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  1. More new art was revealed this weekend at Cipher Summer Party! @fecipher also shared a digital version of the art via twitter this morning. This F!Corrin will be a tournament promo card, and she's drawn by the Fates manga artist.
  2. The official site page for S14 is now live! However, there's not really a lot of info there aside from the booster pack image:
  3. I've also updated the OP with the art from the last livestream, since it seems I never got around to that before. >_>
  4. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've had an occasion to update this thread, but we got some new stuff today! First up is some new promo art for Bunny Lucina. Similar to Bow Lyn, Witch Corrin, and Summer Tiki, she'll be a Tournament Promo card. The S14 sleeves have also leaked! In addition to Bunny Lucina, we also get Cordelia, Male Corrin, and Mia for our standard sleeves. The Summer Livestream will air on 25 August, so we'll likely start getting card reveals shortly before then.
  5. I've been looking forward to this! It's supposed to start around 22:20 where I live, so I plan on staying up later and checking it out. Weather forecast is partly cloudy, but hopefully it'll be clear enough to see.
  6. Import/Customs for Cipher Cards

    Customs fees are set by countries and have nothing to do with what shipping company you use. You still have to pay customs when you ship via DHL. However, as someone who lives in a country where you have to pay customs for imported Cipher cards (Netherlands), I still prefer DHL as it's faster and cheaper than EMS, and you can choose to prepay your customs stuff online so it's not an issue when the package arrives.
  7. It really varies, so there's no real general length of time. If there's a product you're interested in, your best bet is just to add it to your Watch List for easy checking. For what it's worth, they're back in stock now.
  8. Happy set release day everyone! Now that S13 has released in Japan, artists are posting their art for the set over Twitter. As usual, I've made an album to compile all the art in one place, and I'll be keeping it updated as more art is revealed. For those of you buying boxes, best of luck on your pulls!
  9. Full set list is live! Set release tomorrow. :)
  10. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Updated with S12 promos and temp. US shipping! All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal or direct bank transfer) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I may also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here! Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal. NOTE FOR US TRADERS: I'll be leaving for a trip in the US later this week and will be able to offer US domestic shipping for any interested traders, though trades/sales must be finalized no later than Thursday, 28 June. Looking For: Paypal S12 Lissa SR+ S12 Ishtar SR Will also accept toss-ins of Bride Lissa, Warriors Lissa, and Necrodragon cards, any quantity Haves: (Always willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.) S12 SR cards: Black Knight (on hold), Walhart S12 R cards: Soren x2, Volke, Stefan, Elincia, Ashnard x2, Ares x2, Nanna S1~S11 SR Cards: S11: Delthea, Lianna x2 S10: Misha x3 NEW! Tournament Promo Cards: S12: Yune x3, Gregor x5, Soren, Lachesis x2, Ares x2, Tiki S11: Mycen, Lianna x2, F!Robin S10: Shannam x3, Mareeta x2 S3: Oliver x8, Black Knight x3 Other Promos: NEW! Cipher Sai Nowi/Tiki Promos NEW! Comiket Delthea Promo Promo Sleeve Packs: FE8, Warriors, Gaiden S1~S11 R Cards: S11: Neimi, Innes, Clive x2, Anna x3 S10: Lara, Shiva, Mareeta, Diarmuid x2, Sety, Selkie x2, Asugi x2, Ophelia x2, Sharena, Bruno x2 S9: Saber x2, Zeke x2, Kilmar, Raigh x2, Zihark S8: Larcei, Febail x2 S7: Hana S6: Siegbert S5: Alan S4: Yashiro, Merric, Kiria x2 S2: Odin S1: Merric N/HN Cards: I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something to list them soon someday. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you. Single Sleeves Available: Chrom S1, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, Raquesis, Eliwood, Lyn sleeves, C91 Circle Pixel Lords, C91 Running Pixel Lords, C91 Character Box Lords, Altena, Alm, Celica, Nanna, Witch!Corrin, S12 Pixel Lords. Non-Cipher: I have a PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas), that I'm looking to get rid of, if anyone wants that as a trade for cards I guess?
  11. And the pre-release livestream is now over! I'll update the OP later when I have a chance, but for now, you can look at the full album here. S13 highlights: Nils and Athena for the final SR cards, Hector/Lyn/Eliwood signed SR+ cards, chibi Laevatein and Ninian "secret" +X cards, Rs for Lloyd and Alfonse, some more new cards/characters confirmed as N/HNs, signed R+ for Ninian.
  12. The pre-release stream has now come to a close! You can check out my full album of caps here. I'll update the individual threads later when I have a moment. Hosts & Quests: Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer), Young (Young), Yuuki Kuwahara (VA for Ophelia and Nieve), Makiko Ohmoto (VA for Lyn), and Tsutomu Kitanishi ("Outrealm Salesman" & previous livestream host). Kawade, Yuuki, and Young are all present at the beginning of the stream. Kawade is even rocking a fancy white suit for the Cipher 3rd Anniversary! Kitanishi arrives soon afterward, bringing an anniversary cake. They also bring out a Nieve cake for Yuuki's birthday (which is 24 June). Kawade opens up the ST Deck and a single booster pack to show off a few cards and the promos. They also show off samples of the promo clear files and the S12 artbook that will be coming out soon. Soon after, the pack opening begins! All four hosts begin opening up packs to find cards to show off, but they've barely started when Makiko arrives. The first few featured cards are signed + cards for Hector, Lyn, Laevatein, Matthew, and Ninian. We also get new Rs for Lloyd and Alfonse, and SRs for Nils and Athena. Some new N/HN cards/characters are also revealed. Finally, S13 also has two special secret cards featuring chibi-style art of Ninian and Laevatein. During pack opening, the hosts kept the audience entertained with a few activities. Makiko read some of Lyn's quotes from her card. We got to hear some sample audio from the upcoming Echoes Drama CD as well. Kawade shows off an illustrated guide to starting up Cipher. They also discuss changes to upcoming Cipher tournaments, announcing an upcoming rotation format. They also show off some of the merchandise that will be available at the upcoming Cipher Summer Party. At the end of the stream, they revealed some art from the upcoming S14, confirming that TMS#FE characters will also be included! They also showed the Japanese trailer for Three Houses, followed by an announcement that S16 in March 2019 will be a Three Houses set! After all of these relevations, the stream comes to a close with a hearty "Ichi! Ni! Cipher!" Kawade and Young will be back for the next Summer Livestream probably sometime in August.
  13. As a reminder to everyone, the pre-release livestream for S13 is tomorrow! I'll be watching live as usual so I can share caps and a summary afterward.
  14. Final reveal of the week is a super adorable joined-art for Marth and Caeda for their SR+ cards!
  15. Today's card reveal is an SR for Hector! It joins the previously-revealed Lyn and Eliwood SRs to form one long joined-art, which was also shared by @fecipher today.