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  1. Someone has shit taste. Jokes aside, I feel like I have to agree that most of the recurring archetypes are a given. I don't know why anyone would think Claude and Dimitri would be the Cain/Abel pair though since they're already lords. I wonder whether each of them will get their own Cain and Abel like with Alm and Celica or if there's only going to be one pair? Probably only one pair if they're going the FE7 route like I think/hope. I'm predicting some teacher/student romance tropes involving Byleth and Edelbarn, probably a bit with the other two lords too if he really is an avatar character and can be female, but mostly Edelbarn due to the way she talks to him, especially at the end. There's going to be at least three pegasus knights who may or may not be sisters, but if they are we might be seeing the triangle attack again. Though maybe not, I don't know how that'll work with the new formation system.
  2. Edelgard and the goddess seem remarkably similar.

    She still doesn't really look like the goddess from the mural though.
  3. Edelgard and the goddess seem remarkably similar.

    I think the important woman from the trailer is actually a descendant of Seiros, the prophet who is mentioned in the legend at the beginning of the trailer. Mainly because she has a sword that looks like the one the woman who is probably Seiros is holding in the mural of the Goddess. Either that or she could be Seiros herself if it turns out Seiros is a Manakete. Either way, I really doubt she's the goddess.
  4. I kind of feel like Healers/Stave users wouldn't have troops either. It seems like all the troops wield the same weapon types as the unit they're following and it would be a bit weird/funny to see a whole hoard of healers running around together like that.
  5. FE16 "leaks"

    My stance on the petting mini-game still sits firmly in the camp of "I thought it was dumb, but it was even more dumb they removed it because censorship is never okay," but let's not get into that again (I wish more and more every day that America wasn't so Protestant though). ... Or, no. I will get into that. Tell it to me straight: Would you be talking like this if they'd removed the same sex S supports for Niles and Rahjat with Corrin? If you say that's different than you lose, because it isn't. There are some people who still think that homosexuality isn't appropriate for children so that could be said to be a thing that could affect the game's rating and range of sales too, if this game had come out a few years earlier. If you're okay with someone removing something from a piece of media because it makes you personally uncomfortable, then you have no right to say that other people can't do the same just because their views on what isn't appropriate don't align with yours. This is why censorship is bad, period.
  6. DLC in Fire Emblem Switch

    I don't think FEH should be counted since Gatcha games are the most common type of Japanese mobile game and it's not in the same category as DLC in a non-mobile game. That said, I hope they'll tone it down a bit with the DLC, but I won't exactly hold my breath.
  7. FE16 "leaks"

    We already have an Isekai FE. It's called FE Heroes.
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    I sort of agree actually (even if I still don't think the original support was "gay conversion therapy"). Either that or have Corrin offer the drug to her instead of spiking her drink with it, because the fact that he did that was the dumbest part.
  9. FE16 "leaks"

    He didn't do it so she'd more attracted to him. He did it because her attraction to women was actually affecting her combat performance so that she was literally fainting in battle. It also made it so that all the men in the army looked like women to her. It was still dumb of him to spike her drink with it, but it's not "gay conversion therapy." He was just trying to help her get more used to being around cute girls so she'd stop fainting, which isn't the same as making her less attracted to them.
  10. I at least expect that there's a very good chance that we won't get children again. Even if they keep S Supports and the Avatar, which wouldn't surprise me, the second gen units for Fates weren't as well received as the ones in Awakening and there's only so many ways they can justify them in-universe without having another Geneology style plot. I also think the story should be better at least because they're not likely to do the "three whole games worth of different story scenarios" thing again.
  11. What are you hoping for Story-wise?

    I know this is a bit off topic, but as a Sonic fan, I feel I need to interject here. For one thing, the developer given reason for why the avatar in Forces looks so weird is because they "didn't want the player to be able to make a character cooler than Sonic/the canon cast." More importantly, I really wouldn't call the way the Rookie is treated in Forces player worship. Sonic is the only member of the cast who consistently says anything positive about them (and honestly I don't think that's bad since the Rookie is portrayed as having self-confidence issues and Sonic is clearly just trying to encourage them). Pretty much every single Avatar stage has at least one character say some permutation of "are you sure the Rookie can handle this?" And while they do congratulate them for doing a good job, it never comes off as anywhere near the level of My Unit characters in the FE games that have had them and I say this as someone who mostly has no problem with My Unit (so long as they don't make them the main lord again).
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    Dream Drop Distance isn't a bad game though.
  13. Can We Expect a More Serious FE Game?

    It kind of annoys me how people keep talking about wanting a serious or dark story like that's the same thing as a good story. What we should want is a good/ well-written story first and foremost. The problem with Fates especially was that it wasn't well written, not that it wasn't serious enough. It's inability to balance the more serious aspects of the story with the sillier stuff was part of it being badly written.
  14. what u DONT want to see in FE Switch

    That point about how the 1st Gen characters treat the 2nd Gen characters in supports is interesting and I think I sort of agree with it. It does seem a bit weird for them to be so comfortable treating each other like parent and child when they're so close in age. It sort of reminds me of Sailor Moon and how they handled the Child From the Future plotline. Whenever Chibiusa goes back into the past to visit Usagi they treat each other more like sisters than mother and daughter and that felt like it made more sense (and is also pretty hilarious to watch). Of course, I think part of that is because Usagi and Neo Queen Serenity act so differently that it's easy for Chibiusa to treat them like they're different people, but still.
  15. Over a year ago we had an FE direct

    I don't really like the idea of the game being revealed at E3. If they do that, no one will pay attention to it because it'd be sharing the spotlight with Smash. I hope there's still a chance for something before that.