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  1. Mmm, I suppose Orbital Gate had a few transitions where there weren't many places to stand. Arwings that swoop into the foreground to catch the fighters, but aren't something you can land on until they've finished the transition so it feels like you fell through them. Very tough stage for the recovery-inept characters.
  2. What is Legend of Zelda's best over world?

    I liked TP's. The Warp system leads many players not to notice, but it's extremely interconnected and you can ride Epona through every single zone except for the snow area - which definitely addresses one of my major complaints with OoT's addition of a horse. The secrets are also competently baked and spread out among environments. I also love the optional tasks to create and repair bridges as well since it's not just for your benefit but for the people living there. Saying Botw has the best overworld sounds technically true but only in the sense that 90% of that game is the overworld and so doesn't feel fair to traditional Zeldas that see the overworld as the connective tissue between the fun stuff.
  3. What are your hopes for Book 3

    Book 3? Yeah, I could see them returning to Archanea. Oh, Heroes? I dunno. I always had this idea for them to add passive skills to existing units the way they've added Prf weapons to existing units. Skill fodder distribution has always been wack. I feel like you can make generic fodder much more interesting and valuable by adding obscure skills onto them. In particular, I want to see the skills that are 5 star locked but altogether un-competitive. Because Virion is worthless for fodder, but give him Wind Boost and he's suddenly more interesting. I know IS wants new skills exclusively distributed among new units, but some of the stuff they've moved on from is just not good and ought to be less rare than it is. Dual stat boosts, Boost skills, Dual Spurs, probably the Ploy skills since they've fallen off to a point where all of 'em are seals before any other type of C skill.
  4. Classic Game Room is a good resource for reviews for older, more obscure titles I've never heard of whenever I'm on the game hunt. Unfortunately they don't make new content anymore as far as I'm aware, and I'm rarely on the hunt as well these days. Gametrailers is another great resource, and they do live on in the form of Easy Allies. Great group and the only modern reviews I keep up with, but they typically confirm things I could already decide from following a game's trailers and press releases.
  5. Yeah, rail shooters are one of those arcade genres that can't really justify a 60 dollar price point in terms of sales. Assault only had on rails sequences in 4 out of 10 stages, or six if you count the gunner scenarios where Fox uses a giant laser on top of an arwing's wing. They could go straight all range mode in a new game and I wouldn't mind. It's more resource efficient to make a big environment you fly around and shoot down enemies and objectives. As opposed to making a long linear path of interesting environments you only go through once. You gotta make sure everything in that level looks great, so making less of a level with more things to do in it is always ideal for upping the play time of a single playthrough. Multiplayer is a tried and true answer to the Star Fox problem of not having enough content or replay ability, but Nintendo's irrational fear of online modes struck again with Star Fox Zero. Command is pretty inoffensive and is worth a playthrough if you can get it cheap. The touch based control scheme is gimmicky and so is the turn based movement of your units toward enemies and objectives like some kind of tactical game. But it's easy to wrap your head around and very replayable. The multiple endings are goofy in a very Space Opera melodrama sort of way that fits the series perfectly. The best innovation is branching path decisions as part of the narrative. I love that a lot more for justifying what stage you end up going to next than the various criteria that are unknown to the player in the 64 style of game. In fact my joke-but-not-really-a-joke idea for a new star fox game is just "What if Mass Effect, but with furries?".
  6. Agreed that not revealing returning stages would be a head scratcher. But I'm still hoping for Orbital Gate Assault. It was a very beautiful tour stage. It also represents a long lost era when Star Fox games weren't just remakes of 64, which itself was a remake of the original if you tilt your head sideways.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Got all of these units from this banner. But the game gave me an Innes as my freebie pull, and he's +Spd/-Def, wow. Wish I could give up my neutral one to somebody that still needs Innes in their collection. Feels like a waste that I'd get such a treat.
  8. Who do you think should be the next Bath of Heroes in the official FEH manga?
  9. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Who do you think should be in teh next batch of Heroes from other Nintendo games???
  10. Ha! Card Theory? Keep up with the times, kiddos. Most of us are already on Tinder theory, baby! I'm bummed that we're getting another three pokemon characters and that Ryo Hazuki only appears as an assist trophy who generates toys from a capsule machine for you to pick up, but the selfie feature is sooooo cool and Pigma Dengar is the best newcomer addition that I never knew I wanted.
  11. So I may be heading up to Genesis 6, the first national tournament for Ultimate. But the real reason I'm going is because our speedrunning communities were approached by one of the organizers interested in debuting some new types of content on Day 1 when pools are going on and there's nothing too interesting to stream. So you may see me and a few others doing a race of all characters' Bonus Stages s in Smash 64. Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but I'd love to help show the world how great these games can be outside of Versus mode. We're work shopping all sorts of showcase formats for each game and mode and trying to unite each game's speedrunning community into one brand that could support future events. Oh, and while I'm there I might as well enter for Ultimate even if I can't imagine myself finding time to get good at that game before February.
  12. Which of the Orignal 8 will you use first?

    Fox has had a design change in every game sans Melee - even Ultimate! But really all the designs in 64 and Melee you can debate due to the intense visual upgrade and how few things they can really depict on the 64. Really Fox's design change game to game is more dynamic than the switch from the Super design of Samus to Other M (which is mostly just trimmed down legs and boots and a thinner arm cannon. I don't really recall anybody identifying the source of Samus' design change leading up to Smash 4 since nobody had played Other M to know that. I always have to tell them - and I'd bet I'm the reason even you knew with the way you buzz around my posts. I hope people pick characters because they want to play as those characters. And don't look at the original 12 and think "Uhmmmmm, I guess Link is the only Sword here? Gotta play exclusively as these swords". They do it because they like Link, not because of some arbitrary desire to own the "too many swords" argument.
  13. -Louise as some color of archer. Since Flora shown me that New Heroes can have gimmicky weapon types as well and it's not just Legendary and Seasonal heroes. - Wallace as an Axe Armor. Yeah we've got a lot of axe armors in the game, but very few are canonical axe armors that also aren't some alt of Hector. If we're going to get more armors down the line in New Hero Banners, most of 'em are going to have to be lance units and that will get repetitive. He can also be the easy demote that makes armor march more available. Nils as a manakete dancer. No personal preference on his color -Pent as the green or blue mage TT unit. You gotta have a familial or romantic relationship between the free unit and pullable unit since many players are suckers for completing such pairings, thus allowing Louise to make more money for them. Nergal as the red tome GHB. Make this guy a red mage armor if you want him to stand out against the three other red mage infantry GHBs. Yeah I'm missing Lyn's three retainers but looking at previous trends of New Heroes banners I can't see those three guys showing up in the next FE7 banner, unless they wanted them beside a new Lyn alt which is definitely possible but this thread says no alts allowed.
  14. Which of the Orignal 8 will you use first?

    lol it's like all the options besides Link have broken down or something after the first hour. But I get it. It's not every game one of the original 8 gets a design change. Well, okay maybe it is every game, but Link with a new shirt is a bigger deal than Fox looking more or less like a puppet than an animal. I definitely expected more enthusiasm from Mario's new outfits though.
  15. Which of the Orignal 8 will you use first?

    My friend and I are already committed to our day one team of Kirby/Pikachu, with me being Pika so that's our launch day plan. Dunno how serious I'll be in continuing with Pikachu since the only game where I like playing him was 64, and he looks a little broken in ultimate. But we may morph our team into Pichu/Pikachu and that would be fun.