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  1. This morning I was listening to a Muppet talk about Nintendo games and the subject was pretty interesting - enough for a quick opinion poll. Which Wii U games deserve a second chance on the Switch? And should those games have a straight port (presumably made available only through eshop at a modest 20-30$ price), an enhanced "Deluxe" port with new features and content, or are they not worth the attention? Feel free to use any justification in your answer, like "this game ought to have been played by more people", "this game was great but is in need of some crucial updates", "I want to play this game on the Switch", etc. As well as mention how you think the games can function without the gamepad, or any other Wii U functionality that was dropped for Switch. Will the necessary changes be worth the development time? Super Mario 3D World: Straight port. -Wii U/Gamepad specific functionality: Miiverse posting Not much to say on this one. It's a solid local co-op experience with a simplistic control scheme you could easily map to the joycons. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: Straight Port. -Wii U/Gamepad specific functionality: Text messages, dungeon maps, and enemy info are displayed on the gamepad. Not a likely game to see ported, but I'd be happy to see it. The game would need some work done in displaying its information through some other means. Dedicated menus for your phone, and the map, and perhaps a "more info" button for enemies you're targeting. Still it's a solid SMT experience that I'm sure more people would enjoy. Star Fox Zero: Skip -Wii U/Gamepad specific functionality: Cockpit view with a more accurate targeting reticle. First person Hacking sequences when flying gyrowing. Star Fox Zero's bosses and dog fight sequences tend to rely on the gamepad controls that let you hit targets that aren't even on screen. While a traditional third person gameplay style is feasible to program into this game, certain sequences may end up more frustrating as you cannot aim and move your ship independently with a more traditional control scheme. But the real reason I would skip this game is that it's not very good. It's a soft reboot of Star Fox 64, when the last game in the franchise was a faithful remake of that same game.
  2. ...your feelings of friendship DON'T manifest into colored crystals that fit snugly into a macguffin? Hm, was the power of friendship there since the beginning of this series..? Well from the viewpoint of FE Warriors, Shadow Dragon is the beginning of the series so let's check there: Yup, always there.
  3. Hey, character intros are in English now. I'm also onboard with the character-specific dialogue between Leo and Camilla. More of that, please. Takumi looks great. I pretty much decided archers would be my favorites the day this game was announced. Takumi is a good call - KT can't resist a magic bow with arrows that materialize out of thin air. Cool and easy to animate.
  4. Months later I'm still lost on what a "Lucina" is. It's like saying a fictional character is the "Han Solo" of the story. That's an extremely particular adjective to use. If we want to play the name game, I say Lucina is the "Seliph" of Awakening. A Gen 2 protagonist that looks way too much like Marth and uses their dad's sword.
  5. All of my Fusions are "not terrible. But not impressive..." I would maybe be down with Fusion. Depending on recipes or fusion charts, it can make some characters like Beruka, Est, or the mountain of infantry swords more worthwhile to keep around. Have the result's nature be a random selection from either parent. That way if players want a +Atk/-Res result, then they'll either need both parents with that nature, or one parent and take the 50/50 gamble. It might also serve as a way of nabbing seasonal units. Cordelia plus archers equals killing machine. I have no idea what this sort of feature ought to cost the player
  6. Yeah, trust me, a lot of us are hurting for greens now that Arena Assault is out. Heroes just really needs to release more and better greens. Try to make harsh calls in your next run. If you don't need a green, don't field one. Or if all their blues are fliers, field an archer instead. A monocolor blue team can be hell if you're low on green units. Narcian and Arthur are also favorites of mine. Both have similar stats and built in lancebreaker to emphasize their role as a blue eraser. Good to have in your back pocket for an AA run. Grey units in general you don't have to be too hung up on. Archers can struggle to pull their weight unless you can get them in range of fliers. Healers aren't well suited to Arena unless you have a plan based on tanking. And dagger users seem largely unproven to work unless it's Kagero or Jaffar thanks to their weapon.
