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  1. Elincia Well, she could get in as DLC...
  2. I actually think it would be cool if M!Corrin could promote to Hoshido Noble while F!Corrin promotes to Nohr Noble, especially now that we know promotions can give characters access to different weapons.
  3. Still no Azura...
  4. Lilith, she could be a Stone and Staff user and would be a total surprise
  5. Neat, Elise uses the Freeze staff I'm not as confident M!Corrin is getting in, at least not in the base game. The difference between the Corrins and the Robins is that Corrin is one of the main characters, and they specifically chose the female version for gender balance (and popularity)
  6. Aww, raspberries Wait, are you sure? They're playing Balloon Fight right now...unless I'm watching the wrong thing
  7. It'd be an excuse to bring back old fan favorites like Gooey, Ribbon, Adeleine, the Animal Friends, Galacta Knight, Marx, Knuckle Joe, Lololo & Lalala... Anyway, has anyone translated the other updates on the site?
  8. Rowan Lianna Chrom Ryoma Xander Robin Lucina Cordelia Frederick Lissa Marth Corrin Camilla Hinoka Takumi Leo Caeda Draug Tiki Merric Linde Minerva Hardin Tharja Vaike Elise Sakura Azura
  9. I wouldn't put much stock in the lack of a Sakura and Elise since they haven't revealed Azura yet, either. Cordelia wasn't in the Awakening trailer, but is apparently part of the starting Awakening party, and they said there're still more Awakening character reveals
  10. The comment about the lack of axe users is likely because axes are part of the weapon triangle, so it would be important for gameplay reasons to make sure there were enough of them. Bows, tomes and stones aren't, so their inclusion is less a priority
  11. Shadow Dragon: Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Minerva, Merric, Linde, Draug*, Hardin/Camus** Awakening: Chrom, Lissa, Frederick, Robin, Lucina, Vaike, Cordelia, Gaius, Tharja, Kellam*, Aversa*** Fates: Corrin, Xander, Ryoma, Azura, Camilla, Leo, Takumi, Elise, Sakura, Hinoka OCs: Rowan, Lianna, Darius *I feel there should be at least one Armor unit rep, and Draug is pretty popular in Japan, IIRC, but Kellam might get in on meme status **I'm doubtful that they'd both make it in, I would've given the edge to Camus, but if class = weapon type then Paladins use swords, whereas Camus is most famous for the Gradivus, Hardin, however, joins as a Cavalier, so he could still use Lances (and does have the Gradivus in Mystery) ***Admittedly a bit of a long shot, but being a Flying (Dark) Magic user does give her a unique niche dlc: Lyn, amiibo characters not already in (Ike, Roy, Alm, Celica, Male Corrin), Female Robin, Owain, Inigo, Severa, Shade, Emma, Yuzu, Randal
  12. I meant to reply to this forever ago In Hyrule Warriors each characters' movesets had a specific element, but some of them had attacks that dealt damage of a different element. For example, Sheik's Harp moveset was the Lightning element, but she had attacks that dealt, Fire, Water, Darkness and Light damagge, Twili Midna's Mirrior moveset was Darkness elemental but it had a few Light based attacks, and Link's Great Fairy Moveset was Water elemental but had a Fire attack and a Lightning attack. I forget what Ravio's Rental Hammer moveset element is, but he also has Fire, Water, Lightning and Light based attacks. I'm also are there are others I'm forgetting. So even though each character may have only one main weapon, it's possible they might use different weapons in certain combos that deal different types of damage.
  13. Hey, do we know the name of Rowan's sword?
  14. Do the Cipher peeps have endings? I got them in Act 6 so it's too late for me
  15. I think Emma is Christine Marie Cabanos (Delthea) No wait, I think it is Cherami Leigh