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  1. World of Light Discussion/Hype Check

    If you're interested in Challenges I would do the ones involving the final battle first. Otherwise you'll be forced to do another whole playthrough just for the opportunity. That's assuming NG+ works how I think it does. I haven't done it yet.
  2. It's a bold choice for sure. I generally only hear that sort of death metal in ironic contexts these days. De-saturate the colors from the hair and clothes of the Askran characters and Loki and you would have a pretty perfect music video. In the context of this trailer it's fine. But dump it onto any Fire Emblem context without really thinking and we're going to have some problems. There's a surprising amount of room for overlap between grunge tones and fantasy themes, but not in a series as typically colorful and upbeat as Fire Emblem. Their angsty phase began and ended with Judgral.
  3. Kingdom Hearts III-LEAKED

    I assume they refer to a day 1 patch. But yeah isn't that a big deal for people with review copies? How do they get to see the ending?
  4. I don't think the solution to shoddy remakes is to remake them again. If they think they can announce another remake of Marth's dorky game and that I'd slam down sixty dollars immediately they got another thing coming. Especially when there are other classic entries in this series that ought to be next on the list for a remake. I'd rather see full scale remakes of the Judgral and Elibe games as well as HD remasters of Tellius and all of 3DS era before they take another shot at archanea. A straight localized release of FE3 however, I'd buy that in a heart beat like any of FE1-6. But yeah, Dual Screen Fire Emblem had a lot of potential. I think the DKC graphics were ill conceived from the start, but you have to admit 3DS era really improved in its battle graphics following Awakening so maybe they could have gotten it to look right on a second attempt.
  5. 4 more DLC characters, place your bets now

    All these guest characters people throw around got me hungry for more personal pan pizza picks Solaire. Think of the gag they could pull in the gameplay portion of his trailer involving Wii Fit Trainer's Sun Salutation attack. And the fan art. Midna. Think of the gag they could pull in the gameplay portion of her trailer by saying "there's four links now!", indicating the one she rides on. Ryo Hazuki. Think of the gag they could pull in the gameplay portion of his trailer by having him and Bayonetta performing Akira's moves on Akira himself. Dante. Think of the cool cinematic portion of his trailer which just recreates the opening of DMC3 but this time with other smash characters interrupting dinner.
  6. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    Now I feel left out.
  7. The 8 missing colossi in Shadow of the Colossus is often brought up. Though personally I think that game's length is just fine and that its gameplay is not engaging enough to warrant the missing third of content. The recent remake was certainly the last, best opportunity to bring those visions to life. Windwaker is an excellent answer. A lot of the game's padding was done to make up for the lack of additional dungeons post Master Sword, and I'm very interested in how they might have had us traversing the submerged Hyrule. And Fallout New Vegas is definitely a horror story of rushed game development and how poorly Bethesda's engine runs on consoles to a point where major areas of the game had to be reshaped into something easier to load. Though it's more than passable with the aid of mods, or in Windwaker's case, an HD remaster. Dark Souls 1 is another one that comes to mind. The area of Lost Izalith has almost no thought put into its enemy encounters and the Bed of Chaos is an insufferable nightmare that warrants no skill from the player. That fight is so terrible it's the only one in which your progress is saved upon death because even the game developers knew they screwed this one up.
  8. My votes were Ranulf, Kieran, Duessel, Othin, Maribelle, Mycen, and Old!Marcus. Hey, that's one out of seven! I'll probably repeat these votes on the next poll, but I haven't thought about my replacement pick for Maribelle. Probably Julian since I so rarely show the first game some love.
  9. World of Light Discussion/Hype Check

    Getting 100% in the mode has left me with 360 Skill Spheres worth of skills I still need to get. Guess a little New Game+ will be required. The extra double jump skill had me playing a lot of Yoshi. What a game changer.
  10. Your best & worst changes of 2018

