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  1. Newcomer's Guide to Fire Emblem Cipher

    Yeah, updating it is in the cards and something I've been planning on for a while. Concrete work will start going into it as soon as I'm done with my S11 overview article for SF. For now, a lot of the general information is still correct, though specific stuff, especially regarding newer sets, is obviously out of date.
  2. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Thanks for the reminder :P All ratings have now been updated up through and including this post.
  3. S12 Booster Boxes are now available for pre-order on AmiAmi!
  4. And some more larger pieces for Micaiah and Eldigan:
  5. Posting Deck Ideas?

    We do already have a thread that technically fits this purpose, the Competitive Decklists and Metagame Discussion thread. Similarly, there have been other single threads with people asking for deck help regarding certainly decks they're building. Yes, you're certainly allowed to post decks for discussion. No, I don't really care if you'd prefer to make new threads or use the old mega thread. My only requirement as a moderator is that everyone follows the overall SF rules, especially regarding Post Quality and Forum Attitudes. (Oh, and "joke" deck discussions should be preferably kept to a single thread at minimum and clearly labeled as such to avoid confusion.)
  6. Not actually new, but some tournaments over the weekend showed off some larger images of the key Tellius art from S12 and also the Nowi art.
  7. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Different Fight hasn't been on in a while. I can update the OP with ratings since then probably next week.
  8. Artists have already begun posting their art up on twitter! I've begun my album collection of the art as well which you can check out here if you're interested. I'll keep updating it as more artists post their work.
  9. Thanks! I thought it looked familiar. I'll remove it from the list then. :P
  10. And R+ cards too! Eirika, Innes, and L'Arachel are new; the rest we've seen before.
  11. Kizuna also revealed the secret card for this set! It's a remake of Camilla's ST card, now colourless:
  12. Today's reveal is a rather spoilery card for Rinea from SoV. I'm keeping it in spoiler tags in case you haven't finished the game yet!
  13. The OP has now been updated with the new artwork revealed during the stream!
  14. Today we get a cleaner look at Lute's SR card and also her SR+!