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  1. https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/71699-echoes-call-out-from-the-shadows-of-valentiafire-emblem-echoes-blind-playthrough/
  2. Well, let's get started Where's Any Button? As I said in the original post, Hard/Classic. Though I see a distinct lack of Lunatic. After this, we see a cutscene with Alm stabbing Celica after what appears to be a swordfight between the two of them. Celica dies from having a case of the stabbies, and Alm instantly regrets his decisions in life. But let's go to something a bit happier, like about 8 years before this happens. After we meet Faye, Kliff, and Grey, who are apparently Alm's friends (and I suspect Faye has a crush on Alm), we learn a bit more. It seems that Celica only came to Ram Village not too long ago, and she's some kind of ward. Nobody in town seems to know much about her, and she only opened herself up more when Alm spent some time with her. But then Tobin rushes into the scene and announces that he saw a knight in the woods, which apparently rarely happens (and shows just how dull the town really is). During all this, Celica and Alm share a moment Which is broken up by screaming. Apparently, the knights (as well as their leader, Slayde) aren't as friendly as the kids thought, and they want the town to feed and care for them. Slayde also sees Celica, and recognizes who she is. He orders his men to capture her, and the kids are unable to stop him. But then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on. That hero is Mycen, and apparently, he's also Alm's grandfather. Slayde seems to have had some dealings with him in the past. Anyone, Mycen has everyone run to the cemetery, and they can make their stand there. And then we start the prologue battle. Let's take a look at our heroes. ...yeah. None of the kids can do more than chip damage against any of them. But you're in luck, none of them will gain experience or level up, so this is the one time where you can toss out Fire Emblem tradition and use the Jeigan to do everything without hurting your team. And the soldiers were only too happy to go for Mycen and certain defeat. Though Alm did get a kill of his own. But as we run them out of town, we get a tidbit of information. I suspected she was a princess from the beginning, and it's nice to know I was right. But now that Slayde knows she's here, the place is no longer safe for her. But as Mycen takes her to parts unknown, Alm and Celica share another moment, and Alm gets a pendant from her. As Mycen rides off with her, Alm promises to search for her when he gets stronger. And so ends the Prologue. Join me next time, as we get set for the next part.
  3. It'll be written like a story, with the occasional screenshot (and hopefully some humor). It'll be played completely blind, Hard/Classic, dead means dead (except for Game Over, of course). When on Saturday I'll post the first part is TBD, it depends on how long it takes me to play, type it out, arrange text and screenshots to my satisfaction, and get it posted. So join me as we dive into this new/old Fire Emblem game.
  4. I didn't have any plans to originally, but now that you suggested it, why not?
  5. So I can actually finish a Fire Emblem game in my lifetime, I'm going to do something new when I pick up my preorder. I'm going to play this game, and only this game, until I finish. I don't know how long that will take, but I am determined to actually finish at least one Fire Emblem game.
  6. I probably could have explained better. Basically, I was explaining how I choose my team, and wondering if there's a better way. Also, I added in that I never finished a FE game, and I'm thinking my way of choosing characters may be contributing to it, since it's not a "pick less than 10 characters to use on every map" method.
  7. The way I've always done it is "everyone gets a chance", at least in the first half. I use everyone (except maybe the jeigan) on the first few maps. Once I get to choose, I choose who I liked best. And as I play further, they get reduced to a team of characters that I bring on every mission, either because of preference or because they fill a particular need. Along with them are usually new characters that joined on that map, or others that would be useful on that particular map, or replace those on my core team that are not going to be any use. And in Awakening and Fates, I tend to try and have both sides of my couples on the map, if applicable. Basically, I fill every possible slot on every map. But I have yet to finish a FE game. Either I never get around to it, or I hit a wall and have constant restarting because someone keeps dying. Any thoughts?
  8. Males: Chrom, Stahl, Vaike, Ricken, Libra Females: Avatar, Lissa, Maribelle, Panne, Cordelia -Marrages will be between these 10 units -Children will be used and fight alongside their parents -I can use others until I can choose units. After that, I can use new units, but only that chapter. -If anyone dies, they get replaced. -No DLC/grinding Anything I forgot?
  9. Okay, for Chrom's skill set, I plan to have Chrom have Dual Strike+, which he comes with. Then I switch him to a Cavalier to learn Discipline right away. Promote to a Paladin, and he learns Defender at level 5. Then I finish off by going to a Great Lord to get Aether (5)and Rightful King (15). What I want to know is, what level is best to have these reclasses and promotions happen. I remember the "Level 10 for skills, Level 20 for stats" rule, but I don't know if that's still relevant. And I'll be going through a lot of classes to get these, and have to level up each one in order to get the classes and switch.
  10. Hard difficulty, and no real decision made on child units.
  11. Also, Fire Emblem Heroes recent release probably have gotten people to take a look at the main series of games, and Gamestop is trying to cash in.
  12. You can try pawn shops, and some Gamestops still have a small selection of Wii games.
  13. -Avatar (F)(+Def, -HP) -Chrom -Lissa -Ricken -Maribelle -Libra -Stahl -Vaike Those of you that counted would see that there's only 8 of them. I have 5 ideas on who to use for the last 2 (Panne, Nowi, Sully, Sumia, and Cordelia). I'm also pairing them up just within this circle of 10 units (Avatar/Chrom, and Lissa and Maribelle will be paired up with Ricken and Libra).
  14. With Lucina received at Chapter 13, and her mother chosen at chapter 11, getting a mother with Galeforce seems to be a tall order. You have two options, a female Avatar or Sumia. Avatar has 10 more levels, for a total of 35 (10 as Tactition, 10 as Pegasus Knight, 15 as Dark Flier) she needs to get through. But she gets 3 extra chapters and Vetrian to do it. Sumia, meanwhile, has 11 chapters to the Avatars 14. But she also needs only 25 levels. Either way, this would be a difficult thing to do. Not only will Exp gains be slow for the Dark Flier, but she will have to soak up a lot of the expirience, leaving little for everyone else. She pretty much becomes a second Jeigan, before and after she succedes Not to mention the levels lost when promoting at Level 10. What to do, what to do...