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  1. Fire Emblem IV: Inheritors of the Crusade (v0.1.3 released)

    Definitely looking forward to the updates. One of the best hacks I've played!
  2. FE6xna

    I like the idea of splitting up some larger maps into several smaller chapters. It would make the game feel fresher due to being slightly different as well as reduce the amount of walking around giant maps.
  3. FE6xna

    Are you planning the same number of chapters as the original FE6?
  4. FE6xna

    @Chocolate Kitty Thank you for the replies. With regard to unit deployment, I realize that it is the same number of slots as in vanilla FE6 (plus Merlinus), which makes sense, so perhaps consider increasing the enemy density? This would be especially useful given how units gain EXP slower. Speaking of which, what is the reason for this? I actually like slower progression (instead of units reaching 20/20 way too easily), but if your game is going to be the same length as the original, then I imagine a lot of units will end up underleveled. Right now, I have three promotion items, but my highest level unit excluding Marcus is level 13 (Paragon Suu) and I don't anticipate promoting any of them for the forseeable future.
  5. FE6xna

    Extract the zip file to your destination of choice and then run the file named "FEGame"
  6. FE6xna

    Just finished playing up to the first interlude. Here are the units that I used: General impressions: Solid map design with good faithfulness to the original I think the amount of units the player is allowed to deploy is too high. There were many points where most of my units were simply playing catch up to reach the next group of enemies. Maybe consider reducing the deployment cap to ~10 for the larger chapters? Lilina talking to Roy in Chapter 8x breaks the game Some bosses were a bit too easy (the drunk Wyvern guy in Chapter 7 and Reygans to name a couple). The dude guarding the shrine in Chapter 8x was a reasonably level of difficulty Eren and Klarine level up really, really slowly due to the lowered EXP gain from staves (especially Soothe). I think it wouldn't hurt to double the amount of EXP earned from staves That's all I can think of. Great work, looking forward to the next installment :)
  7. FE6xna

    In case you still need it, let me which file you need and I'll upload it
  8. FE6xna

    Attacking Reygans with Lilina causes the game to crash. Starting that entire chapter over does not sound very appealing... any ideas on how I can fix/skip this? I will post a summary of my units and impressions after I finish the current patch.
  9. FE6xna

    Don't know if this is a problem on my end, but some characters (Marcus, flashback Hector, and others) have their portraits floating in midair. Apologies if this has been addressed already.
  10. How Often Do You Replay FE4?

    I've played the vanilla version at least half a dozen times. It's one of my favorite games of all time, and I still haven't gotten tired of the characters and the story.
  11. Ayra: 6/10 She's fairly weak and can't take a lot of damage, and being a foot unit is a drawback as well. However, her offense is competent enough to deal with most grunts, and she is a sword-class (by far the best melee class in FE4). Also, she passes on great skills to her children.
  12. 4/10 for Azel. He's decent at killing pirates in the first couple of chapters, but the high weight of fire tomes really hampers his offensive potential. Having Pursuit is nice, but being a foot unit doesn't help and his growths aren't great. That being said, since Gen 1 has less inflated stats than Gen 2, he's a decent backup and certainly usable if trained. Since there's no limits on how many units you can deploy in FE 4, it can't hurt to have him tag along.
  13. Why Does Manfroy Want To Kill Cyas?

    On top of that, Manfloy did not know that Alvis gave Julia the key to the Book of Narga and that Levin knew its location. Possibly Manfloy himself did not know where it was kept, and seeing that Julia did not have it on her, he considered her harmless. Also, as it turns out, Celice is capable of defeating Julius on his own, albeit it would be slower and require support (healer, Aless, etc). Not killing Julia was still a bad move on Manfloy's part, but not as ridiculous as many people suggest. EDIT: If the game designers simply wanted to give the player an easy way to defeat Julius, they could have just had Julia not get kidnapped in the first place. I don't think that's the reason why Manfloy released her. As Kaga himself stated in an interview, one of the themes of FE4 is "how much peoples’ mistakes changed the world". You could argue that Sigurd, Alvis, Cuan, Trabant, Manfloy, and others all fit into this theme.
  14. Why Does Manfroy Want To Kill Cyas?

    That's the one thing that people often point out as being inconsistent in Manfloy's personality. Still, it can be explained, albeit not in a most satisfying way. Julius, as a vessel of Loptyr, knows full-well the threat that Narga (a Divine Dragon) poses. Since Earth Dragons were superior to regular dragons, Julius/Loptyr viewed the other Holy Bloods with relative contempt. This is consistent with his personality. Manfloy, giddy with the thought of impending victory after all his years of scheming, makes a crucial slip-up as he over-plans things by sending a brainwashed Julia out to battle instead of simply executing her. Possibly Manfloy thought that it would be a great moral and psychological blow for Celice to be forced to kill his sister; however, Manfloy did not consider the possibility that they would target him to get rid of the curse. No doubt this was a big mistake on Manfloy's part, but throughout the rest of the Jugdral series Manfloy has shown himself to be an extremely cunning and intelligent individual. That he would want to kill Saias to remove a potential threat to the Empire fits in with his actions and personality.
  15. Why Does Manfroy Want To Kill Cyas?

    The Pegasus sisters in the Final Chapter all have minor Holsety. It's the Dark Warlords that have a mix of different minor Holy Bloods.