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  1. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    It will be much harder to rank in the final round the it is now due to the much larger pool of people would honestly expect corn to not have 100000 people on his team though the last round will have teams of well over that. That will make your flags not go as far not to mention total rank gets flags also. You can only spend so many flags in good multipliers on the last round. So you will be unlikely to hurt your feather total by spending on good multipliers this round instead of saving them all till the last round spending more on lower multipliers.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    Seems precious chicken Dragon is just not popular enough even with crazy multipliers. Though honestly the fact that she almost won is bad considering the massive team size difference. They need to tone down the bonuses, make it so being on the losing team helps you in overall ranking but will not make a team 6 times larger lose or almost lose to multipliers.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I will be on team Fae if anyone wants to add me fc 0870541761. I will be leading with a +attack -hp brave lance +1 Cordelia.
  4. It is not impossible but think if all the people who could get upset at a child having the wrong hair color. It would imply their favorite ship is wrong. That would upset some people and could cause a few issues from a very vocal minority.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Clerics

    @Lightning Grandmaster I sent you a friend request with a Ryoma lead name Emeri
  6. -Atk happens I am 7/13 of my pulled 5 stars being -Atk meaning that 54% of my 5 stars are -Atk.
  7. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Clerics

    I will be so sad if mist is able to overcome Lisa's lead. I guess if she does I will have to go prissy.
  8. Waste of Feathers ---> Major Success

    Alfonse is probably mine. Spent feathers 5 staring him just for arena bonus last month. Have him a good skill set and he has not left my team since. I have also gotten at least 4 defense wins with him in my team along with nino, his sister, and Ryoma. His 57 attack on offense is enough to one shot the L&D Kagero I encounter and it also makes short work of green mage, while his 32 defense let's him take doubles from green physical units easily, and kill them next turn if not on counter. Also sword breaker let's him take all sword lords. He is solid with skill inheritance, even if out classed by some. His bonus unit status makes him well worth it.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    Seems team Leo ran out of flags in the end. They were not able to rally much in the last two 3x. They did put up a good fight though.
  10. Voting Gauntlet: Battle of the Mages!

    I'm on team Robin if anyone wants to add me my friend code is 0870541761. I'm currently leading with a fury desperation +spd/-def nino.
  11. Rate the Unit, Day 32: Tate

    Tate is one of the units that is saved by hard mode. She has decent def, good res, and good health especially for her class. She has good avoid will cap speed at level 18/0 and level 20/12, though her luck is only average with 6 starting luck and 40 percent growth. She can become a good combat unit with training given 40 percent str growth, good skill, and great speed. She has some issues namely D lances and her con low con, but always have the choice of making her worse at rescue drop and better at combat by giving her the body ring. Without the body ring she will have trouble using anything heavier then an iron lance due to AS loss. She can do great 1 range damage if she can get her sword rank to C, but that will be late in the game and you have 2 levels of just iron sword first. She can't reliably 2 range given that it takes her as down by 5 points which misses the double on a lot of the faster units. 9/10 with a bias point. Her main point is to upgrade Thany who's str is suspect in hard mode, and she does Thany's job very well and can even kill things if so desired.
  12. Rate the Unit, Day 28: Shin

    Shin is an example of how bow users should be done. He has good bases in offense, his defense is decent, and he has a horse so he can get to where he needs to be. He is low level so he will grow fast and he still kills about as well as the rest of your team. He gets one range when he promotes, admittedly it's bad one range since it is E sword, but its still better then nothing. He if raised he will be killing every flier in one round, with a very few possible exceptions. His defense is good enough, its similar to lance but lacks WTC, for example a 20/5 Shin is 3.05hp 1.35luck ahead of a 20/10 Lance and only 1.81def 0.15res behind, this is with even speed. His bow level is bad but he will double all non bosses or mercs, but starting at 13.6 speed with a 50% growth he'll double those soon enough. He has Sue, Dayan, and Fir for his fast supports. 7.5/10 +1 point of bias because i love bow and melee weapon combo for 8.5/10.
  13. Rate the Unit, Day 23: Lilina

    Its the slow mage with massive mag. She comes way too late for a level 1 but at least she has a 1-2 range that's reliable despite her skill. She has a fast support with Roy who you're forced to use, but neither are exactly amazing. Her defense is just bad besides resist there is a reason they say to hit her with A stray arrow because that's all it takes given 2 def and 16 hp, o and 5 out of 6 archers can one shot that. She never grows out of bad defensive bases, and while her speed growth isn't terrible for the game her bases ensure she'll be slow. She can level fast due to kills that others leave her and her level, but all leveling tends to do is get her more mag for better chip and move her closer to staff healing. 3/10 She still has more combat utility then some and gets staffs later on, but dies to every nonmage.
  14. Rate the Unit, Day 22: Astohl

    He is a thief that can survive sort of. He has decent combat in the isles as well as good defense due to all the axes. He's the slowest thief but still caps speed on average. He's the best thief in the game due to bases, that said he's still a thief. 6.5/10 because his isle combat still is better then some pure combat units.
  15. Rate the Unit, Day 21: Noah

    Noah is the like Treck in that he is really just there. He has decent speed good con, but is all and all rather unimpressive. He isn't really going to end up getting doubled by much has good durability. He isn't going to do anything offensively, but at least he is going to hit with wtc and good skill and luck growths. He does have C swords which is nice especially with isles coming up. 5.5/10