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  1. New Nintendo Dream Interview

    I don't think anything in that interview really indicates it one way or another. The quotes about the moveset fitting her can easily apply even if it wasn't originally designed with her in mind. Nah, it's clear they were cut once you look at the actual game. Owain is the most obvious example due to joining early and before the party split. in the first party split stages, you get a full party for one side and then a 3 character party + Darius and Owain for the other, with an oddly empty deployment slot there. And then Owain doesn't actually appear in the map even as an allied npc, only for the cutscenes. There's clearly something wrong there design-wise. Later the same thing happens the other allied npcs (they appear as units before joining for real, but once they join they aren't anywhere gameplay-wise, not even npcs), although there isn't such an obvious issue like the extra slot in the map where Owain should be deployed.
  2. Regarding supports and quotes, note that the 2 Niles supports were in English, not Japanese, which suggests they were actually cleaning files to remove traces of the characters, but overlooked those due to the language difference. It's pretty obvious they were supposed to join in the story but were just cut at some point of development. Just look at Owain. He appears as an ally npc in his debut, like other characters, but when he "joins" the party he's often completely missing, unlike the foreign prince, not even appearing as an npc ally. They basically designed the maps with the idea of these characters being one of the four player choices, but then cut them from the game for one reason or another.
  3. FE Warriors - All ENG Localized Supports

    I don't think that's supposed to be their first meeting, just mentioning something that supposedly happened at some point. During the game itself, the tactician is the one giving commands, not Lyn, so one could say she "was assigned" to her if she's protecting her.
  4. My biggest wishes... The Pegasus Sisters represented somehow. Either one of them (probably Catria) with the other two as support for attacks (giving her an unique moveset rather than making her another Pegasus clone), or Minerva with the three as part of her attacks. Felicia or Jakob for Fates, alongside Kaze. Basically, representation for butler or maid and ninja.
  5. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Several past villains, including Gharnef himself, did get ally conversations in one of the Awakening DLC maps, so it's not that out there. Although the indications so far is that it won't happen here.
  6. I doubt it. Fire Emblem is closer to Dynasty Warriors, where you want a roster as large as possible, which is why we ended up with clones in the first place. Characters can use the same weapon types and have different movesets here (see Chrom vs Marth for example - both sword wielding lords and yet aren't clones). They can just create more unique movesets for the next game. They aren't necessarily tied to weapon assignment. That's kind of the issue though. You can't just apply the pattern they choose for HWs here and expect the same reaction. The three game focus there wasn't received with nearly as much negativity as the three game focus here, since Zelda has more generic elements and characters running through all games.
  7. If anything this interview shows that IS should have had more control over the roster. No way we'd have ended up with something as wasteful as all 8 royals taking up space for no reason rather than more popular characters. It's clear now these odd choices were mostly Koei's fault and we'd have gotten a better roster if IS had just fully controlled it.
  8. FE Warriors DLC

    They had HD assets for the characters and new movesets from the 3DS version too since they were added to the Wii U game. It was the stages and new Adventure maps from HWLs which were missing.
  9. The current roster (Spoilers!)

    Nah, it significantly decreases their chances I'd say. Although Garon is still a possibility, we wouldn't get Iago fighting directly before Hans. But Garon's chances also decrease since at this point we haven't seen multiple villains from the same game.
  10. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    They'd still need multiple unique specials in order to become playable characters even if the basic moveset is reused. There's also the issue of promoted models (although I hope they aren't kept from being playable due to something like that. It'd be better to ignore model changes with promotion than to cut them altogether).
  11. Team Leo complete? (spoilers)

    The NPCs in Berserker Warriors generally had exclusive but limited movesets and some even low quality models (like an npc Anna that showed up in the stream). Owain at least seems to have a standard moveset based on Ryoma's and model on par with the playable cast for the intermission scenes. This seems closer to a Hyrule Warriors situation to me, where the characters are either npc just for the main story but can be unlocked in the extra mode or will be added later through updates.
  12. FE Warriors DLC

    It could be Falchion replicas like what happens when Marth or Lucina handle a weapon store in Fates.
  13. FE Warriors DLC

    Hyrule Warriors' 1st season pass cost 3000 yen, exactly like this season pass. Any changes are just due to dollar vs yen variation. So, expect similar amount of content. Hyrule Warriors had 3 new movesets/weapons 3 new characters 4 new costumes 3 new Adventure maps Playable Ganon/Giant Cucco. It's not clear at this point how History maps compare to Adventure maps length-wise, but most likely they're smaller, so we might get more. 6 unique characters also seem like a fair amount - 2 per game. Although we could get more if we get clones rather than costumes, but I'm not convinced Koei would sell clones at this point. After the game's base line up opening space to them, I think it'd be a mistake to go with only unique characters, but I could see it happening as another one of their questionable choices.
  14. FE Warriors DLC

    Yep, just look at the price for costume DLC. Even if they're clones, they'll still need new models and voice recordings, alongside a couple of new animations for Musou and victory/intro (and the Classic Link/Zelda/Ganondorf DLC ended up cheaper than usual since they were mostly made with reused models and textures from other games, with only the face being updated to fit with HWs animations).
  15. FE Warriors at TGS

    I don't think they ever pushed Corrin = Robin very strongly. There was the Rhajat support that indicated that they're reincarnations, but that's it. I don't remember the Awakening trio and Amiibo Lucina ever comparing Corrin to Robin. The Mark = Robin thing back in the Awakening DLC was pretty different though. It wasn't even just saying that they have a similar aura or remind them of someone else (like the Robin/Kris comparisons), it was outright stating that they're the same person.