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  1. Sword of Kings

    If a long range weapon such as Ballista has a rang of 3-10, I would imagine a med-range weapon have a range of 2-5. Still writing it, and I just wanted to leave a cliffnotes version here. I am prepared to make sacrifices, or ill have to figure something else out to replace the missing feature. I've done a few minor hacks myself, mainly portrait insertion. Other than that I'm figuring it out as I go. Thanks.
  2. Good Day

    Names James, I started a ROM hack project called Sword of Kings aka SoK. Nice to meet all of ya.
  3. Sword of Kings

    Story: After Nils passed through the Dragon’s Gate, he was put on trial by Dragon society for two things. Opening and passing through the Dragon’s Gate, and for not returning with their Oracle (I ship ElixNin shut it). After explaining himself, Nils is set free and things return to normal for a while. However the seeds of curiosity, hate and fear have been placed into the dragons’ hearts. Enough for them to open the gate again, and venture out into an abandoned island. Set 15 years after Roy defeated Zephiel and Idoun, Bern has since become a peaceful country under Queen Guinevere’s rule. However new challenges await the country, one being Zen, the prince of Bern and Guinevere’s son and next in line for the throne. The Plot follows an initial tutorial following Zen, the first lord of the game, as a means to show new features, eventually leading to Roy making a trip to Dread Isle with his dying father, and him joining both Zen and Lilina for the Second Scouring. Features · Cannons (Moveable mounts that has med range and does shrapnel damage to nearby spaces) · Older versions of Characters from FE6 and FE7 · Equippable Mounts for Lords · Bards/Dancers can use rings to temporarily buff units · Playable Fire, Ice, Light, and Dark Dragons · Merging Items to fix and conserve space ala shadow dragon · Third Tiers and Mastery Skills for third tiers(Though skills and classes may be different, aswell as some new classes; Berserker promotes)…maybe? · Manaketes have infinite uses of Dragonstones, but have stat nerfs and a level 30 cap · Bonus EXP ala PoR/RD Classes · Prince/King · Lord/Master Lord · Disciple/Chancellor · Myrmidon/Swordmaster/True Blade · Mercenary/Hero/Vangaurd · Thief/Rogue/Assassin · Fighter/Warrior/Reaver · Pirate/Berserker/Captain · Soldier/Halberdier/Sentinel · Knight/General/Marshall · Archer/Sniper/Marksman · Mage/Sage/ArchSage · Cleric/Bishop/Saint · Shaman/Druid/Summoner · Dancer/Bard · Cavalier/Paladin/Great Knight · Troubadour/Valkyrie/ Mage Knight · Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight/ Seraph Knight · Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord/Wyvern Knight · Manakete Story- 45% Art- 0% Programming-0% Leave your comments, crits, etc below