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  1. hhh

    I thought Linde was the best ranged unit
  2. hhh

    metroid prime will be adopting the storyline of Other M
  3. I'm actually playing Thracia 776 what happened to me
  4. hhh

    when's Mila's Bounty 4 Nintendo
  5. fangame

    11 Protagonist 4 Ryuji Sakamoto 12 Yusuke Kitagawa 4 Makoto Niijima 17 Futaba Sakura 17 Haru Okumura 0 Goro Akechi Time for the electric chair Goro
  6. hhh

    Thracia was only made to sell strategy guides
  7. A game that requires a guide to even beat is not a good game.
  8. It's the 8th here in Australia but we still don't have Mila's Bounty 4 Will we get it the same time as America does?
  9. fangame

    10 Protagonist 5 Ryuji Sakamoto 6 Ann Takamaki 3 Morgana 12 Yusuke Kitagawa 8 Makoto Niijima 13 Futaba Sakura 13 Haru Okumura 10 Goro Akechi
  10. hhh

    some bs about Tobin learning Excaliber slightly earlier even though mid-endgame is the truly hard part and Tobin learns no 3+ range spells and has crappy defensive stats/speed at that point
  11. hhh

    how is it even possible for people to consider Mage Kliff's worst option
  12. hhh

    do Faye and Kliff have hub-world conversations with Celica if you recruit them with her
  13. hhh

    YES I nabbed Olwen +spd -def too, score