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    My hobbies include traditional art, playing video games, and making jewelry and crafts. When I'm not doing work for my univerity, I enjoy learning about different cultures and languages. Currently, I'm studying German, Danish, and Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
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  1. I hope I get at least one character with my pitiful amount of orbs, though I really only want Titania.
  2. Haha yeah, I actually have to make sure I have my volume down whenever he talks. It's pretty amusing! Also, you're welcome!
  3. Jesse: Very flirtatious(to the point of annoying others), but an all-around nice guy. Python: Laid back and somewhat cynical, but he's good at his job. Delthea: She's pretty peppy and has a lot of growing up to do it seems. Her relationship with her brother can be rocky at times. Mathilda: She sometimes speaks in a rough manner and is an honorable and brave soldier. Very supportive of Clive. Deen: Not very social, as he only has one support and doesn't seem very eager to talk to the other person. Forsyth: Hot-blooded and strong-willed. He takes his duties very seriously and reprimands Python when he feels he's slacking off.
  4. Python calling everyone else a stud when he's the biggest stud in the game :p The voice acting is really good. I'm glad they're adding some variety to the cast. Also, I like the way the characters interact with each other, especially Gray and Tobin.
  5. So far I'm really enjoying it. I've played for about 4 hours on Hard mode. I just beat Desaix, but I'm going to try to go back to the dungeons to get Python and Forsyth up to par. I'm not used to seeing such low growths, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I have Faye as a cleric, Gray as a merc, Kliff as an archer, and Tobin as a mage. Tobin got some really lucky level ups, so he's doing the best as of now, but in all I'm satisfied with the choices I made for all the villagers.
  6. Booyah! I got Alm, my most wanted for this banner. After going from 105 to 40 orbs last night, I wasn't going to summon anymore, but I mustered up the courage to try my luck and got 4 reds and a blue. I got two Sophia's (I think I have like, 5 now?), and Stahl or something. Almost left, but the last red orb was the Green Machine himself. Now to start saving up again.
  7. After using about 40 orbs I got Clair. She's the one I wanted the least, but I'm still completely satisfied! Edit: Aaaand I got another one.
  8. Python's got so much sass, I love it! I think I'll hold off on dlc until I get my North American copy, though.
  9. I was hoping for an Echoes banner!
  10. I found the stream and took some screenshots of Luthier and Kliff as Sages:
  11. I watched a stream on Twitch yesterday. The person playing promoted Luthier and already had Kliff as a Sage. Their outfits looked pretty similar to Nomah's, without some of the frills. @escotanner I also thought the singer sounded similar to Rena Strober at first, but as the song goes on it sounds like someone completely different. I think the characters talking over the singer made it seem like it was Azura's voice actress.
  12. Oh, just found this while skimming through game play videos. It seems as though they indeed dubbed over one of the ending tracks(I can't remember the name of it at the moment.)
  13. Faye: Cleric Tobin: Mage or Cavalier Gray: Mercenary Kliff: Archer Atlas: Archer
  14. Until I play the game and learn more about the characters, most of my choices are just based on design. Cavalier: Mathilda Cleric: Silque Pegasus Knight: Palla Villager: Gray Knight: Forsyth Mercenary: Jesse Archer: Python Mage: Luthier