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  1. Balthier wants to fuck a furry, he has no right to act like he's so classy
  2. hhh

    Australian McDonalds actually have salads and stuff
  3. hhh

    what the fuck kind of places are American McDonalds anyway
  4. It's funny how the part before the fourth boss was actually harder than the actual boss
  5. - Areas of No Return where you can't go back to previous areas to collect important items/do quests - Status effect skills/spells that are totally useless because it's just quicker to kill the enemies outright - There is one character that is far superior to the others to the point where the other characters are more or less cheerleaders
  6. Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance
  7. hhh

    also she doesn't have glasses, right?
  8. hhh

    Remember when they gave Gregor a personality beyond "old guy" I'm not too worried
  9. hhh

    Fury for the moment she finds out he's destined to marry Celica
  10. I believe writers should prioritize making characters that complement the plot over designing characters to be popular with the audience and nothing else Although a balance is preferable of course
  11. hhh

    you have something to say about chocolate with candy fucko
  12. Don't be silly, no-one dislikes me Nobody who matters, anyway