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  1. Tempest Trials+: Greil's Request (Feb 9th)

    This is the first time in many months I put in the effort to nab more than 4000 feathers for my rank. I always expect it to get easier with time do to players dropping off, but if anything it's gotten harder just to nab a 10K rank. I decided to sub in Titania and Oscar once regular Ike capped HM. Didn't want to do Oscar since he's a gem weapon cavalry that will face plant into the nearest Beruka on auto battle, but he had been doing okay after I gave him a silver lance from a 3 star Clair I wouldn't have otherwise used. And Titania could use a bit more SP. Together they did very well in autobattles.
  2. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    In accordance with this Forging Bonds narrative, I have to refrain from summoning. Because Kiran lost the goddamned orbs.
  3. People would paaaaaayyyyyy for Idunn. And I don't see these others being added to the game, but my vote went to Murdock Edit: Yeah actually when I came into this thread I was going to suggest Perceval.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I normally do a full pull on every New Heroes banner, but my freebie summon ended up being a spare Karla. The exact same nature as the one I alreayd had too, +Res/-Def. I don't really have a compelling use for her. I'll do my full summon once the forging bonds event grants me one of those tickets.
  5. ohhh, so noooowwww people want a Mythic Ike. I knew you'd come crawling back. I'm still a hard no on New Heroes alts on principal. Hector number 5 just to get a sword variant, Chrom number 5 just to get a lance variant, total pass. Some Lords are already in the game with all their canonical weapon types like Ike, and some of the Lords have their promoted forms already, such as Legendary Lyn, Ephraim, Eirika, etc. At this point we're just asking for another outfit which is the purpose Seasonal Banners already serve. The only promoted Lord I'll be okay on seeing in a future New Heroes banner is Alm, since I would be ecstatic to see us return to Echoes at all and that dude has bizarrely remained alt free. I'm also one of those weirdos who A) saw Alm could wield bows and B) occasionally used bows over his overpowered personal swords to set up some kills for other units.
  6. Okay, I only speak english, which of the camillas is this one? Even when I can see their sprites I won't know which one it is until I can select them. And yes I've tried this thing out. I guess I like it in the sense of old school games having sound test features where you can play all the noises. No such feature for music, but with all these years of the game I'm not in a fuss over being able to hear this music some more. I've had animations off for years as well so being able to play those battle sounds is valuable in that sense.
  7. I was expecting a Fjorm betrayal, but not one from Ylgr. Chilling... Also, Alfonse still feels that lonely around Heroes two years later? He may need psychiatric help at this point.
  8. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    New Heroes worthy of the title. Glad we got this instead of the suggested Fallen Heroes 2 or some similar banner of alts. I can't help but notice only one of these units has five skills instead of four, giving us no easy indication of who the demote may be. I hope it's keaton. Not only because it's the one beast I recall getting a lot of use of in Fates but because he packs beast valor. Panne is also great. Before the Laguz banner I fully expected the Fates/Awakening beasts to preclude any actual Laguz by like six months but they've been on fire rolling out the new unit types.
  9. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Played the Yoshi demo with a buddy. It was just one level, with a bonus side objective you can do by replaying the level. I hope you can do those sorts of side quests on your first run through, so it's not just inflating the play time by making you play each level twice minimum. However they do a cool thing that should be in more games. Upon completing the side objective, there's a popup where the game asks you if you want to leave the level immediately. That's so good. Usually games like that won't save your progress in that level until you reach the end. If they wanted to region unlock the 3DS they probably would have done it years ago. I remember Iwata saying he wanted to region unlock the Wii U in a press release but it never happened, and I don't think he ever mentioned interest in doing so for the 3DS either. To answer your question from the Atlas thread, yes those games are on the eshop. At least in the US, can't imagine why they wouldn't be in PAL's eshop.
  10. If you could add two bosses, who would they be?

    I want the Eggman Robot boss from the end of Sonic 2 for sure. It's not Eggman itself but it is a pudgy robot of Eggman that I think is the perfect size and has several attacks to match the type of bosses we fight in Ultimate. I always thought the Scornet Maestro boss of Pikmin 3 would work well in Smash. Because you've got to chip away at a wall of bees in order to approach the boss proper, but because Smash is a 2D game it may be a boss that's too easy for characters have good jumping ability and too hard for characters that do not. Alternatively the Quaggled Mireclops may also work, since his gimmick is attacking his feet to stagger him so he dips low enough that the game allows you jump up his body to attack his weakpoint. I always like bosses where the player makes an opening rather than waits for openings. And a boss that you have to climb sounds unique too.
  11. Supports in Three Houses

    The way I imagine it, the avatar can't marry students because that's gross and weird and nobody needs to be told this. But you will be forging non-romantic bonds with your students because that's part of the job description and neither weird nor gross. And I do think they'll have us playing match maker in some way with our students simply by deciding whom they support like any other fire emblem game. People just like shipping characters together.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Got placed on Team Soren for the Grand Conquest. And by Soren I mean SOREN *shouting the name awkwardly like Mia does in that cutscene
  13. Chinatsu Kurahana is Three Houses New Artist

    Whoa, picture number 4 is like Claude and Dimitri. OTP? Yeah, the clothing for the characters is very chic. To the point of being distracting in my opinion. You've got Petra dressed for a secretary desk job and cutting up dudes with a sword. It's a weird juxtaposition. It feels like these should be some goofy, unlockable costumes and not the actual armor designs, hence why I'm with people in hoping there's some visual customization to make this game look more like Fire Emblem. It's not a deal breaker, of course. I'm pretty sure I've riffed on character portraits in every fire emblem game I've ever played. It's just that modern Fire Emblem games have much less difference between the artwork and the in-game models, to a point where there doesn't appear to be any difference in the case of this game.
  14. Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons has a lot to gain from being remastered into one release so I could see them doing that next if they need another Zelda game to tide over fans before the next new game. But for all these others it would certainly be faster, and cheaper for everybody involved, if they just released them in their current format digitally. I know Virtual Console is not a model they use anymore and we don't know how Nintendo will be handling retro games on switch that aren't NES titles, but gameboy games are easy emulation on any system and well suited to the Switch's portability. Even link cable features can be brought up and running again on new hardware, as evidenced by the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow releases on 3DS.
  15. Ha, this reminds me of the minigames my friends and I would make up in versus mode when we were kids. Yeah, the debate about whether wobbling should be banned has been examined for over a decade now. Here's a good collection of clips people often cite on the subject. However, the real detriment to having wobbling be legal is how much more deadly that tactic is at lower level play. That video is just matches at a high enough level where professional players know what to avoid and the most optimal ways to kill Nana - which removes the threat of wobbling. For less optimal players, wobbling can end their tournament run sooner then they feel it should have. Wobbling is also not an execution heavy trick either. Just grab when Nana is with you and press A with a rhythmic timing. The reason why we didn't want to ban wobbling is that it's really the number one reason why Icies are considered viable in that game. You can do cool stuff with that character, but once Nana is dead, even Kirby is a more effective character than Solo Popo. It does provide some perspective on what to consider banning when it becomes a problem. Smash Ultimate has patches for now, and they already addressed Luigi's zero to death combo to a degree I'm not really sure about. Leading people to expect they might go after Pichu's lightning loops next. But one day patch updates will end, and ridiculous things may come to the surface only after that point. Wobbling was discovered in 2006, five years after Melee released. But to be fair, Melee didn't have anywhere near the competitive attention then that it has today, or that Ultimate will have for the forseeable future.