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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Hoo! Some "leaker". I remember making a joke about that on that night. But I was crushed to find that the one year anniversary was in 80 days instead of 100. Then somebody in this thread thoughtfully reminded me that Feh mentions she's "working hard to reduce the countdown on her special skill". And that broadcast was our first look at special skills having their cooldown reduced. So maybe this joke will culminate into something real. Or, Feh is just plucking with us. Like how she jokes about voting for her in the second Choose Your Legends poll. She knows hot to bait.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I always envisioned them doing this kind of banner, but then they started doing banners pertaining to certain skills, and I just assumed that's the closest we'd get rather than seeing a 4 star focus. So, why are Laslow and Rebecca here? Axebreaker and Sol are pretty low demand and Rebecca has the exact same fodder as Florina, and at the same rarity despite being available at higher rarities. Guess they're there to get in the way of better fodder. Saw two blue orbs, and Oscar is the last 4-5 star rarity character I'm missing so I went for him. Got Sully and then a 5 star +Res/-HP Lukas. Even worse than my +Res/-Spd Lukas. I've got an optimal nature 4 star waiting for a promotion, so the two merges will be nice. I just wish Lukas provided anything worthwhile in terms of fodder.
  3. Nintendo Labo

    It just dawned on me that Nintendo Labo might be the future of Nintendo light guns. If they distribute a cardboard zapper, I'm getting my hands on that. Let the rail shooters loose. And I guess Duck Hunt can come back too.
  4. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    I'm curious if the 3DS version's story scenarios will be incorporated. Among Wii U ports, I have the most to gain from this one in terms of content, but this is likely a pass for me. I played the game on Wii U and tore my hair out trying to unlock stuff from the base game's adventure mode. And the DLC packs add more maps? Not happening. Adventure mode just isn't interesting enough to warrant those hundreds of hours, even if I had the game on a portable.
  5. Raigh, Dark Child

    Raigh's in an unfortunate spot. His stats are pretty balanced which is a problem for mages given their lower stat totals. His weapon is anti-cav but he'll never survive an incoming Reinhardt, one of two dominating horse units. He can one shot a neutral Brave Lyn, but if she has a single merge level or is +Res or +HP, she'll actually survive that hit if Raigh hasn't upgraded to the Keen -wolf tome. An anti cav unit just doesn't seem worth the deployment if he struggles against these two. Like any mage, you've got to consider the blade tome for his most optimal set. Even if he can't run it quite as well as others like Katarina and Tharja who have him beat by a crucial 5 points of speed. A speed boon and Darting Blow will bring Raigh up to a respectable 38. And buff support from allies can skyrocket his attack to a point where he probably won't need the double. Plus Raigh comes with the Flux and Ruin pre-requisite skills, so you won't need another dark mage to prep him for rauorblade.
  6. Nintendo Labo

    Not gonna lie, if I was a parent, I'd be checking out warranty info. Building things with kids is fun. Obviously when Legos still make millions. But since I'm not a parent, this is just another weird nintendo thing I'll hear about today, make jokes about tomorrow, and watch group streaming channels play with in April.
  7. Nintendo Labo

    Probably the coolest thing they would do with HD Rumble. But being better than 1-2 Switch isn't what I'd call a triumph. Cool idea for kids though. They can't do any of this on their mom's smartphone, lol. Also, looks like we solved the mystery of where Miyamoto's weird robot game went.
  8. Imagine if Heroes really did leave you if certain conditions weren't met. ...what if this is a teaser for such a mechanic involving new heroes in 2018?
  9. I don't play Pokemon for the humans I guess I like Hau. I think it kind of sucks that he accomplishes everything I did but gets none of the recognition. At the first visit to Aether foundation, Wicke gives the player the TM for Psychic. What does Hau get? Malasadas. He loses to the player all the time but still puts on a smile about it. He cares about battling more than I ever could as an adult pokemon fan. Plus he grows up in the shadow of Kahuna Hala, those expectation must be rough. Plus, and I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure losing to Hau doesn't give you a game over? What a bro. Anybody else just makes me black out when I lose.
  10. See: my first post. #NotMyPaperMario
  11. Did you play/like TMS?

    I feel like people are right to be upset at the lack of crossover-ness when this is the game's annnouncement. Yeah, this is one of my pet peeves in JRPGs. Active parties of three or four but the main character is locked in. And don't get me started on those same games where it's instant game over when the main character gets KO'd even though revival items exist. Was TMS like that? Can't remember. I know most if not all Atlus games are like that.
  12. If IS has any time to make a game featuring action commands, but it's a Fire Emblem spinoff instead of Paper Mario 3, I'm going to scream.
  13. They're called Action Commands. And my answer is yes only if we get that Paper Mario x Fire Emblem crossover that weirdos like me have dreampt up. Otherwise no. I love Mario RPGs, and Legend of Dragoon, but Fire Emblem never asks the player to test their reflexes or practice combat rhythms. Getting used to character attack animations when there's hundreds in a fire Emblem game, it's too much, they'd have to slow down and simplify all the animations in order to create tells. When really at the end of the day I'd prefer the combat to have real choreography. The numbers are all I need to stay engaged with battles.
  14. Thoughts on Omni's video: Deleting Fire Emblem Heroes?

    Oh, I was surprised to find this was a new video. I remember him doing one a while back where he promises to delete the game, does some final summons, gets exactly the unit he wanted and decides he'll keep it, what a classic Omni troll. I deleted Fire Emblem Heroes too. I have to, every time the game gets a major update. It's rather annoying.
  15. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Yeah but breakers are conditional while wary fighter hinders the user as much as the enemy, in addition to being armor locked. Quick Riposte works on everything, with the only condition being enemy phase. It will complement any build that isn't player phase focused. Probably compliment those too as much as their other seal choices. What I mean to say is they need to make up some options for people that don't want to deal with this enemy phase nonsense, but also don't want to build a team around a ranged flier or horse.