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  1. My Clair in Echoes is -Atk. Level strength, girl! "I know, I'm simply terrible. :)" It's NOT FUNNY
  2. You got it. And with two weeks to play these maps, that's a lot of stamina you can use for the grind.
  3. Good source for Hero Merit too if you can find a fast grinding method on these.
  4. Just looking for some opinions on this. From what you've played so far, which of these have impressed you the most in Echoes? And try to use spoiler tabs when citing specific examples, please.
  5. Wow, didn't know those weapons were international only. But, 2017 here, don't you mean those weapons were CENSORED from the Japanese version???
  6. Trying to remain positive after seeing these images but... "okay, you're the first non-japanese company in decades to handle the Mario IP, how do you want to make the game?" "Meh, just give 'em guns" Talk about cultural appropriation.
  7. I'd actually say Chrom's pretty pessimistic, at least in the first story arc where he talks about struggling with forgiveness and being death's agent. Naturally this changed as the story went on, but there were still moments of distrust like asking for Plegia's help. If Lucina counted, I would totally say she's the most pessimistic. Alfonse also comes to mind. He refuses to establish relationships with the Heroes out of fear he may be hurt once again. For optimism, this recent talk about Eliwood makes me really admire how he sticks to his ideals after such tragedy. But he also has an amazing support group in Lyn and Hector. I want to say Roy is pretty optimistic just based on the odds he has to go up against, but my last playthrough of FE6 was a long time ago with a rather un-stylistic translation. If anything, Roy just seemed to act way too mature, not necessarily positive.
  8. Man I love my archers. Low speed can be an issue, but it just encourages me to use my Arts more than I would have with a 1 range unit that has to face counterattacks. Hitting Witches and Arcanists without fear of counterattack is great too. Mages just can't put out similar damage on them, even with excalibur. They've got definite niche, they're just pretty incompetent when going up against enemy mercs and cavs. Kind of like Mages in any other Fire Emblem, you got to watch how many physical attackers might focus them down.
  9. Some of us befriend heroes. Others...stay detached. What will you do I wonder? -Commander Anna Well I've already resigned myself to never being able to date Sharena. Ha, imagine there's a sixth star rating for married characters. People that just play the game for the stats would be forced to indulge.
  10. They've got 3D battle scenes on lockdown between the flashy effects of Fates and the fluid, martial realism of Echoes. Plus interviews pertaining to Fates's My Castle and the cancelled Wii title suggest IS really wants to do 3D rendered battlegrounds as well. My money's on the Tellius style of doing things. Though the move away from retro styled sprites may indeed be hard. Even I get a bit sentimental seeing some of them.
  11. I've been on a serious grind for Hero Merit in the last few weeks using carefully picked teams and the Defensive Battle 5 normal mode map. I've burned almost all available stamina and about half of my ~70 stamina potions. I'm very pleased with the results - somewhere between 13000 and 15000 feathers from Hero Merit milestones. I can't post a screenshot because I don't know how to compress the image. But the gist of it is that I have six characters maxed out at 2000 HM: Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Cecilia, Olivia, Xander. Plus several more characters with high marks.
  12. Yes, this game beat me, as you know. To get the result I got after spending money, it's only a 3% odds of failing that much, but it happened. Also, it's just twenty dollars. I'm an adult, so it's not a scandalous amount to have spent ~
  13. 1 deck of cards? Ha, no casino would give the player such an advantage as counting cards. I was just making a joke with regard to people calling this game gambling - It can't be gambling because I'm no good at it.