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  1. Ope, I forgot to post here yesterday, so I actually have a couple days of reveals to share! yesterday was two cards for Celica and today is a new card for Arvis.
  2. Today gives us our first look at ST cards for Marth and Lucina!
  3. First day cards were revealed today! The Elise and Sakura imouto card appeared to be an R set. Livestream is next weekend as well. Look forward to it!
  4. My Local Cipher Club

    That's super great! It's so fun to see how Cipher has been spreading around the world. :)
  5. Our Cipher Group

    That's super amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. :) If I ever find myself in your neck of the woods, I'll make sure to stop by.
  6. Today is 22 March which means S16 is now available on sale in Japan! For those of you buying boxes of the newest set, I wish you the best of luck on your pulls! :) Furthermore, as usual, Cipher artists have begun posting their text-free versions of art online, and I've begun collecting it. If you'd like to check them out, you can do so here.
  7. Two exciting pieces of news from today's twitter! Our final R card is revealed for Thrasir, and we also get the full set list! There are a few omissions that I'm a bit salty over, but in general, this seems like a very nice set with some wonderful art.
  8. Today's reveal is an official look at Gonzales!
  9. Another new card reveal today, this time for Gareth!
  10. They probably will. They usually re-open pre-orders for Cipher booster boxes when they actually get their product in from the distributor since they know exactly how many they have then. I'd try checking regularly starting a couple days or so before release.
  11. As expected, the weekend's livestream included many new art reveals for S17! Check them out in the OP.
  12. Yesterday's livestream revealed a bunch of remaining cards from the set as expected! Our final SR is Miledy, wielding Maltet. The R+X cards will be chibi versions of Fae and Celica. We also got to see the tournie promos for this set. You can check out my full album of stream caps here, or just the new cards here.
  13. Final reveal of the week is SR+ joined-art cards for Roy and Lilina! As expected, Lilina is our Forblaze wielder.
  14. Two new cards today, including a signed SR+ card for Mae! As usual, she looks gorgeous.