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    My hobbies include traditional art, playing video games, and making jewelry and crafts. I also enjoy learning about different cultures and languages. Currently, I'm studying German, Welsh, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
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  1. Official Pull Topic

    After 10 long, agonizing years months, I finally got my darling Takumi. And he's plus Attack, too! I would've been really upset if I didn't get him since the summoning session was all gray and I worked my butt off to finish those dev maps.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    With those generous free orbs, I was finally able to get a neutral Siegbert. I also got my third Olwen. I can stop wasting obs now! (Though I kinda still want Shiro, but ehhh.)
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Welp. I got my third Ayra and I'm out of orbs till tomorrow. I guess my Celica search ends for now. I'll just use her for Swift Sparrow fodder. Five 5 stars is pretty good, even if I didn't get the three characters I wanted.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Still no Celica or Bride Cordelia, but I did get Ike(+Attk, -Res) with my last 13 orbs. Not the biggest Ike fan and I have a ton of sword units, but any 5 stars are welcome, especially if they have built in DC.
  5. Official Pull Topic

    Alright, yesterday I got a +Hp,-Def Hector and this morning I got another attack boon Ayra with my last 5 orbs(I mistakenly thought she was +Hp last time I posted). This time she has an HP bane instead of Def. I guess I'll merge them and keep the one with less Def as the base character. I really wanted Celica, but I can't complain after having pretty good luck with my limited orbs. I'm really tempted to keep trying for more characters, but I want to save up for the Fates banner....
  6. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!
  7. Official Pull Topic

    With 45 orbs, I got Ayra(+HP, -Def). I got a +Def, -Atk Mia yesterday, so when it comes to infantry swords I think I'm good. I'll probably try to get one or two more characters from the Legendary banner and then save for the next one.
  8. There's at least one character of each color that I want. Even if that weren't the case, I would still do full summons. I have bad luck with trying to snipe.
  9. I missed out on all of the limited edition heroes they showed off, so I'm glad they're bringing them back so soon. I'd like to get Bride Cordelia or Caeda.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    With about 50 orbs I managed to get a +SPD, -DEF Sigurd(my most wanted) and a Tailtiu that's +RES and -HP. I also got a -SPD Jaffar that I'll be saving for Life and Death. I'll try for Deirdre a few more times later on. In all, I'm really happy with everything I got!
  11. Genealogy Characters in Heroes

    I voted Azelle. I'd like to see Jamke, Midayle, and Quan as well.
  12. Holy war banner

    Hopefully I can get Sigurd and Deirdre and put them on a team with my Seliph and Julia. Also, it's cool that they share the same artists as their kids.
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I got a Defense boon, HP bane Inigo. I think I'll use him purely for support.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Goodness gracious...this is like the third or fourth time I've been in this situation. I almost exited my summoning session after getting a repeat 3 star(and getting salty), but I stopped myself, picked the last blue orb and got Nephenee! I must've spent about 140 in total on this banner, which isn't too bad. Now to check her IVs. Edit: Plus attack and minus HP. Nice.
  15. 1. Guy: I'm probably one of the few people in the world who likes him. He's been one of my Blazing Blade favorites for a long time and always ends up as my MVP. 2. Joshua: My favorite SS character(well besides Lyon). 3. Python: Another mounted Archer would be great. Also, my fave character in Echoes. 4. Micaiah: Can't say she's really a favorite of mine, but she's the lord of my first FE, so I hope I manage to get her when she's eventually added. 5. Leif: His game isn't represented by any major characters yet, and I'm interested in learning more about him and his comrades. Others I would like to see: Lyon, Ced, Sigurd, Myrrh, Jill, Wolf, Tethys, Jamke, Heath, Stefan, Zihark, Luthier, Sigurd, Febail, Azelle.