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  1. Tomorrow I go in for laser eye surgery! I'll be away from the site for a few days while I recover, but I'll be back (and glasses-free!) soon. :)

  2. And today's reveal is a new card, Ranulf HN! As a side note, I am going in for laser surgery tomorrow and I may be unable to post cards/news or update the OP for a few days. During that time, we can expect to start seeing Y!J leaks, and the official site set list update by the 22nd at the latest, as well. That page will be visible here once the page is live (you'll just get a 404 going there now). Similarly, the full ST list will be available here.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I saw that earlier elsewhere but I've been running around today. I'll get him added to the OP now, and as the "Masked Knight" just in case. :P
  4. I don't actually know what brand it is since I didn't purchase it myself, it was included as part of a purchase that I made online to protect a single sealed card (since the sealed packaging was larger than what a regular toploader could hold). It's basically the same thing as a regular Ultra Pro clear toploader but is two cards wide instead of one.I could probably take a picture of it next week or so. If you want something a bit firmer, I'd probably suggest looking into screwcases instead, though this personally works fine for my own purposes. Not yet, though probably close. We'll start getting Y!J leaks early next week for better shots of the SR/+ cards, and then the official site will post up the full card list sometime next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.
  5. You're welcome! :D The card holders are, like most everything else sold at these events, event-only, so you'll need to find someone to buy one for you in person or buy them in the aftermarket. That said, if you don't specifically want a Cipher branded one and just want a way to display 2 cards together, you can investigate other options online. I actually have a toploader that's two cards wide that I use for displaying double cards. There may be other generic screw cases that could also fit two cards side by side.
  6. Sometimes, if there's enough of a call in a particular community, local stores will carry stuff even from other countries. It really varies from community to community though, so you'd be unlikely to find out online unless someone from the area is on the same site. If you really want to buy stuff locally, your best bet is asking locally. Otherwise, you're going to need to import from Japan like the rest of us do. AmiAmi has really great prices for sealed product.
  7. Alright, I have a separate album now with just the new and signed/+ cards from S9. I've updated the OP to include that one instead, and it might be easier for people with slower connections to load if they just want to see the S9 stuff. Here's the album.
  8. First artwork revealed during today's livestream! Both are from Sacred Stones, Mrryh and Amelia.
  9. The S10 title was officially revealed to be "Crossroads" during today's livestream! We also got a bunch more artwork, which you can check out below.
  10. As expected, we saw a lot of missing cards during today's livestream. Of particular note: Final SR is Conrad Signed cards for Alm, Celia, Gray, Clair, Berkut, Saber, and Al... probably missing a couple. Al's card has two signatures, one of which is from Yamada; not sure who the second is. Berkut is an R, since Conrad steals the last SR spot. Lethe gets a cool (unsigned) R+. Zeke also gets an unsigned R+ that is an homage to his SR card as Camus from S1. The secret card for S11 is actually of Delthea (RIP hopes and dreams for a secret Ephraim or Eirika) and appears to be an N+X instead of an R+X. It's also signed. This heavily implies that she'll get an SR in S11, otherwise they wouldn't have used her N card as the secret. We also get a bunch of new art for S10 and some for S11 as well. Full album is here. I'll put up a separate album with just the new cards sometime later, possibly not until Monday.
  11. The Cipher S9 Pre-Release livestream just concluded! A full album of my screencaps from the event can be seen here. WARNING The album is very large (112 images) and some of the cards contain story spoilers for SoV. Consider yourself warned! Highlights of the stream include a whole lot of signed and/or otherwise new cards from S9, new Thracia and Fates art for S10, and even a couple pieces of artwork for Sacred Stones in S11! Full summary is below. Hosts: Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer) and Young (IS) Guests: Eri Suzuki (VA for Soleil, Delthea, and Emma), Juri Kimura (VA for Nyx, Musume, and Yuzu), Katsuyuki Konishi (VA for Xander and Lando) and Kotaro Kamada (artist for Cipher and Hasha no Tsurugi) Kawade, Young, Juri, and Eri are all around at the start of the stream, and everything is decorated for the Cipher 2nd anniversary. They share a cake with Kawade's picture on it and there's a lot of opening banter. Kawade shows off the ST Deck, its contents and DLC, and then they also discuss the upcoming Cipher Character DLC in Echoes. Yamada also joins the stream, emerging from a giant package in the corner. He shows off some of his manga art. Pack opening begins and the majority of the livestream follows discussion while packs are opened and Yamada draws in the corner. They show off some of the merch from the upcoming "Go! Go! Summer Tour!" in between cards. Many new cards are revealed, with a focus on signed and + cards. Delthea is revealed as the secret "+X" card for S11. They also show off small shots of promotion art from various Cipher artists intermittenly as well. At some point in the middle, they're joined by Katsuyuki Konishi who also helps in opening packs, and they all perform a live Frontier Column together, with Kawade filling in as Shade. Towards the end of the stream, discussion turns to upcoming sets. The title for S10 is revealed to be Crossroads (yes, in English), and they show off some new Cipher art for Leif, Finn, Orson, Shigure and Azura, joined art of Velour and Selkie, and Alfonse. We also get a few pieces of art for S11 in December, specifically of Myrrh and Amelia from Sacred Stones. Set release is this coming Thursday, 22 June! I hope you all are as excited as I am! :)
  12. Final Twitter reveal of the week is an N/SR+ combo for Clair by Kawasumi! Remember, pre-release livestream is tomorrow!
  13. The 100 on the bottom left is Caineghis's Attack stat, which is basically his power in battle. This may seem overpowered, but apparently he would have a difficult chance of actually surviving on the board. Someone with a better understanding of the rules than I do can probably explain better how this card is balanced. Also, if you'd like to learn how to play Cipher, you ought to check the Rules page on the wiki! :)
  14. The Go! Go! Summer Tour! event will be giving away some Marker Cards, including this one with previously-unrevealed artwork of Alfonse from Heroes. This art will likely be used for a booster card or promo in this set.
  15. The official event page has been updated with some new details, including a full merch listing!