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  1. You probably do fight him, you just don't take the lance
  2. @Jotari I think they just didn't feel like making a new model for enemies you'll rarely see. And there is a Duma's Apostle in the Fear Mountain Shrine
  3. @Jotari Duma/Mila's servants are different from White Dragons, even though they have similar portraits/models. Duma/Mila's servant are more transparent and are probably meant to be seen as ethereal beings
  4. @Kirokan Does Alm have extra artworks like Celica?
  5. Hell hath no fury, etc. etc.
  6. @Kirokan Thank you, but I think you may have forgotten to add Tobin and Gray?
  7. Awakening DLC Moveset showcases

    Linde and Tharja both use Nosferatu
  8. Awakening DLC Japanese + English Site Info [Topic Split]

    Nosferatu is Resire in Japan
  9. Awakening DLC Japanese + English Site Info [Topic Split]

    Is Tharja's weapon Nosferatu?
  10. Awakening DLC Japanese + English Site Info [Topic Split]

    Do they mention the name of Olivia's sword?
  11. Awakening DLC Famitsu Scans

    Dammit website, update! I want those sweet, sweet renders!
  12. FE:W Update Sneaks in 3/8/2018

    I think Thara has the Nosferatu Tome, Olivia's sword looks completely new
  13. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Can Linde use staves?
  14. Azura's Moveset

    I like how her Awakening special uses the colors of Nohr, Hoshido and Valla
  15. Warriors: Fates DLC set for the 21st

    Is Azura's Blessed Lance different than the regular Blessed Lance in the game?