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    My hobbies include traditional art, playing video games, and making jewelry and crafts. I also enjoy learning about different cultures and languages. Currently, I'm studying German, Welsh, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
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  1. Official Pull Topic

    I managed to get both Morgans with the orbs from the new story chapter. Both are +res,-def. Gonna try for Chrom for a few more days then start saving for the Thracia banner.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    After about 45 or so orbs, I got Fallen Celica(+HP,-attk) and Grima(+attk, -Hp). I gave Celica L&D 3 and she rocks! Gonna save my orbs now.
  3. Official Pull Topic

    The Hector I kept is +def and -res(the other one was -def, +HP). Lyn is -def +HP. Congrats on the Lilina! I wanted her as well, but it's more practical to start saving up orbs again since I've already been so lucky.
  4. New Heroes: Those who Have fallen

    More hyped for Takumi's GHB than anything, but I'll still try for Celica or Hardin.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    I was able to get two LA Hectors(which I merged) and LA Lyn with the generous free orbs we were given. Done with this banner and saving for the next one!
  6. Yup, gonna use my last two votes for Marth and Eirika.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    I got a +attk, -HP L'Arachel! Hopefully, I'll get Myrrh soon, too.
  8. Banner: Sacred Memories

    I love Lyon's art so much! The artist captured his personality perfectly.
  9. Banner: Sacred Memories

    I like L'Arachel's voice here, but I always imagined her with speaking with a British accent( like the generic British accents you hear on TV) for some reason.
  10. Banner: Sacred Memories

    Yesss Myrrh! ...oh wait, I don't have any orbs saved up....
  11. My first vote goes to Python. I might give Seliph one and then the rest will go to Guy.
  12. I played RD first. I dislike Ike somewhat and am indifferent to Micaiah. The funny thing is, I got into FE mostly because I thought Ike was so cool in my middle school days. Also, the only game that was easily accessible to me at the time happened to be RD.
  13. I'm gonna keep voting for Guy. Seeing as he's in the top 5, he maybe has a chance?
  14. Grand Hero Battle: Lyon

    I'm so happy about this! I can't wait until the 25th!
  15. *Alm's Side* Clive: Although I dislike him as a character and unit, I do like that he at least acknowledges his weaknesses and hypocrisy(even if he doesn't really do anything about that). Clair: I knew I wouldn't like her much because I can't stand the prissy princess types that idolize their brothers blindly(it's especially annoying since I'm not a fan of said brother). I don't find her ignorance regarding peasants cute or endearing and the way she addressed Alm and his party when they first met really annoyed me. I like that she stands up for herself and her VA does a good job, but in all, not impressed. She's slightly more tolerable in Heroes, but that's only because the writers do their best to ensure that every character fawns over you, so.... Mathilda: I don't exactly dislike her, but I feel her character revolves too much around those mentioned above. Faye: What everyone else said. I feel she was a missed opportunity and that's a shame. She's basically a joke character with how far they took her Alm obsession. I wish her ending involved her truly getting over him and going on to do great things like the rest of her friends, realizing that her love for Alm wasn't a waste since she got to experience new things and leave Ram. Delthea: It's one thing when siblings constantly have their squabbles. I have a younger sister so I get it. But she's the epitome of an ungrateful brat. Badmouthing your brother to a stranger(Clair support) is pretty...I dunno, wrong. At least they reconcile in their support, but I never was a fan of the bratty kid units in FE. Berkut and Fernand: I couldn't bring myself to feel sorry for either of them :/ *Celica's Side* Leon: He constantly preens himself, attaches himself a widowed man, and.... that's about it. No thanks.... Est: It seems like she just drags her sisters and the rest of the army down, both story and game play wise. My least favorite of the Whitewings. Conrad: His obsession with Celica is understandable, but quite annoying and creepy. More could have been done to make his character more interesting. For one, they could have given him more supports. Mae: I don't dislike her, I just wish she would shut up sometimes lol