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  1. Males: Chrom, Stahl, Vaike, Ricken, Libra Females: Avatar, Lissa, Maribelle, Panne, Cordelia -Marrages will be between these 10 units -Children will be used and fight alongside their parents -I can use others until I can choose units. After that, I can use new units, but only that chapter. -If anyone dies, they get replaced. -No DLC/grinding Anything I forgot?
  2. Okay, for Chrom's skill set, I plan to have Chrom have Dual Strike+, which he comes with. Then I switch him to a Cavalier to learn Discipline right away. Promote to a Paladin, and he learns Defender at level 5. Then I finish off by going to a Great Lord to get Aether (5)and Rightful King (15). What I want to know is, what level is best to have these reclasses and promotions happen. I remember the "Level 10 for skills, Level 20 for stats" rule, but I don't know if that's still relevant. And I'll be going through a lot of classes to get these, and have to level up each one in order to get the classes and switch.
  3. Hard difficulty, and no real decision made on child units.
  4. Also, Fire Emblem Heroes recent release probably have gotten people to take a look at the main series of games, and Gamestop is trying to cash in.
  5. You can try pawn shops, and some Gamestops still have a small selection of Wii games.
  6. -Avatar (F)(+Def, -HP) -Chrom -Lissa -Ricken -Maribelle -Libra -Stahl -Vaike Those of you that counted would see that there's only 8 of them. I have 5 ideas on who to use for the last 2 (Panne, Nowi, Sully, Sumia, and Cordelia). I'm also pairing them up just within this circle of 10 units (Avatar/Chrom, and Lissa and Maribelle will be paired up with Ricken and Libra).
  7. With Lucina received at Chapter 13, and her mother chosen at chapter 11, getting a mother with Galeforce seems to be a tall order. You have two options, a female Avatar or Sumia. Avatar has 10 more levels, for a total of 35 (10 as Tactition, 10 as Pegasus Knight, 15 as Dark Flier) she needs to get through. But she gets 3 extra chapters and Vetrian to do it. Sumia, meanwhile, has 11 chapters to the Avatars 14. But she also needs only 25 levels. Either way, this would be a difficult thing to do. Not only will Exp gains be slow for the Dark Flier, but she will have to soak up a lot of the expirience, leaving little for everyone else. She pretty much becomes a second Jeigan, before and after she succedes Not to mention the levels lost when promoting at Level 10. What to do, what to do...
  8. I have Fredrick pair with Lissa. Extra def for the squishy healer, and Fredrick can move farther than Lissa, since he's mounted. And if attacked, Fredrick can block it and save her.
  9. Let's say I have Chrom currently as a Lord, and I feel that it would be a good idea to reclass into a Cavalier and learn Discipline before becoming a Great Lord. What would be the best/fastest way to go about that?
  10. Go to the Eshop and take a look. You may be able to redownload it for free. That's what I did when I had to use a larger MicroSD card to fit all my stuff and my pre-downloaded pokemon games.
  11. I'm doing an Awakening run soon, but I'm also doing something I never did:Plan my game before I even turn it on. I'm also planning ten units, and only planning on using those units (plus any new units that appear on the map). I don't know what I'm doing about children units. That said, are 10 units too many, and spread out the EXP too wide? Or do you think it's just right?
  12. My 4-star Peri. She's strong enough to one-shot just about anything on the board, so much so that I named her my own personal Jeigan. She's also completely insane.
  13. Funny you should mention the spear/archer duo, because I was just thinking that not trying to take out the ninja/spear/archer wall was an error I was making, since that caused problems late in my latest attempt (which was probably my best attempt yet). I always felt I could just stay out of their range and deal with them later, but then they bunched up behind them in such a way that anyone who tried to take anything out would be in trouble. I'm also going to see if Subaki and Hinoka can use javelins, since them having long range would have been a big help at times
  14. So far, I chose Cadea, Marth, and Kellam. I plan to also add in Emmeryn and Azura in the coming days.
  15. Of course I do. And in my last attempt, I started out walling off the east side with Silas, Oboro, and Rinkah, while going to take out the three sitting in the Southeast at the same time.