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  1. How the FE fanbase sees FE players Classic Mode: Casual Mode: LTC players:
  2. hhh

    I'm going to spend like all my daily/tempest orbs on the Hero Fest banner and not get a single 5* Calling it now
  3. hhh

    my Eirika will only be good at buffing thanks to +hp -spd
  4. hhh

    You could be like me and not drink at all
  5. hhh

    sacrifice Mae instead
  6. hhh

    at least Clive has a game where he is probably better than Mathilda
  7. hhh

    I love full rolls where I not only get no focus characters but also get no good skills to inherit
  8. hhh

    God I fucking hate Nino And why do fliers still have the bow weakness when they're not even all that great outside of Flier Emblem while cavalry units have almost no checks
  9. Ecks Dee is the true form
  10. hhh

    I knew it
  11. hhh

    how does Cancel Affinity work again, does it just remove the effects of gem weapons or something?
  12. hhh

    to be fair Fire Emblem has never been defensive
  13. hhh

    Once Panic Ploy/Veronica becomes more attainable/is released Blade Emblem might lose its edge
  14. hhh

    It feels like I've been grinding in the TT nonstop and I'm still not even a third of the way towards getting 5* Tobin
  15. hhh

    I 5*'d Eliwood for some reason