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  1. "She told you to heal my wounds damn butler, not open up the old ones," Alain huffed, rolling his eyes as Sebastian's quips. He took a moment to scan the battlefield while he waited for his strength to return to him. Things were looking fairly good as far as their group was concerned. What once seemed like a giant horde of brutes had been cut down to a mere handful of fools. Their southern "companions" seemed to be having some trouble though, but they needed to deal with Danval first before they could worry about that. "Hey Graham, here's an idea. Why don't you put that over-sized armor of yours to some actual use and show Danval the Dangerous what a nobleman of Wyke is really capable of?" He offered the boy a reassuring smile and gave him a push forward. "I'm sure Cass will be thoroughly impressed. Don't worry, I'll back you up." Graham moves to (11,6) and spears Danval with the Partisan Alain moves to (10,6), takes the Partisan, attacks Danval with Adhan
  2. "Well if he may be so bold, Sir Duhamel thinks that our mounted friends should just scurry away on their mounts if they're really in that much trouble." Graham moves to 11,4, Steel Bows Killer Axe Man Alain moves to 10,5, Thunders Killer Axe Man
  3. "Like moths to a flame, huh? I'm really not in the mood of dealing with those Reliants guys right now," he sighed. He was sure he'd killed enough Reliants to last him a life time already, but it seemed like they just kept lining up for him. Perhaps a more subtle spell would have sufficed... In any case, they had an ever encroaching bandit problem to deal with first. The rest was for later. "Hey sorry, boss lady wants you dead. Nothing personal," he muttered. Alain teleports to (7,4) and brings down a storm on Bandit #3
  4. Pursuit of Darkness Alright, that takes care of one. It was a solid hit, but it hadn't sent the bandits into as much of a frenzy as he'd have liked. Luckily though, it had still given the women enough time to break away from the mid-ground. He raced forward, curious as to the nature of their two newest "comrades". They were an odd duo to say the least, but that was par for the course in a place like Magonsaete. The younger of the two seemed to be a native, and nothing about her particularly stood out to him at first glance. The older woman on the other hand had him positively intrigued. It was hard to ignore the odd contraption she was clutching, and some guesswork led him to conclude it must have been something of Toulousian design. He'd heard rumors at the college about a group of mages from Toulouse who didn't need traditional tomes to conjure magic--"black iron mages" they were sometimes called. It was all hearsay of course, but it stood to reason that Sylvia could be one such iron mage. But then, that begged the question... What the hell is a Toulousian doing all the way out here? Alain to (9,4) ; Equips Thunder
  5. "Woooow! Real nice shortcut you picked out for us butler. I'm sure we'll be able to shave off a couple hours now." From what he could see, they'd landed upon the classic scenario of bandit meets girl. Well, bandits meet girls really. Looks like there were a lot more people with them at one point... Cass seemed like she wanted to help, but perhaps a bit surprisingly she wasn't too sure one way or the other. He sighed, quickly trying to deliberate the best course of action. Admittedly, their odds weren't too good. The enemy had about three men for every one of their own. It was a tad worrying to say the least. That being said, they had just gotten done fighting Deira's trained soldiers so perhaps a ragtag team of bandits wouldn't pose too much of a problem. Hopefully. "It's a pain in the ass, but I think I speak for everyone when I say it'd leave a sour taste in the mouth to just turn back now," he said, turning to his companions. "We'll see if we can't give them a hand. If things start to go south though, we're leaving. No questions asked. I'm not here to play the part of the Justice Jokers," he muttered. He could live with the guilt if it meant getting to keep his head. "Cass brings up a good point, so I'll lead off. I doubt these guys have seen a lick of magic in their life--hopefully the two ladies make good of the chaos and create some distance. We'll rush in and back them up. It's not much of a plan, but judging from the circumstances it's probably as good as we're going to get." He looked back at the unfolding scene and noticed the older woman had the bandits enthralled in some sort of monologue. It seemed like she'd caught on to their approach. That was good, but it also worried him a little. "They seem fairly occupied now, so get ready. Just keep one thing in mind. Don't assume they wont turn around and gut us once we're done dealing with the bandits. This is Magonsaete after all." With all that said he stood up, snapped his fingers, and brought the sky crashing down.
