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  1. They play a role in the game, yes. But that role isn't very significant. After all, this game can be beaten without a single Support rank gained. And as such, Supports are pretty much extras for the player. The problem with this statement is that Athos exists for one chapter only. That's hardly enough time for anyone to make a contribution big enough to make a big enough difference to be counted as a top tier unit. Athos may be good, but his availability (or lack thereof) is a noticeable flaw on his part. Sain/Fiora and Sain/Priscilla requires 40 turns per Support level. Not happening. Sain/Isadora requires 80 turns per Support level. Also not happening. Serra's grounded and her Support with Sain is as fast as Sain X Fiora or Priscilla. Louise is grounded, her Support with Sain is as fast as Sain/Isadora, and she's busy providing backup to Pent anyways. Kent's the most viable option he has for Supports from an efficient standpoint. And even then, 17 turns for a C, 27 turns each for a B and an A, totalling 71 turns for an A, isn't guaranteed to allow Sain and Kent to build Supports.
  2. Avvie contains artwork that references a popular promotion choice for that character.
  3. The hell?
  4. Knows that the New 2DS is basically a New 3DS minus the stereoscopic 3D effect. Besides, I asked because ALttP can be played on one.
  5. Hopefully as a NEW 2DS/3DS.
  6. Maid under Greil Mercenary employment.
  7. Cannot see custom user titles either, lest he goes onto the user's profile page. Says the guy who claims that he needs no proof for anything.
  8. Except Supports take up a long time to build. And the only support Sain has that would make some semblance of difference is with Kent, and I doubt that the difference is significant.
  9. I was actually going to mention that myself just now. Both Milotic and Clefable seem like decent choices for that, IIRC.
  10. Might have just seen a video showing an out of control car go through traffic, and wondered what caused it to happen.
  11. It loses the Water typing upon evolving, though.
  12. Yeah, about the "it depends on whether you played Lyn's Story" bit. What Shin said here pretty much covers what I want to say in response. Except boss kills exist, and it's not like you're crippling your team if you have Marcus take a few kills here and there. After all, this game can be beaten under 0% growths. The mere fact that you mentioned boss kills kinda debunks the "it's hard to feed him levels" bit. And as I just said to Harvey, you're not weakening your team by using Marcus. Implying that Marcus would need more levels to function as a unit when he doesn't.
  13. Likely won't be indoors in a few hours. Except I won't be able to. Also, how about Sayaka? Or Aphrodite? For the Milotic, that is. Assuming it's female, that is.
  14. Might be watching the eclipse today.