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  1. Just imagine how Fluttershy would react. She would also wonder why you have never played Fates. Anyway, I agree with the others. She'd be a little embarrassed, but flattered.
  2. Serenes Forest Scribbles 2016. Winners announced!

    Awesome, I've been looking forward to this! Nice entries everyone! Agreed. I hope you both are doing well!
  3. Yay, I just nabbed it at gamestop! Apparently pre-orders are back up there.
  4. It let me add it to my cart, however it apparently ran out out just as I was placing the order.
  5. darn, I just missed it...
  6. Who all Preordered Echoes?

    Yep, I pre-ordered it along with the Alm and Celica amiibo. :)
  7. Serenes Forest Scribbles 2016. Winners announced!

    Sorry to hear that there's no misc entries so far. That Grima sculpture last year was amazing!
  8. carefreejules joodles (update: Three Houses Buttons + Give-away)

    I just love the FE birds you drew! They're just so cute!
  9. So...I'm not sure I'm as strong a person as people seem to think...

    finding it hard to visit a grave does not make you weak, it only shows how much you loved that person. In fact, I'd worry about someone who didn't find it sad/depressing. I was in the hospital room when my grandma passed away, and believe me it was difficult... You know why? Because I cared about her. Don't be so hard on yourself. It sounds like you had a very difficult year (I'm so sorry for your loss!). As PeaceRibbon said the important thing is that you miss that person.
  10. Portfolio of a Pegasus

    Despite not ever owning a playstation, I've been really interested in Final Fantasy 15. I may actually end up getting a ps4 at some point. Anyway I tried doing a sketch of Lunafreya:
  11. Portfolio of a Pegasus

    Just click the thumbnail. It should enlarge it.
  12. Portfolio of a Pegasus

    So, I've been really wanting to improve my art, and finally got around to practicing more. In fact I've challenged myself to sketch one video game/ cartoon character a day. Here's a Shigure drawing I did yesterday: [spoiler=Shigure] I feel like I still struggle a little with correct proportions. Not to mention hands...and yeah the spear seems slightly bent. Meh, practice makes perfect.
  13. carefreejules joodles (update: Three Houses Buttons + Give-away)

    Oh, I like EmeraldRox's suggestion. I might even try drawing that at some point