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  1. DLC Pack 3 Discussion Topic

    Celica is another character added by IS suggestion, exactly like Lucina. So, if Lucina is shafted due to that, it's not odd Celica is handled in the same way.
  2. Additional FEW Amiibo?

    Technically they weren't even Warriors Amiibo, which is why they used Awakening/Shadow Dragon artwork. The next FE Amiibo anyway likely will be tied to the next mainline game - either characters from there or even something like a Lyn Amiibo to get her as a guest there if they go with established characters.
  3. Actually, the original Japanese marketing featured the female Corrin when they were marketing Conquest, while male for Birthright. NOA dumped all that though and just went with male Corrin.
  4. Niles still has the same moveset used by his npc self. Azura and Oboro have similar initial basic strings, but Azura's later attacks and charge attacks are completely unique.
  5. Well, Azura is getting a full page to show her off, while Oboro and Niles are cramped into a single page segment smaller than the one for the 4 costumes. I'd guess if Niles had a new moveset/fighting style compared to his npc self and other archers they'd be highlighting it there, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  6. Free Update / Nov 16

    Those should have been their color schemes from the start. I guess they didn't go with it since red is associated with enemies, but it makes them look great.
  7. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    It was her C4 I was thinking about, but looking at it now she actually isn't holding anything, just raising both hands forward with open palms and then lightning hits the axe that she had thrown. Still makes it kind of weird though. With a few tweaks they could have made an axe moveset that could have been shared with a standard warrior. The only one out of those that's really close is C1. Lyn's C2 has her spinning backwards while striking and falling back, while the animation you're mentioning that is forward rush followed by a straight upwards strike, with the spinning back only coming up after the attack is done. The C2 also has two follow ups, one which uses dual wielding and another a bunch of X slashes. Same goes to the C3, I can see why you associated it with that due to all the horizontal spinning, but the spinning part in the GBA's myrmidon attack is after the strike, when returning to place, and Lyn's C3 also automatically finishes with a strike using the 2nd sword which clearly has nothing to do with the original animation.
  8. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    She uses it in a charge attack too, which is actually kind of odd. If there weren't those one or two extra attacks they easily could have added a standard fighter and used the same moveset for both. Regarding the generic mercenaries and myrmidons, aren't they just pallet swaps with name changes, like the other Hoshido/Nohr variants?
  9. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    Yeah, it was. I had never noticed it here in Warriors though. It's even odder because he shares Lyn's two sword-style gameplay-wise that's clearly not mercenary-like at all. And he uses two swords in his cutscenes, so they aren't going to remove that even if the DLC characters get updated movesets when they become playable.
  10. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    They've already talked about the possibility of a sequel though. The licensed games generally go straight for a sequel, with HW Legends being a big exception. Huh? Is that something from the asset rips? The characters here are specifically from Shadow Dragon, not FE1, so he should be a Myrmidon/Swordmaster.
  11. Dynasty Warriors gets DLC maps, but considering the price of the packs, and the already announced 3 characters per pack, I'm not expecting actual new battle locations here either. Here are my guesses mixed with some wishes... Shadow Dragon - Chapter 3 (Navarre) Rescue the Lena/Julian stand-ins and then defeat Navarre and finally the Hyman stand-in. I'd actually prefer if they went with a generic Warrior rather than throwing those three bosses again, but I guess we'll see Garnef once more. Chapter 10 (Minerva) Rescue someone standing in for Maria, and then go defeat Minerva Endgame (Linde) They can make her stand-in for Gohto with the Chaos Dragon taking Medeus' place. Alternatively, it could be Chapter 10 with some kind of ballista mechanic, but I'd hope at least one map in each set is some serious end-game battle. Awakening Chapter 9 (Tharja) Chapter 11 (Olivia) It seems like the only possible choices for Tharja and Olivia, since it's the only time they play a story role aside from their children recruitment, and a stand-in for their children does'nt work. The game also has several variations of the desert stage, fitting those places. Future Past 3 A big final battle featuring Lucina and some extra Owain to close the Awakening chapters. Paralogue 7, Owain's introduction, with the village visits could have some unique stuff too though, but I hope they don't take this route. Fates Conquest Chapter 25 (Ryoma) Birthright Chapter 26 (Xander) Basically the final invasion chapters for each side (aside from the Garon battles). Like the Gharnef chapter which had Tiki's moments from her introduction, they can throw the other siblings and their retainers in there too, using dialogue from all of their chapters. Revelation Endgame (Azura) They can feature Anankos' parts as map gimmicks, with the Chaos Dragon standing in for the battles themselves.
  12. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    The Hoshido and Nohr enemy "class variants" in Warriors are just recolors. You've got "Butlers", but they're just Priests in Black robes (so they fight with spells rather than hidden weapons and their special ability is exactly the same as the preists, recovering health of nearby units if you allow them to approach the others and take too long to eliminate them). They don't have unique models or abilities, just name and colors. They don't even bother listing them in the in-game class list.
  13. Koei is apparently very happy with the sales

    That's not true at all for Radiant Dawn. It came out in the Wii's 2nd year, when hardcore games were still selling. The big drop was afterwards.
  14. Spirit of Sanada is closer to a mainline game. It has some elements of resource gathering, but you're still progressing through a main story (although it's entirely focused on Yukimura and his father rather than multiple factions like usually for Samurai Warriors - every character is still playable though) rather than mostly advancing through storyless gameplay systems like in Empires. Anyway, I wonder if they could get a Nintendo collaboration again. Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 had costumes to make the avatar character look like HW Link or Zelda, but for some reason those were dropped from the localized version.
  15. By Lucina's critical do you mean this animation? Marth did have a running one handed slash critical in FE1 where he also ended up behind the enemy. It's even the basis for his Final Smash animation.