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  1. Chapter 3
  2. hhh

    I just feel like hating everything right now tbh
  3. * +def -atk Ryoma * +def -atk Lilina * +def -res Ogma * +spd -res Cain * +atk -spd Rebecca * +res -spd Raven * +spd -def Robin I had a 5 star Camilla, had because I sent her home
  4. I love reading your Nuzlocke comics on Deviantart. I never would've thought you'd join SF. :0
  5. hhh

    putting the ultimate into ultimate persona
  6. hhh

    "pretty good"
  7. hhh

    I'm fine with my Rebecca so I guess I'll just keep on stockpiling orbs
  8. hhh

    I still remember when I was a total nerd instead of a casual nerd I still cringe inside
  9. hhh

    I was talking about the characters in-game No-one respects him geez
  10. hhh

    Why is everyone so mean to Apollo I mean really
  11. hhh

    "Dang it I done gone forgot my bowstring"
  12. hhh

    boy that was hard
  13. hhh

    Dragon bc she's never used a weapon before
  14. hhh

    so many units I want from the next banner but I just know I won't get any of them unless I start rerolling huuuurgh
  15. hhh

    "have you found that dragon knight yet?" "no sir, just some weird scaly blue horse with wings and the person who's riding it" "damn it, let's keep searching!"