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  1. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    And similarly, +1 fuujin!
  2. Fire Emblem Cipher - Rules and Q&A

    Yeah, it's in the S10 tournament promo packs. Might still be a bit rare until more tournaments are hosted, though.
  3. The Autumn Livestream has been announced! It will be held on 3 November and feature Juri Kimura (voice of Mozu and Nyx) as a returning guest.
  4. More new S11 artwork was shown off this weekend at the Autumn Tournament in Nagoya! Check out Leon from SoV:
  5. This month's Dengeki Nintendo will have a promo for Alfonse! You can pre-order the magazine on here if you're interested. No word yet on whether or not this month's Nindori will also have one.
  6. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Going to post my full list later after I'm done with my article and such. For now, I just wanted to list that I'm looking for Nanna SR and Veronica SR from S10 (stupid lopsided box pulls). If you have them and are interested in trading/selling, feel free to get in touch. I'd prefer to trade if at all possible, but I won't have my new haves list ready for a couple days, so feel free to just let me know what you're looking for.
  7. Happy set release day everyone! As usual, artists have been dumping their work onto twitter and I've begun the compilation. Check it out!
  8. The full setlist has now been posted! Go take a look. :3
  9. The seller who took the pictures I used for those two cards has Nanna with a current bid of ¥3000 and Leif with a bid at ¥2290, which... really isn't that bad. I wonder how the prices will fluctuate once the set is actually released, though. EDIT: Y!J is confusing. Those prices are current bids.
  10. Leaks are starting to appear on Y!J.Photos of all + cards are below!
  11. Today's character is, uh, probably an Heirs of Fates spoiler, so I'm tossing it in a spoiler tag to be safe.
  12. Oh yay, we get another Sunday reveal! That saves me from needing to go back to timeshift for a better Tina. :p
  13. We got our first pieces of artwork for S12 during today's livestream! It's not a lot, but we got work-in-progress images of Stefan, Makalov, Sigurd, and Nowi. They're all being added to the OP momentarily!
  14. New art was shown off during the stream today! We for Warriors artwork for Rowan, Lianna, Marth, and Lissa; SoV artwork for Delthea and Faye; and The Sacred Stones artwork for Seth, Ross, Colm, and Neimi. I'll be adding these images individually to the OP now. You can see them, and the rest of my livestreams images, here in the meantime.