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  1. Can we talk about how great the Leo/Elise moveset is? Mounted unit so you get around quick and pick up random captains on your way to a fort. But what I love most is the C1. It takes just a single combo on a mob of mooks to fully charge it. And the full charge lets you open the stun gauge as if you had weapon triangle advantage. This of course means you get quicker critical and the AOE critical hit instead of the single target. The only drawback is that you can't charge it up quickly without mooks, so you cant rely on it for Arena missions, or any other almost 1v1 scenario
  2. GC Controller Support on Switch?

    Oh my god, step aside Fire Emblem Warriors, first game I tried this with is Sonic Mania. Welcome home. Lack of ZL can be a problem for some games - that's the left trigger. There's also no Home or select button. The Switch registers inputs as though the controller is a pro controller. What I see them doing is making some games explicitly compatible with the GC adapter. And by that I mean a setting on games that lets you play without the need for ZL and Minus. With a hypothetical Smash or any other game that lets you re-map controls, they're already compatible. I'm just surprised you can use GC controllers generally. Not even the Wii U did that. But I'd bet the speculation is dominated by the subject of GC VC and Smash bros. games. Playing the games the way they were meant to be played. If you count Wii VC, every Smash game to date has had GC controller support, so I think all the Smash games are on the table. As for Virtual Console, well, we still have no Virtual console service. The closest we have is the Arcade Archives line, that I assume only exists digitally because they didn't have enough games to package into a blasted "Arcade Mini". As long as the __________ Mini line is successful, why do Virtual Console? This GC support at least gives me hope that this will be the All-In-One Nintendo system I've been waiting for.
  3. PSA: The sequel probably won’t represent every game.

    What has no grounding? I don't think you understood what I wrote. FE Switch could come at any point of 2018, I'm saying if we get a tease of FEW2 before that release, I will be furious. It doesn't matter that I know a new game is coming, it matters how burnt out I am on these damned crossover titles. Even Atlus had the tact to release Persona 5 worldwide before announcing their flood of spinoffs.
  4. Your Favorite FE character's favorite song?

    Zephiel's would be The Times They are a Changin' by Bob Dylan....what? I think it's an appropriate song about accepting your new masters or death. Virion's would be Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding. And Olivia's would be Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste of Honey to pump herself up.
  5. PSA: The sequel probably won’t represent every game.

    I'm going to put aside how disgusting I find this sort of sequelization and KT blaming fans for "not wanting a sequel bad enough" when it comes to their sales. Aren't they doing a new engine for future warriors games? Would they even be able to port assets from one to another? I think the only thing you could do is port over character models/texture work, nothing that relies on code like animation data, UI, weapons and stats, etc. I don't know if KT plans to keep making spinoff games on the old engine, but if they don't this throws a wrench into the possibility of a FEW Legends. And I better not see a teaser for a sequel or hear any developer interview hint at it at any point of 2018. Give it a few years. Give time for fans to start craving a return. This particular point is mostly on IS, the last three fire emblem games released have been two spinoffs and a remake. I'm far more interested in how the series will push forward, rather than what entries I want to see rehashed next.
  6. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Threaten Def banner. Brave Ike and Ephraim are ready to come home...but not before pity breakers Peri and Raven. Edit: Oh wait, they already did that one.
  7. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Maybe not a bonus unit, but -Atk is a sign of him being truly civilized.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Three log in orb bonuses, developer maps, and a tempest trial. Just gotta hold off on summoning for Halloween. I hope there's a spooky FEH broadcast. Give Feh a witch's hat and broom in her talons.
  9. Good guesses, but it's actually a dragon girl with the physical and mental maturity of a grade schooler.
  10. Shin Megami Tensei V Revealed

    As somebody that doesn't care much for mainline SMT, is there anything in this teaser that's an "oh! That's interesting!" moment?
  11. Awakening/Fates or Classic?

    Classic as in Kaga era? GBA? Tellius? I've played enough of those. And 3DS era is blatantly obsessed with bringing everything from previous games back. They even checked the box next to: let's have the Pugi in as a random weapon drop. How far down the list do you have to go to reach that one? Hook me with something new. Then I'll be cool with callbacks.
  12. It would just be a retread of the last Direct's lineup if it's focused on Holiday season. Though come to think of it, they neglected to tell us about that DLC for Breath of the Wild that's slated for the end of the year. So that's one new thing they could talk about. Xenoblade got eight minutes in the last one, including actual gameplay details. We're past the "here's some cutscenes and running across landscapes" phase, this JRPG is ready to ship.
  13. What's the rationale for a November direct? It's all about the January Directs, baby. We know what's coming out by the end of this year, I'm interested in the 2018 showcase. I didn't forget about Animal Crossing Mobile, I was hoping it'd be used as a promotional tool to get people hyped for an Animal Crossing Switch. Or a companion app for said game. But they're saying that no new 3DS or Switch title will be talked about. Criminal. You could fit an Animal Crossing game on a mobile platform easy. Maybe this is where the series is headed?
  14. Whoa, what's with the Succubus Camilla shaming that I'm just now hearing is a thing? I do have a non-joke prediction for Halloween banner. I'm expecting a red brave tome - Waste. Now that players have some F2P answers to Reinhardt, it's time to do the other colors. But it will be an infantry mage. I think how they plan to do their first red flier mage will either be Christmas Tharja (has reindeer antlers, probably riding on a pegasus that also has them), or they'll do GHB Aversa the minute they start cracking down on Awakening's Gen 2s.
  15. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Was hoping Sacred Coins would be added to the post 40K rewards. They are really committed to letting people have the same general amount of Sacred Coins regardless of skill level. Oh well, 80 is still quite a bit. Brash Assault is hype. Lots of slow dudes that could combine QR and Brash Assault so that they stay relevant after the first round of combat.