  6. Alain let out a snort. "A thousand pardons my good sir. Had I known the plan earlier, I'd have packed my own lunches thank you very much," he replied, offering an overly grandiose bow to Sebastian. What he wouldn't do for a steward of his own right now. It's not that he didn't have vassals... he just didn't think to bring them. The trek itself had proven to be fairly ho hum. It was a blessing to be sure, but the walking was proving dreadful and he didn't have much in the way of company. Graham was, well, Graham--and Sebastian was a man of few words. Although, among the Wykians he was the odd one out so who was he to be complaining? I should have brought more reading material. Magic tomes could only get so much more interesting after a thousand repetitions. "That's awfully nice of you Captain, but I should remind you that just because we all got here in one piece doesn't mean the tin can and his butler aren't going to meet their untimely end on the way back. Plus I'm sure the boy is simply delighted to be here, ain't that right Graham?" he said, winking at the young Herman. It didn't take a genius to figure out why Graham was playing tag along, but he'd been oddly muted since the journey began. A sign of maturity, perhaps. "In any event, I'll agree. Best to find a place to call home before venturing out in uncharted territory for some off-handed sight seeing," he said.
  7. Luck is hot garbage. Biggest regret of my life was taking a 70% luck growth. Don't let Shin trick you into thinking it's valuable. Just as a general point, I noticed your strength bases and growths are fairly high. Prepromote caps are 20 points, and with 80% growth you're liable to cap out strength like a solid 5 or 6 levels (potentially more) early which would leave you with a lot of "wasted" points. This problem could carry on beyond promotion as well depending on how high Shin sets the caps. You're free to do as you like of course, but it's just something to keep in mind.
  8. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "A pleasure? Not every day I hear that one," he chuckled. "Please, be at ease," he said, waving his hand towards the guard. "Yes, I'd like to discuss a small matter with the General. Tell her it wont take up too much of her time." Natalia Tarasque... He'd never really spoken to her before--save for perhaps some passing pleasantries amidst the castle halls. Their realms of expertise weren't exactly all that related. That being said, he was well aware of her stature among the noble houses. Not that she needed any noble titles. By all rights, she was a military genius--and a fairly young one at that. Her reputation was based on merit alone, of that he was certain.
  9. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "It's fine. I think we can all appreciate the circumstances you were in after all. A couple of squandered fruits and broken carts isn't worth more than a man's life... but just try to do your due diligence in the future," he said. "In any event, I suppose since I'm not too busy at the moment I'll go have a chat with the general before I forget," he said, nodding farewell to the two ladies. "Either of you are free to come along if you wish--else enjoy the rest of your morning," he said, turning to go. Alain heads to Tarasque's Tent
  10. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    He wasn't quite sure what to make of Claire's question. It was an odd one to be sure, but one that apparently was worth enough weight on Claire's mind to ask. He tilted his head upwards, deliberating a bit on an answer. "Not quite... There was one time early on when I first started experimenting with dark magic where I felt as though I had cast a spell that was not my own, but it's been some time since then... " he said, recalling his first true success with Balor. "That's about the extent of my experience with such things. Though if I recall correctly, you were studying illusions with that old sack of skin were you not? Perhaps this is the side-effect of meddling with Malaphar's craft. Or perhaps this is a ploy by Constance to slowly erase your mind and steal your body," he shrugged. "I jest of course... " Thought I wouldn't really put it past her. "All that being said, you ought to be careful with whatever it is you've been trying to do lately. This whirlwind... and that inferno at the church--without a tome no less. You'd best practice such things on your own time where other people are not liable to be caught in the way," he chided. "Perhaps you're a bit smitten with what Malaphar has shown himself to be capable of, but don't lose sight of yourself as you try to follow his path," he said, echoing a bit of what he'd told Acollon just moments before.
  11. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    "Hmm, I see. That is quite troubling," he said, rubbing the back of his head. Just because Ethel claimed to want to liberate Myrcia from Deira's occupation, didn't mean all of her soldiers were necessarily on the same page. That still doesn't explain all of this mess though. But... With Claire moping about, he had a sneaking suspicion about the reason--though he decided against commenting on it. Good thing Cassandra isn't here. Crisis averted... "With an army of this size, there are bound to be a few bad apples that slip into the bunch. As long as nobody was killed it's about all you can ask for, really. But perhaps I'll have a chat with General Tarasque about keeping her men in line. It's a poor reflection upon our army for men to be terrorizing the civilians. I'm sure Tarasque will understand that. Else, I'll have to give the man a stern speaking to myself. I don't suppose he gave you a name, did he? Perhaps you can describe him for me?" he asked.