  7. I don't really see an issue with your greens. The reason red and blue outnumber them in your collection is because all colors outnumber the greens in this game. There's not a lot of them, especially when ignoring seasonal units. If you really want another green though, I can recommend Anna. Tanks Reinhardt, second fastest character in the game (but can't take a Spd boon). Her Fury + Desperation build is cheap, and her weapon's warp is fun to work around with. Probably the most sensible of the Askr trio given the meta's emphasis on mages. Your colorless pool is definitely lacking, got something against archers? I dunno how you plan on doing Valter's GHB without any. Most archers are in the same ball park of ~31/31 Attack/Speed stats, save for Faye and Gordin, so you don't have to be picky. Clarisse is pretty good as she feels like a combination between dagger and archer. If you can score a Klein, that would be ideal. He comes with the best bow, and Death Blow so he's ready to go without SI.
  8. PSA for people using this method 5 star Xander and 4 star Donnel will work. But you must unequip Donnel's HP +5 skill. Beyond that, pay close attention to what skills he has equipped on Xander and Clarisse. Clarisse can do all this with Poison strike 1 or 2, but 3 sounds no good according to comments. And Xander needs his base skill set, so take off the siegfried. My Olivia was decked out with skills, including ruby sword, and that didn't seem to change the AI.
  9. Nah, it's a water gliding spider missing half it's legs. Creepy, wet, not huggable enough. Where's it's mouth? It's underside? Is he a face hugger? Get it out of here.
  10. Five defense wins after getting none for a month. It's the Alphonse, I'm telling you. Best Askr unit.
  11. I'd love to see a Fire Emblem show. I know I'm in the minority, but I'd kind of prefer live action. Fire Emblem is pretty light on the fantasy elements, and all the characters are humans or shapeshifters that hang out in human form. I don't think I'm down for gratuitous blood and gore in Fire Emblem, game or otherwise. For major battle scenes, I think Fire Emblem would stand out with its characters fighting while armored - which is not typical of any anime I've seen. Not every character is in full plate armor, but it's reasonable to assume characters are battered and bruised in places we can't see them. Have small, obscured blood spurts when somebody is cut down, but don't go as far as the Castlevania series by cutting people in half through the torso or their face being caved in by an axe. Also on the side of a making a new story rather than a straight adaptation. I think the bulk of fans' petty complaints won't come about that way. However, a prequel or sequel story taking place generations away from an existing game sounds enticing. We can get that First Exalt story, or a Scouring vignette.
  12. Not in total eclips zone, but about 60% of the sun was blocked out. It wasn't so much the sun but looking at the world around you. Like somebody toned down the brightness slider. It wasn't at all like dusk or dawn lighting.
  13. I own all internationally released games physically, except for Awakening. I forget why I resorted to digital for that game, I remember some discount eshop deal related to SMT4 out that same month. My Fates copy is Conquest, while the other two versions of that game are DLC. I did buy FE7 and 8 on my Wii U VC since I wanted to replay those and my GBA is in rough shape. Also grabbed Shadow Dragon to see how DS games look on the gamepad - not very good. If any of these games come out on Switch virtual console, I'm totally getting them there. Would love to casually play Fire Emblem on that console.
  14. It's all about presentation. In keeping with the pokemon comparison. They did things like tease munchlax when it was still third gen. That's a pretty good reveal. It demonstrates fourth gen is going to have evolutions and pre-evolutions of existing pokemon, and that's exciting since they stopped doing that with ruby/sapphire. Even if Munchlax specifically was poorly received by some fans, he's a proof of concept, and not an important pokemon like, say, a starter getting revealed. I think they could do a lot of damage to the new game if they gave us a banner featuring the main protagonist of FE16 and his closest allies. Fans would critique their looks and sounds. They would make judgements on personality based on their few lines of dialogue. If the female characters are too attractive, then the game is trash, if they're not attractive enough then the game is trash. And constant, unwarranted comparisons to previous characters. "They decided to make a clone of Felicia? Seriously?" That sort of banner seems to me like a high risk low reward proposition for building hype. If I had my say, I'd keep such character reveals to maybe a minor villain's GHB. Berkut from Echoes, for example, would have been smart, since there's nothing in his Heroes representation that alludes to what type of villain he would be or what the final confrontation with him would look like.
  15. Still not totally sold on this game. The biggest thing going for it is that it's coming out in a month totally clean of any other game I care about, which is extremely rare for a November. It is still not clear if this is a third version style game or a sequel, and it's frustrating. You go to the bridge in this new game and it's a totally redesigned, sturdier one with an NPC nearby commenting on how a little girl fell off the bridge years ago. Guess nebbie finally got in the bag. A body bag.