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  1. Wasn't the Falchion forged from your tooth? Wait, was Naga forged from your tooth?
  2. Gods, Rezzy lore is the deepest lore...
  3. I'm still trying to work out how Rezzy's husband is Abel. Like, are you telling me there was a love rectangle now?
  4. Ack, I must have missed a multiplier on team Maria.
  5. You mean Celica didn't have a different thing to say to the seven different cats in Act 2? There WEREN'T seven cats in the original? What a terrible game. Jedah's "Heheh" catch phrase can't even save it.
  6. Sniper in the Dark? What else would she do to me in the dark? Looks like raven tomes would help getting the fight going. Or just have a 2 range unit attack that breakable piece of wall, then have somebody who can fight the cav swap with their position. And there's an infernal difficulty? This feels like an awfully cramped place to be fighting reinforcements. So much indestructible terrain.
  7. I think gamers have conflicting views on how much must change for a game to be "innovative". This industry has extremely positive connotations for the word "innovative" so the opposite must be totally bad. Dark Souls is a darling franchise, but all three games are iterative of Demon's Souls. That's a hard truth to swallow, because they're all great games. Meanwhile, some innovative games just aren't very well received. For example, Final Fantasy 13 is pretty innovative. You don't really play as the characters, you watch them do their best and tell them when to switch tactics. You can enter commands manually for the lead character, but that takes precious time so your choices better count. This gameplay style coupled with the huge emphasis on cutscenes and story make for a game in which 95% of what you do feels like watching the game play itself. As a consumer, I'll want to know if my time and money will be worth it for the new game. So I'll say iterative. "Something in between" feels too diplomatic of an answer. I've definitely chosen not to buy games that are different in ways I find disagreeable. Yes, the industry needs innovation to avoid stagnation, but innovation can be the exact reason fans don't receive a game very well. Banjo & Kazooie Nuts and Bolts adding vehicle craft, Star Fox Zero adding forced motion controls, Fallout 4 placing emphasis on building settlements, etc.
  8. Lol, if you reclass Corrin to a Great Knight, he'll be weak to dragon slayers, horse slayers, and armor slayer weapons. It results in a pretty hectic game. I hope Tikini doesn't retain the dragon property. While it's true you won't want her up against Falchion regardless, I think both Tikis can be relied on to tank Naga since they were red and weren't naturally doubled by Julia. This new, green version may get one shotted.
  9. No coddling or special treatment necessary. Let me reiterate: We can't choose what offends us, but we can choose how we react. One person disagrees, that's normal. But six or seven in the span of twenty minutes? That's an abnormal response. Surely some of it stems from people that have been waiting for their shot at an edgy response. I can't speak for how people feel, but I seen these patterns before I dip out of the thread and wait for the storm to blow over. And really I have to wonder why so many people care. I have family that say and believe some of the most offensive things I've ever heard, but I'm not ready and waiting for the next confrontation, I work to avoid it since I know from experience that there's no positive resolution. You either think Muslims are human beings or you don't. If somebody's behavior is repeatedly bothering you, you can choose not to interact. I think there's a lot of users that need such a basic lesson. It's not like Ana is new. Or that most others that help derail the thread are new.
  10. I'm not about to beg you to stay, but I am bothered by the idea of you leaving over this. We have some legitimately toxic posters that always creep up in specific topics, but Ana isn't one of those. Being the subject of a thread derailment doesn't always equate to being the cause of the thread derailment. Ana says something or complains about something as pure opinion, then a horde of users call her out. I've never found anything she says harmful toward others. It's like I always say, we can't choose what offends us, but we can choose our reaction. And a lot of users just misreact, at least from the way I look at it. The problem comes when some users like Ana are arbitrarily held under a microscope. Users waiting for the right moment to go for the throat in an edgy response. I hate being called out. Just this past week I was called out by a respected site contributor and I still don't understand what the problem was. My first instinct was to respond with the same level of aggression, but what I really wanted is for it to be over. I used to be a site contributor too, just not for this site or this series. I was used to that general adoration and people appreciating what I had to say. I never stopped to think how unwelcoming somebody like that could be for anybody else.
  11. I thought it was spelt Rufflet. She evolves into braviary. Wait, is Rufuko an actual difference between male and female robin, or is that a joke about japanese naming conventions? "I wasn't expecting a girl so let's just add 'child' to her name."
  12. Somebody on my friends list gave me a Xander which is pretty baller. Too bad it was for a map against M!Robin, Azura, and Mae. We didn't lose, I just thought it was funny.
  13. Ah! M-my apologies! I did not recognize you my internet liege.
  14. I want this only so I can laugh at her name being "unknown dancer" Can I see your internet business license please?
  15. Cleared the flier quest. 3 star palla hype. Going to train up my 4 star Narcian to replace -Spd 4 star Camilla who can't kill blues to save her life.