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  1. I'm saving up orbs for Sacred Stones characters, specifically Joshua I'm also hoping Heath and Guy make it in.
  2. Alm because most of my favorite characters are on his team. I only really like Jesse on Celica's side. Also, the maps aren't that fun.
  3. I freaking love Python and Jesse's designs and personalities, so they're my faves for male characters from both routes. I also voted Gray because he's hilarious and I like his redesign a lot. Luthier is a likeable weirdo and Tobin kinda grew on me, especially for his interactions with Gray. For female characters, I like Mae, Palla, and Sonya. Mae is pretty entertaining and pink is my fave color lol. Sonya's story is pretty complex and heartbreaking, yet she manages to keep a cool head despite her struggles, which is admirable. I voted Palla cause she always been my favorite of the Pegasister trio.
  4. I love Python, Jesse, Forsyth, and Gray as characters and units. Forging definitely fixed Python's shaky hit rates and made him a monster. Jesse is great all around with his amazing speed and Gray as a Dread Fighter is amazing in general. I made Tobin a mage and he was surprisingly good due to a bunch of great level ups. I didn't expect to rely on him as much as I do. Mae and Sonia are also fun to use. I basically like almost all of the magic users in this game! As for characters I don't use as much, there's Leon, Boey, Est, Clair, Valbar, Kamui, Silque and Clive. I guess I just got unlucky with level-ups for them. I still try to make use of everyone though and there aren't any characters I outright dislike.
  5. Thanks for posting these! So before becoming a soldier, Python's other option was becoming a carpenter and Forsyth's dad was a scholar....yep, that's hilarious! Neither of those professions would have worked out for them AT ALL. I love their dynamic. It's done really well. Even though they're complete opposites, their friendship feels really natural and genuine.
  6. I've done so much grinding but haven't encountered either of those yet. They're pretty creepy, so maybe that's a good thing. I did encounter those giant red-armored enemies(Majins, I think), but they were fairly easy to kill.They still gave me a good scare, though!
  7. I got Titania just like I wanted. I'll train her up later today. I also got a 4 star Effie and Chrom.
  8. I hope I get at least one character with my pitiful amount of orbs, though I really only want Titania.
  9. Haha yeah, I actually have to make sure I have my volume down whenever he talks. It's pretty amusing! Also, you're welcome!
  10. Jesse: Very flirtatious(to the point of annoying others), but an all-around nice guy. Python: Laid back and somewhat cynical, but he's good at his job. Delthea: She's pretty peppy and has a lot of growing up to do it seems. Her relationship with her brother can be rocky at times. Mathilda: She sometimes speaks in a rough manner and is an honorable and brave soldier. Very supportive of Clive. Deen: Not very social, as he only has one support and doesn't seem very eager to talk to the other person. Forsyth: Hot-blooded and strong-willed. He takes his duties very seriously and reprimands Python when he feels he's slacking off.
  11. Python calling everyone else a stud when he's the biggest stud in the game :p The voice acting is really good. I'm glad they're adding some variety to the cast. Also, I like the way the characters interact with each other, especially Gray and Tobin.
  12. So far I'm really enjoying it. I've played for about 4 hours on Hard mode. I just beat Desaix, but I'm going to try to go back to the dungeons to get Python and Forsyth up to par. I'm not used to seeing such low growths, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I have Faye as a cleric, Gray as a merc, Kliff as an archer, and Tobin as a mage. Tobin got some really lucky level ups, so he's doing the best as of now, but in all I'm satisfied with the choices I made for all the villagers.
  13. Booyah! I got Alm, my most wanted for this banner. After going from 105 to 40 orbs last night, I wasn't going to summon anymore, but I mustered up the courage to try my luck and got 4 reds and a blue. I got two Sophia's (I think I have like, 5 now?), and Stahl or something. Almost left, but the last red orb was the Green Machine himself. Now to start saving up again.
  14. After using about 40 orbs I got Clair. She's the one I wanted the least, but I'm still completely satisfied! Edit: Aaaand I got another one.
  15. Python's got so much sass, I love it! I think I'll hold off on dlc until I get my North American copy, though.