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  1. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Lucius - He and Serra are pretty much the only infantry healers I can take seriously with a good attack stat. A little awkward then that he's equipped with Pain whom so many other healers would settle for. Lucius is also tying for second highest Res value in the game giving him good ploy support. The manakete buff really hurt his potential to tank since most mages worth your time are fast enough to double Lucius' 30 base speed. Still, Lucius is considerable steps above many other healers. 4.5 out of 10. Rebecca - With some investment you can make her the kind of diplomatic sentiment I'd share in regards to FE7. Summer Gaius, and Innes are a more min maxed version of her. Gaius being even faster while Innes having superior attack and Def ploy utility to ramp up his damage. And several more unnoteworthy archers have better offensive spreads. She doesn't even have the state-mandated 31 attack for a brave build. 2.5 out of 10. Only Niles is worse in my opinion. Past Ratings
  2. I nabbed RAGE a few days ago since it went on sale for 66% off during E3 when its sequel was announced. It could potentially go on sale even more than that now, but the difference would only be a dollar or so and I really wanted to play it. I'm several hours in at the moment. I've been putting games onto my wishlist so that I'm reminded to check them during the sale. Once the store loads I'll be sure to give an update
  3. Randomized Drops Make No Sense

    Randomized drops are just lootboxes you can't monetize. Yet.
  4. This conversation is riveting, but it's missing one crucial detail. They never said the winner of the Ballot would get into Smash 4. From the Direct it was announced in, "Of course, please understand that we won't be able to accomodate every request. But Mr. Sakurai and the staff will take every request into consideration when developing additional titles." There was no promise made that their final DLC character would be anybody performing high in the ballot. Saying that she scored as well as she did was just an addendum to her inclusion. Nobody I know dared to believe the Ballot would impact a character inclusion for Smash 4, but instead was just taking our temperature for a future Smash Bros. game. At this point we didn't even think there would be non-veteran DLC characters or that DLC production would continue for more than a few months.
  5. I'll second this. Very charming game and if you've played a Mario Golf before then you're familiar with the gameplay. It's also a surprisingly long game. Took me a couple weeks worth of game sessions to get through it.
  6. The Rocket Storage glitch in Super Mario Sunshine. I encountered it by learning to speedrun the game. You only use it once in a run at the very end to speed up a short section. But man is this cool. I taught it to my friend and we played "Hole in One" where you fly half a mile up above Isle Delfino and try to land in Serena Beach, Pianta Village, or Pinna Park's narrow level entrances. Even the act of storing rockets is fun due to how much coordination you need to get more than three or four without fail.
  7. No process for unlocking characters more streamlined than Subspace Emissary 2 Baby! You know character unlocks might just be based on play time rather than playing any mode a certain amount of times. I hope the unlock condition for Mewtwo is leaving the game idle for 10 hours. Then I can get hired by Buzzfeed for my "Only 90s kids have discovered how to unlock Mewtwo" article. Okay for serious I would actually prefer if character unlocks were incredibly diverse and involved all of the game various modes. BUT I want the game itself to hint at what those unlock conditions are. Don't make me pull up a guide.
  8. Rate the Unit, Day 51: Lucius & Rebecca

    Karel - I already mentioned previously that I prefer this guy over Fir and I still do. 30 base attack isn't impressive but it's better than 25. 35 speed is also good enough to avoid doubles and dish out some of his own with investment. The 47 HP lets him run Infantry pulse or panic ploy support. Being a sword infantry means mean competition but this guy's sword is up to the task. 6.5 out of 10. Ninian - Dancers generally don't need their attack stat, but when you're a manakete, prioritizing offense is always viable. Plus an attack superboon brings her up another BST tier for arena scoring. Ninian's surviveability is underwhelming for a dragon but quite good among dancers. The speed stat is crucial for survival. 33 base speed is the minimum for all dancers sans Shigure. 7 out of 10. Bad Dragon, good dancer. Past Ratings
  9. I'm STILL confused by Corrin's backstory after three games.
  10. Zero Suit Samus' new Final Smash feels like a superfluous addition. It's just a slightly shorter, third person perspective version of her previous one. I assume they were worried that this particular character would look totally unchanged (she does. So far). A bit bummed they didn't give Kirby a new Final Smash involving a Robobot. Oh, who am I kidding, they're saving that for Susie's inclusion. If it were up to me I'd add like three Kirby newcomers.
  11. OCTO PATH TRA-you know I'd wait for reviews on this one. That's a 60 dollar game. Good demo though. Your list is missing Mario Odyssey. That's a fun game. You like fun, right? You're getting pretty much every other Mario game, but not THE Mario game.
  12. Yup. 3 is the only of the games I played while it was still fairly recent and it was pretty bizarre just how confused the Souls fanbase was at 3. Exhibiting a ton of the changes 2 made that the fans blasted previously. And later on there were countless "I was wrong about 2" videos showing up in my youtube recommends. But I suppose that's healthy. Not a lot of middle entries in franchises get their vindication or "retrial" years later.
  13. I don't think all Seasonals are given inflated BST these days. Spring Catria and Bridal Ninian do not and I think Bridal Sanaki is debatable. But yeah like I said lance cav is a pretty consitently underwhelming class of Gen 1 unit stat spreads and limited units that can't reach a high merge level. Cordelia wouldn't need much to take second place. I consider Peri second place, personally, if only because she becomes a mean firesweep and especially brave lance user with access to Def Ploy.
  14. Hoping Cordelia has a good stat spread. The lance cav class has so many mediocre units with only Legendary Ephraim and a bunch of guys trying to wield a firesweep lance with just a ~33/33 offensive spread. Meanwhile godspeed to Innes, because pretty much every axe flier is great for some kind of role. Infantry Rush is definitely dubious for a mixed emblem team which is where most non dragon infantry find themselves, but I think unique skills such as this will give people incentive to run infantry emblem. It would definitely make them more unique than just distributing Hone Infantry one of these days. Won't pull on this banner immediately when it comes out but I'll try to collect any of them next month or whenever I feel satisfied with the Legendary Banner. Not looking forward to the bust size comparison dialogue between Noire and Cordelia but I will say it's cool to see FE8 seasonals and having two games be represented is consistent with our recent (better) seasonal banners.