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  1. Tier 4 Skills

    I think it will be inheritable given how her B skill certainly won't. Hey it's either this or 6 star rarity characters. Bring on the power creep. It's a Brave new world we live in.
  2. Is Celica supposed to be referencing her Gaiden artwork? Odd choice. I've already decided that if one of these four is a staff user, then it's my pick. But I'm lacking in a Distant Counter Blue armor unit so Hector is going to hurt a little to pass up. Surprised they didn't go crazy with new movement/weapon combinations. Veronica could easily have been a flying staff user to pull in the big bucks.
  3. Amazon getting rid of 20% Pre-Order Discount

    So they entered that competition temporarily in order to get GCU out of the picture. And they still offer something so users can't argue the service is 100% gone. Oooh, that's cutthroat. Well played Amazon Prime.
  4. I def think we're in for one more Smash focused Direct in November. Especially with the coy tease of the mystery mode "We can't talk about that now". However, a general nintendo direct in September is pretty likely in my imo. Next Month's online service probably isn't getting any spotlight now that it seems clear they have nothing of substance to say about it or its future. But hey I'd want to remind people a Mario Party is coming out in October. They may even pop the cork on Yoshi Switch, but I find it easier to believe that game is in the same development hell as Wooly World since it has no specified quarter of 2019, nor an official title. Indie filler is also to be expected. They hyped up Undertale which is next month. No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again is also slated for this year and might be a surprise shadow drop like Hollow Knight was at E3.
  5. Amazon getting rid of 20% Pre-Order Discount

    Best Buy also recently ended their Gamer's club unlocked service that has 20% off game purchases. But at least they're honoring anybody''s existing memberships though not allowing them to get renewed any longer. I still got about a half year on mine. Definitely didn't expect to be in better shape than Amazon users after that news but I will be for a little while lol
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Agh, missed the previous BHB quests. Those are 5 orbs I'm never seeing again. Used the favoriting system to sort all the GHB/TT extra copies I've got 74, plus 14 more waiting for me in the GHB Elite quests. That's a lot of room in my barracks just being burned up. I'm quickly running out of optimal nature units to promote. Literally bottom of the barrel with Sully, Selena, and Florina. I haven't worked on any merge projects in the past, but I may start with limited units just to make room. Maybe Masked Marth since he's my highest merge at +3?
  7. Hoenn Does Not Have Too Much Water! ...kinda

    If I recall gen 3 correctly, we all had the experience of too much water because the game prompts you to discover the Team Aqua/Magma base as well as the town with the eighth gym with no clues other than you need to dive into one of 20 or so pockets of water. If you miss the one pocket you need, you may very well make it all the way to Pacificlog town, so it's dubious to call these water routes "optional" unless you're playing with a guide which many of us did not in 2003.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Grand Hero Battle: Hrid Because it's still off that Fjorm and Gunnthra are Legendary Heroes. Let's not think too hard about labels.
  9. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    Everybody's finding really petty reasons to hate CYL before they've even seen it. Well here's MINE. I don't like that Ephraim has Garm. Because Garmads should belong to Hector. Also why is Hector riding a Kinshi!? PS: Too lazy to do Bingo card, so these are my only bets.
  10. CYL 2 FEH Channel Announced - Aug 20, 8:30 PM

    I had a feeling we'd be getting another after the last one's lack of CYL. They're spoiling us with that owl. If you need your time zone's schedule spelled out, just check the Notifications.
  11. Proud of my Backlog Progress

    Most of my game time the past month has been dedicated to speedruns rather than tackling the backlog. I've also been splurging a bit to fill out the collection for my shiny new PS4, so it's brought my backlog progress in 2018 dangerously close to the negative. When was the last backlog thread, June 11? My games beat since then are: Lost Planet Extreme Conditions Lost Planet 2: Played this with two friends once we got Windows Live working. Good thing too since I don't think I would have been interested in this one at all as a single player experience. Deadpool Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage: I also put on a decent speedrun time while searching for new ones to pick up. Spec Ops: The Line: Y'know, I'm willing to bet in this Undertale era of quirky, fourth wall breaking indie games and the subdued status of military shooters, all of the novelty of Spec Ops would be lost on today's gamer. But I'll never forget this game's straight faced release and the critical reception. Triple A games before and since just aren't this cynical and self aware Rage: This is not a game that takes more than a month to beat, but it did for me since I struggled to stick with it. Not a terrible game, just feels very derivative. At best I can say it feels much like DOOM 2016 when the bullets start flying. Which is easy to say since it's the same developer several years earlier. Pikmin 3: This has always been a clearly easy game to 100%, so I finally went back for a replay. Man do we deserve a fourth game. The Order 1886: Man do we deserve a sequel to this too. It even foreshadows the sequel and the setting is a captivating construction of sci-fi alternate history. Lost Planet 3: Ayy, I've played every game in this series. Also wow this series reinvents the gameplay and presentation in every single entry. Way to go Capcom. If you announce a Lost Planet 4 in the future I promise I'll be unreasonably excited. Yakuza 0: Bought and beat this game in anticipation of finally being able to play Shenmue 1+2 which comes out in just two days. This looks like an impressive list now that I've laid it out but I've been out of school the whole time I played them and all of these games save for Yakuza took eight or less hours to finish. Heck Kingdom Hearts 0.2 is a two hour game counting cutscenes. I never plan out the games I play in advance. But I know I'll be captivated by Shenmue in a couple days. And I'm trying to find room in my heart for Monster Hunter World so that I have another game to enjoy with friends. But with school starting up in a week, I'll probably just rededicate my time to speedruns. Being able to do this on a clunky N64 controller fills me with a sense of pride.
  12. What the...? Are the soldiers no longer sprites? Yep, it's the Black Knight in all ways but name Black Knight is one of the DLC Mii fighter costumes for the last game. And all those characters are on the watch list of speculation for potential new fighters or assist trophies. Black Knight as an Echo fighter? Perhaps a stage boss for this new mystery mode? The possibilities.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    Estival having an actual meaning conflicts with my world view of...never hearing the world estival before. Let me live in that world. The same world where Pluto is a planet.
  14. Rank the Ultimate roster by (canonical) strength

    Yup, even Palutena fears the Umbran Witches. Honestly, Literal Goddess is a hard tier to place because we've never seen Rosa or Palutena fight uninhibited. We just know they are beings of incredible and varied powers. Rosalina can create a whole new universe, Palutena has fourth wall breaking knowledge of other video games (as does Pit to a lesser extent) which gives her an edge in exploiting weaknesses. But depending on how you look at it, their tier could be anywhere in the upper half rather than strictly behind kirby. Sonic is interesting. He hadn't been depicted with real super speed in-game until the current Boost era of 3D Sonic games. But he's also lost canonically to almost every opponent he's ever faced. Up to and including Knuckles, Gamma, and Team Amy. Super Sonic is definitely a very powerful form, but it runs on rings, giving you the option of outlasting him if you can't overpower him. Plus we've seen this mode get taken from Sonic by Eggman's machines and by just being surprised by Knuckles. Dude's pretty weak, and his most threatening means of attack are the spin dash and the homing attack which is a repetitive strategy that can fail against the right types of armor. Namely anything adorned with spikes. Not to sound like a Sega Executive but Sonic should try using a gun.
  15. An Update to LHBs Incoming (datamined)

    I wouldn't mind challenges at that sort of difficulty if they and their rewards weren't timed.