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  1. A bit late, but here I am with some updates! As you may have seen in my article, Canas got an SR on Friday! We also got an (H)N and R for Kiran a couple hours ago. Additionally, yesterday the covers for the next issues of Dengeki Nintendo and Nintendo Dream were revealed, showing off two new promo cards for Fjorm and Sharena! You can get 2 copies of each card by buying the respective magazines. You can pre-order either or both from Amazon Japan via the previous links. Originally, we just had the magazine cover images to look at, but the twitter also shared official sample of both cards a couple hours ago. We actually didn't get a daily reveal yesterday, so we may or may not still be getting another reveal at the usual time later today.
  2. Today's reveal is Karla, who gets an unpromoted card and a promoted R, just like her brother!
  3. Starter Deck Questions

    You can pre-order both the ST Deck and the Lyn Sleeves on AmiAmi. Prices are displayed in Yen, but you can still pay in USD via PayPal or a credit card. The ST Deck does not come with any sleeves.
  4. Today card reveal is the expected (but still beautiful) Fjorm SR! It's actually revealed as the signed SR+ variant, along with her previously-revealed (H)N card.
  5. Starting off the week with an N and R card combo for Karel!
  6. Sorry for being a bit slow for adding things here! Yesterday gave us joined-art R+ cards for Pent and Louise, and today is an SR for Linde! The official site has also been updated with some more information, including a list of all ST cards. According to my shoddy Japanese reading and/or Google translate skills, Lyn, Eliwood, Florina, Erk, and Marcus are the ST-exclusive cards. Hector is the only card with ST-exclusive art but the same text as his booster version. 2 Lyn cards (one exclusive, one not), 2 Eliwood cards (one exclusive, one not), Florina (exclusive), and Hector (exclusive art) will be included as holos. I don't believe any of the other information on this page is new.
  7. Today we get to see two cards for Laevatein, including a signed R+!
  8. We also got a second reveal of signed Matthew R+!
  9. Our first reveal of the week is Leila from FE7!
  10. And today we get another Heroes OC, this time a card for Surtr!
  11. And today's reveal is now live! We get an N and and R+ card for Draug.
  12. Sorry for being a bit slow to update here! Monday gave us Cain and Abel Rs (or ST exclusives) while yesterday was an N and HN for Dorcas! We also got an official non-livestream reveal for Eliwood's SR on Sunday.