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  1. Shadow Dragon Marth's artwork doesn't have a breastplate and this is directly based on that (see his cape pin, which isn't the usual red jewel either).
  2. Regarding the roster size, this interview pretty much confirms we're getting clone characters with tweaked moveset, rather than only original movesets like in HWs, so I would expect a pretty big roster, especially with them hyping it up. Chrom's party comes from the beginning of Awakening and Corrin comes from before the split of fates. It's very likely this Lucina also hasn't met Chrom yet, and they'll pretty much reenact their Awakening encounter. They mention redoing dialogue from the existing games in that interview too.
  3. We've seen her in a cutscene with Chrom (so it can't be battle or victory animations), so she's in the story.
  4. This is actually a small redesign of Shadow Dragon Marth, since they added metallic guards to his arm and boots. I really wish we got a 3d version of his New Mystery design, with the big metallic collar and chest plate. It's the one part of his outfit that Smash changed for some reason. Hopefully something like that is used for a promoted look.
  5. Their general body structure remind me of Wolfskins from Fates, although the actual design is clearly different.
  6. I think the only way Palla is in is if they managed to include the Pegasus Sisters as a single character somehow. Maybe like Female Robin/Male Robin or a single character that has the other two sisters as part of their moveset.
  7. They could have just made her throw a javelin for a second attack back in Steam, so that bow was an odd choice.
  8. Usually, recasting in games isn't such a big issue. Old fighting games series like Street Fighter and King of Fighters often do it. Looking at a Japanese wiki, apparently she had a different VA in an old drama CD too. I doubt they'll be able to keep consistent VAs with so many characters, especially due to many characters from all games getting voiced in Heroes.
  9. Like I mentioned before, we don't know about the bond system yet. She might have her own bond conversations if they aren't limited to the story mode.
  10. Like pointed out in another thread, although "class changes" are confirmed, that term is used for promotions. So, we could get something like Marth class changing into a "Star Lord/Lodestar", which would be just his New Mystery design, and Chrom and Lucina becoming Great Lords and gaining the extra armor from that, but with no moveset changes aside from maybe a couple of extra attacks or new musou. If there's reclassing too though, I'd guess it'll work like in Fates or Awakening, with each character having one or two generic classes/movesets available for them. It's hard to say at this point, since we've mostly seen lords or characters with their movesets built around legendary weapons (Ryoma, Xander), but Lissa's moveset and animations do seem like they'd be generic enough to be used for a generic Cleric/War Cleric class.
  11. They're returning characters though, like Zeke and the Pegasus Sisters in Echoes, even if the explanation to get them into Fates was very contrived. The actual rehashes from Hoshido's 2nd gen were a failure as far as popularity goes.
  12. Because characters in this game likely won't see big moveset revamps when promoting. So, someone who is intended to promote into a horse unit likely will be just a horse unit from the start here, rather than dropping their original moveset for a completely different one.
  13. Owain would be a mage like in Fates, Severa could be stuck with a mount and mix sword with bows, and Inigo could just get an axe (It wouldn't be any odder than Frederick becoming an axe unit).
  14. Considering Lucina's moveset, and also Lissa's, it's sounding like promotions will keep the same weapons in order to keep at least mostly the same moveset. So, if they include Severa/Selena, it's possible she could be a horse riding unit from the start, since the game won't allow something like gaining a horse on promotion, which would completely change her moveset. And I don't think the inclusion of the Awakening trio is unlikely. They're representation for both games and very popular characters in Awakening.
  15. I'd say the official site's update pretty much confirms female Robin is a character of her own. There's nothing indicating she's a costume aside from the reused animation. Don't forget you're deploying 4 characters at once here though, rather than only one like in base Hyrule Warriors. Even Legends often restricted it to only one extra character. Also regarding female Robin, there's also the issue of the Bond conversations. We don't know if those are story only. If they can be grinded in other modes, then she might have her own.