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  1. We don't have all the ones that I'm expecting yet, but we do have quite a few! Here's the album of everything I have collected so far (not including any posted overnight since I haven't had a chance to look yet).
  2. Sorry for missing the last week+ worth of card reveals and discussion, including the livestream. I had a family emergency in the US, so I've been out of the country. The worst is done, but I'll still be in the US for the next few weeks. Thank you all for your understanding. The good news is that the official card list is now available on the main Cipher site! The link contains all the cards except for the two 'secret' cards in the set which can be seen here.
  3. Today's reveal is an SR card for Robin!
  4. Sorry for not being around to update this thread for a while. I'll work on getting the rest of the cards added to the OP and start posting them daily again.
  5. Three Heroes did appear last stream, and they showed the trailer again, but they didn't say anything concrete about when the cards would appear in Cipher.
  6. Here is my album with caps for the Summer Livestream! I'm feeling very sick so I'm just dumping the whole album here for now; I'll update individual threads later.
  7. Our first SR of the set goes to Titania! Don't forget, tomorrow is the livestream, so we'll likely get a bunch more cards then.
  8. Today's reveal contains 2 cards for Ryoma! The left is likely an N and the right an R.
  9. Today's reveal is two cards for Ike, including a signed R+! It's also been revealed that M!Robin will be getting a promo card in next month's Nintendo Dream.
  10. Cipher Trading/Selling Thread

    Just realized that I never made a new post with S13 cards. Whoops! Now updated with Series 13 cards & S12 Tournie Promos! (S12 Tournie Promos still incoming) All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal or direct bank transfer) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I may also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here! Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal. Looking For: Paypal S12 Lissa SR+ S13 Ninian R+X S13 Laevatein R+X Will also accept toss-ins of Bride Lissa, Warriors Lissa, and Necrodragon cards, any quantity Haves: (Always willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.) NEW! S13 SR cards: Serra, Marth x3 NEW! S13 R cards: Louise, Karel, Karla, Sonia, Draug S1~S12 SR Cards: S11: Delthea, Lianna x2 S10: Misha x3 Tournament Promo Cards: New! S12: Gregor, Yune, Lachesis x2, Ares x2 S11: Mycen (slight damage), Lianna x2, F!Robin S10: Shannam x3, Mareeta x2 S3: Oliver x8, Black Knight x3 Other Promos: Marth S13 Booster Promo (P04-009PRr) Lucina S13 Preview Promo (P13-001PR) Comiket Delthea Promo Holo Eirika/Non-Holo Ephraim Sealed Pack (S11 booster box promo) S1~S12 R Cards: S12: Ashnard x2, Ares x2, Nanna S11: Neimi, Innes, Clive x2, Anna x3 S10: Lara, Shiva, Mareeta, Diarmuid x2, Sety, Ophelia x2 S9: Saber x2, Zeke x2, Raigh x2 S8: Larcei, Febail x2 S6: Siegbert S5: Alan S4: Yashiro, Kiria x2 S2: Odin N/HN Cards: I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something to list them soon someday. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you. Single Sleeves Available: Chrom S1, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, Raquesis, Eliwood, Lyn sleeves, C91 Circle Pixel Lords, C91 Running Pixel Lords, C91 Character Box Lords, Altena, Alm, Celica, Nanna, Witch!Corrin, S12 Pixel Lords. Non-Cipher: I have a PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas), that I'm looking to get rid of, if anyone wants that as a trade for cards I guess?
  11. MC reveals continue with two new cards for M!Corrin repping Hoshido! He gets to fight both with the Yato and in his Dragon form.
  12. Not at all. They're all Cost 1 cards which means they'll be Ns or HNs, very common and cheap to buy in the aftermarket. SRs (and + cards, of course) are the ones that will be more expensive and difficult to come by.
  13. Daily reveals have finally started! Our first cards are the cost 1s for Chrom, M!Robin, and F!Robin, who will presumably be sharing the main character slot for the Awakening portion of the set. As a reminder, the Summer Livestream is this Saturday!
  14. More new art was revealed this weekend at Cipher Summer Party! @fecipher also shared a digital version of the art via twitter this morning. This F!Corrin will be a tournament promo card, and she's drawn by the Fates manga artist.
  15. The official site page for S14 is now live! However, there's not really a lot of info there aside from the booster pack image: