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  1. Boom, sounds like a wrap to me. ~
  2. This is precisely what I was afraid of with making her a Pegasus
  3. I guess I like the Wolfskin the most. Not so much wolves but human sized wolverines or bears, it really surprised me when I first saw it. The kitsune I'm not a fan of. A real missed opportunity to have a magic based beast class, given this fictional creature's aptitude for magic and spirituality. It also would have made Kaden himself a much better character if his STR and MAG were switched and he kept his class set.
  4. Green, green, red, colorless. Got it. Move Blue, get out the way. ~
  5. Not if it results in just twelve chapters in a game. Split each one into half the size and you've got a typical Fire Emblem. I don't really see the appeal of scrolling slowly over a map and marveling at its size. It's like gamers comparing map sizes of open world games just relax. I also generally have a problem with how large the maps have been getting in recent games. I don't think a chapter of Fire Emblem should be longer than an hour when playing meticulously. Especially if we're talking paralogues. This group of bandits is as large as endgame armies? Please. Now, if you're getting your game saved at the start of each player phase like in FE4, then sure, that's a solution. But I feel like that only incited me to be reckless with units. And if you want multi-layered objectives and map events just make a part 2 to the chapter that cuts off the player's ability to do base stuff.
  6. I'm no businessman, but I imagine "why not" is an unorthodox reason for greenlighting a project. The kind that gets you thrown out of the board room. But it's an equally valid question for this discussion. I will surmise: Gaiden is pretty much *unknown* to most FE fans of this day. Even among people [in japan], it wasn't exactly the most played among veterans. I hope I'm not coming off as sassy, I just thought you had a good answer. As for why Japanese consumers don't inquire into this topic, you've provided sensible speculation there too, they don't culturally take a second look at the English word Echoes. It's just a mysterious foreign word - like "If". So cool! Whether or not Echoes is a series of remakes, we may well have to wait and see. We'll find no answers in our speculation until new interviews surface. Perhaps one from a western source that's willing to ask the all too important question.
  7. That very faithfulness is also suspicious. Shadow Dragon wasn't especially faithful with its addition of a weapon triangle, removing weapon level in favor of weapon experience, unit reclassing, 12 added something akin to supports, and the plot changes with Kris are so evident they bleed into the subtitle: Heroes of Light and Shadow. Again, I think they're concerned now with Legacy than they've ever been. Choosing to remake the first game of your franchise, well, that's just formality isn't it? Gaiden's remake stands out - it's different from the DS era's approach. With how successful of a game Awakening was, why not add children/deeprealms to Gaiden like we were worried about? Or return to its progenitor - FE4, or do a double pack of Elibe for the same promise of babies as a familiar, modern experience? And finally, you'd think there'd be a famitsu article or something where somebody asks the million dollar question - why Gaiden? I only want an official answer to this.
  8. See I don't think that's good enough. They didn't "save" Gaiden for when they could develop on better hardware, they skipped it entirely. That having been said, I've given it more thought, and the Archanea connection may hold some water given the crisis the franchise faced during the DS/Wii generation, and that the eventual next title was Awakening. Maybe a trilogy of remakes (FE1-3) was meant to be their setup for Awakening which revisits lore of those three games. I'm interested to know if they wanted to do Gaiden as a third DS game but the plans fell through. Well I can only see that as coincidence. And not one of the premier features that makes Gaiden stand out, like town exploration, random battles, other Final Fantasy standards. While it's true that in pre-fates terms Gaiden was unique for its lack of weapon durability, I'm almost certain that decision wasn't made for the sake of nuanced weapon balance like it is now. Heck I even have a theory that the HP cost of spells was simply due to them being incapable of programming a separate mana bar for mages.
  9. I feel like the word Echoes is not solid evidence of a series of remakes. However, Doing a third remake of a game from the Kaga Saga, and that particular game being Gaiden? You've got to admit it's a little suspicious. Who wanted a Gaiden remake? It does not star Marth or any character the JP community explicitly likes. And we in the West had a fringe knowledge of the game as well. If they wanted to do a remake for the basic reason any franchise wants to do a remake (money for low effort), why not go with Elibe? Tellius? Literally any other title besides I guess Thraccia on its own. Choosing Gaiden implies that legacy is high on their priority list, perhaps higher than what fans explicitly ask for.
  10. You can complement a game's visuals despite it's sales numbers. It may even be a low key good game too!
  11. Ninian and Lissa are good gets. Glad they found another way to contribute to this series!
  12. We're about to end two separate generations of Fire Emblem on the Nintendo DS and 3DS. I think we can agree the two screen format has been a boon for Fire Emblem in being able to display both map and information screens at once. I rag on Shadow Dragon a lot but even I must admit its UI was fast to use and unobtrusive. And I can see why newer fans don't immediately catch on to the FE6-10 format of "press R/Y to learn more". But soon we must say farewell to dual screens as Fire emblem makes a return to the console format. What features of the switch can provide new gameplay possibilities for this series? The most obvious is the free transition between handheld and console playstyles. It's also worth mentioning this will be the first game of the series with HD resolution graphics, which gives me high hopes for excellent battle animations. Another feature of the switch is a focus on local multiplayer. Fire Emblem doesn't have a large focus on multiplayer, and I struggle to think what mode could be implemented using the system's dual joycons. Fire Emblem is a turn based game and a co-op mode where player 2 gets their own cursor for moving your units isn't very engaging. I don't know how many of you have tried but strategy games can be surprisingly fun with another person. Just watching and coming up with strategies together is enough. And I feel like the best actual multiplayer the series has had is recruiting player-made avatar characters into your army for some variety. A simultaneous multiplayer mode may be a dead end for FE Switch. Similarly, the motion controls and HD Rumble of the joy cons may not provide any new gameplay possibilities. I do not know what the joycon is capable of beyond the vague advertisements provided in January's Switch Conference. I can think of a few gimmicky gameplay ideas, like a training ground mode between missions where you take a first person role of one of your units knocking down target dummies with their weapon, and that awards you experiences or weapon ranks. I also may have made some comments on how IS could borrow certain data for their next go at Fates' Private Quarters petting mode. More seriously, perhaps the HD rumble can somehow portray the feel of your units hitting and getting hit in battle. Or a tense heartbeat effect in your hands when a unit reaches critical health during enemy phase.
  13. Only if we get the same thing on the enemies side. I want Glass in the game. His swordplay is peerless.
  14. @Jedi I was watching your video when the Serenes "new reply" bleep surprised me at the same time yours surprised you when you recorded it. Spooky. There'd be some issues with TMS. And that's why my girl won't be put in the game.