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  1. (not sure if this was asked) Does anyone know what Anna's promotion is called?
  2. DLC characters announced

    I wonder if Azura will get the Water element, since no one else in this game has it
  3. DLC characters announced

    I wonder what Azura and Olivia's promotion's would be
  4. It does, thank you
  5. Does anyone have a pic of M!Corrin as a Hoshido Noble?
  6. Hints at what is in Warriors DLC & plans

    Fates: Azura, Lilith (so she can finally be playable, use her ability for interdimensional travel for teleport spam style moveset), Kaze Awakening: Tharja, Aversa (flying mage), The Vaike SD: Minerva, Merric, Linde
  7. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Here's a video with Blade Lord Lyn
  8. Ah, well, it's just that that was shown at E3
  9. I wonder what promoted Lyn will look like; will they go with the Brave Heroes look, the Cipher Card look, or something new
  10. Do the two Corrins have different promotions (Nohr/Hoshido Noble?)
  11. Elincia Well, she could get in as DLC...
  12. I actually think it would be cool if M!Corrin could promote to Hoshido Noble while F!Corrin promotes to Nohr Noble, especially now that we know promotions can give characters access to different weapons.
  13. Sakura and Male Corrin Confirmed

    Still no Azura...