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  1. "We're doing quite the poor job of converting these people to our cause," Alain murmured, stepping over Trevor's fallen body. Alain moves to (15,9) ; Attacks Berserker #1 w/ Adhan
  2. Alain wrinkled his nose in response to Kelbara's commentary. Wasn't she being just a tad too judgmental? "Well then, Miss Kelbara... When you've mastered summoning, you can ask Lord Belial to hand you some truly nightmarish souls. Until then, you'll just have to suffer the presence of my servants," he stated as a matter of fact. "I'm an amicable lord, but if you continue with your dour attitude, I might just decide to summon a specter to haunt you for the rest of your days," he added, flashing her a wry smile. Just a joke, of course. Alain moves to (9,9); Summons SeƱor Bones (TromBOWne) (10,9) Kelbara moves to (9,8) ; Heals Alain Mr. Bones moves to (16,6) and flexes his bones Nana moves to (12,13);
  3. Brother Bones moves to (15,10) attacks the Ranger Graham moves to (10,6) Sebastian moves to (11,6) ; Takes Libro ; Heal Graham with Heal Nana moves to (12,6) Mr. Bones moves to (14,3) Alain moves to (9,5) ; Summons Spooks the Ghost (9,6) Kelbara moves to (10,4) ; Heals Astaroth
  4. "Yes, I must say I'm equally as perplexed. What purpose does it serve them to allow us access to the bridge?" Alain replied, carefully observing his frolicking servant. What impressed him the most was the implications of his words. It was as though he'd figured out the necessity of collecting all bridge parts even before Sebastian. Granted, it was more likely that he was simply expressing an appetite for greed, but still, it was far more amusing to assume otherwise. That said, his winged-demon seemed devoid of any such surprised, but he still had a final trick to play around with. Though, that one would have to wait until a little later. "Ah, so the chieftain finally returns. And delivering a sermon no less. All sins are equal. Good, good. Then perhaps I've a spot waiting for me in the afterlife after all," he mused. "You on the other hand look like you're about to claim your spot any minute now. A lesson well learned, I should hope? Trying to reason with a priest of Engel when demons are running amok seems dubious at best. I can only imagine what you might have said to him..."
  5. "I see you've learned something after all, well done," Alain remarked, coming close to Cass. "Unfortunately, Astaroth is an issue we're going to have to wait for. He's too far gone into enemy lines, and I'm not about to risk my neck to see what he's doing. I've sent one of my servants after him, I hope that will suffice for now." Alain moves to (9,4) ; Summons Bat on (10,4) Kelbara moves to (8,3) Sebastian moves to (8,4) heals Kelbara
  6. "I am inclined to agree with your assessment on both counts," Alain mused, observing the comedic duo with great intent. Had he erred in some way, or was this simply the nature of the bound demons? "I am yet a novice. I imagine the more powerful among Belial's circle will have to wait until I am more capable," he said, pulling out the horseman's arrow with a pained grunt. Graham moves to (10,2) attack General 1 w/ Steel Axe Mr. Bones moves to (11,3) attack General 1 Brother Bones moves to (13,8)
  7. Alain winks at Naiman ; moves to (10,7) ; Summons Brother Bones (Sword) on (9,7) Mr. Bones moves to (11,2) Graham moves to (8,3) attacks Soldier #4 w/ Steel Axe
  8. Mr. Bones moves to (8,2) Graham moves to (6,7) attacks Soldier #1 with Steel Axe Sebastian moves to (7,6) equips T. Knives
  9. Alain moves to (7,5) attack Free Knight w/ Balor
  10. Kelbara equips Nosferatu, drops Naiman to (3,4)
  11. L'appel Du Vide "Damn, what was that?!" Alain cried out, whipping his head around to catch sight of the airborne inferno barreling through the sky. Wasn't magic supposed to be a foreign concept among the tribes of Magonsaete? With access to such potent siege-range magic, the whole bridge debacle was starting to make a little more sense. He disengaged from his battle and hurried over to Cassandra to assess her wounds. Luckily she seemed unabated, though he should have figured as much. It wasn't the first time she'd drawn such a blaze to herself--an expert now, by all accounts. Still, for all her posturing, another hit like that was liable to take her out for the count. "Everyone, fall back and tighten the formation!" he commanded, motioning away from the riverbank. It was hard to keep track of what sort of magic the enemy might be equipped with but if they all had access to the same long range magic things could get out of hand. That being said, it was easy enough to position around so long as they were stationed across the water. And if that was the extent of Hera's plan, he wasn't impressed. "I think so far all you've shown me is that you're quite adept at bleeding. Now it's my turn to show you something. You can try again in your next life," he taunted, turning and leaving the pirate at the mercy of his wounds. He returned to Kelbara's side, offering the woman a slight bit of praise before revealing to her his intentions. "You've done well so far, color me impressed. There's something I'd like to do--I'm sure you're already aware. None are to disturb me, neither friend nor foe. Make certain of it," he ordered, flicker of mischief twinkling in his eyes. Trusting that Kelbara would leave him undisturbed, he began setting-up the necessary components for his ritual. He'd progressed fairly rapidly in the past week or so, but his method was still primitive at best. Against Malaphar, he was still lacking, but he felt better equipped to contend with the sorcerer now more than ever. After all, Malaphar had lived how many lifetimes? Alain began to smirk. Give me a hundred years, and I'd destroy you on my own. He brought out a dagger from his garb, and an ember sprung to life beneath his feet. The fire consumed his blood with rapacious desire, spreading out and emblazoning a myriad of runic inscriptions upon the earth. The lines began to ebb a warm blue light, belying the true nature of the magic that served as it's driving force. "I am the vessel who calls to the void, favored by the sovereign of the abyss, ... ... ... you who grip the hearts of man, you who are shades with no shadow, ... ... ... feast upon my offerings, quench your sanguine thirst, ... ... ... manifest in the image of my desire, submit to chains unyielding, ... ... ... to dust you have withered, from dust you shall return, ... ... ... emerge from the circle of binding, and let the call of the herald ring true." Upon the utterance of his final word, the ground began to rumble, and a black miasma sprung forth engulfing him in momentary darkness. Without so much as a word, the fog began to take a life of its own, swirling and contracting into a form that resembled a featureless apparition. He stepped back, content with the results of his dark deed. This was but a taste of what was to come, and soon the fruits of his labor would lay bare for all to behold. "You are granted permission to appear before me." Alain moves to (4,4) and Summons a spooky-scary-skeleton (axe) on (4,3) Graham moves to (2,7)
  12. Is this their plan? All that preparation just to end up throwing bodies at us one after the other? Could he chalk it up to gross negligence on the part of Hera, or was he somehow missing the bigger picture? Alain moves to (6,8) and imprisons Free Knight #4 with Balor. if Sebastian did not attack earlier Sebastian to (5,6) heal Sylvia
  13. Kelbara to (3,5) attack Brigand #3 with Balor if Kelbara misses Sebastian to (2,5) attack Brigand #3 with Steel Sword
  14. Graham to (7,8) attacks Free Knight #2 with Javelin