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  1. I love Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune and Reverie. Both pieces are so dream-like and tranquil. They never fail to clear my mind after a stressful day. I also enjoy Tchaikovsky, mostly because of the childhood nostalgia associated with watching The Nutcracker and Disney's Fantasia. His Symphony no.1 "Winter Daydreams" is gorgeous.
  2. That would actually be an amazing way to finish off the final boss. Having not played Gaiden yet, I'm unfamiliar with most of the characters(personality-wise) and story elements, but wow, from what I've read and seen, Alm is kinda scarin' me lol.
  3. I'm a fan of every single redesign so far. I think Hidari did extremely well, given what they had to work with. Can't wait to see the rest, especially Python, Forsyth, Delthea, and Luthier.
  4. I'm getting the Japanese digital download first, so I'm probably not pre ordering the NA version, but I'll for sure pre order the amiibo next paycheck.
  5. I also think he's Slayder. My friends are convinced he's another boss, but I have a feeling it could be him. For some reason, Alm looks pretty silly running down that hill xp
  6. Thanks for the heads up. With the updated websites and Cipher announcement, it seems like we'll be getting little snippets of info a lot more consistently now.
  7. Last night I scrounged up 20 orbs and attempted to get one of the blue mage siblings. After two red orbs and two blue orbs that were all three stars, I was about to exit without giving the gray one a chance. I didn't want to waste more time and stamina, so I changed my mind. I pressed 'continue' and completed the full summon which ended with a Klein(he sure is popular around here!). Even though I needed a good blue unit, I was pretty happy with my result! I was worried I wouldn't be able to pull a focus character this round. My summons from the last couple of days also gave me some good units to try out, so I think I'll start saving for the next banner.
  8. >I absolutely love Jeorge's artwork and voice. I've always been a fan of him and I'm pretty sure he was the only character I liked from Shadow Dragon besides Wolf. >I also like Sachiko Wada's illustrations. I didn't think I'd ever find Barst attractive lol. I also like his VA, as he voiced my favorite Rune Factory character. >Ray Chase did a superb job at imitating Gideon Emery's Gaius. >Young Tiki's voice is really cute and fitting. >Setsuna's voice actress really nailed the absent-minded aspect of her. >Cain's voice actor is hilarious and his art is good. >Also, I really like Seliph in this game. Both his voice and appearance are incredibly charming! I loved his line about wanting to become strong enough to protect the player
  9. Sure, that'd be cool! Out of all of my friends only two of them care about PoTO and that's mostly because of the musical/Gerard Butler movie. Whenever I talk about the obscure films and random trivia, they get completely lost lol. And yeah, I would really like to have either him or Olwen, but I haven't had any luck so far. I currently have two sword users, an archer, and an axe user, so I'd like a blue unit to switch out with one of the reds. I might try one or two more summons.
  10. Funny, my sister told me the exact same thing last night. Makes me actually want this character now(I was obsessed with all things Phantom related in High school and I still kinda am).
  11. Lol. I also threw that idea out there in the Kliff appreciation topic. That artwork is really nice. Gray is a total cutie! Can't wait to see his official art.
  12. Hah, nice one! :P And thanks. We got really, really lucky this round!
  13. I was hoping for some new screenshots this week! Thanks for sharing. (Still waiting for Gray and Python's portraits)
  14. My sister just got a five star Ephraim lol When we were younger we started this silly rivalry about which sibling/route was better(it was all in good fun). I guess it was meant to continue.
  15. Got a five star Eirika! I have this game on a few other phones, so hopefully I can get some of the other focus characters today.