royal family member of sorts. All I can think of in regards to this is that Idunn wasn't the only Divine Dragon that remained behind during the Souring. And that at some point, Bern's Royal Family branched off, and some of those members that did branch off were some of Eliwood's ancestors. (Seeing as none of Roy's potential mothers have any ties to Bern's Royal Family. Not to mention, the fact that Pherae's near Bern's border might have played a part in that.) Of course, this isn't without its holes. Like for starters, the Binding Blade can break. And in other appearances, specifically Heroes (as the Binding Blade didn't appear in any other FE related game besides Smash Bros.), the Binding Blade didn't retain its anti-dragon properties. (Though it does share an effect with the Book of Naga in that same game.) Anyways, this is something that I've been thinking about. And I wanted to see your thoughts on this. That's all I can say. At least for now.
  10. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    Except that Lyn almost immediately follows up that "My husband? You're kidding, right?" statement with a confirmation that Mark is who she's talking about when she says "You remind me of someone I know" to the summoner in Heroes. I don't know about you, but I'm sure that pretty much spells out that Lyn's eventual husband and Mark are two different people.
  11. Who is worse: Meg or Fiona?

    I voted Fiona simply because of the fact that Meg can wall any Laguz that can't kill her in the first chapter you can use her, and the fact that I don't recall Fiona having anything equivalent to her.
  12. Rate the Profile Picture of the User Above You

    7/10, makes me think of Berserk somehow.
  13. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    I just wanted to make it clear that the combination of Sue's existence in FE6 and Lyn being the only woman on Rath's Support list doesn't preclude any chances of Lyn ending up with anyone else that isn't Rath. Especially since one of the non-Rath possibilities is heavily hinted throughout the story.
  14. Does anyone see HectorxFarina

    Most likely stuff being made up. No such mention ever came up in official media, games or otherwise.
  15. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    Except it's implied that neither Eliwood or Hector do. Whereas Rath gets no such implication.