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  1. I only think it's more real after the Three Houses announcement. Then again you can't go down from zero.
  2. Is it normal to be so impressed by somebody else's talents that you start referring to them as your older sibling? Seems kind of creepy to me.
  3. Do you use some kind of sleeping aid?

    Last night I woke up in a sweat because I had a dream where I and some mystery woman met up to watch a movie, but we enjoyed our time together so much that we realized an hour had passed and we didn't start the movie. Then I woke up. Stupid dreams creating unrealistic expectations for relationships. Maybe I do need a sleeping aid of some kind.
  4. Sakurai, once again flaunting that his gaming tastes are way cooler and more varied than any nerd that cares this much about smash bros. Also WOW that's a lot of gaming to mention in what I assume might be a week or two. When Sakurai gets days off, he goes HARD. I haven't even gotten around to Blaster Master Zero 2 and it's been on my switch for a month.
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I hope in terms of canon Chrom wins this Grand Conquest. "No, Robin. I will NOT look out for my personal safety. And no, Lucina. If I tell you that story, we can't draw this out into a hit tv show."
  6. Do you use some kind of sleeping aid?

    Is this thread meant to expose whether we're seeing someone? I sleep alone. Of course, everybody sleeps alone. Cher said that.
  7. The Fire Emblem averages page.

    Take another look and you'll notice only GBA era onward has average stats. Neither Serenes Forest nor FEwiki are fully featured, hence why there's need of both sources until one is finished. If you're going to fully research a Kaga game, you have to be prepared to leave the Forest.
  8. The Fire Emblem averages page.

    I've definitely been perusing data on FE1 during my current playthrough. That page is quite good. But reusing the format of other games is not a good idea in this case. I find it gratuitous to have stat caps as its own row when every unit and class has the same stat caps. 52 in HP, 20 in everything else. Also resistance base and growth is 0 and 0% for every character so there's no point in having that in your chart like you would for other fire emblem games. The only reason why the "cap" is 7 is a technicality since it's only referring to the Pure Water item. If they had the sense to not have a "Promotion Gains" row (no promotion bonuses in FE1), then they should have cleaned up the rest of the chart's format in my opinion.
  9. If Crono gets in over Frog, I'm flipping a freaking table. I dunno how you can miss how much cooler that character design is. Frog and Gooey must join Yoshi and Greninja as fighters that use their tongue to attack. For real though I think Sakurai is just memeing.
  10. Fire Emblem Rejects?

    If I were making a tier list, Serra is for sure not low tier. Healing is just too nice, fog of war maps let you spam torch staves for free experience every turn, and they don't take away from the exp your other units can earn. But if this were literally a "Low Tier only" playthrough we'd have no healers until I guess Renault for the final chapter and that's no fun. I'm just saying she's the worst of the two unpromoted healers by far, and I tend to ditch her as soon as my magic users begin promoting and earning stave utility. But when I say mount I'm not just talking movement range. I'm talking about rescue dropping, trade swapping, everything that only mounted units can perform and then retreat behind the front line in the same turn. And since Priscilla is herself very small, she's easy to rescue if you accidentally put her in a bad spot, unlike other horse units. So there's no functional drawback other than horses can't climb mountains (this game pretty much only does peaks in the mid to late game). If Serra and priscilla had to get from point A to point B, but there's one forest tile in the way, Priscilla would still reach one space further. They reach the same distance if it were two forest tiles, and neither of them could cross three tiles. Also her stats are leagues below priscillas when it comes to fighting as a promoted unit, and ill suited to light magic which is heavy and has low MT. Lucius rocks. Best of the three unpromoted mages in my opinion. Even without Lyn Mode EXP his bases have him doubling the enemies immediately and his 60% mag growth make up for Light Magic's low stats. Also he earns C staves on promotion, leaving him just one rank away from Physic, the status staves, and Rescue. Seriously reaching that Rank is very obnoxious for the other mages.
  11. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    I kind of wish the weapon triangle was color coded like in Fates when looking over units. If they're going to show weapon types on enemy units like that, I want to be able to tell immediately what they've got without scrolling over them, and color coding would help with that recognition. In Fates, Axes/Bows were green, Lances/daggers were blue, and swords/magic were red. Especially helpful with those coming from a Pokemon background - Green beats blue, blue beats red, red beats green. But in this game they're all bronze. The icons themselves also get bigger the closer they are to the camera, which is going to make our eyes squint harder. Not a deal breaker UI problem, but a problem that could have been solved with this one idea from a previous game.
  12. Detective Pikachu Hype Check

    This movie comes out in less than three weeks and I want a quick temperature check. How HYPE are you for this movie? Trailer links: First Trailer Second Trailer Becoming Pikachu Casting Detective Pikachu What a Pikachu World
  13. More choices? 20 dollars, please.