  12. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Alain shrugged, not entirely impressed by Accolon's convictions. Whatever peace you aim to achieve will never last. "It's funny--you're trying to warn me without considering that I might already be aware about what he wants from me. Yes, the demon told me as much himself, but I thank you for your sentiment," he replied, heading towards the arch-way from where he came. "Just pray that you do not find yourself on a path astray as you chase after those whom you wish to save. You may one day regret allowing me to live," he said, leaving Accolon with a parting wave before exiting the chapel. It appeared Eric was still meandering about, speaking with the priest. "I'll be seeing you then, Father, wheat boy. Apologies in advance for sullying your holy grounds with my presence," he said, giving the priest a polite bow and made his way to the village square. He didn't have to travel too much to get to his destination, but things were looking a bit more disorganized than he remembered. It looks like there was a damn battle in the middle of the village, what in the hell happened here? Carts were knocked over, people looked quite uneasy, and the street was littered with an assortment of goods. "Er, Lady Charlotte, you're wearing a rather dangerous looking scowl there," he said, gently placing a hand on her shoulder. "I feel as though I've missed something," he said, looking over towards Claire, Nelon, and Angus.
  13. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Accolon's shrill cries were all the encouragement Alain needed to turn his attention the other way. "Forgive my lack of consideration. It appears I was misinformed... and I wrongly assumed that you might be a... " He pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out a deep exasperated sigh. What a bizarre situation. Still, rather than exit the room with his head hanging low, he took a moment of pause to listen to the continuation of Accolon's story. "So you escaped from Deira to find peace, almost dying in the process, only to wind up joining the Raewalden army as it marches straight back to your homeland--cutting down your former comrades along the way... Not only that, but you've gone from blindly pledging your loyalty to one man, to doing the same with another. Not much of an improvement, if I'm being honest. I hope the irony of your situation has not been lost upon you," he said, shaking his head. "You should consider returning to Raewald and then continuing your journey for peace elsewhere," he suggested. "War is war, and as much as it troubles me to admit, I'm confident that the same issues that plagued you as a Deiran soldier will continue to eat away at you as you fight on behalf of Raewald. I don't doubt we'll be meeting your sub-commander, Laudine, sometime soon. Are you prepared to face her in combat branded as a traitor? Would you be able to sleep well if she were to fall by my magic--like the rest of your brothers and sisters? Your penance to Engel can be repaid elsewhere," he said. "...I'm curious though. Upon what basis do you believe Cassandra to be allied with Belial?" He turned back for a moment, before remembering his predicament. "And how exactly do you plan on saving my soul? I mean, don't get me wrong, somewhere in my heart I actually feel quite elated to know you're praying so diligently for someone like me," he said, hiding a smirk from Accolon. "But tell me, why do you stay your hand? After all, aren't those who have strayed from Engel's light beyond redemption? Instead of prayer, would it not be best to try and lay me to rest?"
  14. Angelcynn: The Myrcian Conflict - Act 5

    Alain recoiled from the water, half out of surprise, and half out of fear of receiving divinely inspired burns. "My, this is certainly unexpected," he began, holding away part of his drenched robes. "I didn't realize Engel's rituals involved splashing about in a pool like an excited child. I might have been more keen on joining the covenant if I'd known taking a bath was part of my path towards salvation. Certainly beats all of the human sacrificing Belial ordered from me." He stepped forward, taking care not to slip on the puddles of water as he approached the pool's edge with a wry smile on his face. "Although, being burdened by my mistakes for all of my waking life seems a bit excessive, so perhaps I'll have to remain content with what I have," he added, taking a passing note of Accolon's slender frame. It wasn't quite what he'd been expecting to find under that assortment of obtuse looking armor. Certainly he's not...? Arrogant as he was, he'd still studied something of noble mannerisms. Surely there was no way Eric was that unaware, right? It must be the light... "Alas. So much for saving my soul, eh? But lucky for you, that's not what I was interested in talking to you about," he said, resting his eyes upon his reflection. "What is your business with us? You and that friend of yours." He'd heard a brief story from Baron Esclabor about the circumstances, but it still didn't make much sense as to why they'd been so eager to defect. Accolon seemed fairly devout--enough to rival those of the Justice Patrol. If they had been so delusional, what truths was Accolon aware of? "According to those Justice Club clowns, and apparently your King, Deira is the real peace-keeper in this game. They seemed pretty convinced of it, in fact. So what then of you? Either you are aware of some proof of Olaf's treachery, or you and your sidekick have committed some interesting "sins" back at home that you're trying to run from. In which case you ought to thank Ethel instead of Engel sometime, but that's just me," he said.