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  1. No. Yugioh is just creatures the creaturing.
  2. Make an Empire, Next poster takes it over.

    I took over the Irony empire in the most un-Ironic way imaginable, the new empire Winter Wonder Land was formed.
  3. Eirika with Lances

    Other than the time they stole sprites have we ever tried talking to them and maybe sharing resources?
  5. this, though i only got the dlc for my cartridge
  6. Multiple Anima Ranks

    I agree with these two, magic should be split, but the different types need to be different enough to warrant this. That said the differences need to still be balanced otherwise we run into the dnd issue at high levels the casters are basically gods, and the non magical people are dead weight most of the time.
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. I finally beat College

    I'll be getting my copy in a few years, but god, its so expensive, and the dlc even used is so pricy
  9. Why does everyone hate Tellius now?

    Tellius is not hated, fe9 is one of the most solid titles in the series, and 10 was good in terms of gameplay, though in terms of story, part 1 was a bit boring, and part 4 felt like a cop out to avoid having to figure out how to handle the blood pact, 2 felt like a rushed filler though it could have been interesting, part 3 was great, they had an interesting conflict but then they got rid of the issue in part 4.
  10. What do you prefer: City life or country life?

    anything but suburbia
  11. How Recognizable Am I On These Forums

    I've seen your posts.
  12. What is the point of fftf

    its for all the stuff to stupid and unreasonable to go in fftf