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  1. Translations for the Frontier Columns?

    Bookofholsety has been doing the bulk of the Cipher translations lately, including some of the columns. You can check out the ones his done on his blog here. I'm not sure if he plans on going back and doing any of the earlier ones.
  2. You're right, I should. I'll get those cards added to the album.
  3. Our first art for the set was revealed during today's livestream! We also learned the title of the set (translation pending) and also that FE7 will be getting an ST Deck this time around. I'm adding the new art to the OP. You can check out the full livestream album here.
  4. As expected, many new cards were shown off during today's livestream! You can check out my full album here. I'll add a link to the OP with just the new cards shortly. Here are the highlights: New Green Cards: Ike SR, Micaiah, Elincia (2 cards, 1 R), Tauroneo, Fiona, Sephiran, Zelgius New Blue Cards: Lissa SR/SR+, Chrom/Naga joined-art R+, Basilio, Flavia, Nowi, Lon'qu, Yen'fay New Yellow Cards: Eldigan SR, Lachesis, Ares, Sigurd, Amid (sub), Linda (sub), Hermina (sub)
  5. The livestream has come to a close! You can see my screencaps in my imgur album here. Hosts & Guests: Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer), Young (Intelligent System), Yuuki Kuwahara (VA for Effie and Ophelia), and Kana Asumi (VA for Lissa) Kawade, Young, and Yuuki were all present when the stream began. Young presented Yuuki with some Cipher cards for Effie and Ophelia. Kawade showed off the CD and artbook from Comiket and revealed some art and cards for the next Cipher mascot (name currently unknown, something like Neve). They also showed off some other new and upcoming merchandise, including the next Arrangement CD and the Heroes mini figures. Shortly after, they began to reveal some new cards for S12. All of the cards earlier this week were shown off, as were many other new cards. Some highlights include: new SRs for Ike and Eldigan, Chrom and Naga joined-art R+ cards, and many cards for new characters who have yet to appear in Cipher yet. After the card showcase, Kana joined in the stream. She was also presented with some Lissa cards, and everyone chatted and had some cake. Kawade also showed off a new Lissa card from the set. Afterwards, they started playing a game of some kind, which resulted in showing off a new Lissa SR and signed SR+ card from the set as well. Discussion then turned to the upcoming Cipher Sai events in Japan. Kawade showed off some of the merchandise in person. They also played another game developed by Young, Ton Ton Card Game. Yuuki was the final winner! Afterward, Kawade revealed a large version of the Lissa SR+ card and they all had fun reading from, and showing off, postcards from fans. Kana left shortly after. Towards the end of the stream, Kawade revealed the title and release date for S13, which features Blazing Blade, Shadow Dragon, and Heroes. FE7 was also revealed to be getting a new Structured Deck along with this set. We also got our first look at some of the art in the set: Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, Karla, and Sonia in FE7; Marth, Caeda, and Horace in FE11; and Sharena, Fjorm, and Laevatein in Heroes. We also learned the "keyword" for S14, the Japanese word "Mugen" which translates to something like unlimited or infinity. And with that, the stream comes to a close. Ichi Ni Cipher! Kawade and Young will be back for the pre-release livestream, which will likely by on 17 March, the Saturday before the set reelase.
  6. Our final reveal of the week is also our first SR: Berserk Ike as possessed by the power of Lehran's Medallion! Like all the other Tellius cards this week, it was drawn by Senri Kita. Based on the numbering, it's likely that Ike will also get a more "normal" SR as 001, similar to Chrom getting two SRs in S8.
  7. Today's reveal is a lovely joined-art for Gawain and Elena drawn by Senri Kita! Gawain's card text states that he should also be counted as Greil.
  8. Another double reveal today, this time containing the N cards for both Chrom and Walhart!
  9. I'm not sure which Sigurd art you're referring to, but the artist of both oft hose Eldigan cards is Rika Suzuki, and she has drawn Sigurd several times before, including most of his previous Cipher cards.
  10. Today's reveal is a double, both the N and HN cards for Eldigan! The French Cipher twitter also shared some small promo images of some art from S12, including the art for the N card here and also Micaiah, Nowi, and the Medallion art. I'm not sure what their source is, though. I'm adding an album of these images to the OP.
  11. Daily reveals have finally begun! Today's features an N card for Ike alongside the Medallion art.
  12. Another guest has been announced for the Winter Livestream: Kana Asumi, the voice of Lissa!
  13. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    +1 341 +1 glaucousdreamer Thanks again! ^^
  14. S12 page is now live! There's not much there beyond the booster pack image, though. On the other hand, it does imply that Chrom may be getting his 4th SR, and if so, he'll be the first character to do so.
  15. The Winter Livestream has now been announced! It will air on Saturday, the 17th of February, and will feature Yuuki Kuwahara (voice actress for Effie and Ophelia in Fates) as a guest. Links and details can be found on the official site here.