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  1. Should there be an Avatar?

    You know I kind of had a weird idea. What if they gave us two Avatars, with one traveling with Alm and the other with Celica, and rather than having either of them able to marry any of the established characters, which I doubt they'd do anyway, they'd just hook up with each other if they're the opposite sex? That way the waifu types can just make their own waifu (or husbando). Then everyone can be happy (except for people who wanted to marry pre-established characters, but marriage is unlikely to actually be implemented in FE2 anyway since it's a game that came out before the support system was invented and most of the characters already have people they canonically end up with).
  2. If the Avatar shows up, it'll probably be like in Heroes of Light and Shadow where the Avatar has their own new character waifu instead of getting to hook up with any of the established cast.
  3. *Potential* Nintendo Direct Leak

    Well, the main reason I don't trust this leak and am surprised anyone is taking it seriously is because this doesn't match anything from the first trailer at all. I do hope that at least the date for the direct is somewhat correct though. I'm tired of waiting for more news and I don't want to wait for E3.
  4. what kind of choices do you think will be in fire emblem if?

    I'd had the thought that if they bring back multiple win conditions, maybe there could be multiple win conditions on a single map with you choosing which win condition you wanted to pursue and that might affect things like which map you went to next and maybe other things with the story depending on what you chose.
  5. Children

    I'm really hoping they don't bring children back. Even if they did timeskip instead of using time travel, it would limit the kind of stories they could tell and having it in two games in a row would be too much. I liked the future kid crew, but lets leave that plot idea alone again for a few games.
  6. Customization

    Well, I'd like it if they also had some minor dialogue alterations involving characters reacting differently to some of the things the Avatar says or does depending on the personality you chose for them. Speaking of that, I'd also like it if this minor feature from FE12 was brought back; I've been playing the game and also reading an LP of it, since the English Translation is finished (or rather, I finally noticed it was) and it seems that certain small bits of dialogue change a bit depending on choices you made during character creation. Luke has a different nickname for Chris depending on the Eye option you chose for them, and there's a humorous scene during the prologue chapters where Luke and the rest of the 7th Platoon are discussing the fact that he can't get a date and he wonders if maybe changing his hairstyle to match Chris's would help. If Chris is female, Rody will ask why he thinks copying a girl's hairstyle will help him, and if Chris is male and using the Afro hairstyle he'll change his mind and say he'd probably scare everyone away if he copied it, which offend's Chris. It would be fun if they could do that again with Kamui.
  7. Customization

    Well Skin tones could happen. Pokemon XY gave us the option to make a dark skinned trainer, even if it was only one shade of dark. I think I'd want most of what the poster above me said, and also the ability to choose what classes my Avatar can reclass into either from several premade pools or individually with the limit being the same as all the other characters number of alt-classes. Premade pools would be far less abusable by min-maxers, but being able to choose individually would be nice. This is less off a personal preference and more a way to address how broken the Avatar was in Awakening since they could be any class. Also, choosing a personality for your avatar would be cool, even if it would probably be a little difficult to do it well without a lot of extra work for the script writers. They could still do it though, probably. The very first Super Robot Wars Alpha game let you choose a personality for your character, but since that game hasn't been translated into english yet, I don't know how much that effected the dialogue.
  8. Classes Trailer

    Why am I the only person who seemed to notice that the Hero Class character looked and sounded like Donny? It's obvious what Villager promotes to. It's kinda thematically appropriate actually.
  9. New 6 Minute trailer

    What's so bad about it not being exclusive? Shouldn't you be happy they're getting an axe wielding class at all? Also, sorry to burst your bubbles those of you who were excited about Krom riding a pegasus, but there's someone riding in front of him who looks like one of the Pegasus Knights, so it looks like he's only being given a lift.
  10. New 6 Minute trailer

    Your link is screwed up. You might want to fix that. Edit: Nevermind, I guess you noticed. >>; I'm not finished watching it or I'd comment. Edit: And this is what I get for not paying attention to who's posting what. Nevermind again. This is the suckiest first post ever.