    I'm having a hard time remembering all the things that happened strictly in 2018. Legendary Heroes are technically a 2017 concept, but legendary heroes being generic alts of existing characters is a purely 2018 concept that we at first didn't immediately expect to be the norm moving forward. Well I WOULD like to at least give a honorable mention to Legendary Banners. They're loaded with units that are rare, insanely good, or both. And my collection has skyrocketed as a result of them. They also gave me hope I might collect all the Special Heroes I missed at a time where we had no concrete idea whether the first year of banners would be re-ran. Over the course of 2018 I began spending my orbs almost exclusively on these banners. The Great Auto Battle enhancements. As my interest in this game waned, auto battle kept me participating in most events. And that feather and orb income kept me adding to my collection which is the only concern of mine regarding this game. The Good Rival Domains. A lot of us wondered if we'd ever get to enjoy using more than four of our favorite characters in this game, and this was the answer. Once I had one of each weapon type at five star, I felt like I was finished when it came to building my army in 2017, but now there's a need for many more units of various movement classes. Grand Conquests. All the goodness of Rival Domains but in a competitive mode. Rival Domains takes a lot of mechanic ideas that I had to shake up the standard Voting Gauntlet. Hero Rises Poll. Any one of those four units would have been new to my collection except for Hector and I wouldn't have said no to the still elusive Distant Counter fodder. But I also acknowledge that this could have gone much worse for me. For one, I never pulled another Legendary Ike, so that freebie has pulled more than worth his weight on my team. Seasonal banners. There are way too many of these a year and yeah I don't care for them besides checking off their name in my Catalogue. But 2018 is the year they moved away from the Fates/Awakening cast and that helped us detox from the flood of alts. It also let us justify getting New Heroes of Fates and Awakening GHB Elite rotations and Heroic Grails copies. It's nice to max merge these GHB and TT units. The Bad Colored Bows. I'm not mad at the unnecessary-ness of this inclusion so much as I'm mad at them taking away potential units that would have served as colorless Legendaries. What happened with F!Grima is unacceptable. Voting Gauntlet. Obviously not a 2018 mode, but the unwillingness to change is pretty bad. This mode is extremely flawed and would be made much better if you had two "charges" each hour to do battles. "Competing" in this mode is based entirely on punctuality and that's just not engaging. I can't pull up my phone twice every waking hour of the day, and I don't live in Japan to take advantage of the pre-Same Hell multipliers. When you miss the first multiplier in the last eight hours, it sucks. And if you played on the team that doesn't ever get multipliers it's even worse. This mode only exists to be exploited. Divine Dew income. They're giving us way too many enhancable prfs and not enough dew to try out a sizable fraction of them. They eventually realized they could give us Dew without giving us Stones, but the amounts are still poor. One of these days I'll have to promote somebody to five star just so I could spend Stones on all of their refinements in order to get Dew. Please give us a way to convert Stones directly to Dew so we avoid that scenario.
  11. Special Heroes (Gifts of Winter)

    It's a two headed ant.
  12. Make Your Smash Ultimate Tier List

    So Smash Ultimate is in an interesting spot because all the returning characters see strict improvements thanks to numerous changes to the engine. And deciding their new placements is more a matter of "are they improved to a degree that's higher or lower than average?". I'm not about to work out a full tier list, but I do have some preliminary opinions on this line of thinking: Lower than average improvements Jigglypuff. No changes to Jigglypuff are especially game changing. She exhibits a few new, but questionably viable rest combos but still has all her weaknesses. She can't safely approach swordies, her recovery is still exploitable, the burden of approach is always on her, and she's not hitting hard enough to be considered a "glass cannon". Ganondorf. Still slow as molasses. You can't really improve much on this character design without giving him new moves and the new smash attacks aren't notable. He has better frame advantage after a successful Side B, which leads to more guaranteed followups. But his combo potential isn't aided much by the new engine, you can camp him out with projectiles due to his large frame and poor speed, and his recovery is bottom tier. His damage and KO power is insane, but I don't expect him to hold up at high level play. Bayonetta. Kind of goes without saying but Bayonetta's been severely defanged on her most notable tools. Plus she doesn't gain very much in the way of engine changes now that other characters have been brought up so much closer to her level. About the only engine change that helps her is the less safe grabs, which is great for her since grabs beat her witch time and she doesn't see much use in performing grabs herself. As for higher than average improvements, I'm still mulling over the implications of certain characters. Wario, Sonic, and Fox don't seem as bad as they looked. Simon, Inkling, and Pikachu have more pronounced weaknesses than initially thought. A lot of characters that seemed theoretically great have surprisingly tame options and statistics. This base roster is solid.
  13. I found it, the best Spirit. It's a sprite of the telephone in Earthbound. And it's named "Ness' Father"
  14. For reference, Smash 4's first update with balance changes and not just bug fixes came a whole two months after the Japanese 3DS release. Then again, I imagine releasing two versions of the same game with totally different modes is much more tumultuous for QA testers than the release of Ultimate was. I think the biggest thing stopping a proper balance patch by the end of this month is the simple fact that the winter holiday is approaching and you gotta give developers some time off.
  15. Seems to be purely bug fixes for the listed characters. No balance changes confirmed thus far.