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  1. Mycen and Alm. They've got a lot of catching up to do and I think there's room for a lot of depth with the old man. I'm sure the prologue will show us what sort of guardian he was to Alm and Celica, but really he's the only character I'm actively interested in seeing how they write.
  2. I voted...shoot I think I already forgot and that was last night. Erm, I did Chrom since I can't deny he's in the game. Robin and probably Lucina, Walhart, and then Basilio since I want a warrior/berserker rep and he's the most high profile one barring maybe Legion. Uweeeheeeheee~ I'm pretty sure I voted six characters for none of these. Yeah, I like more than six characters in these games, but I don't want to play as them all. This isn't Heroes where you just draw some pretty pictures and they're in the game. But who knows, maybe that theory that we'll be playing as unit classes with character skins ends up being true and we can have our 100+ roster of clone characters. Can't say I'd object until I knew more.
  3. FE8's chapter 10(Ephraim) had exactly that. Boat Ballisticians on water. They moved one space at a time but since water surrounded the entire map, they were a real problem since the only units that can get out there are fliers. I think pirates would be ideal for such an obstacle. Assuming they could move more than one space at a time. You might as well have sent fliers anyway that only need to dodge one shot. As for whether pirates should return, I'd like to see a combination of brigand and pirate if the setting called for it. Them being able to swim makes plenty sense given their lack of armor. But if there's one beach chapter in the game, then it won't really matter when you've got one pirate on the team. The only advantage pirates tend to have is when baiting lance wielding fliers in a position that other enemies will not reach them, allowing you to pull that pressure from your main force before they advance. But fliers could already accomplish this in fewer turns with better movement range. Pirate is probably best left as an enemy only class as they slowly approach a village that you must reach before them.
  4. I wouldn't mind Critical hits having a luna effect or be like The Kaga era crits where Attack is doubled instead of Damage being tripled. To me, a critical hit implies you've found the weak point of your opponent's defenses and exploited it in a daring, all out attack. Hence why Skill is what increases your innate Crit rate, and how curved blades are the design of killing edges. It just seems kind of lame that a myrmidon dealing 2 damage would only deal 6 maximum in such a scenario. But criticals feel largely unimportant compared to activation skills. A critical has a Skill/2 minus target's luck activation rate, which is a slimmer chance than even Aether and Astra, the strongest and most infrequent ones. Astra may be slightly less damage total than a crit, but if one of those five attacks is a critical, then it's a profit. Aether doesn't usually match 3x damage until late game, but the Sol effect is the ideal addition. If you want to avoid critical hits, get lots of luck. If you want to avoid skills, there's nothing you can do unless Nihil is in the game. I've had this idea where the activation skills could be "Critical modifiers" that characters earn via promotion or can equip like normal skills. The base critical hit can be 2x damage, but you can add a Luna effect, where it's 2x damage with half the enemy's defense dropped. A Sol effect to gain half damage dealt back as health, Astra for 3x damage. Then make up some new skill effects, like a 1.5x damage that activates twice as often as the normal critical hit. Or adding damage based on the user's other stats or nearby support partners, things like that.
  5. So these Shadows of Valentia cutscenes may be their test drive of the format for Fire Emblem, yes? At first I thought it was just a reduced budget for the game that made them choose the cheaper alternative of 2D over 3D, but maybe there's more to this. The entire Echoes project seems to be about gauging fan interest in older titles as well as profiting from them. The next Echoes project could be an anime instead of a game.
  6. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as programmers incapable of designing a separate Health and Mana guage for mages have every place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as weapon triangles and weapon ranks have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as little girls morphing into dragons have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare, such as the Fire Emblem appearing at all in the plot have no place in Valentia.
  7. Yeah, like I didn't want to say something, but I'm just a bit disappointed that people misread the title as "Let's be a White Knight Thread" instead of participating. If people were so adamant that there's nothing in these games that could even remotely be considered bothersome by somebody, then what's with this defeatist "we'll never come together to enjoy any game" thread in this very sub forum? Y'all are too emotional with this series. Too willing to find objectionable parts of somebody's opinion instead of finding common ground. That's what depresses me, alright. I don't even have another round of Pillars in me right now.
  8. Defeat the Boss can be beaten in a single player phase with a warp staff. More laughable than Seize where you specifically had to warp a competent fighter that can one round the boss alongside Marth to take the throne. I think we can agree both are awful, and that Rout is just dull. Also, I think there's room in this thread to point out good things in previous games that aren't in Gaiden/Echoes. It IS fashionable to rag on the latest game, after all. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as 60 avoid terrain and refusing to update map design have every place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as unskippable Easy modes and Lyn's hand holding tutorials have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as Skirmishes that you can just retreat from and online theories that the twin lords want to bang have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as unit fatigue that keeps weak guys weak, and Glaucoma Fog of War maps have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as Private Quarters and class sets determining a unit's viability have no place in Valentia.
  9. Okay, after the latest trailer drop at 1:48, I'm into this. Let's get savage. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as naked pictures of Chrom and Sumia's pies have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as bare butt cavaliers and bikini dark mages have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as 13-16 year old child armies, and late promotion baby boy Roys have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as catgirls and cutting out the protagonist in favor of Ike have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as alternate dimension births and bad parenting have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as Kris' grandfather and training training training have no place in Valentia. Pillars of Modern Warfare such as only Sieze the Throne (FE6) and only Rout the Enemy(Birthright) objectives have no place in Valentia.
  10. Oh, my bad. But I don't see what you're referring to. The Op didn't say what you're quoting, and they never posted a second time in the thread.
  11. Oh, you've still got Luigi. I think Alm fighting left handed says a lot about Mycen being compassionate enough to allow Alm to develop his own unique style. Historically, people who were left handed were beaten encouraged to use their right hand in order to learn new crafts, and this was true of soldiers learning to use weapons from their right handed officers.
  12. Y'all are sleeping on the villains.
  13. I've totally been lucky with 9 of them, including 1 through feathers (Sharena). No five stars in the last three weeks though, so I'm starting to conserve orbs for when there are more characters total in the game. I only care about filling out my collection.
  14. I hope people wouldn't actually throw a tantrum if they adapted a game that wasn't their favorite of the series. Like, really? I'm not invested in the archanea saga at all, but I found the two episode OVA to be endearing, even daring with the source material. Showing Marth's father, Elice's sacrifice, the deer flashback scene, some semblance of civilian life before Talys is raided. The Navarl episode was interesting too, but that's where you'd look to find the show's low art and animation budget, and bizarre moments of "...I think there was another scene planned here?". I feel like Fire Emblem is the most adaptable for a show among Nintendo's properties and that now is the time to strike with several games on the horizon as well as a massive character poll where we outright tell them which characters we like.
  15. Do you think forts will play any unique role related to the forts in Fire Emblem games? Furthermore, is there any precedent in Warriors games for using Ballistae or any sort of siege weaponry to weaken forts from across the map? Also, I asked these questions in the first thread, and the answers were really interesting to me so I propose them for the video: Is there a DW challenge or mission that emulates the concept of a Fog of War chapter of Fire Emblem? How would you see that working in Fire Emblem Warriors? Is there any previous examples of playable characters that heal allied units? I'm wondering how clerics and other healers could work in a Warriors game